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Beaver's Digest - Volume 23

Wow, twenty-three already!
I looked this number up, and it appears to be linked to a series of misfortunes, one of which I have been subjected to personally! But I am sure this issue, if we call it this way, will be much less tragic.
After all, we are just dealing with hot pictures and such, what can go wrong here? Just in case, get a good lawyer.


We begin with a new one from Production D, and it's the latest hit from the coolest boyband in town! The Backlane Dudes are here!

My new movie, starring Monique LeFry, Katina Cazalet, Carly Mode, N1c5 5n$5R and Damien Godard. 
Enjoy :)

Dillon has always worked with music a lot, but this video is directly set in the glamorous (?) world of   record artists, as the ethnically diverse trio of the Backlane Dudes (Damien Godard, Dillon Lecker and, allow me to type the name like normal human beings wouldNicasio Ansar) perform their latest dance routine for their new record. If you ever watched a boyband video consisting mostly of a handful of fellas dancing and wondered "How much did they spend for this?" the answer is "Not much", since all it takes is one director slash cameragirl (me), one production assistant (Monique Lefry), and one blue haired hooker (Carly Mode). That one was the biggest part of the budget, and an explicit request from the band, kinda "no brown M&Ms".

Silliness aside, I am glad to use this space to point out once more how enjoyable it is to work with Dillon, a director always full of enthusiasm and receptive to the ideas of the crew - a big part of the fun of this movie, including the title, comes from the wit of Monique, who has been as usual a delight to be with on set. Carly Mode did the scenography, and while I am more of a Coke girl than a Pepsi one ( mostly for its natural properties ), it definitely added to it, together with the uber cool look from the 3 actors.

As Dillon said, enjoy! It's a movie with nice pace and the sex will make you forget the whole boyband thing if you really loathe the Backstreet Boys and such. Not that the 'Dudes' have ANYTHING to do with the Backstreet Boys.
Now, speaking of people who have nothing to do with uh, other people who could sue us...

Hey everyone, 
The week-end is coming to an end, and I just finished a new movie, starring: Sᴘᴀʀᴛᴀ™, Brea Brianna, Katina Cazalet, Rob Roxley, Dillon and myself. 
You can watch it here, make sure you click HD to see in the best quality I could upload: http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/22271/that-night-over-there 
Hope you all like it. 
Love, Carly

Keeping up with what's new from Carly, "That Night Over There" is also a trip into the showbiz, with a trio of high class...well, ok, high manteinance sisters who spend most of their time together shopping, chilling, working out (especially their selfie muscles). True role models for a generation if I have ever seen some!

It wouldn't be a Carly Mode movie if I didn't act all mysterious about it, but let's just say, she'll go to hell, which is good, because I surely can use the company. Again this space is best used in my case to talk about the experience: the happy fashion frolicking scenes with those 2 Canadian girls was a real nightmare. Both are just so incredibly good at playing the role of the sassy self-absorbed socialites - while anyone who knows them of course knows they are anything but ! They are just that good, and if you have a sense of humor (forgive the passive aggressiveness here!) I am sure you'll have a laugh at the over the top aesthetics. Just their chat transcript on set should be a dvd extra!

But make no mistake: one of the most enderaring quality about a Carly Mode movie is how her 'over the top' is spot on, more mannerism than baroque. She is very effective in her portrayal, and everything about the first part of the movie and its upper crust trendsetting characters sets up the second half perfectly. The contrast is not meant to be absolute, as the movie doesn't quite go out on a downer, but rather on a sardonic smile.

What I said about Brea and Carly applies also for the character played by Christion Sparta, who obviously saw the potential in this role (either that or Carly just nagged him to death) and brings it to life in such an effective way that it is hard to imagine anyone else pulling it off so convincingly. And Rob Roxley and (even) Dillon are always guaranteed to show up prepared. What else could I say if not, "watch the movie"?

Now, I have been mentioning Brea, and here she is , in a different type of music video, but with a common theme from before...yup, all about the munneh! It's Got Money?

Lil Dance video i made Enjoy if you may 
xoxo Brea 

Brea defines this as a dance video, and it certainly is about her pirouettes on stage! Well, more like, the way she swoons sexily around the pole. But if you know Brea Brianna's style a bit arleady from previous movies, you know that when she poledances in a movie, she doesn't just let her pixels follow the predetermined animations....she sorta puts her whole self into it, and there you have this "Got Money".

