Monday, August 22, 2016

Beaver's Digest - Volume 2

Here's your second week of Beaver's Digest! What's this thing? Just a little view on some of the many notable events in porn you may have missed. I certainly missed lots too, so please remember to make good use of the notices of the Sexiest Pornstars and SL Porn group, and all the wonderful tools that SL gives you, to get your message across.


Not to be self referential or anything, but of course Dog Star released a new movie! So hot that it needed a ceiling fan AND the protagonists to get naked! Introducing  (Isa's tongue to) Sofia La Fontaine, this is, A Taste of Sofia.

And, continuing the Crazy Beast series, its third episode, with a completely different tone from its predecessors, rather subdued but with really interesting camerawork. Could it be because Camron himself co- directed? Check out Marissa and Camron in this Crazy Beast 3, directed again by Billy.

And number 4 will be released by the time you read this! In fact, a whole lot of movies are in the making, as this week saw the announcement of Thorgal McGillivary's latest movie , sequel to the Sexiest Award for THE SEXIEST® Sex Scene, "Your world, your addiction".

Casting calls are also happening, as director and photographer Kane Daffyd got a shoutout for the newest incarnation of his Pixel Sin website. One more opportunity for the aspiring actresses and models.


I am waiting for the releases of the September magazines, and there will be plenty. The fallback of all the great shoots from the previously magazines is for you to see on flickr. As for instance the set featuring miss Emily from Attention Magazine (check out her quirky post about the whole experience here), or these pics by Partee, taken from issue 40 of Aroused and her exhibition at Mirage gallery earlier this season.

Katanas at the ready

I should point you to the new 'Friends of Dog Star' section that is in the navigation bar right below the header of this blog.
Isa is going to make it your quick reference for the various issues of erotic mags in SL, to check back the great work that has been put together!

There seems to be a renewed interest for the online magazine format, these days. Differences with a blog are blurry in this sense, but the ambitions are there, and we do not look to put a label on everything. An online magazine certainly allows a more speedy, and less page-constrained submission of photos, and better interaction with the readers. For instance, can you help Roxxxy find an U-Boat? We do need a Craigslist for SL-ers.


I mentioned a new interest for blogs, but there's someone to whom the magazine is the natural prosecution of his blogging activities, and business. Read all about Edvard Taurion's blog's third anniversary, and if you haven't followed it yet, take a look and get some ideas about the crazy furniture that SL can offer!

Another long time blogger is Alexandria Topaz, and her blog has always valuable content. Not just it features part of her photography, and previews of her film work (what were we saying about movies being constantly produced?) but through the addition to the team of a magazine veteran like Rachel Avro, Alexandria's Up Close and Personal interviews will have a source of added interest.
Speaking of personal, I do normally avoid this sort of notations in pure entertainment posts like this, but our condolences to her for her loss announced today.

Bimbos at the beach

We're also glad to show you personal websites. Check out Brea Brianna's new one. It was simple to set up, she assures me. Even a blonde like her could do it ! (picture above by Fiona Elise)

Pinky @ Yana


We had another week of hot parties all around the week. The return of Ayara for the Thursday party, and of Yana for her regular Friday and Sunday ones! Speaking of Sunday, she pocketed one of the cards at Emily's beach party (just in case you do not know that attending her parties gives you a chance to win good prizes at the raffle) and she will be the dj of the next party for the Mirage gallery, after Marika Djannovic's. Lots of Sun in the summer! The shot of Ayara's above is hers!

Of course, nobody gets busy at parties like Don, but we all know that.



Ali Lancrae for The Sexiest Pornstars blog details wonderfully with her regularly kept gallery posts a lot of what happens on the scene, with the butts, the tits, the ladies, and the exquisite 10 at 10 selection! So many shots, with creative and humorous takes happen every day, and you really should consider joining the Sexiest flickr group, if you haven't already. You'll find really sensual and original ones, such as Carola Conover's above

- the week saw the return of 2 nicely popular series in Kaoru Kira's pornstars trading cards and Terri Topliss Playing Cards.

Trading Card AdrenaLynn SL Pornstar

- new series are being produced and announced, such as Zuby's Nubian beauties, and Marika Blaisdale's Girls love girls. Because the boys don't have to get all the loving!

Trading Card AdrenaLynn SL Pornstar
- if you are into shemale porn and bdsm, this week saw also the return of Sandra Palletier. Enjoy her flickr, and blog, including a set previously featured only on Aroused Magazine.

- also, not to put too much Don in this issue, but Suicide Squad themed porn seems to be a thing, so....

Sausage With Your Croissant, Ma'am?

Igor Romanov's "Sausage With Your Croissant, Ma'am?". I am so conflicted. I love the pic, but the title kinda makes me queasy!

Time to wrap this up. Dog Star served you quite a treat all week long, thanks to the pictorials featuring the fresh face Erronnie and protagonists of the flickr scene and porn world like Biarzenne, Linny, and the always insightful, out-of-the-box thinker Laredo Lowtide. This new week will have plenty more treats to come. Stay tuned!

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