Sunday, October 9, 2016

Rachel Swallows - An Icon of SL Pornography

Rachel Swallows is as much of an icon in the SL Adult Industry as there can be.  Besides having one of the all time great porn names, she seemingly does a bit of everything, as you will see below.  She's one to admire;  she's knowledgeable, talented, and beautiful...but most of all she's extremely friendly and down to earth.  It is my pleasure to feature her on the Dog Star blog today!

All photos by Kayla Bombastic except where indicated.

Isa:  First of all, some basic information - where in the real world are you from, generally speaking? Rachel:  England

Isa:  How did you stumble across Second Life?
Rachel:  I tried another online game similar to SL...I can't remember the name of it now and someone there told me about second life, the first 3 months I spent stuck in a wall, lol, my computer couldn't cope with it, then I got a new one and me and my RL hubby started to play.

Isa:  How did you first get into the SL adult industry?
Rachel:  Through an ex boyfriend, though from the start I had been taking pics of sex. Hehehe, guess I was destined for it!

Isa:  You are probably best known for your amazing photography.  You've been featured in many magazines.  Do you have RL experience with photography?
Rachel:  I do yes, I am lucky to live in the countryside in a very beautiful part of England so I have done many pics of the area.

Isa:  Tell us a bit about Busted magazine.  How did you get involved and what happened with the magazine?
Rachel:  Maggie Buxsome was the original owner. She decided to retire not long after we had become friends and she offered me the chance to take over which I did. I had to retire busted in April this year as I had RL commitments to deal with and was not on SL as much. Maybe next year I will bring it back.

Isa:  What magazines or blogs have you had work featured in?
Rachel:  I have had my work featured in Aroused, Attention and Slut magazine and a few others.

Isa:  You sell some items on the marketplace under the moniker RSC (Rachel Swallows Creations).  What are some of your best sellers? Do you make everything that you sell?   I've always wondered if the cum HUD you sell was created out of necessity due to a lack of good available HUD's out there? 
Rachel:  Haha well I should thank one of my previous partners for my cum layers, it was just as the tango mesh breasts came out and we were role playing, and I realized at that point that no one was making cum or BDSM markings for the breasts, so I had a go and the rest is history. Hehe as I say '5,000 people in SL wear my cum'.  I just recently brought out a new product called 'The Ultimate Cumslut' which includes Catwa and Omega appliers for mesh heads.

Isa:  Here's a link to Rachel's store on the Marketplace:


Isa:  I understand you are now hosting one of The Sexiest Parties on Monday's.  Tell us about how that happened and how can our readers get there?

Rachel:  Well I had been working on some graffiti style pics of some of the people from the porn groups, and I decided to make a building to house them in. Katina came to look at the build and said she thought it would make a great party area, so they offered me the Tuesday afternoon slot. Should be fun, MÖÕηiє ҨuαѕiмღÐღ will be DJ and I will be hosting. The party will go from 11 am to 1 pm SLT.   It is a warehouse design that I have build with the walls decorated with graffiti style pics of the people that contribute to the adult industry, whether as photographers, film makers or models or magazine or blog owners. Not everyone is there at the moment but I will update it every week as and when I can.  (Search for Fornication Club and Gallery for the party location!)

Isa:  You've been in quite a number of adult films.  What do you enjoy most about being in films that is different than posing for pictures?  Which do you prefer?
Rachel:  I do prefer photography to movies, animations are hard to work with when you have a curvy mesh body, but I am always game to modeling or acting for people, though I don't get asked as much as I would like to lol...Apparently I am intimidating!

A list of recent films Rachel in which Rachel has been a performer:

  Isa:  What do you see as the biggest challenge facing SL pornography right now?

Rachel:  I think for newcomers the expense of going fully mesh; everyone from photographers to directors needs or wants it now, and it can be hard if you're new to the industry...a lot of expense.   Mesh has made life easier for us photographers, less editing to do, but harder for movie makers as animations rarely work well for mesh curvy or muscular bodies.

Isa:  If someone wants to pose for you, what should they do?
Rachel:  I want an original look, not the average just slap a mesh body on and hope for the best. As people are mainly naked in porn I would say invest in great accessories; masks, hair, tattoos, makeup.  I usually put out a group notice if want people to model for me and I like to give new comers and my friends a chance to be in my pics. Oh and number 1...make sure you have a great profile pic, because that's the first thing I will look at if you IM me.

Isa:  What advice do you have for aspiring models and/or performers in the adult industry?
Rachel:  Number 1, promote is gonna do it for you. There are 30 models for each photographer. Get your Flickr page set up, post your own pics, everyone has to start somewhere, you don't need Photoshop, get your angles right and use a free photo editor like IPiccy. Try and create an individual look, don't expect people to do stuff for you, posting in chat 'model with hot pussy' is not going to get you anywhere!

Rachel's Info:

Isa:  Whenever I feature a photographer, I ask them to select a handful of their work that they are proud of, and then give us a little background on each picture.  What follow are all of Rachel's pics and her thoughts about them.

Miss August Rachel Swallows

Rachel:  After a year of doing busted, this was a pic of me that I did for the 2014 Calendar. I feel like I had just really started to come into my own as a photographer about this time. I had started to learn how to use Photoshop and how to edit my pics.

Birds of Paradise

Rachel:  I've always enjoyed doing something a little different and doing fantasy based pics. This one I did for Aroused Magazine, not long after it first started. It features Bewitched Difference, my best friend, and myself, we have always enjoyed working together and she later became my partner in Busted Magazine.

Melany Herrera Exhibit from Katmee's Gallery

Rachel:  Another thing I enjoy doing is building and I did an exhibit for Katmees Gallery that featured some of my favorite models in the porn groups and some abstract sculptures I had built. Model Melany Herrera

Desiree Loxely Busted Jan 2016

Rachel:  Another shoot from Busted, featuring Desiree, this one shows my love of sci-fi and fantasy and that I enjoying building my own sets. This one was a whole huge skybox, one of my first attempts at building with materials enabled textures.

The Pink Cottage

Rachel:  I also enjoy landscaping and doing pics of what I have put together, this is one of my favorite ones.

Ultimate Cumslut

Rachel:  Of course I have to show what pays for my SL, Cum! I first made my Cum layers when the first mesh breasts came out and they have been a best seller ever since, this pic features my latest edition *The Ultimate Cumslut* featuring for the first time Catwa and Omega Appliers for Mesh Heads.

Fountain of Youth

Rachel:  I can't leave out Robin, my male alt, I enjoy working with the other members of the porn groups and all the girls seem to love Robin. In fact he does more modeling for other photographer than Rachel does, go figure!


Rachel:  I love variety, this is my other alt Falcon Ghost, everyone knows I play alts and most in the porn groups are familiar with Rachel, Robin and Falcon, I won't tell you the names of the others *winks*.


  1. A fitting tribute to an iconic and inspiring lady, great artiste, entrepreneur and a good friend; privilege to know you, Rach xxx

  2. Wonderful interview with a wonderful woman. So easy to work with and I LOVED taking those photos.
    Thank you, Rachel!

  3. Thank you so much for featuring me, I love love love the pics. Kisses and Licks