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Beaver's Digest - Volume 6

Welcome to the Beaver's Digest, your weekly source of "Oh, I missed that!".
Yes it is easy to miss what is happening in the richly creative world of adult arts in SL. The Sexiest Pornstars group with over 2000 members and the beautifully organized SL Porn group are your main vehicles to promote your work and see what happens daily. But I know that this digest helps some of you re-discover something, so here we go!


Wow, what a week for movies in the SL porn world. One movie a day, guys! literally!
And what movies! First off, Ravi Redfield's 9 months labour of love, Club B'erodism.

Ravi's movie perhaps is the one that would need the least amount of words from me, because you find everything, everything that you might want to know from the director's perspective right on the link below.
I am of course a huge fan of directors in Second Life sharing more about their creative process and giving insight in what went down behind the scenes.

Having the pleasure to follow Ravi in her work throughout this effort, I am taking an extra paragraph in this necessarily concise post to post a further reminder and tribute on how thorough Ravi has been in the planning of the movie, the well laid out screenplay, the attention to details, her skill when it comes to inweave several stories and build up characters, her professionalism on the set. Way more than you'd expect from a cute fluffy neko!

But most of all, Ravi can tell a story about feelings, memories, romance, all without sacrificing the brazen sexuality of a porn movie. Featuring Erika Thorkveld, Racheal Rexen, Katina Cazalet, Talisker Braveheart, Monique Lefry, Sandra Palletier, Partee and Ravi herself, check it out!

Now, I mentioned that there have been 7 movies (at least, these are just those that reached my eyes and ears...always feel free to tell me if I missed anything, I'd rather fit them in a later digest in a 'slow' week than not cover them at all!), and a big credit about this really nice number goes to Kane Daffyd, who released three!

The first one was with Brea Brianna. Kane was very proud to begin his return to movie smut featuring a certain someone who puts 'Star' in pornstar, and that is the ever gorgeous yearly Playmate Brea. Watch Brea getting shagged inside by a truck in what we hope is the first of many episodes of Pixel Sin's F*ck Truck!
I f*ckin love self-censorship! Almost as much as unnecessary censorship!

We'll follow Kane more in the coming weeks in the 'blogs/websites' section I am sure, because with Pixel Sin he really likes to give the viewer a real 'porn company' type of experience, with so many series catering to the various kinks and giving the impression of a very rich and varied selection. How could there be no Audition Video then? Enjoy Melissa Barnes in

Jane Anus! Ever since I noticed her name in the group list, and it's something that sticks (uhm...) I wanted to see her in a movie, and there you go. Enjoy Anus, shining in Locker Room Adventure

My coverage wouldn't be complete without Ivana Hanni's new upload! Not much but it shows i was "working" , she says, and indeed it is the notorious Castle Ivana maitresse with 2 gentlemen, getting busy in a Sensual MMF Domination

'Porn Star The Red Light' is one underrated porn company, let me tell you! We have had a movie from them virtually every issue of the digest, and we'll have one more next week as the editing of a rather ambitious orgy movie will be released. The response to the casting call was very positive! One more reason for you to join the groups and receive the notices.
But I digress, and that's why I don't exactly want to laud a movie i have ben part of, together with my sex of plenteous sensuality Marika Blaisdale. But hey, I am just reporting, right? There you go, as crazy as the others, directed and filmed by Camron but starring Billy, here's Crazy Beast V !

Seems like I am missing one...

Oh yes, there was that movie from that director I keep forgetting the name of. Who's that? Oh yeah, Isabelle Cheviot, of Dog Star fame! Of course there's a blog post about this to check out already, but all I will quickly say is that this movie, co written with Isa by Brunella, features Isabelle Cheviot, Vicki Concertina, Brunella Voelisa, Scotty, a fountain pen and Kayla Bombastic and has all the drama, jealousy, plot twists and pursuit of dreams of Bend it like Beckham, just with a lot more bending!

