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Beaver's Digest - Volume 22

Oh hey! Another week passed, and it's time to check out again what those crazy porn people have been up to (while  I was sick)!
You can stay updated daily about what happens on the SL Porn group through the meritory job done by Racheal Rexen on their blog, and check out a large selection of the even larger amount of photos posted in The Sexiest flickr group thanks to Ali Lancrae.
In this digest we try to collect news from the past days about blog post, magazine releases and just about any movie release we can wrap our fingers around. Speaking of which!


We'll start with a movie release, a Cream Release! Well she is not the director, but I owe her a huge thanks for making a notice about this video who otherwise would have not appeared on this blog and that I am sure won the actual director ( Nightgaunt aka Cornelius333 ) many new fans!

On a lonely stretch of desert road, a grifter feels a bit of pressure build-up and stops at a garage for some service, but will the mechanic steal the clothes off his back?

Prurient Pictures presents


What a delightful porn video this is! Watching any movie with Cream in it is certainly exciting: she is so apt as a model and a creative mind herself. Most important, she brings that unique and stimulating look of hers that already is a winner. But watching the video you can't help but be pleased by how the director "does things right".

The movie sets up briefly the scenario (and certainly the panning shot through the location is well made and cinematic, helping to give the whole production a more polished look), introduces the talents involved (Cream and Nightgaunt himself) and then begins filming the sexiness.
And this video shows a great alchemy of balance and timing. Takes its time to let us admire each shot, and then transitions smoothly to the next, often linked to the previous in a way that reflects the expectations. Seems an obvious way to work, but the devil is in the details, as they say.

This is not the first movie Cornelius made, and it shows. I am also featuring his previous two also avalaible on his xtube account and released last Fall. In reverse order, we had the second one, with QTblondie Beaumont, and titled Ravenous Sluts - QT

QT (was certainly enthusiastic when I asked her if she'd like to be in a porn film, we went back to my place to discuss it and before long I was balls deep in her gorgeous Dutch ass.

And the first upload in that account is "The Specialist"...

During Top Secret experimental testing of technology designed to bring down ETV's (Extra Terrestrial Vehicles) Specialist Erica Red and Sergeant Cornelius find a novel way to occupy their downtime.


You could already see in these ones the trademarks of the director. All the movies have solid and professional camerawork that knows how to provide eyecandy and shoot effectively sex. Without having much of a story, they still have all the appropriate parts of the presentation, opening credits, a great setup and a very natural progression that makes them way more than just the juxtaposition of a bunch of sex animations - that still are well picked and of not repetitive.

Like hey, he gets the butt nice and wet, before plugging the cock in! That's one detail but I appreciated it! Especially when he shoots it so sexily.
And minutia aside, he featured some really standout actresses, who make each movie different and interesting. There's the feeling that he really makes good use of those assets, and that's always a good sight.

But without further ado, it's time to watch more porn, and it's just about time for the weekly shipment from Kayla Whittaker and Digital Visage. Beginning with...

Dax Rahl is a name I am always so thrilled to write in this digest. I never really chatted with the guy, but I love what I see him bring to the group and in the scene. And this time he gets to be the actor. A straight sex vid that certainly delivers (ha!) a great bangety bangety bang, this has Kayla's luscious curves at their best, with what I love most in this type of production from her: a freakin' awesome audio track!

There are a few ways to shoot porn in SL, and one involves of course making the story, or modicum of story needed at least, using audio tracks from RL movies. Which you have to rely on as well anyway for the nawty sounds: no silent sex here, we're not in church or at the library!
Kayla is totally awesome in picking those tracks, and this movie is no exception. The voice of Dax's character is raspy sexy, and Kayla plays one of those wicked wicked screeeeamers that win the movie always points in my (audio)book.

But what else have I been saying about Kayla? That I love when she comes up with some completely off the bat crazy stuff, of course! And she has in the past, even recent. Kayla is known for her pure porn, fuck from A to Z movies, but is also one of the directors who experimented more with themes and kinks, even controversial ones. And this next movie is like no other...

