Monday, October 17, 2016

Beaver's Digest - Volume 10

Welcome to the Beaver's Digest! Now in double digits! Let's get down to business for this weekly recap of all things porn....most things porn....some things porn! See if you missed something, with all the notices from the Sexiest Pornstars group, or throughout the SL porn notices aptly listed there. Without further ado, what went down last week?


The first movie from last week was the new outing by the winner of last year's Sexiest Awards and Golden Cock, Erin Cedarbridge! Impressed?
Erin has a history of releasing fun movies and put some whacky humour in her porn production, and this Fuck! Marry! Kill! is no exception

Based on The Dating Game, a lucky bachelor decides which bachelorette he wants to spend a night, the rest of his life, or eternity. 
 Starring Scotty, Brunella Voelisa, Brea Brianna, Arienne Evangeline, and Sil 
Directed by Erin Cedarbridge 

Watch it here!

Entertaining parody, this Fuck! Marry! Kill! comes up short of a part of this triplice declaration of intent, won't tell you which...but good news and spoiler alert, the F*ck it is definitely the part that holds true! There's certainly good f*ckery in it, with the lucky gal looking really hot in it, together with her co-star Scotty.  But all the actresses look lovely in this, regardless of how much skin they get to show off in the end, and....

Well, about Sil, I must say, if Jim Lange hosted the original game with no pants either, the show would probably have not enjoyed a long run.

 Last time around PornstarThe Red Light brought us a lenghty movie with a plot, part of a three part project. Now this week, Camron who has been busy building , still delivers some eye candy thanks to Sexy dance, which is as straightforward as it gets: 2 hot chicks shaking their lubbly jubblies! 

 What else to say, if not...Damn, Camron, i just praised you for nice title squences last week, credit the girls at least , this time!
But Maite Melody and Rhianna Baker look positively gorgeous with their curves in this!

 Moving on, we have had another juicy and mouthwatering Production D video! Well, maybe I chose my words poorly, because it's set in the post-apocalyptic drylands, despite what the title might make you think. It's Dillon's Bonnie and Clyde!

Dillon has flirted before with this type of scenario to set his movies in, and there's something really inspired in the way he shoots those dilapidated environments. The sensual voices of the title track do the rest, especially when you consider the slightly unsettling feel it gives to have the titular characters transposed in an Mad Mel, err Mad Max-like scenario.

Conflict of interest: i was in this movie, and i loved my role and preparing for it!
Then again, I am sure even those who don't get to see it through my 'been there!' lens will appreciate the story. AND the sex and action! In pure Dillon tradition the story is shown and not narrated. I promise you will enjoy the pace of this movie, fully porn but still so heavily infused with passion for proper storytelling.
Plenty of interesting choices about the editing and montage. Postproduction effects galore, but used always with a purpose.

Finally, a return to filmaking! We can all FAP together! And with jazz music!

.: Frost Adult Productions:. is very proud to present to you the newest Erotic Video Production " Smooth at the Fireplace".

Here is the link to the video:

Rate it, comment it. Please let me know what you think!

Please do! He really wants to hear those comments and looks for that...often.
It is such a pleasure to see the foxy Nuur get a starring role in other movies after her Dog Star debut, and Jay Alexander Frost aka Jayfox Resident shows his skills as director after a quite lenghty hiatus.

Even these low quality screenshots of mine speak for themselves, check out the video quick, it's well paced, it's full on sex action...And Jay is casting BOTH males and females for his next production already, so if you liked his movie, please, just send him photos of your avi, and a request to partecipate! :-)

 Next week, we'll see some halloween productions,they are coming out of the woodwork! Jennylou's Horny Zombies! Miss Emily's latest! And a couple more I don't wanna jinx but should be done in time! It will be a great week, and a great issue of the Digest, i tell you.


In the magazine world, a few interesting events even mid-month! For instance...

...A new magazine! I am positively Chuffed about it! From Tyler Green (thetylergreen Resident)

The first issue of my new magazine CHUFF is out now, with Aki 明 Fukumoto, Brea Brianna, DJ Candy, Harmony Bury, Larah Sa’fir and Court Faith. Check it out.

We talked about the casting call for this magazine on the Digest a few issues back and very shortly before I received already a good feedback from one of the first models. It was that same Brea Brianna that is right there on the first page! Is she still counting the covers she string together? Well, this is another one, and I can testify the support she has given to the idea of the magazine. Not to mention the good word of mouth on Tyler Green's professionalism, which is something she greatly cares about.

Great to see a new mag and some of the most active names in the world of porn in it. Guys, follow the notices, the scene, and opportunities come by. Like I said, this was part of a casting call!

Another magazine released this week was a classic of the porn scene. Once the best pure 'porn' photo mag on the scene, Aroused! Magazine is now richer in content.