Happy Ass Monday from Dog Star, btw!


We made it alive out of the crowded movie section , and the magazine one will be just a little intermission. I have to report what is a sad news to me and to everyone who had the pleasure to work with Dark and Luvi Lichlore that their one year tenure as owners of SLBM Magazine is over as they stepped back from an active role. Luvi is a really talented photographer and they both did a lot to be fair, professional, helpful sometimes weathering the storms that RL and SL presented them. So once more I show you the cover of the issue still avalaible, and an invitation to go get it from the vendor at the SLBM office.

IGS 2x04

But besides the tribute to their work, I have to report you the news that the remaining third of the property of SLBM, TrinaCarlsson, is planning to continue Luvi and Dark's vision for the magazine, and in fact already she got more help for the mag and launched a contest, for the next centerfold of the magazine! It -will- involve in the final phase a public vote $y$tem for the final winner, but FIVE of the models, picked by the staff of the magazine will make it to the December Issue, be featured models, receive a complete outfit for the shoot and represent the magazine in future events! The contest, due October 14 is free to enter and can be your chance. Pick up the notecard rules at the office, and IM TrinaCarlsson or the new editor, lagertha4 Resident aka Kitten to know more!


Happy Ass Monday from other blogs too, I guess!

Alexandria Topaz once more takes the spotlight when it comes to talk about what has been going on in blogs. How could it be any different, with interviews with our own Scotty, with the quite fascinating hunk in the leading role of her latest, Setheos, and with the 'legendary' but not that elusive, I promise she exists! Serenity Kristan-Faulds? Rachel Avro's photography with Scotty, Sere and Louise Kristan-Faulds is certain to make them shine too.

You should really check out THIS blog too....and that is the blog for the Hunt For Your Inner Slut uh, hunt! Most of you who have experience with shopping know what a hunt is all about. Those who have been around in porn too, know what this is all about! This is the time of the year when Leannan 'Suff' Wolfgang spends her time handling dozens and dozens of cocks, who end up in the most secret places. Or something like that.

Nice prices up for grabs, for free, from a variety of kinky stores!


Rachel and Robin always find a way to sneak into my weekly recap! This time with a free pose!

Again one lovely writeup from Ali Lancrae. Not content with providing the often thankless job of a weekly gallery with themes on the Pornstars Blog, she features on her Confidential blog selected locations that all kinksters will find quite arousing. This time is the turn of some place really close to her heart, and with a huge community. Nothing can beat experience and direct knowledge when featuring a place, so read her article and oogle her up!

Ali Lancrae is vigilant on what happens at Black Cats!

Dakota Faith keeps being active on her blog, and you can find in there hot shots that she didn't pick for her flickr but that are more than deserving to be seen. Just have a look at what came out from her meeting with Monique LeFry and the man on the most wanted list from PETA, CJ Rockwell

Dakota was particularly squeamish about touching the floor of that toilet

Finally, the name might not say a lot to those who haven't been around in porn a LONG time ago. With a past as a director and active member of the pornstars community HaileyMarie Redrose just started a new blog. Her personality shows in what can be a very helpful post, written with her eloquent but lucid style


LUMIPro Fun in the Sun Photo Hunt

NP Milneaux visiting the Hard Alley Social Club after the party

They happen! All the time! I hope you dropped by, if you were at all avalaible in those pesky (for me!) US hours for one of the parties at Hard Alley. The gorgeous Jadelyn McAuley hosted, djs, gave the shoutout in chat to a few of them happening this week, who saw also hosts like Kayla Bombastic, djs like Moonie and Johnny. The location also happened to be one of those eligible for the Fun in the Sun hunt, that finished yesterday. Whoops if you missed it, next time pay more attention!

As for the regular parties, go to the SL Porn and Miss Emily website and Club Yana's stream for more!

