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Beaver's Digest - Volume 7

Welcome to the magnificent 7th edition of the Beaver's Digest! An all stars cast for this exciting collection of 7 of the best.
And we were not even inspired by a vastly superior japanese original. Now, on with our post!


Hey, how convenient, almost as if I staged this to fit the theme: this week LITERALLY we had at least a movie a day, so here you have, SEVEN movies!

What brings me great pleasure covering this, is that the majority comes from debuting directors. We have parallel stories here as, in strict order of 'appearance', we got Elle (Ellensaint) 's first flick:, 'Alice visits Wonderland',

HI all! Been hard at work at doing some videos :) This is my first one! Check it out and let me know what you think :)

Featuring Elle as Alice, and Danny D. as uh, the rabbit that gets in the hole?....oh nevermind. It certainly is a conceptual inspiration rather than a direct port!
And Elle doubled up during the week, with 'The Lucky Stranger'

Me and my friend Sasha came across this hunky guy, Al, during a photo shoot we were doing... And we decided to show him a great time :)

Starring Ellen Saint, Sasha and 'the very lucky Al' ( I am quoting the credits here!) and under the appropriate and memorable label 'No Saint Films', the movie already shows a more experienced director than the previous, and a really inspired choice of enviromental lights. Short and sweet!

I was really happy to watch these videos. Both movies are a great example of how 'easy' it is to make a palatable bona fide porn movie with minimal setup: any newcomer should take example and if they have any interest in movie, try and sink their teeth into it.

And we have a similar story for someone else who also debuted with a movie.

I don't need to tell you who she is. Those tattoos, the tanlines, dat ass, most importantly that big wad o' cash: we are  talking about Brea Brianna's film debut! Well, as a director, of course.

I gotta tell the story about this one, because i think it speaks volumes about the person. Saturday during one of the parties there's a little bit of chatting going on, and Brea says something along the lines of 'I wish i knew how to make movies'. Promptly her chain gang sister Racheal Rexen pastes her a pertinent link to one of the tutorials avalaible online. Which will be in our next Digest, btw, you'll see why. Thanks Ravi ! 

Not even a day has passed and Brea got herself the software to edit videos. Two days later, Brea does her first test 'cut' of her project and uploads it on Flickr, with the full movie released shortly after. Just saying: anything is possible when you set your mind on it and take the right steps towards it rather than thumb-twiddle and navel-gaze. Brea's career in porn showcases it in an examplary way.
She has that 'hands-on' approach, you know.
 I totally did not choose to screenshot the handjob bit just to make this joke...that'd be sad...

Featuring Canon (Tritiumblast Resident) as the male star, the movie cleverly tells a simple story but drives the point across, and the dedication at the end is certainly inspirational! Brea managed to already have sponsors behind her directorial effort, and I am sure we'll see soon more from...oh what, she did another one already too?

Yes, Brea already did a second movie, Playtime: you can sense the difference between the two and how she grows more and more confident with the way to operate a camera - which is by far the hardest challenge for a newcomer, but even for more experienced directors. Don't be afraid to experiment, and looking forward to the third one!

Well, this was fun, first times are always special and exciting. You know someone else who loves to cover newcomers? (oh boy...)

Kane Daffy of course!

The latest movie from Pixel Sin features the gorgeous Charlotte getting some sexual healing that she won't soon forget. This hot blonde gets too close to her therapist, and gets a sticky conclusion. Enjoy!

It is called Sex Therapy, and Kane is a real professional who WILL analyze you. Or do something else that sounds like that. Also, probably Charlotte will need a bone doctor after that position. No, not a doctor with a boner...

Moving on, another appearance on the Digest by Camron and his Pornstars The Red Light company. This time with his most ambitious project by far, as with 'School The Red Light Part 1' he handles one of the worst challenges for a director: large casts!

With the aid of his assistant director Maitee Melody, together with the (uncredited) expertise and in-field support of Alexandria Topaz, Camron had on set for this one Carlos Gamer, Sexy Candy, Edu Baker, Ali Fox, Madisyntoo, Rachel Avro, Devi Nicole, Kenny Mr Big Stuph, Krystal, Lily Emily, Dorable, Djolix and Aki Fukumoto (more on her later!). The filming was testy, but the results are worth checking out! Camron is so bold and nothing stops him from completing his projects. I am waiting for part 2 already!

And finally, the summer is over, but as we wait for The Fall 1, here you have The Summer 4 , by Dillon Lecker! What can be said about a Dillon movie? If you think you're gonna see a music video with a bunch of lens flare and him banging Carly, well, you are perfectly right! You can always expect shiny girls and slutty cars (yes..) in his flicks, but he knows how to keep it fun, and I so missed seeing him in action!

Again this flick has a large cast, as Dillon knows how to give screen time to people, some in sex roles, others in fun cameos, so that the movie is not all about himself and his cutie canuckie gf. This one has myself, Marika Blaisdale and Monique LeFry as background dancers, and Brea Brianna and CJ Rockwell in a sex scene. Plus of course Dillon and Carly.

