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Beaver's Digest - Volume 15

Welcome to this pre-Thanksgiving edition of the Beaver's Digest! We of course want to thank already everyone who keeps making the adult scene in SL awesome.
Here we try to just list some of what is going on, but we know there's so much more to cover!
Enjoy this nicely stuffed edition of the digest, and see you at the bottom for the final words.


The innovative series by Carly Morrissey (have you checked Sunday's pictorial with her for our blog?) is moving fast to its conclusion.

If you have followed this digest and actually read through my waffling, you are by now familiar with the merits I attribute to this series, which are apparent anyway if you watch it even briefly. In fact, swallowing the svelte 2 minute pill of an episode of Her Revenge is easy. It just happens to be highly addicting.

Each episode is a bon-bon of hot, kinky, raw sexuality at the service of a large plot. The loose threads are about to be picked up in the finale, and these two episode add if possible more intricacy to the plot. I am not saying anything about episode 8 to avoid diminish the impact of the twist and so very twistED ending. Just that Malone and Tegan both look perfect in their role.

Not to repeat myself, but the range shown by Carly in these mini-episodes is truly worth of a modern product of entertainment, a legit mainstream series. The structure of the narration and the mature tone with sort of an 'erotic noir' feel to to the plot are already captivating and ambitious enough. But Carly supports the twist and turns and the fast progression of the story through her dynamic filming style.
Episode 9 has a lenghty fantasy sequence that I am sure you'll love. What is up with girls named Carly having weird sweet-toothed dreams, anyway?

Congrats to the cast of episode 9 as well: it's great to see Ravenman Skwer again take part to a movie in a role that certainly suit his image, and none other than Kayla Whittaker as the bodaceous partner!
Episode 9 is here. You won't be disappointed...and you will look forward to see the finale!

Speaking of Kayla, a really good week for her I would say, but it should not come as a surprise. We already mentioned in the past digest her regular, intense schedule, and this week we have again more than one movie from her! I am going to quote the interview of the week by Alexandria Topaz here:

Alexandria Topaz: Are you stimulated by the sex scenes that you capture on camera - Be honest. :)
Kayla Whittaker: OMG YES!! Why do you think most of my porn is just straight up "Porngraphy"? LOL

It's easy to see it here, with both Kayla's movies. The first one being "A master plan", featuring Thadd Maxin, already protagonist of plenty movies including from a few days back "Twerking on Masters' cock".

Won't be difficult to figure out what sort of plan Kayla's master has in store for her as he takes her to a nice hotel and tells her that he has a 'surprise' for her... Care to figure out?

A title that in pure porn tradition 'sells' well the content, Kayla's Gangbang Session is contained in the James Deene page of her website, and the guy we already admired in an episode of her Pornstars series is certainly making a nice comeback after being away from the scene over a year. Also starring and every bit as hunky is the third co-star KC McFly.

With Kayla's movies you get to partake in the imagination of one of the most prolific unashamed pornographer on the scene, who knows when to go for the very creative 'only in SL' type of flicks, and when to just promise and deliver straight sex action from start to finish. When she tells you that she has 214 vids on her storage drive, you can actually believe that!

Check it all out at :

Here we have now not a debutant director, as we had chances already to appreciate her previous 2 releases, but someone who has shown throughout her career in porn a drive to self-improvement and a passion for new tasks and projects that is unlike anyone I have ever met. Talking of course about Brea Brianna.

This new movie is called "Blue", and it does have a distinct sense of sorrow in it. Part of it is made obvious by the dedication at the end, "to anyone who has loved and lost", but the strongest way the video conveys that feeling is through the visual. A broken photo and certainly shattered dreams.And it's just the beginning.

Of course the sight of a poledancing Brea is gonna put you in a good mood, as we love the visual titillation, but the booming beats of the soundtrack mixed with the frantic, nervous flow of the camera convey a deep desire to stun oneself and deafen a pain that won't go away, with a malaise that surfaces whenever there's a break in the motions.

Fps and definition are as close as perfection as it can be and heighten the impact of the style Brea chose to film this music video (if we can use this label). Please enjoy the video right on Brea's impressive website! And if you have valuable input about more hosting option that don't sacrifice the quality of the HD, I am sure Brea will appreciate your contribution together with your opinions.