New video from the studios of Digital Visage. "Angel of Mercy" 
Starring Rachel Swallows & James Deene

A project idea that Ms. Swallows came to me about and I just dove into it head first, and worked on for several days and a lot of planning. A total labor of love. 
Everyone Enjoy! 

Another collaboration between Kayla and Rachel Swallows, this movie, well, I am tempted to not say too much to avoid spoiling, after all this digest is just meant to invite you to the view, and not provide commentary or even worse, reviews or critique from a non-director like myself.
From the very first picture, the movie poster (by the way, big props to Kayla for making a poster and using flickr as a promo tool - if you wanna reach as many viewers as possible, why not using it?) already you can guess that something unique is going on in the plot of this.

There's something ultimately unsettling about tackling certain 'unpopular' themes in any video, and in porn? It takes a lapse of insanity perhaps, and nobody does insane quite like Rachel and Kayla! God I do hope they know I mean it 100% positively. James Deene stars in this movie together with Rachel in one of those wickedly creative looks she knows how to pull off, and Kayla is in a minor role.
One would say, a passive one, but quite appropriate to the context.
Congrats to everyone involved for doing this.

Oh, on a lighter note, let's have some more Jennylou while we are at it, shall we?

This 'Good Genie Bad Genie' is not a remake but rather an evolution on the concept shown in Genie in the bottle, covered in Beaver 18. This time it's 2 genie siblings, played by Tabitha Darkfury and Jennylou herself. Tabitha is credited by Jenny with her help in the costume design, which certainly make the duo work very well together. For as long as Tabitha stays clothed, that is.

In fact, it's poor practice to talk about a movie already telling what it does NOT feature, but I dream of Jeannie, ehm, Jennylou in a sexuel, err sequel of this where the two are involved in a sexy threesome or something. Which would be what anyone would 'wish' to happen!
What you do get in this movie though, is hot sex between Tabitha and Dex Larson, and no complaints about what we see there!

MagluAmbrose has a cameo role, no spoilers. It is common practice for Jenny to take a step back and let the other actors enjoy and have the sexual roles, making it sort of a running joke that she can't get laid.

As per the great part of Jenny's movies, this is quite lighthearted in its premise , using puns and classic comedy routine through chat balloons, but it's pure porn when it comes to the substance. I am sure you'll enjoy it !

Now this...this is from a 'new' director. Or rather, someone who has been making videos the past year but again doesn't quite advertise it in the adult groups. It's a bit of an unconventional one, as 'BellaDollie' aka Hannabelle here underwent a bit of a growth spurt in this one...making this a shemale porn movie! And a really hot one at that !

Starring the director herself and Perish, this flick has the girls here ready and primed for action from the getgo, as they fight off the boredom. "I'm bored...wanna make a movie" has one of the best titles ever and pounds any chance of boredom into oblivion with some hard hitting rutting. If you are into t-girls and big calibers that are just shy of being artillery pieces, by all means this will make your day.

I am sure that I will fish back some of Bella's vids from the past just so she gets some well deserved coverage: I am just bringing to your attention the one that made her stand out in my eyes, and that's "Yes for one night", a video made during a dare. One night saying 'yes' to everyone approaching...

If that's not a hot idea for a fuckfest of a movie, I don't know what is !
Please enjoy the latest from Hannabelle and dig up some of her previous material. She truly is a gorgeous display!

Now, a little bit of a contrast between hard hitting loaded dicks and a night of one nighters... but not so much: a romantic movie with a Dean Martin soundtrack! Well, ok not quite one to show to your granny, tho. Cuz there's that crazy hip hop music in it too at some point! Dillon's "The diner" is based on a contrast, or if you want, our wish for the warm summer while we are stuck in winter for a while. Oh I am sure we can get more symbolic than that, but I don't need to spell it out for you, just watch it!

