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Beaver's Digest - Volume 14

Welcome to the Beaver's Digest: we're organic, we're gluten free, mostly good for the enviroment due to the nearly non-existant condom usage, but careful: this post contains meat.

That's because this is the ready-to-use version, for better preservation, of what has been going on during the week in the fancy world of porn. Cold hard facts, now just add water , or your fluid of choice, and let's begin!


It seems that there's never a dull week for movies! Some of the most frequently featured names on these pages took a little break, but a big variety of players did more work. Starting with... Cybercat Bekkers!

The experienced Cybercat had to reinvent himself after a long break, and we had a chance to cover his Burlesque Passion last week. This week he didn't just release a new, remastered version of the movie, but you can spot on his website also two new movies! One continues his Burlesque series...

Well, what do you get when you get 3 hot burlesque girls and 3 hot guys? Well an orgy of course!

This Burlesque Orgy has the on-screen talent of Anthony (Glock Weezles), WolfStarr Marenwolf (Vandroz), JohnnyWhadd as the patrons of the burlesque club, where they get an unusually interactive show, dispensed by Brittney Lexenstar, myself, and Kayla Bombastic.

The shoot was an entertaining process. Little 'insider' info: originally the movie unfolded differently from what you see on screen, with the sex broken down in 3 couples on loungers, and one more dance sequence with the girls being all messy sexy. However, a software issue caused a reshoot and things turned out differently the second time around, with the events escalating into the 'orgy' of the title.

The help and avalaibility of the acting talent was decisive for the outcome, and through this all, and especially when it came to the 'money shot' the gorgeous Kayla Bombastic earned the well deserved title of 'Stage Setup Assistant' she is credited with. She certainly showed a knack for directing the other talents on set and adjusting everything on the fly: big props to her for, without exaggeration, making the movie possible.

But Cybercat showed also himself in a flick....well, other than the occasional photobombing during the previous movie as an orgy onlooker. He gets down and dirty with a sensual model. She sports an unusual 'fantasy' look, and she is Nessa Dymphna. This is 'Erotic Loving'.

Both movies presented different challenges but Cybercat is shaking the camera rust off pretty well: his work with the sets of the first 2 movies and his effective filming style and willingness to release more porn will certainly add a lot to a scene that never has enough directors for the appetite of us actresses and actors.

Speaking of appetite. Another rather historic name in the world of SL porn, in fact ambitiously introducing themselves in the latest vid as 'The leading source for SL porn' ... Anton productions! Seen here is 'Use me' featuring their leading male star Kenji Davi, with 'Britney'.

Somehow in the past weeks other movies from them went past my radar, such as the appropriately titled 'Showertime' with Kenji and Xoticsoul...

And even something with a title as catchy as 'My Sister Has a tight pussy' ! How could I miss it?
My mind races at the possible implications of this title: is it a nod to incest? Is it all a tale of voeyurism towards a sibling? A possible sales pitch? Is it a form of apology from a girl criticized for her lack of grip in the genitalia, claiming that it is in fact not genetic and her blood relative retains a pleasant state of tightpussiness? Not the case of SamBlackwater here, I am sure.

We'll never know, because the movies here don't have a plot, but that's how sometimes we like our porn: just straight fucks, and all jokes aside, a lot of credit and merit goes to Anton Productions for truly being one of the longest time running porn companies in SL. I will try to not miss any of their work as it gets released without much fanfare.

Jennylou had an uncharacteristically quiet week,as far as I can tell from the lack of notices posted about her work, and based entirely on the lack of NM uploads. That's a good moment for you to catch up on some of her recent movies.

No kidding here, I am a fan of the humour she puts in some of her flicks, such as this 'The Reproductive Office' I mentioned last week, with Valeen, Andover and a Jennylou cameo. Or her choice to have a casting BED and not couch in her second most recent upload. ..Complete with humorous invite to 'cheer on' the newcomers, Talbott and Nicole.

Not that I want to give a twisted image of her work. Rest assured, Jennylou puts up explicit displays, and her movies are made to have a laugh with occasionally, but in general, here we have another director who, get this, does her porn movies with porn in mind! So pick any of her movies from the long list of her NM vids, and enjoy seeing what she is capable of.

Another flick I want to show you here is the third part of a series of loosely connected movies. It's definitely something that won't quite tickle the fancy of the straightest reader, but this 'Great Minds 3' sums a lot of the virtues of the movies I just covered, adding an objectively superior graphic quality. The cast is formed by the ginger duo of Rusty and Dusty Blu, and Joe Slam, which is a pretty darn good stage name, if you want to get into porn or into a 90s videogame. And oh yeah...

This is one of the few examples I have covered of male gay porn.

