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Beaver's Digest - Volume 8

This is the Beaver's Digest #8!
 Eight is a very popular number in Chinese culture, commonly associated with wealth. If any rich Chinese is listening, I'd love to be associated with wealth too, I accept most credit cards. 8 also resembles the symbol for infinity, but I promise I'll try to not go on for too long.
Enjoy this weekly recap of what has been going on in the world of adult arts in SL!


Another week with good prolifigacy from many directors. One of the most underrated aspects of SL erotic and porn videos is giving your efforts some publicity, and really, just look back and have fun sharing with others the fruit of your efforts.This is what happened with one memorable  movie debut for Anyka Aiseiri and her "Pony". This is the type of movie Dillon would love to make but won't because he is too afraid to scratch the paintjob.

Crisp graphic quality, well detailed setting and excellent lighting? Those were pretty much a given if Anyka's photos are any indication. But what about camerawork, editing? How did she handle the movement, how is the pace of the movie? Suffice to say, I dare anybody who does not know the context, to suspect that this is the work of a debuting director.

A joint effort from Confidential Studio and Banshee Productions, with important ulterior contributions you can appreciate in the credits (such as "Pikachu Wrangler and IM Fluffer"), the movie features Damien Godard, Ali Lancrae, a kickass title song, blending the classic 'SL porn music video' with a little story and great interaction. You can catch it in its full 1080p glory at ,

but if you prefer to go on follow this link:

Now, still about someone who 'gets' how promotion works, we had another HD 1080p release preceeded by a teaser webisode stills post that only made us want more, for the latest episode of..

Captain Emily and the crew of the Zeus make a stop at the Mera Firelyte's Kitty Club, after leaving they are finally reunited with the Intergalactic SLUTS. Some how Admiral Emily contracts Nekoism and it quickly spreads, Dr. Winsmore and Captain Miggins struggle to find a cure in the ultimate cat fight!

A plot intensive episode with a lot happening. It ultimately surprises me every time how much Emily can cram into the strict 22 minutes credits included limit. There's a bunch of sex (that's the 'somehow' from the previous paragraph...:p) but in a single episode we have most loose ends tied up, seeds planted for the final part of the season, and one of the best tropes in sci-fi taken with a humorous twist...yes there IS the ultimate catfight happening, for sure!

And that without mentioning significant moments like 'seeing' the new additions to the regular cast becoming official part of the crew , a moment that truly signified a lot for the girls involved as they would tell you, and that is handled with minimal dialogue. Or like the reunion between Captain Miggins and Captain Admiral Emily.

The interaction through the ships' monitors is that type of 'special effect' that costed the director more time in editing than anything else, but the result is worth it when you consider that it's the type of device that makes IGS so unique and allows creative freedom with the plot.

The episodes is full of little touches that are worth the view and are best appreciated if you invested time and attention in the full arc of this season at least. Just like you'd expect from a series.

Enjoy it right here

Now, more movies from this week: we missed some new Wild Erotica movie, didn't we?

This week saw the release of Leanna Takes a Hot Bath, which features as you may expect, Leanna Mai, together with black stallion Jay D. Such a simple movie already condensed perfectly by the title, but Morph showcases his skills as director really nicely.

 Just a couple screenshots and you have a hint of his indisputable talent for picking good angles, that in this flick often shines. Leanna Mai is a rather underutilized model, she looks quite stunning here and Morph shot her under a very flattering light.

Check out the movie in its entirety at:

Now, tsk tsk, notices, people. There are quite a few movies this week that I am -sure- you missed simply because no notice for them was made in the major porn groups. If you need notice rights in The Sexiest Pornstars group, feel free to ask me in world with an IM, same goes for the SL Porn group where you can ask MissEmily23 or Zoey Winsmore - keep also in mind that sending a movie notice in group will make you eligible for next year's Golden Cock awards.

So yes, we have confirmed the tradition of having a Cameron movie in the Digest, and this is the anticipated second half of the School The Red Light! Showing unpredictable outdoors action with Rachel Avro, Priscila Balogh, Carlos Sutherland, Edu Baker, Court Faith, Maite Melody, Camron Jade, Maha Dembo, Rhianna Baker, Candy Naughtyahhh, Aki Fukimoto.
Watch it here

Also released this week: a new Jennylou production, from Jennylou323. It's the first time I cover this elusive director who doesn't advertise her work as she could. This newest movie of hers is called 'Farm Girls having fun' , and indeed it's what it is about! It features herself together with Selinah Resident, partner of the male lead Carter Leakey.

That's 27 minutes of porn not devoid of some humor, and in the spirit of agriculture, corny lines! We always welcome porn videos especially including new talents, so big props to Jennylou and we hope to receive more regular news about her creations!

Watch this meanwhile at


Speaking of naughty farmer girls, you are gonna love the pictorial the covergirl Cream Release did for this month's ....