Originally inspired by the music video of the 'other' main song (I have this perverse pleasure witholding the key elements), Dillon developed the idea bringing it to a different direction....so he gets the girl in the end in a very sweet way. But of course he finds time to make some porn AND to drive around in the meantime! The cast of the movie is composed by Dillon Lecker and Carly Mode obviously, Sandy Miggins showing her Bento face onscreen for the first time, and finally myself and Marika Blaisdale.

Marika in particular has to be credited with a huge part of the successful atmosphere that makes the movie so distinct, as she is responsible for the set design of the diner, hosted on her "Sex in the Attic" sim. And the movie is called 'The Diner' so you can see how it wouldn't work at all if it were not for her! Being a skilled director herself who never shyed away from experimenting - if you haven't read her 'making of' post about the movie she made back in October, do it now - Marika also provided very valuable tips about how to shoot certain scenes with a better use of the camera, great for someone with lag problems like Dillon. I can safely say that you couldn't wish for a better starlet in your movie, especially considering that she offers help and advice without pushing it.

If we don't count Isa and her heights, Dillon has been the most prolific porn director for 2 years in a row, with multiple other people making appearances. And that struggling with subpar hardware. Huge props to him for bringing his unique and fun view on filmaking spiced up with the sex, and for being always so easy to work with and constantly so enthusiastic about what he does. Motivations play a big factor!


 My last words of the post, already saying that next week I have already lined up the next from Anton and a couple upcoming movies that are showing great promise, are for a production that never ceases to impress me. There is not much that I can add to the magnificent material Carly Morrisey provides in her director notes. Well, she has been kind enough to omit in it that it was my absence she had to work around, but as you can see and agree, the results on the Episode 8 of this second season of Her Revenge aka Revenge Reborn are just beautiful.

 The episode is the logical continuation of part 7 and that sweetly quaint introduction of Sindee's major role in the turn of events following the virus outbreak. It takes a special type of director to instill a stimulating twist in a home invasion scene like in this episode 8, with a little mindgame where the victim so far is having the upper edge on the aggressor, Malone.

The episode is here: http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/22065/her-revenge-s2e8
What will happen in the rest of the series, we'll see it soon. Or perhaps we'll read it. Yes because...


My opening of the blog section is for Carly, and not 'just' because once more I tell you that she does the best possible job talking about the stars of the episode and its genesis, helping you understand more about the genesis of it.

...but also because you can find out more about other initiatives that provide more info about the stars (and isn't the fact that there is some attention and spotlight on them, that makes them feel more like 'stars' ?) and she continuously flesh out the Revengeverse.
In particular, it is unprecedented for me to see a series inspire an Erotic novel!

Avalaible already on MP.
MP Link

What can I say? I am too close to the source to just tell you "get it buy it whoo-hooo!", but I have nothing but praise for a project that fleshes out with skill what the visual expertise by Carly brought to life already in the videos. It's nice to be still surprised by something after years in the business, and the special dog years that are SL years. And Carly keeps surprising me, for sure.
Speaking of new blood and fresh perspective....and marketing talent....

Igor Romanov is happy to introduce himself to Catherine Palen for the interview

... I have spoken the past weeks about the Second Life Adventures blog by Caroline, and the evolution of the concept that she is bringing through the more specific section http://slamachinima.com/ 
is definitely promising.
This week it brought one more interview to a member of the community. Catherine Palen did a great job with Igor Romanov, and if I may say, Igor did a great job with Catherine. You can tell by her follow up and comments, how talking to a honest and insightful photographer can work wonders for the studio ambition. And I am sure he put the website on the radar within the community more other initiatives could have.

Igor by Catherine in a very interesting interview, complete with 'report' from the set

As I mentioned, the blog/website is a promising one because it comes with a sort of an outside look at the industry, critiques it and Caroline seems driven and willing to go for an ambitious project, with sort of a business plan for it, involving, get this, having more accesses than NaughtyMachinima. Wether she makes it or not, the interesting part is, that she offers a new platform to showcase movies and certainly more ambitions on having a 'community' centered on machinima than what is currently avalaible.

