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Beaver's Digest - Volume 3

Welcome to the third issue of the Beaver's Digest, where we take a look back at the week that just passed, and recollect some of the interesting and most notable events that 'made the news' in the world of porn. Needless to say, to 'make the news' you need to give yourself a hand and help your work circulate, so remember always to use the notices from the major porn groups in SL and feel free to drop us a message.


If I could put in a time capsule just one and one only of the porn movies I have been in, it would be Marika Blaisdale's latest, Sinception.


I believe than even viewers not as emotionally involved as myself and that have not been wooed by Marika on a personal level will find the atmosphere of this bdsm movie sponsored by WS Creations really intense, and the direction, the use of light, the simple storytelling through images, quite compelling.

As anticipated last week, The Crazy Beast franchise continues, with Camron filming and starring, leaving to Billy the rest of the work. Without the morbid tones of the first parts and catering to the fans of the busty women, it's Crazy Beast part 4, starring Keira Karansfel

Prolific filmaker Artfull Zane is back at it, and this time it's starring the gorgeous Rachel Avro bringing her usual class to the role of a Thug Luvin gal.

Not one but two videos by Paolo Julius! One is a pure sex clip called "A Busty Blond", where you shouldn't look for any skinny brunette, but rather for the curvy graces of AroundMidnight Melodie

the other has an equally descriptive title in The Gardener.

It's a movie co-written by Paolo with Erinyes Celestalis, and if you think that a screenplay in a 5 min pure porn clip is not so important, do watch out for this little gem and its humorous twist, implemented by Paolo with that poetry-inclined tact of his.

Features Scotty, Monique LeFry, her cute slippers, pricey robe she probably smuggled out from a hotel, and  of course features also Mister Briggs!


IGS 2x04

Not sure if next week we'll be blessed with FIVE movies again, certainly a lot of magazines will come out, involving our Dog Star staff too.

This week saw the release of the third issue of Second Life Bondage Magazine, a publication dedicated to featuring tight girls in beautiful bindings (or was it the other way around?), but first and foremost to provide an insight in the BDSM community. This issue features the covergirl Brea Brianna in a top quality spread by Sabre Swords, interviews with notable personalities you most likely gave some L$ to in your shopping life, a view in the life of ponygirls, babygirls, you name it!

Picture taken at the SLBM Release party - get your issue at their kiosk here ( SLURL )

A few pornstars make an appearance in the issue as models for the bdsm sets by Luvi, and I should point out that the SLBM group has always been very supportive of aspiring models. Modeling opportunities have been far and in between but the owners Dark Lichlore, Luvi, and TrinaCarlsson of Serenity Lost fame have also made a point to provide compensation for the time spent by the models on set, which is quite rare (many of us would PAY to be in a magazine!). The launch party for the magazine yesterday was fun, and such initiatives always make the release of a magazine seem more like a big it should be!


But speaking of online publications, you may want to check out what has been happening on Jumpman Lane's Slut Magazine, featuring SufferingFrom Lockjaw, aka Leannan, in an exclusive interview from her wifey Trixanna!

And check what happens on the AEA blog, as Roxxxy Foxdale brings us to another episode of her photo challenge that will bring her to be Naked in 365 sims

Nude World Tour ∙ 4

No rundown of the porn scene can be complete without me mentioning the exceptional and selfless work by Ali Lancrae on the Sexiest Pornstars blog, but this time I mention her also for the latest episode of her nude world tour on her personal blog, PornStar Confidential at the purplest club of them all.

Finally, in a nod to the other most active blog on the porn scene, on the SL Porn blog this week you will find other than the daily recap of the notices from the second biggest dedicated in-world group done by the wonderful Racheal Rexen, also a full pictorial by her hyping male star of  Intergalactic Sluts, Larry Vinaver, Miss Emily's newest initiative called King & Queen of Porn Pageant...

( check out all the information on Emily's post, it will all begin just in a couple days and she wants your photo! ), and the usual rich amount of photos from the most attended porn parties in SL. This time also with a nod to Saturday's party from blogger JC Underwood on his SL Venue Blog.

Stacia and Zoey


I said party, and here we go! This week as usual the schedule was full for the 'euro' people who got a party every day in their evening, complete with an extra one when Mirage gallery inaugurated a new exhibition, this time by an absolute prodigy of SL photography, Angi Manners. Dj Sunday Whitewood did a great job in a party that begun exactly when SL had one of its most thorough f*ckups in weeks, logins disabled and all. Thank you Sunday, you are such a trooper!

05 BOTR - 27-08-16 Black vs White

Dakota Faith from the weekly party at Blacklist: themed parties with a lot of inventive and gorgeous outfits.

Take your party pics and post them. They might not get a lot of faves in typical short attention span social network style, but they will be a nice reminder of a good time, especially for those parties when we KNOW you spent a lot of time looking good!


Ass Monday, Topless Tuesday are always 'trending' topics thanks also to Ali's coverage on the Pornstars blog. Fellatio friday pictures get more and more abundant, and at the Dog Star blog we are gonna have some fun giving a prominent feature to this theme. Our Friday post was really well received, yay!


Currently the top uploader on the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group, girl-next-door Margarita Blanco

- it is nice to see people returning to their photography, and it has been the case this week for tg stars such as Melina Jameson, NikkiT and Dakota Faith, who in particular has been coughing up all sorts of funny and sexy pictures. Even if you are not into the whole t-girl thing, you are bound to appreciate the humor and inventiveness of these 3 exuberantbetray314 individuals, not to mention the technical finesse.


Melina having a whoopsie moment with Tatiana Easterwood

- Rachel Swallows' self-confessed, always publicly declared alt Robin Rondini got 'himself' a new flickr. He's gonna get a lot of bookings because of his versatility and good looks. And Rachel 'herself' continues being one of the most prolific erotic artists and pornographers on the scene.

Fountain of Youth

Robin and the 'fountain of youth', one of the funniest and most original photos of the week. 

- many lovely solo shots (so many good angles and views from Stacia Reinoir), top quality pictorials (from Solidx featuring Bewitched, expect an extensive feature on him in a blog near you®), my passion is of course for the hardcore sets, and I always hope to see more of them! They are ideal to feature in a blog post, too, and we are open to collaborations. Just check out some of Aria Horan's incredibly hot work from the week, such as 'Hardwood'

Make Me Pose - Leanna Mai

Sasquatch Rhino continuing his pose challenge with Leanna Mai. IM him in world and show him a RL pic with an erotic pose of your choice, challenge his creativity and you might end in pics like this.
'Make Me Pose' full album

Was a really fun week at Dog Star, with lots of filming for Isa, and many stars appearing here, such as Dakota Faith, Harley Snakeankle, Claire Daniels, Mysy Theia, Liv Zerundi, thanks to the work of Ali Fox, Marika Blaisdale, Kayla Bombastic, Scotty, Sunday Whitewood.
I know it's a cliche to say it, but there's like a hundred things to come this week, so stay tuned!

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  1. That -IS- a pricey robe that I PAID for thank you very much. But of course the slippers made the outfit.

    Thanks to Paolo though for a great movie and having me in it!