Marika Blaisdale's efforts for this production have been rejuvenated ever since the summer break, and thanks also to the direction by Cin, this issue not just features exciting photography that is not afraid to get into explicit territory...

You can appreciate the style and the richness of content of the magazine. also features a truly delightful interview with one of the kinkiest and most intriguing artists on the scene, Ashratum, and a hot fashion report with one of the most well know and high profile 'naughty' designers of clothing. Wanna know more? The names are breath taking and your eyes are not deceiving you. Tatiana Easterwood, Belen Ackland, Tyler De'Leon just to name a few. Wanna see more? The answer to all of your questions is 42..or rather, it is in this star studded issue 42 of Aroused!

You can appreciate the style and richness of Salena Lima's tits, see the rest in the magazine!

Finally, in its fluid online format, Slut Magazine keeps offering regularly inspired photoshoots. We have seen some hit flickr lately, just enjoy on their website the full experience of a photoset with story by Igor Romanov, featuring Racheal Rexen. Igor tells erotic tales with his pictures alone, but as he has shown time and time again in sets on his flickr and in the past on Aroused as well, he is quite the wordsmith, and his prose enriches the experience.

Check it out and you won't be bored.


The most notable blog feature to me this week has been the sight of Jodi Sharple's 'Supermodels' project taking off. Jodi is looking for high quality avis (she cites mesh heads as a must, which makes me admittedly grumble!) BOTH MALE AND FEMALE and who are willing to share some basic informations.
Just check out the current batch of jaw dropping beauties, and check the notice history of the Sexiest Pornstars / Sl Porn for the application NC to send her, also avalaible through her blog here (click for application and info).

We have featured proudly SilkySirena on the blog, talented and beautiful as she is!

Of course I can't forget what happens on all the other hot blogs. For sure it was an interesting week on the SL porn blog. Besides the usual, ever important notices recap by Racheal Rexen, party pics by Erin Cedarbridge, one of Emily's patented profile interviews, we had a photoshoot with Amia Jordan, still by Racheal, and also, one with Chris C by Rachel Avro!
Yes, Prince CC!  You haven't forgotten about the contest, right? if so, just check it out. Entering is free and the longer you are in the greater your chances! You wanna be in a movie, right?

Something for the ladies! Prince CC in a sweet pic by Rache!

Both indefatigable workers of the biggest blogs on the scene, Racheal Rexen and Ali Lancrae, have been busy not just with their usual duties we all are grateful for, but with their respective blogs as well. Check out the updates from Porn Kitty Studio, but also the newest post by Ali's Confidential, again featuring a true staple of the erotic scene on SL, the Chamber. Well written as usual.

Ali Lancrae at the Chamber's study.Not sure how much work can be done with such a distracting sight!

What did I say last week? One of the best pin up artists, and a truly historic name in the world of our adult groups. It's Midnight Shinja and there are two new beauties featured on his blog this week again. Trinitie Koray and Madisyn too. I mean, Madisyn Too. There's no plain Madisyn. It's not like Gallagher.

Trinitie by Midnight Shinja. Enough said!

And last but not least for now, another 'classic' name for this digest. Alexandria Topaz continues her already renowned series of interviews with members of our community, and some of these names need no introduction. Laura Demonista, Larah Sa'fir, Fury Kenzo, Mera Firelyte. We'll see them again in the photo section below, because they are not up there by accident! (well, when they are, it's a happy accident and perhaps the launch of a new career !)

Scotty showcases the bodaceous Larah quite nicely! Truly one of the 'newcomers' on the scene who made an impact.


Partier than ever! The currently active Official pornstars parties are listed on the dedicated page of the Sexiest Pornstars group. They are meant to keep a regular party circuit going: contact the party planner of the group, Moonie (Deka Teardrop), if you are already a member of the group and think you can provide a party venue for a community of passionate amateurs and not a bunch of 'customers'!

A Saturday night at the grungy party for Aroused Magazine, hosted by Yana (by Pulsar Grut ).

The existance of 'official' slots the group promotes doesn't stop of course anyone from throwing their parties, and some are really noteworthy, such as the party for the launch of the aforementioned new issue of Aroused!, or Leannan Wolfgang 's new adveture at Club Vixen!

We had parties on Monday, with Ayara dj'ing, and Zuby hosting. Ayara is also the host of the Thursday party, always very entertaining. Our first proper Halloween themed party this year, I believe!

The very deeeeelicious Monique LeFry (official party pics by Ayara Illios )

Tuesday was another great time at Rachel Swallows' Fornicatio club and Gallery, followed by a nice party from the Brit-x crew. In my mind, you can't have a topless party without them! Wednesday, Humpday, Thursday Ayara and Nak, Friday Yana, Saturday and Sunday, beach parties....And this week, nearly every day the "US" hours had some party activity thanks to the efforts of Hard Alley. Here some shots from the Sanctuary party with Hard Rust!