First in the series of aspiring models by SLA Media, Darnell Carter. Profile and shoot here 

Again, not just that, but they want to PRODUCE content. So check out also this: http://slamachinima.com/castings-for-porn-stars-to-be
In the interest of dislosure, it's not necessarily something I agree and i am behind of, ( exclusivity clauses have never proved to be any good in moviemaking, for instance ), but it's definitely something I want you to be aware of, for all those who want to be featured in movies and shoots and don't quite see a way to get there. Big thanks to Caroline and Catherine for stirring things up in the world of NM, or trying to!

Location info? Here's a screencap...or go watch 'Finding the princess': warning,  slaver on eyebrow-studded harlot action there!

Speaking of opportunities: for those who like the chance to be in a group scene, appear most likely in sex roles and have a chance to impress a director, and not just any director... Let me spell it out for you. Thursday January 19th at 1 to 3pm SLT. All the details there...

Who will be the next character in Intergalactic Sluts? Anndd....who will die first? (pictorial by Racheal Rexen)

Now that I got that out of my system, here's my obligatory mentions of the Miss Emily side of blogging. Nothing quite like this around in the world of adult entertainment. Consistent update on news (thank you Racheal Rexen, this week and every week), consistent photo output from parties, and since a few months now also the 'Prince and Princess of porn' photosets. This week it was the turn of the January's Princess of Porn. Sultry photos by Rachel Avro of the "oh God" Vicki Concertina.

The very humble Vicki wearing her sapphire and diamond parure at the Mansion 

I could go on and on about her, but you just have to look at her!
And if you get to have a chat, you'll easily find what's she's all about.
Meanwhile, admire the pics, and enter the contest if you wish (guys especially, I am sorry to say but your competitive spirit sucks !)

This week marked also the first magic 99+ for Barracuz. Well deserved and will put them in the bag all the time!

A couple in SL and then (and now first and foremost!) in RL, Manuel Tyran and Biancca Cuttita always put a lot of themselves and their vision in Barra's photos. Yes you do know them just as Barracuz and Ella, they are Drop Dead Diva Productions, and I look forward to see they showcase the work in blog form. This first post gets girls like me all "awwww", so, damn it!

Marika photographed by Tammy Jones last week in a great set.

I mentioned earlier Marika Blaisdale and her Machinima tips, applied to her 'Let's have some fun' movie. On the Aroused Magazine website you can enjoy more of that, as she has a 'Photo academy' ongoing series. This time she shares her tips about the graphic settings, which are often what makes and breaks the experience for a photographer or filmaker.

Also on the website, don't forget to check out the weekly 'gallery', aptly named "weekly subjective look", curated by Larah Sa'Fir

Ben, PJ and Izzy having fun, with many apologizes to mr. Kubrick!

Ah the sheer awesome you can find on Ben's Kinky Smut blog! When you go on Ben's flickr and see those sexy and so very inventive pop culture exploits, you can't help but want to see more. Same for the other big part of his production: the so very kinky material. More, more! And "more" is what you get, with 2017 - A Space Orgy, Bondage Threesome with a lucky Raquel, Fellatio Friday the 13th featuring Bart and PJ (well, and Jason, of course!), Manual Labor with Cheryl and her bento hands!

That's look #85 by Violet... she's gonna reach 3 digits soon, and we hope also a triple X!

I am always receptive to quality fashion blogging with a naughty streak. We have so many bloggers but how many are not afraid to show some ta-tas? Violet Batriani did an excellent job this January, with so many outfits, one sexier than the previous! http://www.violetbatriani.com/85-2/

I like those product demonstrations! (from Edvard Taurion's Second Life Adult Furniture and Equipment Blog)

Same goes of course for furniture bloggers. Nobody does quite what Edvard Taurion does when it comes to punctuality and completeness. Always a goldmine of ideas, and there are quite a few 'demonstrative' photos that are excellent added value. No, don't feel like those fellas who were going blind staring into the Victoria's Secret catalogues!