Nobody quite films dancing with the same energy as Brea, and when filming herself you can really see her have fun with the idea and the possibilities of dynamic camerawork in a suggestively lit stage (something tells me that she doesn't just edit to the tunes, but she also films to them, I might be wrong).
At any rate, while we wait for the next movie with different avi interactions, watch this 'Got Money' and see Brea flirt with the camera, heavily. Just maybe keep a tablet of Gravol® handy!

Now, gettin more into the smut, it's time for Anton Production and the Casting Couch!

Casting Couch Volume 2, nonetheless!
Tea987 and CC Anton aka Inari herself are the protagonists of this porn vid. What happens here, is self explanatory... 

Cuz it's a casting couch! Tea's look is the one of a pleasantly well built blonde. Inari in her bright berry hair has her usual expert direction, filming sex in an exciting way - which is not always a given and takes a certain eye and attention in editing as well.
Congrats again for one good shemale porn flick! http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/22142/casting-couch-vol-2 
And now...

Yep....more porn, and it is JennyLou movies! I'll be quite short on words about these, because it's also Jennylou's choice! The caption at the beginning of each of these three, yes, three video is: "All Sex no talk". And so here it goes, with "Hot Couples in Heat scene 1" featuring SH and MikeOfLegend

And ah yes, scene 2 and 3 are shot in that room that we saw identified in Decimation as the 'upstairs' of her studios. Genies and unfaithful partners have transited in it, and guess what, in Scene 2 it is time for Trisha Reynolds and Ice Osterham.

 While "Hot Couples in Heat scene 3" brings us BonnieAnderson and Andress! No mystery about what these guys and girls are here to do, and that is what Jenny loves to show us. And no, I do not mean the damn room... 

Just enjoy the videos right here, and feel free to contact Jennylou ( Jennylou323 just like her NM name) and inquire about being in her movies! 


Waiting for the magazine storm that will stuff my metaphorical mailbox next week and the following, here I am with a reminder about a SL magazine that would be sad to overlook...

Cocktail magazine caters to a specific niche. 'Shemale porn' is a broad and in the same sense very limiting label, when you consider the amount of pixel TG avis who express their sexuality and sensuality in the way that is more natural to them, without necessarily making something that should be encased in a 'genre'. In the case of Cocktail magazine, you can certainly see a great variety of avatars. Like, come on: the valiant Dakota Faith photographs and interviews two moonrabbits! I didn't even know it was a thing!

One is called PsychoticBovine, which further complicates the zoology for me! 

I am not beating around the bush (I wouldn't want to harm any creature living there, anyway) and I will say that this magazine probably doesn't have any interest to anyone who looks for classic beauties and the latest, most advanced photorealistic avatars. On the other hand, if you have a fetish for sexuality in all forms, possibly exaggerated proportions, and have a passion for what's exotic in looks, with your definition of exotic unaffected by the somewhat cartoonish outcome of it, definitely go for it.

The featured interviews in the magazine are always interesting to read...and look at.

But make no mistake: I don't want to trivialize and objectify at all what the magazine is about, because first and foremost, Cocktail is made to be an inclusive magazine and many times it speaks from the heart, to a community who is not always by choice (unless you call 'choice' translating in pixel form your aspirations ) outside of the mainstream, and yet part of a varied rainbow patchwork. Kianita's introduction , the article about the end of the Transition Cove experience , so many of the interviews, are all about this feeling. 

Cocktail due to its specificity ends up gathering a lot of the 'names' in the tg scene in SL

Also featured on this issue, Kira Swallows, Futara and Shin in interviews by Kianita, Pink Passion by historic photographer of the magazine Sonja Spore, Extreme Goddess Ziva and Venus Melons. with the model portfolio boasting work from great artists including Solidx, Terry Tatar, Greg Paslong. 
Enjoy the magazine on MP!

Now speaking of something more conformed to a rl product: VIR studios released ...a new issue of SX Magazine perhaps? No, the world is not ready for that just yet! 

Zaria Velde is miss February !

