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Beaver's Digest - Volume 13

Welcome to the Beaver's digest! Here we recap stuff, because keeping up with all the stuff that comes out every week is hard and seeing it laid out on a single page helps. Let's get right to it!


They say that there are not enough movies around, and it is true compared to the hundreds of photos, and how many aspiring actors are there. Movies are hard work, but there are many being made! Let's have a look at this weeek's releases and a bunch from the one before Halloween, as last issue of the digest I kept a theme going and saved some for this.
In alphabetical SL order, I am starting with a movie from a couple of weeks ago. The Warrior and The Queen , by Artfull Zane.

I'll be the first to say that working with Zane is always a pleasure and I know he really wanted to do something special with this flick. It was a honor to be involved, and I was really excited when I found out that I'd get one more chance to be in a movie with the gorgeous Zuby Gloom. Also involved in the movie sharing equal screen time with us two, a new name to me in Cyn, Cynthia Belavidorico, who was (I know it sounds kinda formulaic to say it but I can assure you it's not fake!) a real pleasure to work with, professional and patient.

Not that we needed much patience, because Zane handled everything with expertise. The result is this movie, that I hope you will enjoy. I can't imagine many of our readers not looking forward to a lesbian threesome that ends up with one rugged warrior getting , how they say it, ' a piece of that'.

My personal highlight of the movie is Zane's first appearance standing out in the moonlight, and Ravel's Bolero as soundtrack is a surprisingly appropriate choice considering the crescendo. Who would have thought it would make good porn music! (well, Zane did, and he was right!)

We spoke about Carly Morrissey's web series 'Her Revenge' in our digest #11, and meanwhile 3 new episodes have been added!

The narration of this series follows non-linear chronology as in the 'present' timeline the protagonist is facing some punishment, the eponymous 'revenge' from a certain someone. But why did it all happen? who is involved? What did that bad girl do?

These 3 new episodes delve further deep in the past, with more tales from 'the wrong part of town'. Part 4 and 5 have as focus the characters of the "blonde with 'tude" (played by me, incidentally) and her strip club owner bf, Malone. The trip down memory lane shows connections between the characters that goes beyond what you would imagine..and I won't spoil it for you

Episode 6 sees the plot, as they say , thicken further, with the introduction of crooked cop Karl (claynan) and the girl you all would love to be jailed with , Monique LeFry. Chu-chung! (that was me making the Law and Order chime). A special thanks to Partee for the help with location!

Here's the link to the 3 episodes: I can't praise this series enough for the creative and fresh approach to porn. Carly is undertaking a massive and complex project but with this very inspired 2-3 minutes format she manages to keep it going rapidly. She makes it evolve involving different actors with frequent shifts of focus without being 'all over the place'. This series keeps the action going and makes hot bodies clash in so many ways. with picture perfect montage and use of effects. I am really excited about it!

A veteran of SL porn also made a movie a couple days ago: we're talking about Cybercat Bekkers, who after a year-long hiatus made a casting call for this Burlesque Passion.

The movie features Brittney, Larah Sa'fir, Kimmy, Johnny Whadd, Nuur, Enki (Pulsar Grut), Rachel Avro, Larry Vinaver, Nicasio Ansar and myself, as the burlesque dancers entertain the guests, and themselves!

It's good to see an old lion (well, or I am not calling him old either anyway.....okay, cul de sac!) get back to his wicked ways, and open casting calls in group are always something I know everyone is waiting eagerly. Filming was nice and Cybercat swept away the camera rust fairly easily!

Give Dillon the right song and he'll make a movie for ya. Rhianna often has 'the right song', and guess what 'Sex with me' could inspire in him? No, it's a 3 minutes video of himself 'shifting gears'...

Rather, it's a delicious video of just him and Carly, and that phrase says a lot and says nothing. The pictures luckily are worth a thousand words, and with this movie he really nailed the visuals. The mood of the film is great, and it's the type of very special 'porn' that only the cutest couple in the scene can bring.

A new movie from award winning director Ering Cedarbridge also came out last month! You can as usual read and see her presentation , complete with video embed in full HD glory, on her website!

"Waiting for hubby to come home, a bored wife decides to put on a spicy movie to entertain herself." is the premise of this movie, where the porn video and the tale of the real housewife of Quebec fade in and out a few times. The video-inside-the-video has a hot threesome with Lightnin Tyran, Jezzi Mornington and Lilly of the Sugarplum dynasty. While the couple is , get this...Carly Mode and Dillon Lecker!