This is all clever placement so that the couch doesn't get stains! Clever Nakari..

And high quality photography is always the trademark of the Picturerotica blog. Nakari Tolsen is so impressive, with blogger photo standards put at the service of naughty naughty shots that you can admire in their hardcore glory on flickr

Ayara 'In the office' with good ole Nak!

On the Pink Productions Adult Entertainment blog (aka Ayara's blog!), some examples of her interesting, sexy and always, and I mean it, always standout and creative photography. Plus questions I seldom know the answer of. But know the question too well already! http://pinkprod.blogspot.com/2017/01/laying-too-low-of-profile.html

And why not, I'd like to point out the nice mention Caitlin 'Caity' Tobias did of the fellas at Attention Magazine and Yana's party that launched it. Props in particular to Brunella Voelisa and Bewitched Difference who were directly involved in that particular feature. https://caitlintobias.com/2017/01/10/attention-magazine-i-feel-famous/

For the Marvel Comics lawyers....this is just cosplayin', ok??

Speaking of Attention Mag, get a taste of BeeQueen Smythe's comic in that issue, aptly named 'No Future' (if you remember the theme of the issue, you'll find it clever!) and featuring, no surprise here, the always dependable Saphero Hotbun.

While we got into this topic, let's deal with...


There is always a thin line between presenting what is happening in a reasonably appealing way and just 'faking' enthusiasm for everything, especially when you have seen so much already. But it's not like everything has been done already or standards can't be redefined. In fact they get pushed higher time and time again It is with legitimate enthusiasm and excitment that this week I present the latest...ah pardon, the DEBUT issue of a magazine.

My (fake) slip of the tongue is because Dark Lichlore and Luvi Unplugged are magazine veterans already, having put together for the past year and a half the new and unfortunately last incarnation of Second Life Bondage Magazine. The magazine now continues with a different name and brand, by the former business partner TrinaCarlsson, and it rightfully opened with a tribute to them. But they are not quite retired, or couldn't just stay like that for long at least!

"We at Simple Pleasures Lifestyle Magazines pride ourselves on making sure we have the correct information for our readers. Information is gathered by personal experience and reliable resources."
A "simple" creed that might sound even obvious...well, the state of the media in contemporary society tells the more cynic of us that it is not the case! But let's not digress: read the 'from the editor' section, and you will find every word backed up in the following pages, and this sensible approach coming true word by word.

"We wanted to take all aspects of D/s and BDSM, explore them, dispel all of the myths and misdirectionsand show the people involved in any part of the Lifestyle on SL that we are all in this together".
The issue spotlights specific aspects and at the same time offers great pieces of advice that can work for the non initiated or can feed the thought of those who can use to step back and assess their situation. I am not exaggerating when I say that parts of the 'Consent is sexy' article were somewhat of an eye opener for a real situation. But hey, it's a thoughtful and never banal magazine, but not an instruction book. It has quality fashion features, a location spotilight. And the opening is a story that works as tribute to a lost friend, just the type of gesture you can expect from Luvi and Dark.

The stellar writing never makes photography ancillary. Luvi's work is always guaranteed quality, but she is not the only photographer of the issue, just like Dark is not the only writer. The magazine is well thought out and edited in a crisp way that makes it cohesive as a unit (massive props to the creative director Rosey Faith) and definitely something that shines in such a format.

All I can add is to get the magazine inworld at the Simple Pleasures Studios sim, where you can also check out the opportunities for Writers, Models, and Photographers: fill the application forms in google document format, and please enjoy.

And to close the magazine section, I am very happy to save a spot for some self celebration!

The legend, Isa Cheviot, visited the SL Confidential offices today. We were thrilled to have her as a feature to start out 2017 the right way! She and Naught did some HOT photos together, and had a wonderful conversation. Have a look!!!