But Virgil continues to build the collateral initiatives of his studio brand by releasing a calendar, and a beautiful one at that. 12 months (would be a pretty poor one otherwise!) with beauties of the caliber of Koda Gierdotson Coberts, Zaria Velde, Temp, CeeCee Storm, Laureen, Leanna Mai, Tori Faolain, Gaea Danick Doulton, Isla, Krystal Neutron, Amber M. Royce and of course the photographer herself and one gorgeous model at that, Addison Summerwind. Get it on MP, so you can hang it on your virtual garage wall! 


I am always happy to report new activity on the Aroused! blog: every week you can see a flickr selection from one of the most active of the artistically inclined models on our scene, Larah Sa'fir, and following the imminent release of the magazine you may find a surprise or two.
One of the many element Marika Blaisdale excels at, though, is transmitting knowledge. 

This article has a clear and brilliantly illustrated guide to light in SL. Simply reading it without putting in the actual practice won't make you a photographer, just like owning a scripted tool wouldn't, but this is your perfect step by step how-to , to get started, or review your fundamentals. 
In Marika's words. 
" Today, we're focused on using lights in SL. I compiled some informations that I hope could be useful for those who want to work with movies or photographies in SL.  I know many of you know everything about it, but we still got newcomers, so I hope my articles can be helpful. 
Also, feel free to let me know if there are other topics you're interested at, maybe I could share some experience. "
http://arousedmagazine.com/2017/01/18/photo-academy-lights/  "

Ben boldly goes Martian

Oh yeah! Ben's Kinky SL Smut blog always has me swoon! From Monday to Monday, check out what he managed to do....

http://kinkyslsmut.blogspot.com/2017/01/buttstuff-monday.html with Cream Release http://kinkyslsmut.blogspot.com/2017/01/sex-therapy-iii.html with Carola Conover http://kinkyslsmut.blogspot.com/2017/01/coin-sluts-arcade.html with Izzy and Raquel Jiadom http://kinkyslsmut.blogspot.com/2017/01/lubed-up-monday.html with Kassie Martian

One exotic beauty from the growing talent pool of SLA Media

On Caroline's infamous blog, you can always find something brewing. The machinima section is of course the one I focus my interest on, but you'll get news about other 'collateral' initiatives quite easily browsing it. This week it was the turn of another exclusive model, who also happen to be a working girl! 
We are looking forward to see Jessica Yamada's future endeavours. Meanwhile, also do have a peek at the ever so well written blog by Catherine Palen....where you can find what happened with the previous featured model, that good lookin' Darnell

Just fresh out of print, Morgan! (photo by Racheal Rexen, of course)

What a pleasure to see the talent of Racheal Rexen expressed on another project. Racheal always shines when it comes to helping others. She'd probably be a much more prolific director if she made movies only for herself, but virtually every time we spoke she was always focused on how to get the most pleasing result for the new stars of the movie. The fact that she came up with an interview feature on her blog is no surprise then. And her first victim is a model with an unforgettable look, the bootylicious Morgan St.Cyr 

Lesley is one of the beauties in a rich bouquet of models

Midnight Shinja has a talent for pinups, and you can find a miscellanea on the latest post on his blog 
Some you won't find on his flickr, and vice versa. 
Since we're talking about beauties like Bette Paige, Curty, Demi, Lesley, MayaXuanzang, Mystique Moleno, Ravnous...you may wanna check out both!

Errr...not porn but....you know, cash?

I was all excited by this post by Athena, then I read the whole "Nudity not allowed". :( Not much for 'pornstars' per se, but an interesting challenge if you wish. http://leblogdathena.blogspot.com/2016/12/prizes-rules.html 

I like bloggers that show tits!

What did I say about me liking naughty bloggers? A friend of тjαrα cαѕey-вell, aka sunjasweet referred the Sexiest group to her. I definitely can see why she'd like to broadcast some of those delicious looks of hers in there. 
- See my new work here: 
- [https://liliasdiaryblog.wordpress.com/2017/01/18/habibi ✿ My Blog] 
- [https://www.flickr.com/photos/lilias-ianthalas/32237147192 ✿ My Flickr] 

- More inworld in my little gallery http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Go/14/46/3501 

Emily leading her armies to glory

The SL Porn and miss Emily's blog have not only Racheal's punctual recaps of the group notices ( and the well chosen photos always make it nice to browse), and all the infos about the only legitimate pageant that will give a chance to be in a movie, 
but as usual are the place to go to find party picture after party picture, from 2 of the biggest and best attended parties of the week. Which brings me of course to.... 