Yes I was shocked too, finally we get to see the two of them have sex! When will that happen again?

And I was almost shocked to see Erin not just back to movies, but 2 in a month after a nearly yearly silence. This video does everything a porn movie should do. It has sex, it involved people who I know for a fact were legitimately thrilled to be in it, it has a LOT of sex, it's well shot, heck it even has sex in it! Naked people! That does not always happen in SL porn movies! Please enjoy it on Club E's website .

Last week it was also time for the latest episode of my fave porn franchise , and that would be, A taste of. Dorable in this case!

"A taste of"  has a special place in my heart for multiple reasons. First, I get to see Isabelle Cheviot put her lips on someone gorgeous for the camera - I am biased, I just love to see her in movies. Second, I remember some excellent episodes of it and the variety of styles that Isa manages to display in this series is always impressive. Yes I am biased, I love to see Isa -doing- movies! Third, it gets to showcase a new star every time. And this A taste of Dorable has all the ingredients to be a very enjoyable vid.

The visuals are so vivacious and impressive, and I am not just talking about the scenery! The movie is also a blast (not literally, but just so you know, VERY NSFW!) in the audio department. I loved the tunes picked and woah, those were some really effin wicked screams. Sit on your speakers Sandy-style (sorry for the inside joke) and you will have an orgasm just hearing them orgasm! But jokes aside, just check out the movie. Won't sound entirely unbiased coming from the Dog Star Blog talking about a Dog Star movie, but it's effin gorgeous!

Just check out the movie on our very blog, with Isa's good screenshots too :-)

Ivana Hanni came out just before Halloween with a video that sums up the philosophy she lives by, or at least tries to offer in her SL famous establishment, Castle Ivana.  Ivana introduced the film in the notices as a straight, no-plot sex video that she made according to feedback she received.

I must say, this quick montage format really suits her style, and offers plenty chances to showcase her in all those acts and looks that know how to please her fans. Definitely a good way for her to go. And it's always funny to see which non-SL clips she will be able to insert in her vids!

Kayla Whittaker of Digital Visage has also been extra busy these past days, with a bunch of different videos. Two of them are from her Pornstars series, a series she launched with a casting call some time ago already. The flavour of the week is returning pornstars James Deene, seen last time over a year ago, and the perennially cool HotRob Roxley!

Kayla's movies are the quintessential porn vids as one would imagine them. Grungy sets that look exactly like sets, sex from beginning to end, with hot studs getting busy with one busty girl with a total fuckdoll look. This series can go on forever and I hope it will! Of course I love when Kayla throws in the odd movie with the darnest things happening, such as alien robot sex or Larry Vinaver as Elvis...but we'll talk about that another time!

Enjoy meanwhile her 2 Pornstars movies, plus her newest from the 'Fan Fuck' series, and Black Cock Whore Diary!

Meanwhile! Moonie and Ryu's Dirty Girl Dreamz productions also did a new movie! And it's one of my personal favourite no-frills, just-add-water premises of porn: casting couch ! The lucky one for this debut is Punky Von Bruiser (Punkarella).

Ryu is doing the 'testing' of this newcomer, breaking her in porn! But Moonie is there in the director chair looking over! Doesn't that make it all more exciting? Please enjoy the movie, and remember to contact Ryu and Moonie to be part of one of their productions ! I am looking forward to see DGD grow further.

And oh wow, another return on the scene, with mr. Omer aka Omer Smithson, in a movie with Barbie!

Yep Omer is back at work (work work) right where we left him, including his passion for poolside sex! This is 'Fuck at Pool' and in this flick you get exactly what you expect! Nice graphics and competent filming, Barbie is showcased very well in all her curvy glory!

This was also the week that saw the release of the fifth episode of another series that leaves the spectator aching for more. We are drawing finally closer to the conclusion of the Lesbian Porn Noir from Zoey Winsmore's Naughty Pixel Productions, The Business of Women!

See? Even the characters are watching it.
Zoey enjoyed good visibility in these past weeks as far as the 'adult' sl media go, with interviews and pictorials on both Attention Magazine and the PNC blog. Now, I do hope that reading those interviews got you interested in her work, in case you were not familiar with it already. This project absorbed most of her creative energies of the year - luckily leaving her free to put together the splendid dj sets she does each Saturday.