SL Connoisseur #13 (October 2016)

It features some hot pussy-licking action, I tell you! I already covered more in detail the content of the issue in my post on the Sexiest Pornstars blog, but to sum it up: covergirl Cream Release, Pet of the Month Monique LeFry, erotic stories by Laura Demonista and Cream (feat. Lara Dieterle), and plenty interviews and features from Kayla Bombastic, Onisa Lundquist, Court Faith.

Get it on Marketplace here: 

Did I say "Pet of the month"? Well there it is, this other mag came out!

We can't look past Playhouse since it features the talent of our Dog Star darling Sunday Whitewood. Also it has the great merit of giving a 'break' to some fresh models you didn't get to see anywhere else before. Or since, sometimes! But they surely would deserve to be! The magazine is 'hosted' by its owner JazmynCrystalStorm, whose comments keep an entertaining pace throughout the gargantuan conglomerate of pages.

Featuring Pet of the month Sweetsister Silverstar, Anita Winterwolf, Danielle1980, and as fresh faces Yuka Satori and a true pornstar such as Ashley (Amosa Sugarplum), plus Athena (Panosrialis) shot by Sunday and Xizzu shot by Ember Wulluf....okay, let me catch my breath now a bit... this issue also presents a fun new idea about giving the girls too some eyecandy. The first ever Pet's Man of the Month is Mr Cyril Figgis (wheston resident).

To get the magazine, look up into the notices of the Sexiest Pornstars group, visit their HQ, where the public voting proce$$ to determine the centerfold  takes place, or just IM the staff, possibly you'll end up being part of the next issue!

Needless to say, also Playmates came out! This historic publication needs no further introduction...but actually, why not ? Because once more, Playmates was the recipient of the ISL Media Award for 'Adult content' this year! In the official words from the ISL judging panel...

"There are more adult magazines in SL then any other. (really? I haven't noticed, to be honest, but ok! - Kat-). We chose Playmates Magazine as the #1 best because it offers professional, quality photography that is tasteful and imaginative. The articles are entertaining and informative covering current fashions, destinations and creator interviews. The content is classy, not trashy. and very well done. ",

You can follow the magazine checking out their blog, that keeps you up-to-date with their party schedule as well. Of course get the mag through Marketplace

This month's lovely centerfold is Zeedria, photographed by fellow playmate Adisa Serenity and you can admire in the gorgeous work of Ima Hotone on a lot of sensual models, from Margie to Tatiana Alexandra, from Missylovesu to Courtezan. The list goes on and on down of course to the Playmate of the Year Brea Brianna.

Magazines are born every day, and if you want to be part of one, the opportunities are countless. You just have to be aware of them. Begin by having a peek at the Friends of Dog Star section for some listed, and look back into the Digest for more! From a group notice earlier this week, just as an example:

Hey guys I'm casting women for shoots for a new magazine I'm working on at the moment. Also looking for a couple of 'stunt cocks' for a couple of shots.

Give me a shout via IM and I'll get back to you.

- thetylergreen


I am beginning this section with something I hinted last time around, and that was Ravi Redfield's exemplary post featuring so many invaluable tools for filmakers. Tutorials, tips about camerawork, and a nod to the more generic but always core guides from the Pornstars blog and Miss Emily's. Read it all here.

Jezzi Mornington and Racheal Rexen: what a wonderful duo, and Racheal gives us a weekly roundup of what they have been up to.

Always the active blogger, Erika Thorkveld. And she likes to make also things like gifs. That you can't put on flickr...or well, you can with a little trick! So, check out the flickr comment but...come on. Gifs are fun and you see 'em better on the blog. Which you should follow anyway, as she is always so prodigal of advice with new locations, and fashion

Oh my, where do I even begin, covering the blogging of Alexandria Topaz? This week accomplished artist Marika Blaisdale, fresh prince Chris C., newcomer Mezzman, and reluctant pornographers but enthusiastic photographers Envy and Curtis Trevellion. And also some chick called Isa something. And a throwaway appearance from Scarlett Johannson, just because Alexa can. Big props to Alexa, Rachel Avro, Dustin Pedroia, Boo Chant and the fine interviewees for the great photos part of the articles!

Playmates magazine saved a space in the last pages of the issue for a very important theme we'll hear more about during this October. We have in the porn groups a tradition to honor this one way or another, and the one name that spent every year time and effort on it and supporting the American Cancer Society is Eva Brunswick
She gives a shoutout to the community with 'save the tatas' this year too, so please, save a thought about it and channel your creativity towards it. IM her (Evangeline Brunswick) and your work will be showcased on the Sexiest Pornstars blog.