Does not happen often to be called a legend, but certainly Isa deserves this status, if anything because it would be just sad to imagine the world of Second life porn without her giving a break to the countless actresses and actors with her movies and hooking them up with the pictorials that are on this very blog.

Naughtius thinking over his next question as he studies the subject (photo by Tegan)

Which doesn't mean she is forgettable as on screen talent! Heck, check out the great interview by Naughtius Windstorm, complete with photoshoot made by Tegan Malone and orchestrated by Kay Windstorm. Projects like this online magazine are what makes the world of SL porn so much more special. Enjoy!


Parties happen all the time! Monday at The Abbey with Zuby and Ayara, Tuesday at Rachel's Fornicatio Club and Wednesday at Porn*Stars Plaza with Moonie who also did a gig at Hard Alley the next day in US hours. Thursday is Ayara and Nakur's day for us Europeans! Hard Alley also organized a Friday the 13th party, cuz...you know, it was Friday the 13th!

Hard Alley in every incarnation has brought plenty entertainment to the porn community (photo by Jadelyn)

And Yana delighted us at the club Friday (I was not there but at least the boobs did delight me, since there are always photos to be seen), Saturday is the biggest party of the week with Zoey at Porn*Stars, and there we go, again Yana Sunday, and she brought us some of the summer back!

Come to club Yana, we have a soft floor easy on your knees! (photo by Yana )

As usual, that barely scratches the surface of what happens in the adult entertainment in this huge adult entertainment district that is SL! Big props though to everyone who puts a serious effort to provide parties for the community week after week

Come to the Porn*Stars club, we have very clean floors as well! (photo by miss Emily )

Show up at parties and network some, if the world of "porn" is of any interest to you, it can be a wonderful place to meet people who are completely unlike what the stereotype of a pornstar would dictate. Or on the other hand, you can make your exhibitionist fantasies come true!

Tatiana Alexandra took incredibly evocative photos during the Debauche performance at the DV8 opening.

Part of the unique charme of the community is in fact in this unique blend of supposed 'smut' and , again supposed 'higher' forms of 'eroticism'. I like to close this post signaling again the new exhibition, called ' Lovers' set up by Athena Mariposa aka Athenaisc, at the Lumipro gallery.

The inaugural party last Sunday even if spoiled a bit by the rain (in SL? yes well, long story!) has been great, with enthusiastic response from the partecipants, including some amazing names that you can find involved in Athena's mag every month.

Ok, time to deal with the arts some more then....


There are just some individuals who I can't possible mention every time specifically in the digest in its current form, but sometimes you just need to chip in..actually, get in depth.

"Yoga Studio", a photoset by PJ Thornton with Jed Penne and Ben

In just over a week, PJ Thornton has involved in her photo efforts Curty, Bane, Larry, Nicko, Ben, Anthony, Racheal, Zepp, Jed Penne, Bart, Marika, Cheryl and a fox! And credit has to go not just to a brilliant photographer who ranges so effortlessly from borderline artsy to funny and from suggestive to lewd, but also to the all those models.

"Tonight's Lineup" by PJ Thornton

Some appear once some multiple times with commendable distinctive looks, some are the fully recognizable protagonists and some end up being 'stunt cocks'. They all bring their contribution and I know from personal experience how much of a pleasure ending up in a PJ photo is! She really embodies the spirit of the photo community.

Dax shoots Kristisummer yet another of the remarkable model/photographers on the scene

Dax Rahl shines as usual for his feature of so many pornstars...this week again for 'pornstars and their rides', including some really original ones!

'Dining' by Iris Rose Okiddo. Whatever diet she is on certainly suits her!

Ohh. I am told that the slutty err feisty sister of reputable and almost artsy (not to mention chaste) Iris Okiddo got herself a new flickr! Lord, I bet it's full of smutty shemale stuff...I dare not to look. https://www.flickr.com/photos/146455545@N06

Our man Larry with Morgan! She loves the lens...