The plot of this series is well fleshed out and you can read it all on Zoey's website.
But oh rest assured...all the conflict is solved exactly the way you'd expect in lesbian porn!
I was involved in this episode, together with the lead actress, the wonderful Stacia Reinoir, who cleaned up good for this ( even if I love her normal inked self!) and fits the role admirably.
Zoey Winsmore is badass as usual with her squash racket, and I can't wait to see her naked...err, to see what her role will be in the much anticipated finale!

Enough for this week! I haven't managed to cover everything yet, in particular next week I am gonna put in more Jennylou! Her  latest one, 'The Reproductive office' , begins with some Horny Zombies-style zany humor that definitely makes me look forward to talk more about her and bring her to your attention.

Time to move on for now!


Amagad, an extra long videos section, but the magazine one promises to be a big one too... as every beginning of the month tends to be, when releases tend to concentrate.
And with a big one, in fact the biggest of them all and the biggest EVER, we begin!

" Here is the November Issue of PLAYHOUSE. It is our LARGEST to date with 716 pages of Hot Hot HOT. We hope you enjoy this special edition. This also celebrates our Pet of the Year for 2015 Dakota Amore and our Pet of the Month Yuka Satori. 
Love Jaz "

Sylvia Celestalis is one of the models featured in the issue

So many fresh faces have been featured in Playhouse since it began.
Being a cover model for Playhouse involves as you know a rather contested battle of fans, but on this issue besides the winner you'll also get a good view of Sylvia Celestalis, Leanna Mai, NaughtyAhhh, Fury Kenzo and Caslan Strom (as you might remember, Playhouse has also a male model per issue featured, and a few photoshoots go hardcore too involving therefore some handsome gentlemen here and there!)

Carla Draesia by Sunday. Hey I dig the scenery too!

That's without mentioning the appearances from delightful new hotties on the scene such as 12 years veteran (!) PJ Dragonfly, feisty redhead Rose Benelli, the appropriately named amazon Diana and much more!
And of course, Sunday Whitewood is part of the staff. Her obvious photographic talents showcase in this issue Carla Draesia, while Ember Wulluf was tasked also to capture another one of the most radiant stars in the scene, Larah Sa'fir.

A pleasure to see Larah making a magazine appearance - check out the photoshoot, if you don't find a copy in the notice history of the porn groups, ask JazmynCrystal Storm for a copy!

But we can't forget the most titulated and oldest erotic mag in SL, especially in its 9 years anniversary issue! Get this issue of Playmates, and you are in for the hottest toga party since...I don't know, Caligula?

This new issue is not just a must-see for yet another photoshoot from Ima Hotone that features a variety of gorgeous models, but also a must read! It contains a lot of valuable fashion tips and articles that will entertain various ways.

Playmate of the Year Brea Brianna needs no introduction!

Not just that: it's in fact the best issue I can think of for you to 'start' reading the mag and get into it. The interview with the owner Tazzy Jenkins works very well as a presentation, and this issue has also a 'Meet the Models' little cheat sheet, with all the models of the issue being covered with a concise writeup. I really appreciated it!

Get the issue on Marketplace, and don't forget to follow the blog, to be updated with the events that Playmates regularly throws.

Courtezan Quintessa is one of the many protagonists of the toga party shoot. Wish Playmates another 9 years!

And finally, what I consider the crown jewel of the world of adult magazines (then again, I am not an advocate of monarchy...).

Attention magazine has such a depth to its talent pool of photographers, both staffers and guests. Summing up the 400 pages of goodiness is really tough. Those pages contain quality photography with erotic BDSM themed photoshoots: Barracuz with Ella! Manuel Poza! Robert Eroica Dupea with Keely Mistwood! Sasquatch Rhino with Faith Darrow! Solidx with some chick! And of course the covergirl Falcon, in a truly fine display by Brea Brianna, who does a pictorial definitely on par with the work of the celebrated artists I just mentioned and that were happy to bring their contributions to such a high quality magazine.

Robert and Keely's club is also featured in this issue. Read the interview!

But more than just pictures, the magazine brings many interviews with personalities and designers, articles, and that touch of unbridled artistic inspiration that animates Whimsical Aristocrat's stories, the whacky displays from Graham Collinson in his Luigi persona, and BeeQueen Smythe in her comics.

