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Beaver's Digest - Volume 5

Welcome to this 5th issue of the Beaver's Digest, your favourite weekly recap (nevermind that it's the only weekly recap) of all things porn. As usual, we merely scratch the surface here, so sign up to The Sexiest Pornstars group and the SL Porn group to have a greater chance to be up-to-date with anything happening. It is a must if you do porn yourself!


We all want movies, and when a movie comes out it is always a big deal, especially when the director is one of the most beloved personalities in porn and always does her best to promote it through notices and blog posts. No better presentation for this "Farm Fresh - Country Sass" than the director's words.

" Hi Sexies, New movie today, this time with my sister Brea Brianna and Sandy Miggins, I put my heart and soul into this, 4 days of editing, several hours of filming and set design, thanks to all those that were invovled with this project I hope you enjoy "
- Katy Purry Racheal Rexen

As per Racheal's movie tradition, this movie starts funny, finishes even funnier with her patented crazy credits, and keeps the sexiness strong with two of the most interesting actresses in porn today, plus a variety of cameo roles. A must see , for 10 minutes of porntainment at its best.

Racheal's wasn't the only movie released the past days. For instance, Kayla Whittaker continues adding to the already impressive list of her DigitalVisage Productions filmroll with this new 'Rich Bitch - Wrong Part of Town', this time with her role 'limited' to production and editing, whereas the actual shooting and screenplay is the work of her co-star here, Jason Marlow .

I have an obvious fondness for movies about being on the erroneous sector of non-rural areas , and while Kayla does not direct, the movie is competently shot and I am sure the theme intrigued her enough.

Sometimes I browse the news feed of Naughtymachinima just to peek at any video shot in Second Life that might have been outside the radar. Well, it was the case today when I found an example of a really solid effort here from a production company named BrickHouse. Despite the title 'Casting Couch' is anything but a formulaic straight sex video! 

Not only it goes through the effort to develop a plot, which is a feat by itself, but also uses not so obvious aesthetic solutions like POV, extreme closeup perfectly functional to the narrative, and interesting, skewed angles. Just the introduction / credits sequence appears the work of a very competent filmaker. Great job from KentoRyuuji , with the starring female role given to Janey Placebo (who also provided the voice) and a small role by Aracelie.

As for the rest, I have seen a few of really 'raw' videos out there, including interface, name tag etcetera. If you know a director or aspiring director, please tell him/her to make good use of the porn groups, to share their work and to tap into the expertise of other people who have been in this business some and know a trick or two to help. The adult arts scene has so much potential to expand, and it's a benefit for everyone involved!


I couldn't open with anything else but the new edition of Aroused! Magazine. Fully in creative control of its founder and owner Marika Blaisdale, the magazine resurfaced after its planned summer break and appears rejuvinated with a layout and look truly fitting of a photography magazine.

Aroused! Magazine Issue 41

Notable features of the issue include the return of the interviews, with the cover model and with the owner of a notable location in SL, and a parterre of artists, new and that already appeared in the magazine before. The former include Skyler Lunasea and Domizia Rosea, the latter including Marika Djannovic, Aloyssia Hema and let's not forget Spirit Eleonara in a shoot with over a dozen Sexiest models. Marika Blaisdale's photography shines as usual when tasked to capture in glamour shoots gorgeous model.

The week opened also with the debut of a new project by Jos Miguelch, called Sinfuly Divine (sic). A pure photography magazine, this issue as the cover would suggest is graced by the presence of a variety of sensual models, shot by Jos himself for the most part, with some of the lovely pinups by Midnight Shinja to round up the page count. Some of the notable names? Kaoru Kira with Fury Kenzo, Kei Frequency, Natalia Nichols, Zuby Gloom, and there's plenty other beauties in the issue who will delight especially the lovers of dangerous curves. The host of the magazine Gervirah is certainly one!

What else? Oh the new edition of the bi-monthly publication for lovers of the shemale spectrum, Cocktail magazine, is out!

And since it's bi-monthly, it's already in full Halloween swing! It's so early for Halloween to me, so I will probably talk about it when we are in Octoberr...Meanwhile, I give a shoutout to their *summer* issue, that hit the stands way before the Digest came into existance. It features the loyal partygoer Alisa Bedwell as covergirl, and she is so kind to also reference her partecipation to the Galaxy Famous series Intergalactic Sluts. And the awesome Dakota Faith is part of the staff, and featured in a pictorial!

Second Life Marketplace - Cocktail Magazine 28th Issue Sept/Oct 2016
Second Life Marketplace - Cocktail Magazine 27th Issue July/August 2016

Enjoy the magazine, and let me know if I missed any interesting release. I can think of one...but that's how I am gonna fill this space next week :p!


Alexandria Topaz is one of the models in this issue of Aroused. She is also as usual very active with her own personal projects and blogging. Including an interview with me, which I mention to give credit to our own lovely Rachel Avro for the very pretty photos.

Happy Ass Monday, from myself and Rache!

And no, I am no Midas, I am more like a bank clerk: I handle the wealth other made and that is offered to me and not mine to take credit for, and try to make sure none of it is lost at the end of the day. Anyway, Alexa has big plans for her blog as she detailed here.

And this week she also moved forward the story she brought to the SL After Dark website, Bitch Boy Camp. Way to go!