Now, similar elements and yet completely different feel to this: it's another 'music' video, and not everyone in it seems to be entirely happy...Also, hosted on a website I am inviting you to visit, and that is,  the AEA Website. And This is a movie, ladies and gentlemen, about the weekend!

 Weekender - 2 days we all wait for, is the latest effort from Brit-X, and it is very much a group effort considering that the movie is directed by Kat Kassner but some of the scenes were filmed also by Holly Arkright and Paige Snowpaw. The credits of this movie are in fact very long, as it has different sex sequences and involved many extras in a dancing scene that I am still kicking myself for missing !

So the credits include extras Hzal, Sara Stormshadow, Angela Easton, Toov Zadark, Gabrielle Riel, Nicasio Ansar, Velvet Jigsaw, Jedburgh Dagger and Veronika adding to the starring cast of Paige Snowpaw, Chris C, Laredo Lowtide, Kat Kassner, Judge Fudge, Marcello Bourne, Marie Mirajkar, Tara Blackstorm, Ron Howard (no not that one...) and Charity Suxx as windlight editor .

What can I add? This is a quintessential Brit-X production, and not just because you could probably have a drinking game with how many brit things you can spot there, from teabags to the London Bridge! It features avis we learned to enjoy a lot through the magazine, through the flickr stream and their group and parties.

And it uses perfectly Kat Kassner's experience in music videos - if you don't know it, please check out her Youtube account with many videos from the past, from the tribute band Scorched Shrub to the videos of the various sims and events she has contributed to create through the years.

And yet, what brings it to these pages (well, this one big page...ok?) ? Of course, it has adult content! Yes this IS a nice and porny vid, which you should definitely check out! As usual best seen than read about.... so drop by the AEA website:
(and also you might want to read our recent interview with Kat ! )

Now, since nearly all of these movies were hosted on various blogs and websites...


..let's get into that! Opening with another mention of the interview for the PnC blog , with Kayla Whittaker! A fascinating character to interview, you will love to hear what she has to say about her past and present, and perhaps also future endeavours. With the usual top quality pictures by Dusty Pedroia!

Kayla Whittaker by Dusty Pedroia, for Peaches 'n Cream blog

I rarely speak about something we all almost take for granted, and that is Edvard Taurion's constantly updated blog about the newest releases in the world of Adult furniture. This humorous and uber-cute picture by Cream Release reminded me of it. Do check out what's new in the world of quality furniture!

"Ed, Stay Focused" by Cream Release, on set for one of Edvard's ads.

I wish I knew everything. I hate that I don't and miss out constantly on some really hot stuff and at the same time I love that I don't , because I get to find out new exciting acts every day. Following a link on this page of Sl After Dark, I found out about this blog, and by one of the most erotic contributors to our Dog Star Fellatio Friday Flickr group, even! The very talented Nakari Tolsen .

Picturerotica is a new blog from Nakari Tolsen and Donovan OHanlon that leaves the words at the door and takes your eyes on a visual journey through love, lust, passion and ecstasy. Picturerotica follows its main characters on a chapter based erotic adventure, you never know what may happen next !

Elle is a very talented photographer part of the adult scene. Check out her interview (pic by Zoey!!!)

The SL porn blog is one blog you probably have a daily stop at to get great party pics and all sort of infos...right? Well, this week stop by also for more of the patented new interviews, with Ellen 'Elle' Saint and Malone by Zoey Winsmore , and the first of the new batch of the King & Queen of Porn pageant pictorials, this time with a skillful display by Rachel Avro shooting a prince older than Charles but way more handsome! Please don't kill me for the comparison, Larry!

Larry Vinaver prancing like a prince without any knickers! Scandalous pic by Rachel Avro

The Midnight Sun blog presented one of the trademark pictorials this week: it was the turn of Mary Ann Hogan .

Ah, the lovely Maggie Bluxome. Let's face it, big boobs... it IS a lot of guys' fetish. I can't say I understand it as I think about the physical implications of walking around with those beach balls but.... I already mentioned her tumblr as one of the most entertaining ones to visit, thanks also to her interaction with fans, befitting of her personality. The title of this post says it all!

Maggie's snowy tops courtesy of the hunky DrakeWing and her own mirable editing skills.