Dillon featured so many people through his not so long tenure in porn that I have lost count (I am cheating, I never kept count to begin with....but it's many!), so let him know about your appreciation and perhaps, with the right look, you'll be in his next! The fella that is having on screen sex with Brea in this was picked thanks to a casting call in group, so THERE!

And there is so much more to mention in the movie scene: teasers of upcoming projects! Reuploads of old ones ! The return to vids of Ginger, with a freakin' big vibrator! More on all this in the coming weeks.


Another slow week for mags, simply because they are building up towards the storm of releases at the beginning of the month. So, we expect another bunch this coming week! Meanwhile, in the past weeks I forgot to cover with much forethought I saved myself one mag to bring to your attention. Yes yes, Autumn is here already but like we had Dillon's Summer 4, there you go, the End of Summer issue of Core Nider's SL Unplugged magazine!

Avalaible on MP and inworld, Second Life Unplugged is one of the naughtiest mags on the scene, not afraid to get into explicit photos territory. It also is looking for writers. Send your work (aim for a lenght of 1500 words) in a notecard to Yoru Lamourfou, or through the email address you'll find in the first pages of the magazine, together with any other necessary explanation.

Tatiana Alexandra and Greg Paslong are just some of the contributors to this issue, with Core Nider's exciting photography being to me the highlight of the publication. A big thank you to him and CallieKatz for featuring Dog Star in this issue and the past !


The blogs of the community at large, aka the Sexiest Pornstars blog with Ali Lancrae's galleries and the SL*Porn blog with Racheal Rexen's daily recaps of the notices have always to be your first step for anything porn. If you haven't checked out the awesome feature about the King of Porn Luigi Trappatoni, you should!

Of course do not forget that the real contest for it, promoted by the SL porn blog, is ongoing and there are a quite a few perks for the winner, besides impalpable 'bragging rights' and shiny 'Prince' or 'Princess of Porn' and eventually 'King' or 'Queen of Porn' tag. A glamour photoshoot and a hardcore photoshoot by quality photographers, a spot in a Calendar, and for the ultimate winner, a starring role in a movie production by miss Emily!

Meanwhile, Alexandria Topaz continues her Up Close and Personal series of interviews, aided by the quality photography of Dustin Pedroia and the one and only Rachel Avro. Who also happens to be the featured celeb of the week , together with Kayla Bombastic, Johnny Whadd and a special appearance by Jennifer Aniston! No, really!

I don't often get to talk about the Fetish in SL blog, because sadly it has not been very active. 
I especially loved the review of poses and animations, and if we can encourage Justa Destiny to do more, I'd be delighted to see more. Meanwhile, to know everything about what comes out in the adult furniture world, check Edvard Taurion's blog: it should be a line in every one of my weekly posts, actually!
I mean, this week the dude even tested a sex cobra for us! Come on!

Fans of Dog Star are probably more into the realistic type of porn, but I'll give a shoutout anyway to Maggie Bluxome's super naughty tumblr blog. I mean, I can count half a dozen fetishes in this one, from nekos (they are en vogue , you'll see soon on magazines...) to shemales, from incest to....well, big breasts of course! What can you expect from the former owner of Busted Magazine ? Share her kinks or not, she is so amiable and naughty in her replies. One of the most interesting interactions with 'fans' I have seen in a long while.

Also, a new post from Taylor Sharmen's The Porn came out but I don't know German. :p
Again for those interested in very particular fetishes!



Mera Firelyte and Sylvia Celestalis by Aicha Price 

They happen! All the time! Yes, this is sorta my tag line for this. In truth, we didn't have the Official party Tuesday due to Brit-x relocation, but we still had a fun time due to the opening of another new exhibition at Mirage Gallery.

The Room 2016.09.20_026

From the gallery opening at Nicasio Ansar's Mirage

Called The Room, the idea at the base of this was: each artist would have to shoot the same location, a rather minimalistic room with a table and a cardboard box on it. That was it, and it stimulated the creativity of plenty of those artists, with erotic photos but also nostalgic, whimsical, despairing ones. The whole range of emotions.
The party was just pure fun, two times over actually as DJ Sunday covered an Euro zone and Dj Ziekel did an encore for the US friendly hours - with so many artists from different parts of the world , we found it only fitting. Amongst the artists involved, Marika Blaisdale, Spirit Eleonara, Samanda Eddingham, Arnno Planer, Ashratum, and wow, Miya Serenity, the review she gave was quite surprising.
The exhibit is still open and free to visit

Keep it dry

Ziekel Bunnyhug dj'd the event and provided this beautiful photo to the exhibition

We missed another party Monday due to a stream problem but also in coincidence with the sad news that Keeley Snowfall won't be part of the porn community - I hope just temporarily, but she can be stubborn- and will pursue other activities in world, starting with clothing, which is certainly a passion of hers. Not just because she'd rarely get naked at parties! She had grown to be sort of our go-to fashion expert, sort of a pocket version of Seraphim but with a caustic humor and elf ears.