It is a movie shot with care for details where it matters but kept simple, delivering the entertainment and titillation it is meant to bring as a porn. The other 2 episodes are equally well shot, and share most of the settings: in fact, it's quite clever to see that part 1 is mostly 'solo' action, part 2 had the most couple interaction, and part 3 is a three-way.

So what should we expect from part 4, a poker game with very high stakes? And how high up in numbers can this series go? Who knows, check the links out meanwhile!

On to more of the exquisite creations from names familiar to these pages: part 7 of Carly Morrisey's series was just released!

 I have lauded enough the cleverness of the narrative device, and it really excels here as Carly finds another way to project what would have been otherwise a secondary character into a situation that further boils up the feud at the center of the title.

It's always amazing to me to see the final result of Carly's editing, and how she can grab the core action from the few porn animations we are given and turn it into a compelling story full of flashbacks, dramatic tension and a lot of emotion. Emotion she loves to play with, as the series continuing spiral of criss- crossing revenge will show you.

Enjoy the episode here, and I tell you....You'll see more of Carly very soon.
Hopefully also more of Grunter Little and Remy Gervasi, who were very professional on set and put together for the part a great porn-coworker look!
Dang that corporation   must have a heck of a discount on gym memberships!

But Man of the week in this sense (and also probably 'worst fictional husband of the week') has certainly been our spirited king of the Thursday parties Nakuru Bergamasco, at the center of two flicks. One being the return of Erinyes Celestalis' series Erin's Playmates....

I miss seeing the exhuberant Erinyes around the past weeks, but RL kept her busy in a good way. She showed more activity these days and the return of her sex vids is certainly very welcome. Here Nakuru wanders around the red light district and finds one temptress he has to yeld to... Well, follow the link and find out (hints may be contained in the picture of yummy tits above)!

Was Nak on his way to the realtor ? Hmm! Certainly his movie with Isa was a memorable one. I always tend to send you back to the proper movie presentation post right on this blog, also to avoid incensing my boss here on these pages, but, hey, what can I say. I loved this movie!

Isa told me it was an easy movie to make, and I can understand that the audio track drove the plot through quite nicely and provided that touch of naughty fun and comedic characterization that IS a big part of porn. Still the work done on making it all fit, from sound editing to the set building, timing of the poses and all that, would be enough to make anyone's head spin. But Isa is incredibly proficient and knows how to get result, as I could appreciate on set many times.

I gotta say, Nak's look is perfect in this flick, but also Isa looks smashing. Yes yes, bias. :p
Check the movie out on this very blog.

And speaking of blogs, a little earlier than usual...


First, a little nod to those filmakers who keep their filming efforts archived in websites/blogs. Kayla Whittaker is one of them, and you can see regular updates especially for the Pornstars series, right there.

Kayla Whittaker directed and starred in many movies. How many? Check out her website and find out!

Same goes for Cybercat Bekkers already mentioned, and that adds to those stars we already covered and cover every time, from Miss Emily to Drakaina Lamia, and duh, ourselves at Dog Star!
Anton Productions meanwhile keep their photo side active on flickr, as you can see here from the 2 photosets.

Ben doesn't unwrap his gifts...he actually wraps them, in chains! 

Benjamin Bigdipper aka The Notorious B.E.N. is one of my favourite photographers in the world of adult arts today. He is incredibly creative and imaginative, he has a way kinkier side than what I am used to, combined with a side of his personality way funnier than any German is normally credited with!
And yep, he made a new blog. Keep an eye on it, because it will certainly host a lot more 'extra' shots that would be inevitably overlooked on Flickr and will find their proper archive here.

Bette by Midnight!

Unsurprisingly so, Midnight Shinja did more of his pictorials. This week, Bette Paige, Rhysianne, Raven Stiener.

Rhysianne by Midnight!

Envy Watts developed these past months together with Curtis Trevellion a group both on flickr and in world that shines for the quality of the submissions and called Delightfully Dirty. The group blog is starting to feature a weekly gallery, called 'The Dirty Dozen'. Check it out , it's a good introduction to what you can expect to see there. And everyone likes to be featured, right?

'Game over' by Jodi Sharple

Jodi Sharple's blog continues to feature the Supermodels in her project, but also a few rather delicious shoots. I really enjoy the mixture of x-rated and glamour. Contact Jodi to be part of her blog.


Due to its bi-monthly frequency, I expected this issue of Cocktail to be fully Xmas themed and 'bounce' it to a future edition of the Digest. Instead, there are Xmas/Yule, etc shoots sure, but most of the issue is themed with something that really characterised this week in photos as well, Veterans' day.