Ben's Kinky SL Smut: What can I say? I love his work and we are not gonna see all of it on flickr. Prime example is this shoot with Carola Conover: just a selected couple of shot on his stream, but to see the poor naive girl hold her breath much longer, this is the url you have to click!

Aww, and to think that with those big blue eyes he seems such a nice fella...

On top of her tireless work on the Sexiest pornstars blog, Ali Lancrae continues to build up her trademark series. This week it was the turn of Confidential Men, with porn veteran Logan O'leary! Enjoy the pictorial and story right here :

Ali and Logan, getting all steamy!

BeeQueen Smythe treats us with 2 exclusive photo stories on her blog, 'Airship Aftermath' and 'Laboratory under the Stars' ! The blog format works really well for her style, and the shapeshifting Saphero showcases time after time great qualities as model.

Bee and Saphero. It's all about Benjamin (Franklin).


The week opened with a debut in the world of magazines:

" Sinful Secrets, a magazine to make your mouth water and your heart race. Tasteful photography of some of the most beautiful ladies ever to walk the grid. The Sinfully secret diary of the ever growing Adilyn Sin Aries. Tell your friends to pick up a copy today! You never know what sinful secret may be waiting at the turn of a page.

Lizzy Winterfolf is the first model of this first issue. Babs did a great pictorial!

If you are interested in getting involved or being a model contact one of the following staff members. Group is open Enrollment to join and every month a new magazine will be released as well as info on events and such.
Landmark: "

Coco aka Luna Warcliffe makes an impressive magazine debut here

Well, can't wait for the December issue! As the release note said, the 'diary' feature is certainly a point of attraction, with a very fluid prose and nice sexy pics to boot! Congratulations to the photographers of this issue VeronicaSinClair, Samantha1972, Sir Slate, Luna Warcliffe and of course the owner and editor Babs Hazelnut!

Too bad I had to miss their release party earlier this month.
Oh oh oh, I said Party! it's almost like i wanted a hook for ....


The party section? Well, there you go! Now what to do with it? I guess parties don't need a LOT of introduction. If you have time and you have interest in the world of porn, going to some can be a good idea! Being social in SL always pays off and certainly you can keep your eyes peeled for more opportunities.

Boobarella Barbie takes a selfie at the party venue of AEA / Brit-X, Holly's loft!

You never know when an outstanding photo will be taken. You can rely on individuals likeYana, Emily, TammyJones and many others to take your snapshot at the parties, and a moment of inspiration often arises. Check out Zuby Gloom's latest party photos and tell me if they are not worth the average studio pic.

Kei and Nica at the Porn*Star club - great work by Zuby

As per tradition, the Saturday before Thanksgiving was the last beach SL Porn party. Miss Emily certainly had a good way to celebrate it with some chain gang fun!

Back on the Pussy Licking Chaingang!!by Miss Emily - That sounds like an exciting story AND good sales pitch! 

But without fail, we'll have more beach parties, as Sunday's at Yana will be the bikini day for a long while more! ...well actually there will be an exception pretty soon, but I just love to give you these little hints that...nobody will remember really, but hey. :p

Woiven is a welcome return to the crowd of partygoers - and TammyJones took lovely photos of all the guests

My not so subtle hint last week was about a wedding, and well, will have to get used to the new 'Alexa Topaz-Rodgers' and 'Scotty Rodgers' names!
Congrats to mrs and mr. Rodgers, and a personal thank you to Alexa for the invite to the wedding. A ceremony with a classy, subdued tone that I truly appreciated and felt very much an event with significance rather than a social call. Best wishes!

Picture courtesy of mrs. Rodgers!


Being featured on the Ass Monday, Topless Tuesday, or the exquite selection of '10 at 10' by Ali Lancrae on the Sexiest Blog is often a goal for the members of the porn community. We see a great response for the Fellatio Friday theme on this blog as well, so yay!

Blackheart Taurus with a triplice 'Happy Ass Monday'

Rob Roxley in a snuggly Topless Tuesday picture with Kayla Bombastic!

Ramos Darkfold in a steamy set with Barbie!

Elroy Click has had again a very intense week shooting real beauties. The stunning Morgan St.Cyr, Bette Paige, Jenny Starveling, Sweet Iza Hot, Luvly Lusch! Thank you for all the hot chicks, Elroy!