2016-09-04 Lara Snowfall-Ember

Keeley in one of her last party appearances, by Tammy Jones.

Larah aka Aicha took wonderful photos also of Yana's party Friday, and life goes on!
We missed Keeley's party notices in group, but we'll get by. Remember to show up at the various parties, Yana and Miss Emily's parties have a regular photo coverage, and you never know what might happen!


Being featured on the Ass Monday, Topless Tuesday, or the exquite selection of 'Ladies Night' by Ali Lancrae on the Sexiest Blog is often a goal for the members of the porn community. We see a great response for the Fellatio Friday theme on this blog as well, so yay. Besides my copy-paste opening line and this example of bjs tits and butt, meet me below the arse.

friends for friday blowjob_007

Regular Fellatio Friday contributor and hot Dog Star Actress Nuur in 'Friends for Friday Blowjob'

When You Trade Your Guns For Love

Ella Tyran with Brea Brianna in Barracuz's 'When You Trade Your Guns For Love'

Race Ya? - Alternate Grauitous Butt Shot Angle - Lumipro Fun in the Sun

Race Ya? - Alternate Grauitous Butt Shot Angle by Anyka!

Anyka Aiseiri's gorgeous photo was one of the most beautiful shots in the Fun in the Sun hunt, and her beauty ended up being...indirectly rewarded as she was featured in one of the winning photos! Congrats to the 1st place winner Nicasio Ansar, another name very familiar to our blog readers. His photo was very clever and you can see sort of a 'making of' of it. Remember, the hunt was about taking photos and NOT editing them. Which is an art in itself.


I hinted this name earlier: HardStyleBarbi3 has uploaded to her Flickr links to her past and current projects. She has been in different movies by Zane that you should check out! She has also been in Jagger Draconis' Paddling Of series, and here you can see what happened!

Sleep Aroused 2 of 7

Speaking of Zane, he did one of the sexiest porn photoshoots of the week, when you look at 'star power' alone, as it features Racheal Rexen and Jezzi Mornington . Worth mentioning 'Sleep Aroused' by Triz Trash, 'Ghost Rider' by Aria Horan, who just celebrated the landmark of 4 million views (!), the latest from Sandra Palletier and just about anything from Court Faith!


Court in one of her non-serial shoots (she manages to do those too!). This one with Rachel Avro.   

Court keeps so active. Outdoors for some naughty Outdoors Fun (feat. Larry Vinaver, Cory Granger ) or in a dreamy setting (Mother Nature Father Time) , indoors in the kitchen (Breakfast is Served feat Ryan Hendrassen ) or the dungeon (Bondage time with Edvard Taurion  ), and even portraits this week!
And I am leaving for last the Detention photoshoot. Featuring Ryan Hendrassen, Daimaju Clowes, NP Milneaux, InnocentKay...


Our first porn movie

Why for last? Well, because it touches what was by far the most featured scenario in porn shoots this month. Also in movies, which is why I happily report two actors in Camron's flick taking photos on set. As long as it does not interfere with the main shooting, I am a big fan of 'behind the scenes' shoots. So check out Edu Baker's photos, and Aki Fukumoto's !


Nice to see Deidre Paulino in photos again, featured by Sergey Uralia, who often does casting calls in group.

It's always a pleasure to see incredibly active models and photographers on the scene. Nothing beats the sheer energy coming from that Pizza Box there, but it's admirable to see more work from the guys (who are already a minority in porn, let me tell you!)! So this week too we have a lot from Marcus Strong, Dax Rahl, Chris Bearz, Bane W Caedus, just to quote some.

got away

Stacia Reinoir is always active with her photography. Glad that those particles don't break the camera!

For individual photos, peruse the galleries from The Sexiest Pornstars group or the SL porn daily coverage. They are your best bet to discover new photographers and/or choose to follow established ones. Some amaze me constantly for their prolifigacy combined with incredible quality. Just a week and if we only picked Zuby Gloom and Laura Demonista's photos, we have 23 top quality shots to pick from. Crazy !

An Untitled pic by Zuby Gloom's and Laura's Up Close

 And after a month of uncharacteristic silence, I am happy to see back on the prowl Melina Jameson. She spotted the sexy Madisyn at this Saturday's party, so, all of you who don't go to those, there, one more incentive to!

  Bunny Shame
Melina is back. A chance to see Tasa and the bunny together in a pic!

Lastly, a shoutout to BeeQueen Smythe's fun 'mugshot' project, she is shooting again for this, so contact her to get one of these cards done!

Oh lord, Tartarus possesses the power of TWO bears? That's frightening. Bears are frightening.

Our Dog Star week has been intense as usual, thanks to the Friday gallery and the impeccable Tuesday work by Marika with the boss, and Dakota too, producing great results! But first and foremost thanks to the wonderful artists who contribute behind the camera. This week was the turn of Ali Fox (with Fury Kenzo), the debut of Silky Sirena (with Bane) and double duty by Scotty (with Janna Sugarbeet and Alexandria Topaz).

Thank you to everyone who made the week extra nawty and special!

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