Mysterium's Masked Mansion - 2

Erika Thorkveld is another pornstar who always used admirably the blog medium as a way to connect with the fans and detail more about her life and findings. I am especially fond of her fashion posts - I found out kinda late about the wonderful job she did with the hair fair coverage, my bad! - but this week she gave us a very nice report about a location I was not familiar with. So check out Erika's visit at the highly allitterated Mysterium’s Masked Mansion

Don't feel cheated when I point out at a set from almost 10 days ago....he released the notice just 3 days ago :p.
From Anton Productions, one of the historic names in the world Second life porn, Daycation with Deci, Jimbo, Jenny.

And, let's not forget (but how could we?) the wonderful work by Ali Lancrae on the Sexiest Blog, with the spotlight on the work of Anyka Aiseiri both as model and as the amazing photographer she is.

Now, Where Shall We Begin?

Good, while Don is tied up, I feel safer to come closer to the parties area!

This week saw a couple of 'extra' parties aside from the usual circuit of Official ones.
One I had the pleasure to host myself, again with the talent of our dj Sunday. The party was the opening of Sasquatch Rhino's exhibit at the Mirage Gallery. Photos were taken, oh my. One movie star or two attended, on top of a few flickerites that always have me drooling at their talent. A huge thank you to Sasquatch for his work: nobody like him has a talent for setting up a scene finding multiple interesting views of it, and he really enhanced his 3d vision for this one!
I already mentioned that Nicasio Ansar's Mirage is a wonderful place, and Kayla reviewed it so nicely for SL Connoisseur: let me invite you to post your photos taken there in the Mirage Flickr group as well, then!

Kayla Bombastic

Kayla Bombastic in a great party shot by Larah Sa'fir (Aicha Price)

But Tuesday we also had the party for the release of SL Connoisseur Magazine (speaking of!). It was a fun one to go to, unless you were on your phone and ended up sitting on the Intan spinning like a ceiling fan (not that it happened...right?). With a raffle prize to win and pics to be taken and ending up most likely in the next issue, we are certainly waiting for more of these parties! It's so cool to see movie premieres, magazine releases, gallery openings turned into events!


Ali Lancrae in a great party shot by Larah Sa'fir (Aicha Price)

And all the regular parties happened, uh, regularly! Including Yana's Friday party, themed with the release of Aroused magazine. Marika couldn't attend due to the pesky RL, but I made sure to pass her the supportive words. Any bribe to be featured in the next issue should be passed to her directly, though.

  Aroused Release Party @ Club Yana
Taken at Friday's party by Yana

Keeping the regular parties going is a lot of work, and being around in porn is sort of a task sometimes in itself! As Suff Lockjaw knows having celebrated with her set this Saturday her "DJanniversary", since her start in 2010.
So I am closing this recap with the obligatory mention that you can find most party photos taken at the SL porn parties on Miss Emily's blog and SL Porn blog, Friday's and Saturday's parties are always covered by Yana on the Club Yana stream, and for the rest, keep your eyes peeled! We'd love to see more party photos.

  Porn Party at Vision
Director Artfull Zane paid a visit to the Hump Day party and got several shots! Thanks Zane!


Again there's no substitute or adequate 'summary' of a week in photography, especially for single pictures! Check out the SL Porn daily recap of group notices compiled by Racheal Rexen, the Pornstars' Blog galleries curated by Ali Lancrae with their selection of work and running themes...and of course do not forget to overload Isa's already busy schedule with your Fellatio Friday shots!


Margie, here with Ben, stays the top contributor to the Dog Star Fellatio Friday Flickr Group!

What I love to give a little credit to in here are the sex shoots. In particular, a phrase you heard tons of times from both myself and Serenity on the Pornstars Blog , I love the porn comics! 
They are a great alternative to movies for those who can't get the hang of filming, want more creative control with the edits, clash with the limits of SL animations and so on. We had a couple of works from one of the masters of the craft, Alexus Minotaur, such as 'The Simple Life' featuring Rachel Swallows.

The Simple Life - 01 of 11

And there was also a very funny one by Rob Roxley, not new to this medium either! Featuring himself, Aisha and Herbie in 'The Coupe'

The Coupe 09

Rob Roxley in a great blow job by Larah Sa'fir (Aicha Price) 

Comics are just one way to develop a story of course, an erotic story...a well put together sex set can be just as evocative. I particularly enjoyed the work of Aria Horan, bringing to completion this week 'The Beachouse' with Rick Anselmo and beginning and just concluding 'Steam' with Rachel Avro


Some other hot sex photoshoots? 'Hotel Sin' with Koda Quan, 'Kaitlyn Joins the Mile High Club' by Zepp Zander, 'Cooking with Lili' by Tyler Green.
Many models and photographers have been up to their usual standard of productivity, I especially enjoyed seeing getting busy in both fashion this week AdrenaLynn Ling and Sasha Johansen.


AdrenaLynn featuring Caitlinn Graves. She shares with Ben a certain taste for provocative BDSM...check her out! 

Finally, Tatiana Easterwood has not married yet her partner in both lives Viny Lemon, so her invitation to fellow artists to help her build a rather unusual Wedding album is still valid! So feel free to poke her in the box and have some fun shooting her....oh darn, this will be SO taken the wrong way.

Heiko Himmel shows Tatiana how he can be best man, maid of honor AND bridesmaid at once.

Thanks for watching the dirty pics... I mean, for reading carefully the Beaver's digest. And for following Isa's Dog Star blog. The week brought to you Marika and Dakota's T-Girl Tuesday, modeling pictorials with Faith Renierd and Cally Janus, Isa's Fellatio Friday gallery and also the landmark 100th pictorial (plus interview) with Miss Emily herself! Need more? You WILL have more, next week!


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