Friday, October 21, 2016

Fellatio Friday - A Celebration of Cock Sucking #9


(photo by Larah Sa'Fir)

...allright, I see some still need to get an education in this! Well,then, there is no better place to get this than the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group on Flickr, and of course this weekly gallery!

Interested in submitting a picture? Search in Flickr for the group and join it.  Membership and submissions are controlled to avoid spam.  You may submit as many pictures as you like - I am only posting one per person per week - however, if you submit more than one, I will have plenty of pics to choose from in future weeks so there is no limit.  Pictures must be themed around blowjobs and all models must be human (the caveats one must use for SL!).

Messy Friday - Marika Blaisdale

Cum Quickly - Cheryl Reddevil

StephenD3g - Waif Ah

Casual blowjob… - Erika Thorkveld

Get on your knees - Stormy Monday

Larah - Rob Roxley

The Taste of Love - Aran Yifu

BoyCrazy - Margarita Blanco

Blowjob at the gym - Sylvia Celestalis (check out Nicho's version too!)

Commute - PJ Thornton

From her Dokie does YOU! calendar, the month of February - Dokielicious Doobie

The Farmer's Daughter - Lylah Landar

Playground - Nuur

Make Me Choke (3/4) - Ali Fox  - The Notorious BEN

Oktoberfest BJ  - BeeQueen Smythe 

Messy Messy - Marcus Strong

Hearth03 - Aria Horan

Savourite - Bech Hellershanks

On Display - Chris Bearz

Tortured and Denied - Creamy Au

Untitled - Zuby Gloom

Igor-Romanov remakes his sexy b&w 'You Taste Familiar' for Throwback Thursday

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