Saturday, October 29, 2016

Dancing on the Moon

   Dancing on the Moon is a joint project between Nicasio Ansar and myself, one of which I am quite proud.  What started as an off-hand comment about our mutual desire to make a 'monster movie' became the real deal in just a few short weeks.  Nica wrote the script, designed most of the costumes, and amazingly wrote and recorded all of the music himself.  Of course I directed and edited the film.

   Nica and I each play 2 major characters; I am twice the victim and he is....well - you need to see the film to see him.  Katina Cazalet plays the sexy psychiatrist to Kei Frequency.  Kei brings to this film a sense of her character that in part is Nica's costuming but really comes down to her embracing of the character. I can't say much more without giving away the plot but you'll see for yourself.  Damien Godard and Larry Vinaver round out the cast with their normal professionalism.

   What I really like about Nica's script is the exploration of reality versus the fictions we invent for ourselves.  Clearly I'm over-analyzing this but I'm reminded of a book by Julian Barnes called The Sense of an Ending in which the author explores similar territory.  The point is...what you see happening on the screen may not be what is really happening.

   Oh for fucks sake just watch the movie!!  :)  Big thank you to Nica and the cast for an amazingly fun project!  Happy Halloween!

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  1. Hihi love the idea other great movie grats Isa *hugs & kisses* ^^ buhuhu Happy Halloween !!