Hard Rust captured a lot of the guests of the Sanctuary party.

As Miss Emily would say in one of her regular posts, and as anyone is gonna remind you in the notices, pornstars parties are an excellent way to be seen and be featured. I particularly enjoy the Sunday party at Club Yana , where so often photographers race each other to bring more, exciting pictures out in the open. The consistent output from Miss Emily's parties and from Yana herself is remarkable.

Tammy Jones is a regular party paparazza at the Sunday parties. Picture is by....Sunday, ironically enough.


Being featured on the Ass Monday, Topless Tuesday, or the exquite selection of '10 @ 10' by Ali Lancrae on the Sexiest Blog is often a goal for the members of the porn community. We see a great response for the Fellatio Friday theme on this blog as well, so I'll just copy and paste this paragraph till kingdom comes!

Chris Bearz' When I go, Can I go with you?

A topless Be by Mika Cerna

Carola Conover so naughty in 'Spitted'

Oh boy where to start from? I give usually at least a passing mention to Laura Richards as one of those unsung (or not-sung-enough) heroes and heroines who just make a lot of individual photos who would take a 'gallery' post of their own to properly showcase. This week, I am pleased to say that she also modeled quite a bit! For Rachel Avro (see Alexa's blog too), but also for Marcus Strong, on top of the candid shots from Elbereth Exonar!

Marcus Strong's Laura Loves Marcus

PJ Thornton's sensuality shines when she gets featured as model on top of orchestrating her own photoshoots. She did a variety of erotic, playful, just beautiful pictures and was featured and inspired work from Cheryl Reddevil and The Notorious Ben. Don't miss the work of any of these artists.

Pj Meets Delicence in Sex Kittens ! Nekoism is spreading!

Before I get to mention more sex photoshoots who appeared throughout the week, a nod to the ever chirpy and chatty Innocentkay. This misleadingly named kinky brunette is always so energetic at parties and in chat, and is looking to improve her photo skills. Just yesterday she sparked a very positive chat in the Sexiest Pornstars group, drawing some help from fellow 'pornies', including but not just Marika Blaisdale.

Photo by Kay! She ain't bad, right? Check out Marika's quick edit too.

Marika said that we could use the idea of a school for aspiring photographers. I think it would be a really cool idea and SL already has some tools for it. Feel free to comment and share your favourite learning tools and suggestions!

Zuby Gloom, by mr.Omer! IM him (Omer Smithson) to be part of it !

New series start (Omer's Pornstars) and successful series continue, with Igor's Bodies, the trading cards by Marcus almost headed for triple digits, and Zuby's Black & White. Check out the production of these artists. Zuby in particular did some wonderful portraits that will delight you...together with her usual hawt work!

We love Debzi, star of more than a Dog Star movie! This is a card we will value highly...

Rachel Swallows took, together with other sexy photos, also 'Tropical Heat', smouldering lesbian set with herself and Rikki Sixx, and 'Mistress' a truly gorgeous b&w with Monique LeFry. Yes, THE Rssen.

Mera Firelyte has distinguished herself this week again for hot photoshoots. I had also the pleasure to work with her , and I must say, her organization is impeccable. Playful neko as she is (check out the interview) , she has been a model of professionalism and efficiency during the shoot.
Enjoy her naughty adventures with Alisa Bedwell, Rachel Avro, and oh, the set she did with me, of course.

Mera chilling with Jagger...who might just get a little bit hot with all that neko to handle!

Ellen Saint is one of those photographers who is not always around, but when she does, she makes such lovely work and gives chances to so many people. She shot Larah and Dea Santis this week! And Dea opens my quick mention of the active models and photographers, together with Teryl Nox, Dax Rahl, Aria Horan, Akira, Kaoru Kira, Cybercat Bekkers, and the delightful Margarita Blanco. Just to name a few!

Hot blooded Swede Dea Santis, captured in a lovely pictorial by Ellen Saint

Porn shoots? Court Faith's A night in , Jagger with Baby Girl Phoebe's Happy Ass , Sasquatch + Kemi never disappoint, and I do have to mention The Porn (Taylor Shamen), with her unique brand of kinky stuff, with sets like Action ( asshole fuck wild ) and Halleluja!

Don't worry, I am gonna put in a good word with the Pope.

Another exciting week in the world of porn, but first and foremost here at Dog Star! We had 3 original sets for T-girl tuesday, by Marika Blaisdale, Dakota Faith and Rubbergirl. We had pictorials, with the lovely Simone Landers, the stunning HaileyMarie Redrose and Madisyn too! Ok i already used that joke. And an interview with the very talented and pleasantly outspoken Kat Kassner, who I am sure I'll have the pleasure to feature this coming week with the new release of Brit-X magazine.
Stay tuned, but most importantly, stay sexy!


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