Jezzi Mornington in a dynamic pose by miss Emily


Being featured on the Ass Monday, Topless Tuesday, or the exquite selection of 'Ladies Night' by Ali Lancrae on the Sexiest Blog is often a goal for the members of the porn community. We see a great response for the Fellatio Friday theme on this blog as well, so yay. Oh damn, you spotted me, I copy/pasted from last week :O. You are way too smart to be reading what I write! Just look at some ass and tits and bjs then!

You gonna exercise me?

Adele Simondsen's 'You Gonna Exercise Me?'

Love for sale

Iris Okiddo's 'Love For Sale...'

Fellatio Friday with bonus

Margie has 'Fellatio Friday with boner bonus'

... and remember to upload your Fellatio Fridays posts on the Dog Star Fellatio Friday flickr group for Isa to pick them up! The celebration is weekly, we love BJs all week-long (so does Margie, obviously!), just upload your photos and enjoy!

A little deeper

'A little deeper' by Court Faith (Pizza Box!)

But really, there is so much here to say. I am incredibly happy when it's easy to single out the work some of the models and photographers 'new' to the scene have been doing: see someone being in a creative mood or simply having time to dedicate to the naughty arts is priceless. This week certainly saw a lot of great work from Court Faith again, and from the aforementioned CJ Rockwell, together also in a collaborative photoshoot, 'Self Serv Pump' for him, 'Late Night Pitstop' for her . Also in that shoot....

Video game distraction

'Video Game Distraction' by Dax featuring Melissa

... Dax Rahl who has been model and photographer in his fashion again all week with great results. Speaking of collaborations, there are some serious gamers in our group! Just check out Biarzenne and Cross..

Mercy Mercy Me.

'Mercy mercy me' featuring Mandy and Chris

Chrisbearz, in truly remarkable shoots, featured models like Bewitched Difference, Mandylovsyou, Emma Porterfield.
And Zuby Gloom had a very usual week for her standards. About 10 photos, all of them any art gallery in SL would be happy to have.

Tales of erotism

Zuby with a real page-turner. Makes you want to lick your fingertip and go through that fast.

Marcus Strong did an amazing series of trading cards! There have been remarkable projects like this in the past already, but Marcus put together his so quickly and with such impressive results. With so many featured personalities looking at their best! Congratulations Marcus, you really stepped up your game for this one! Oh and congrats also on marrying that Fox-y lady!

Malou Card

The lovely Malou, loyal commenter of many blogs and flickrs, is featured in the Trading card Series

The happy couple in fact has been at the center of this week's activity on flickr of Sasquatch Rhino...with his outstanding Make Me Pose photos.

Make Me Pose - Aicha Price feat. Marcus Strong and Nicasio Ansar

Feat. Aicha/Larah , Marcus, Nica, Sas

Make Me Pose - Ali Fox feat. Paolo Julius

Feat. Paolo Julius, Sas and the Queen of Rough poses and leader of Redhead Revolution, Ali Fox!

Marika Blaisdale carries on several of her series: Boys love Girls (XLIV! with Cin), Girls Love Girls (III with Kemi), and the Amazon Adventures (we're not counting, Amazons do whatever they want how many times they want!!). That's because she continues being one of the most prolific photographers on the scene, shooting porn with the skills of an accomplished artist. Don't take my word for it and check out her flickr. And her erotic shoots every Tuesday here!

Girls love Girls III 5

Some of my other favourite sex shoots? Rob Roxley 'introducing' DJ Candy, Taylor Shamen elevating her pic standard for her meeting with Marco , Marika and Dakota's hotness for our blog, and again the sensual combination of Aria Horan's photography with Rachel Avro as model produces a unique touch of lesbian erotism, in Après la danse. Aria's flickr this week also is radiant with beautiful portraits, do check those out!

Après la danse21

Speaking of Aria: another full week on the Dog Star blog! Besides the Beaver, FF, TGT, we had Kemi and Mera by Ali, Aria by Sunday, who also featured the delightful Dion, Bane by Silky Sirena, and phew, a movie release! What do we need more? See you next week! !

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