Yes and this is my picture of choice to feature...come on, I DO have to wish you happy Thanksgiving!

 Aria Horan completed her 'Tower of Isa' set, and started another with Manny, called 'ManHandled'.
"Just the usual underlit hardcore" she says, and her sense of humour makes me laugh. Her talent for great hardcore captures though intrigues me to no end.

Aria is porn's gift that keeps on giving. She is also quite durable.

Not just a ton of her party photos, Tammy Jones keeps going her Sci-Fi album, this week nicely ginger flavoured with models of the likes of Jezzi Mornington and Dokie. Remember , you can be in it too, just IM her and arrange it!

Jezzi surely belongs in this set, cuz that butt is out of this world! 
(Disclaimer: I wrote this lame line just because she likes to groan at my horrible puns)

You know this deserved a special of its own: Bane W Caedus changed looks, and gotta say, don't you love this change? He added facial hair too, go check it out on his flickr!

Well, that's nice!

Marcus Strong deserves his ump-teenth mention in this digest for, guess what? Sex shoots! With the woman of the week Kayla Whittaker! With his storyline time series, in particular 'Respect the badge'! And the cards! The cards! He also did Andrea Stark's pictorial for us, so big thanks!

Add to the profile of SL Veteran Kate LaFemme 'Ambidextruous' ?

Igor Romanov has been prolific this week, with single photos of real impact. And you have a chance to put your flickr little stars on the photos he did for our blog, in his A day in the life... set.

Perennially creative, Dax has in his set some notable models including the beatiful Ella Tyran in this 'Silence'

Dax Rahl is always up to his standards of prolifigacy, and this time he has a particularly intriguing feature.
Recently had the pleasure to do a femdom oriented set for The Dominion Femdom sim. Each photo had a NC attached which I have placed in the description of the picture. I hope you all enjoy.

What's cookin', Kenny?

Kenny followed his "Friends with benefits photoset" with Zoey Justine Sovereign (keep that name in mind!) with another juicy one with yet another triple named chick! It's"Cooking time? NOPE!" with Devi Nicole Reaper, and both are on his flickr.

Add to resume of Rachel Avro "Highly decorative" ?

When Sandra Palletier is active in SL, you know the photo scene is going to have breath-taking, mouth- watering sets and shots. Wonderful pictorials with Tammy Jones, a gorgeous model I hope to see again (hint hint), and of course Rachel Avro.

In more porn news events, we are happy to celebrate Rachel Swallows with a big round number of followers, and Ali Fox now with a big round pair of preceders!

More sets in short? What about Ryu with his Goddess Moonie , the sexy work by Nuur (loved 'Liberty' with StingBorn), Don having a nice workout with that Zoey Justine Sovereign minx , Sergey Uralia , Wolf Starr Marenwolf (Vandroz) adding to the Fun in the woods album , Archangel Vendetta's shoots at The RestRoom, anything from Filthy Nights this week , and hey, photosets by Jet Black such as 'Paging dr. Black' have been enjoyable too!

Raven Steiner and Lara Dieterle, both wonderful models who are more than capable to do great shots!

Barbie is a model that excels at being featured lately. The wonderful pair of photosets with Ramos Darkfold  is just a minimal part of her work.I appreciated the new showings by emerging models and photographers like Kristi Summer as well as the constant creative work of the many females you already know and whose names pop in the notices time and time again, and guys who as well keep their creative juices going, such as Talisker Braveheart. My favourite male model, probably the only one who can hold a candle to Luigi Trappatoni, is Kev. What a beefcake. You can thank me later!

Gotta love a cheeky grin such as the one in the pic of Luke Fortacos, another relevant artist in the scene.

Okay, i could go on and on and...on, with this. Just follow Flickr and your personal favourite artists. Check their work regularly, and enjoy. Also...well, you find and will find extraordinary material and really cool news and pictorials in here! Nicasio Ansar displayed Damien Godard in all his charisma, and did a great set with Monique Lefry. Sunday Whitewood, Scotty and Marcus Strong produced fantastic pictorials, and thank you to Carly Morrisey, Ancuta and Andrea Stark for posing! And guess what? Thank you for reading, till next time!

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