Saturday, January 30, 2016

Dog Star Performer of the Month - February 2016 - Racheal Rexen

Racheal Rexen is almost synonymous with SL Porn.  She's active on both sides of the camera in both pictorials and now films.  She's absolutely stunning (as if you didn't already know that!)...but she is one of the nicest people I know in the business.  I had the opportunity to ask her a few questions recently.

Isa: What attracted you to SL Pornography initially?  And what keeps you here?

Racheal: That is a long story but I will give you the short version,  about two years, I had a "GF" that was a submissive of Zoey Winsmore, I got ask to do an interview, and ended up as a submissive for Miss Emily, started to go to the porn parties and fell in love with the people there, got my first role in a movie, and got addicted to it.

I really love the great people in the SL porn community that keeps me here, There is a lot of wonderful people in sl porn.

Isa:  Where in the world are you, generally speaking?

Racheal: I am in Florida, USA

Isa:  Tell us about your film making?

Racheal: I got Inspired by the well known directors, like yourself, I really like how you did your movies and I wanted to give it a try, so I did, so far I have made two simple movies and I plan to do more, I am still learning how to do them, so they are going to be simple for awhile, I hope to do one a month. Let me thank you again for all the great advice you gave me about making movies, you are a great help.  (Isa: You're quite welcome!)

Isa:  If you could make one change to the SL adult industry what would it be?

Racheal: I wish the wait time for new people to get into movies was not as long, but if you are new to porn in second life, you are probably are going to have to wait a few months, I know some people had to wait a year.

Isa:  What would you say to new people trying to make it in SL Porn?  Any advice?

Racheal: Be active in the porn community, Promote yourself, Get a flickr account, take pictures, post them in porn group chats, Go to the pornstar parties and make friends,  It is also very important that you have a hot look, make yourself sexy as possible, have a great profile picture.

 Here's a link to Rachel's blog where you can see her work.  It's exciting to have another film maker in the industry, especially a woman.  Keep it up, Racheal!

Racheal's Dog Star Films:
Girlfriends -
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From 'Girlfriends'

From 'Caught Spying'

From 'Caught Spying'

From 'Caught Spying'

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