For those of you who don't know, Kianita's magazine is themed around the TG crowd, and it has been around a long time with a successful formula of featured interviews and shoots by its staff combined with a significant amount of readers' submissions. This way you can see on this issue the talent of Kalista Willful, Melinakis, Leluch Spitfire, Sabrinna Suzuki, the outcome of the Transition Cover photo contest featuring many names from the porn groups.

Cocktail is a very important magazine for the t-girl community and I know of many models who see appearing in it as a real highlight of their whole SL experience, even those who have no 'ambitions' to be in adult modeling. Enjoy the issue here or in one of the kiosks in-world.

My magazine coverage would not be complete without a mention for Slut Magazine. The format of the magazine is a little confusing for some, but it's clearly explained here. A virtual magazine with very tangible content, Slut Mag releases throughout the month the articles of the current issue, announced on the cover (shown above), and to that adds fresh updates from the magazine staffers.

Together with 'The Masseuse' by Rachel Swallows , and featuring Rachel Avro and Bob Allen, I have to direct you to the featured 'Grid Icon' article of the month, focused on Partee Mytili. I had the chance already to praise the writing of this type of article in the past. And while I do have to make clear the fact that the magazine pulls no punches when it comes to throw at the reader incendiary references of certain bits of SL history filtered through the owner's eyes, this article is a wonderful celebration of a talent and personality, both captured spot-on.

If you know the Partee girl, I am sure you'll appreciate greatly the words Jumpman Lane has for her. Far from being a rethoric exercise in panegyric, it captures the different qualities of her character with a pleasant and polished style. It's well worth a read and it also features remarkable photos. Well of course! They show Partee! And now, for something with a very similar ring to her name..


Yes yes, there's always a party happening! With the biggest role being played of course by the Official Pornstars parties promoted through the Sexiest Pornstars group. Every party is a good chance to meet new people, and fuck 'em!... err, get acquainted, noticed and who knows what else can happen there!

Baron Ebenezer Pixel had a fun time at Miss Emily's party Saturday! And at the afterparty...

It was a great pleasure to put the ART in 'party' Friday again thanks to the photography of Tammy Jones. Yana Grau did a lovely job hosting the event and taking shot after shot of the celebration of talent coming from one of the most active party paparazzo on the scene today and a very versatile artist at that!

Keep also in mind that Rachel Swallows' party on Tuesday is slowly renewing and adding to its unique presentation. I hope you have been lucky enough to be online during one of the open castng calls Rachel did for it, and if you haven't been able to, I am sure you will get your chance eventually.

Rachel hosting a party at her beautiful venue (photo by Larah Sa'fir  )

In the world of SL gossip, I have been able to attend a bachelorette party but...Ah what happens there shall remain secret, right? Tune again next week because I am fairly sure that we'll have news of one big wedding!
Go to parties, take party photos, and have fun!


 Being featured on the Ass Monday, Topless Tuesday, or the exquite selection of 'Ladies Night' by Ali Lancrae on the Sexiest Blog is often a goal for the members of the porn community. We see a great response for the Fellatio Friday theme on this blog as well, so yay!

Ayara Illios 's Happy Ass Monday. The location of her party looks amazing! Well, her ass too, I know...

Carola Conover is Smoking hot? Hey she puts the question mark, my answer would be positive! 

Kemi Miles in her very indecisive picture with 'a bit of everything' , and that is decidedly sexy!

A wonderful project shaped up this week, the 'Hot or Not' series by Fiona Elise. Guys and girls alike posed for Fiona, and they are ALL hot, aren't we lucky or what? Wow I hope to see more of these photos. 

Hot, hot!

 Leanna Mai started the engine of a new exciting photoseries. Contact her through a flickr mail or inworld (leannamaisl Resident) and you can get a chance to be in a hot pinup shoot.

Star model Brea Brianna gets your motor running!

Elroy Click certainly enjoys shooting female avis, but this week staged a little something different from the black background pinup shoots. It was a poker game where I am sure it was Elroy's hands they had to struggle to deal with! Everyone gets nakie at the everyone is a winner! The hot ladies were Bibble Sugartooth, Brea Brianna Kayla Bombastic, Laura Demonista and the gorgeous Severina, who also appeared in a modeling shoot on her own down the week.

" If you're playing a poker game and look around the table and can't tell who the sucker is, it's you" 
- Paul Newman.

I am publishing this nice pic with two times over Aria Horan's face, but I really should publish any, any of the photos from her steamy session with a t-girl named Isa ("Tower of Isa", lol ) , or from her In Da Crib set. I am sure that if you are not follower already, the vision of those sets will convince you ! Congrats Aria!