I mentioned earlier the importance of promotion to make extra-special a movie already very much worth of attention. In the 'crazy credits' of Anyka Aiseiri's production, Ali Lancrae was mentioned also as in charge of PR, and the hot post on her Confidential blog with her co-star Damien surely helps the matter.
Enjoy Ali's naughty narration and shots, in line with her ever growing series


They happen! All the time! Not often though they happen with a movie premiere! Which happened for, yes, again gotta mention the movie Pony, and Anyka Aiseiri! With Jadelyn McAuley as host and the Pornstars party planner Moonie as DJ.

Anyka enjoying life at Club Yana - taken by Larah

Speaking of party planning, this week saw the monday party taking place with the same dj as always and a rock of our community, Ayara Illios...but in a beautiful new location, The Abbey, which will be used again for future parties, not necessarily on that same day. Do I sound mysterious? Oh well, I just wait for the official announcement. But expect new and exciting things to come.

New and exciting things to come from Rachel Swallows

Friday's party had a little different twist from the usual, as it featured on display the work of one of the many talented artists from our community. It's something Yana Grau and myself wanted to do, using the capabilities of Yana's club build that are used for the magazine release parties. No better choice for this party's debut than Iris Okiddo, Yana's neightbour, regular partygoer and an artist any traditional SL art gallery could gladly host the work of.

I said 'magazine release' ? Oh yes, we also had a party for SL Connoisseur's new issue. You missed it? Too bad, it means you won't be in Kristina Deschanel's photos in the next issue of the magazine, and perhaps missed an opportunity to be the next centerfold or pet of the month! D'awww. I won't be either, but I came home with a sex bed from the sponsor, courtesy of the raffle,, I sound like a total bitch here, sorry!

From last month's party, a great Happy Ass Monday shot featuring Moonie's butt - by Kristina Deschanel

A LUCKY bitch, I won also a giftcard from Miss Emily's raffle this Saturday! I will never grow tired to repeat it: attend the parties. You end up in photos as beautiful as those taken by Larah Sa'fir and the regular coverage from Yana, and Emily's blog, and...come on. We have plenty times to party, let's just do it!

Brunella in another great party shot by Larah ! Check out her flickr for the full sets!


Being featured on the Ass Monday, Topless Tuesday, or the exquite selection of '10 at 10' by Ali Lancrae on the Sexiest Blog is often a goal for the members of the porn community. We see a great response for the Fellatio Friday theme on this blog as well, so yay. Yes, that's my copy and paste, including some example of good ole fashioned duckery (this is one of those inside jokes that only one person will get).

Some cute swimming ducks,Carly Mode's butt and a Dillon!

Not a party pic this time (unless there's a party in her pants), it's Larah again, photographing the sexy Ali Fox

Monique LeFry and Robin Rondini in Moniques Visit to Mysterium's Masked Mansion

Terri Topliss concluded her Porn*Stars Playing Card Deck (2nd Ed) set , and Marcus Strong concludes The Guys N Girls of In Good Company Trading cards at its 3rd series already. BeeQueen Smythe gave us more mugshots, too!

Noteworthy porn shoots have been made as usual, including 'Soaking with the handsome Chris'  by Court Faith, 'Cop and Hooker' by yes, Larah again, with Bane, 'Red Alert'  and 'Shadowplay'  by Aria Horan, Mera Firelyte's 'After School Detention' with G-Mo and Barbie , from the pages of Slut Magazine Moni in a Meeting at Mysterium's Masked Mansion, mmmmm, and 'Larry and Krystall at the Beach' from birthday boy Larry!

G-Mo, Dre B with Larah, Occasus and Marcus Willowind,...all keeping in shape with different hot workout shoots! G-Mo also fought some zombies, but I'll put that in some Halloween mashup later!

Occasus Jayaram having the best yoga session ever! Forget the Lotus position, it's time for the Aeros!

Sasquatch Rhino had some time this week....and it shows, with 3 impressive photosets, with Alexa&Scotty (what could be a cool couple name for them? Scottexa? No that sounds like paper tissues...), Kemi Miles, Zuby Gloom. Truly amazing photos, check out Sas' massive 'Make me pose' challenge set for lots more yum!

Someone looks firmly in control here!

And all these were just some shoots from some of the names of the most active models and photographers. Impossible to name them all, the names of Malou DeCuir, Dax Rahl, Tartarus HekmatyarChris BearzDuncan Blackburn, and so on  .

One of the many great captures by Surfers' Bay owner Duncan, here with regular visitor Simone

Ahh well, enough! I can't sum up ALL that happened in the photo world this week, sadly, but I'd love YOU to send me more feedback and suggestions, especially about movies and magazines that I'd really like to include. Here on Dog Star we keep really busy.
By 'we' of course I mean people who actually do something, from our boss Isa who intervieed Urmeli and will shortly release a movie very special to her and is already working on more, to Marika Blaisdale who did 2 pictorials this week (Kaydor for T-GT and Angela) and to Scotty who did Dorable and Larah/Aicha's photos.
Come back to these pages every day for our regular posts, including Fellatio Friday and yes, this weekly Digest. Have a great week!

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