Shyla and Darkangel are sorta used to Graham Luigi being like this...

I do need to point out for our 'porn' readers, that it's not just going to be interviews with naval engineers or club owners you'll find in here: in this issue you can read an interview with the Sexiest Pornstars group owner and blog editor Serenity Kristan-Faulds, with pics from Marika Blaisdale and Louise Kristan- Faulds. Stroker Serpentine in a photoshoot and 'live demonstration' of his newest creation, by Brea Brianna and featuring Roxanne Keegan, Marcus Perry interviewed by Bee, and SO much more!

Innocent Kay is one of the many models appearing in the issue throughout the fashion/product showcase features. other names include Severina, Mirko Panacek, and staff members. Join the Attention Modeling group for more opportunities!


Speaking of 'more'...I want to point out that in the past weeks I missed a couple of interesting posts on the Attention blog. In particular, I really enjoyed the one where Athena covers the 'genesis' of a magazine. It might not contain breaking news, but it lays out quite well some aspects I consider vital about making a magazine. Do visit the blog!

I am not quite done yet with Attention! The Wesh Beauties owner BeeQueen Smythe is integral part of the magazine with articles and her comics...but was also looking for other outlets for her creativity. So she made this blog here! Featuring comics, pictures, videos, this is surely a blog to subscribe to if you like to be surprised by her eclectic work!

Sunday channels her inner Debbie Harry, in a pictorial on her own blog

I am fairly sure that most of you heard at least once the words 'Avi Choice Awards'. Maybe just being members of some update group for clothes. The Avi Choice are probably the most widely recognized award for excellence in SL, and that includes different branches, from fashion brands to the Arts. Notable winners for best photographers include the likes of Skip Staheli and Strawberry Singh, to name a couple. Present and past members of the porn community have received nominations in the previous editions. And in this one! Our own Sunday Whitewood received a nomination for Favorite Female Fashion Model, and the very talented mr. Rysan Fall picked up a nomination as well for Favorite Machinima Artist / VideographerYou may want to pop over their website and think about casting votes! This will be the last edition  EVER!

Heather, by Midnight Shinja

Midnight Shinja and his pinups, complete with quick profile interviews always hit the spot! This week we have Heather Ashford, Andrea Stark, Creamy Au!

photo by Dusty Pedroia, featured on the PnC interview

Alexandria Topaz did a great job this week again on her Peaches N Cream blog, offering a lovely feature with the gorgeous Ella! A Dusty Pedroia (photos) and Monique LeFry (interview) team up presents us a post about the consistently pink Ayara Illios! You know these people well enough to imagine how entertaining these writeups have been! Also, Alexa brought to conclusion the Bitch Boy Camp tale on SL After Dark, your leading website for commercial news in adult entertainment.

photo by Barracuz, featured on the PnC interview

Lots more to point out in the world of blogs, new and old. The 'regular' blogs never get enough praise, and in this sense, a huge huge thank you to Ali Lancrae for being the beating heart of the Sexiest Pornstars Blog, and to Racheal Rexen for her daily update of the SL Porn blog. Also congrats on being Princess Of Porn for October, together with Prince Larry Vinaver!

Princesss Racheal here with CC in a photo uploaded also on her blog - check out the posts on Porn Kitty Studios!

I have a couple of 'new' and exciting websites to update you on, but i'll save them for next week in this already super-loaded edition of the Digest!


Because guess what, even the party scene was super busy this week. Once we were done with the wildest Halloween party of the year at Hard Alley (check out tons of photos from it on mr. Rust's stream)...

We had still our regular parties, who have nothing 'regular' about them! From the sexy fun at the Abbey on Monday, to Club Yana's beachy events on Sunday, plenty occasions for you to meet and greet others.

Sunday party at Club Yana!

Edvard threw a party Thursday for SL Connoisseur! I did not win the raffle this time but I had fun! And those who attended will be in the next issue!

from the current issue of Sl Connoisseur, pics by Kristina Deschanel

And of course, the party scene is not limited to the regular events but includes a burstling, no-profit, no- spam, no-nagging series of events that you are free to promote making sure they do not conflict with the regular parties (listed here). I enjoyed in particular Stacia Reinoir being the dj at the impromptu release party of The Business of Women, and it was really funny to see an old italian being burned at the stake for a Brit-X party for Guy Fawkes' Day!