On another subject: the world of porn is seen often by newcomers (but not just!) as a little cliquey and self-congratulatory, which I hate! I am of course deeply immersed in it, and while I am here itching to mention all the different little 'celebrations' we had this week. It was Racheal Rexen's birthday, Rachel Avro's ninth rezzday, Ben and Vicki's 10th...oh just so many.
It's nice to see people share through their art or just through their words a part of their joys and significant moments. It was fun to see that being channelled in some nice photoshoot when possible!

Racheal Rexen's ''

Barracuz's photos are always worth a notice in group. An artist that marries pronounced sensitivity with vibrant and loud aesthetic, he made beautiful shoots this week, generally with his muse Ella as focus.
Enjoy them, both on his personal flickr and on Elle's. And read the words too.

'Breathe it in' featuring Ella

I haven't talked much about Cannon aka Tritiumblast after his appearance in Brea's debut movie, but he his consistently growing as a photographer, and this photoshoot called 'Fire' is certainly a pleasant sight. Like his partner in it, the very pretty Samantha Magic.

Yes I said Samantha is very pretty and I am showing just her arse, ok? Don't judge me!

Talk about crazy prolifigacy, Kristi Summers shatters any recent record with her photo production. She knows how to capture very intense closeups, but she is also really naughty. Check out her interesting mix of styles.

Nice ears , right?

Don't want to overpraise Partee today, but hey, this is about her place after all. The graceful Madisyn Too continues the publication of photos taken at the place elected by Partee as her Paradise. Many photographers and filmakers have put to good use Partee's space and prims if not directly her talent for setbuilding. Great to see Madisyn shoot in the lovely beach and lighthouse area.

If this is how a lighthouse keeper looks, it's amazing how it is such a solitary profession...

Keira Karansfel is a versatile model with a distinct fantasy look, but also a human form. She is curvaceous and pretty in both! She has been active on the scene and she is doing the right thing, making herself avalaible but in the meantime keeping herself busy with shoots that tickle her fancy. Here you can find a link to a set she did with her kayfabe elven brother, who was a real party attraction Friday too!

Yes I said Keira is very pretty and I am showing just her back,ok?Don't judge me being distracted by the huge penis!

The man known as 'Nicko' has contributed a lot to our Dog Star Fellatio Friday flickr group, and I thank him for that! He has been active all around, really, and he is very approachable and nice to chat with. Big props to him and check out his sexy but also fun shoots, where he 'nails' a variety of models, and does one of the strangest series of sets in my memory, having sex on....a hover scooter?

Some more shots of the week? In the naughty departmnet let's talk about Rachel Avro celebrating her rezzday with Elbereth Exonar in the Red Room, Alexus Minotaur's neat and clean Afternoon Show with Koda Quan, Sidam Zenovka and her tranny fun shoot with Illa Elan, Sandra Palletier with a variety of shots including one from the Shemale D/s lounge, Marcus Strong continuing his Storytime Series, the overabundant activity on the Filthy Nights' photostream and Rob Roxley doing a real stormer of a set with Ali Fox.

As for more models and photographers, Julya Lykin continues to do absolutely gorgeous work, Dokie keeps being Dokie (and we missed her!), Innocent Kay keeps being very un-innocent (great sets by Anthony and Jagger). Returning models in Precious Blanco  and 'Sinsatiable Baxton aka Nattyrey are only the latest ones to keep an eye on in a scene that brims with interesting subjects and passionate photographers.

'Bad Girl' by Julya Lykin. Oh she IS bad, but so good, right?

I'd like to use this opportunity to pitch this contest promoted by the talented duo of Envy and Curtis and linked to their pose store - not meaning to promote a business: I know that those who like challenges will find relish in this opportunity to measure themselves in a creative challenge. Read the rules here! 

Flickr is real hell when the count of the people you follow reaches triple or quadruple digits, which is why it's important to have inworld groups to follow, use flickr groups to help the selection and blogs or other social media to focus attention. As usual, I have no proper way to give credit to those who make consistently gorgeous 'single' pics, either in bunch like Zuby, Laura, PJ or with just one every week or two. Props to the wonderful work done by Ali for the Sexiest Pornstars blog, Racheal on the SL porn blog, and everyone else who is legitimately passionate about helping awareness about erotic art and artists.

'Inferno' by Rachel Swallows. Told you it was hell!

I am glad if this Digest helps you notice some things you'd have overlooked. I certainly overlook a lot, and I can only invite you to use all the tools possible to promote your work. This week on the blog we had this beaver thing and Fellatio Friday gallery, we had pictorials (Ashely Sugarplum and Aura Elena by Sunday, Marika Brink by Marcus), a hot photoshoot and story by Chris C, a freakin' movie!

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