Larry Vinaver is one of those guys that you always get to mention (thankfully) for movies and for being the active part of the success in another person's photo. But he is also an avid photo amateur himself, taking shots that chronicle his life as porn celeb, and he has had neat projects playing with his look. Without ever 'mimicking' the great Scot himself, Larry is seen by many as utterly Connery, and so it's only appropriate to see him with a project like this. Check out the latest addition, the sensual Morgan St.Cyr

Christina with her sis Dora are out for trouble!

Christina Vilda is a 'veteran' of porn. Never one to stick around continuously for too long, when her mind is in SL and not on the latest Elder Scrolls game or whatnot her flickr populates so easily with amazing photoshoots. A week of good prolifigacy, with the 'blonde' version here at this link really standing out

Venus and Mars in fur!

I am not entirely sure if I am ready for Elroy Click's humor sometimes! Both his White Wedding with Alectra 'Alley Cat' Fullstop and Meet and fuck Dora the Explora, with Christina's sister Dora are...unique af !

Extreme screen crowding for Curty! Someone will invent a tool to help with this, someda....hey.

Of all the possible photos I could pick by Curty Dovgal, here's a goofy one, but still a significant one. Curty has been one of a kind when it comes to commitment to photography this week and the past. I don't know how much this enthusiasm can persist in this kind of proportions, but I think that a photo like this shows how dedicated she is and how deeply she is embracing the creative process.

Izzy and 'tehsex' !

Again of all the possible photos here's a funky one. But on the flickr stream of the girl called Izzy (Isobel Ohmai) you will find plenty this week again, from the hardcore (but with a bit of fun!) photoset Hugging the Curves to a beautiful classic modeling shoot with staircases as a prop

Marcus's card collection gets more and more impressive by the week!

Can the production by Marcus Strong be summed up just by his cards? Not quite, but together with shooting established stars and starlets, he keeps bringing new names... and those cards while being far from a 'marketing tool' are a clever tangible way to showcase how much the guy works, and doing non banal shots. Together with the card models, both premium green and classic blue, enjoy the photo sessions with Lauraspain, AlexHermione and so much more.

"The Blues singer". She looks the part, but certainly does not give me the blues!

If it was not for her mentioning it, I would have not really thought about the fact that Aria Horan did not make custom poses before last week. That's because she always did a variety of quite inspired and even iconic photos that required detail and attention that I thought 'required' posebuilding as well. Congratulations to her for yet more tools added to her bag. My enthusiasm for her let's say , non posed photosets is at at great heights too, though! With the amazing Hazy Afternoon, Poetic and They also Served, incredibly hot concept with different partners.

Logan is enjoying a nice productive phase in photos, and Carola is always a certainty

With all the beautiful and just raunchy photosets, I am happy to mention Prison Cell by Rob Roxley with Sindee, Wrong side of town by Heather Ashford, , Stacia Reinoir's Midnight in the Loft , Nicko doing some more nailin', "The French Wing Bed" by Rachel Swallows with PJ Thornton. , the sexy work by Anthony with Brea, Izzy and many more, the beautiful pinups done by TammyJones with Marika and with Curty...who as well shot Tammy in return. Ah what a community!

If you had a "Make me pose" request pending for Sas, please contact him again, it might have gotten lost during his break! And if you hadn't...well, look what Larah and Kemi do here and you WILL want one!

We reached the end for this week again. A rather blah week for me, missing out most days, which made compiling this digest a little more tiresome than usual, together with a bizarre technical problem I'll be glad to share with anyone who asks.
There are many more stones left unturned, but alas, I can make this Digest only this long without plodding. Dog Star brought to you a splendid pictorial by Marcus Strong featuring Celeste Waverider, photos by Isa who is going through a continuous learning process, and the usual Digest and Fellatio Friday.

This outtake from the SL Connoisseur centerfold is funny! Because fish.

Thanks for your attention and see you in the next days. Hopefully!

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