(photo by Kat Kassner : The Guy Fawkes Exhibition is still open only for a few days, go take a look! : slurl )


 Being featured on the Ass Monday, Topless Tuesday, or the exquite selection of '10 at 10' and 'Ladies Night' by Ali Lancrae on the Sexiest Blog is often a goal for the members of the porn community. We see a great response for the Fellatio Friday theme on this blog as well, so yay!

I do love to see creative takes on the daily themes! This is by Aria Horan's 'Onwards to Victory'!

What is new in the photo world then? More of the gorgeous same that I can't quite sum up here. Certainly it's great to see photos linked to certain milestones we can all celebrate together. Such as Surfer's Bay reaching 2k members!

photo by Rikki Sixx of course!

I am a member of the place myself, and sadly I don't get to enjoy it nearly as much as I could. I joined it while involved in a movie shoot that took place there, and the sim is worth the price of the ticket , so to speak, even just for its beautiful and ever evolving design alone.

Also it was a pleasure to see Mera celebrate follower n°500 on Flickr! Now on your way to 4 digits, girl! Same goes for Erinyes Celestalis, celebrating as well a fantastic landmark!

Tammy has some 'news', and I support this initiative. I'd gladly pose again if I could. Please read and join her like PJ did!

" Back in January of this year I got an idea to take pictures of models in scifi outfits. You all seemed to like the results and I thank you for your support. My goal was to get 50 different models and get 100 pictures to complete the album. I'd like to do that before the end of the year. 

As it stands right now, I have 31 models and 62 pics. There is one half done that isn't up yet and so I am still in search of 18 models that have not taken part."
You heard the girl! And check out the set, in case you don't know it already, here:

Tara is one of the lovely models featured by Elroy this week.

Elroy Click continues his series of pictorials, this week with Tara Sweets, 'The Bomb' herself Kayla Bombastic and the Aristocrat par excellence, Whims. He sounds always open to new models, so I am sure we'll see more names in the next weeks!

And then they cleaned up and went to their Attention interview...

Sandra Palletier has been fairly active this week too, with her erotic work! Check out "The faces of a Marquesa" with Solveig, "United in Love and Lust" with Louise & Serenity of ...Louise & Serenity fame, and "Madame rêve". I don't even know what the arrowy thingy on top of the e is, but looks naughty!

Rear ending with a police officer is not always bad...

I missed this set posted a couple weeks ago, Officer Jameson - To protect and Perv, with Ashlynn Jameson as model. Holy canoli is it hot or WHAT? I am loving the work of Ȼasidƴ. I don't even know what the crossbar thingy on the C is, but looks super naughty!

Kayla Bombastic had a nicely busy week, both what you see on camera and with upcoming projects. Check out her SL Porn interview, too! 

Other porny photosets to perv? I don't know, Beach Bar Bang featuring Kayla Bombastic, Akira with Marika Blaisdale, Marcus Strong with his Co-Ed pics with Cheryl Reddevil and much more...and hey, The Masseuse with Isa and Rob, anyone? We made a blog post about that!

With Partee as a teacher, you really should go for the A's!

Ironically enough, 'The masseuse' is also the name of a photoset you can see in a magazine currently online...but we'll cover it next week!This week by the way, a few really high quality photoshoots originally published in virtual magazines have been/are being released.
Starting of course with the work of the creamiest of them all and her set with Lara Dieterle, but then mentioning'Driving Miss Swallows' featuring Larry, and Igor Romanov with the teacher everyone would love being a pet for, Partee!

PJ poses for Ben in 'Looking back'. You can count on them both for creative photos, often so very kinky.

Models and photographers ? Besides the usual suspects, I liked seeing Gwenivere showing off, also with her friend Samantha Craving, more pics from Angie Wild, Tisha Carfield , Blackheart Taurus' photography , Jamezz Doulton coming back...

Jamezz Doulton' Afterglow 2. You'd be glowin 2 if u had such a sexeh company!

I think it's enough for this week! Well, the past week. Ok no, this week...well you know what I mean.
This week on this blog we presented three erotic pictorials (thank you Dakota, Marika, Rob!), 2 movies by Isa (one not taken in SL, but so very hot!), 2 model pictorials (thank you Sunday, thank you Scotty!), and an interview with the always bewitching and for this week also explicitly Mean, Be.
Enjoy the rest of your week!


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