It's no news, and yet it's everyday's news: pornstars party, and party hard! You can see some examples...

Eva and Thor at parties: you know how this is bound to happen at one point! photos by Thorgal)

We had once more a beach party at Yana's, while most of the others happen in the naughty comfort of clubs. Do not forget to check out the party schedule on the Sexiest pornstars blog, and if you are on SL time or close and want some party fun, look no further than one of the parties at Hard Alley, which this week held at least 4 parties, with their own Humpday party with Moonie, a Fuck Tuesday and Thursday Therapy with Kron, Nakie Friday with Kayla and Johnny, or "Dj Hot Hass Motherfucking panty wetter" as I am legally obligated to refer him as from now on.

The sight of Spirit Eleonara at the Hump day party inspired Gwen!

We love to see parties happen, and they are fundamental for the life of our community as such. No need to go to all of them of course, but just to show up sometimes and mingle with all those names on a flickr pic or movie credits roll can open up possibilities you did not even think about.

Ever the wommmmmmmanizer, Don Roodborst! (and ever the sexy photographer, Tammy, with over 1k photos from the club!)

Plus, they can be quite a bit of fun, rest assured! 
And there are all sorts of sexy initiatives enjoyed by the community besides sexy dances at clubs.

Look how nice and composed the pornstars crowd is (photo by Larry Vinaver, attending a Debauche performance)

You'll see more next week too!


The first mention this week goes to Isa Cheviot. It's not a blatant attempt at kissing ass! Thanks also to practical help and encouragement from Mirko Panacek, it's undisputable that her interest for photography that she expressed in the past many times to me has been rekindled and the results are gorgeous. Isa already did in the past photos for the blog, but the photoshoot she did this week shows a great development of her skills. Just saying!

Sammie Enyo by Isa. Check out the whole set on this very blog, and Isa's nawty pics on flickr!

And I'll be glad also to mention the great work done as usual by Sunday Whitewood capturing the beauty of Woiven. As Isa mentioned in her intro, Woiven is a model who makes a point when she is on SL to come to the various parties. It always makes a difference.

Woiven in a beautiful set by Sunday. Check it out if you haven't yet!

Argosi Domenici is a model I'd like to see utilized way more. He has the kind of toned body easy to be popular in porn, and is versatile with his looks and more. His photoset with Cinderella Winkler definitely deserves a look. I was also glad to see him model for Julya Lykin, a model who always knows how to promote her photography https://www.flickr.com/photos/argosidomenici/albums/72157677923962140

Argo as model for Julya in "23 Positions In A One Night Stand". Zomg, 23!

Anthony knows how to shoot bjs and do it really well. His set with BeeQueen is only the latest in a series of great photoshoots. But what really got me purring was the sensual view in his Happy Ass Monday set. Featuring Kay Windstorm and Tegan Malone's envyable assets. https://www.flickr.com/photos/29808325@N03/albums/72157675695665804 https://www.flickr.com/photos/29808325@N03/albums/72157675880701613

A pretty neat view any day of the week!

I could go on and on with praise for PJ Thornton who again ever since our last digest edition made happy so many people involving them in her art, but praising individuals from some sort of pulpit is not my goal. Just to point out the collaborative nature of the 'business', point out how the artistic endeavours of some have a positive influence on so many. Some names? Tara Hekmatyar, Bart Nocturna, Bud Solo, Talisker Braveheart, Jed Penne, Anthony, Chris C, Gwenyvere, Ben. And uh, the monolith from 2001, but that doesn't count.
Such an excellent body of work, and her modeling for Marika Blaisdale and Rachel Swallows is just the icing.

PJ had a few close encounters with Robin last week! (photo by Rachel Swallows)

I can't omit the ongoing series that still stimulates the creativity of models all over the group. Dax Rahl's  'Pornstars and their rides', continued, with again some unpredictable choices. https://www.flickr.com/photos/127109422@N05/albums/72157678564631096 

Leave it to models like BeeQueen to surprise you with their ride of choice!

It would be fun to actually list all the people snapped by Curty Dovgal, who keeps approaching the 'business' with enthusiasm and throwing herself in the mix in many different ways. This week marked also her first movie appearance thanks to the open casting call by Miss Emily, and photographically speaking her production is there to see. Her "Britney in the Dungeon" photoset with Britney Fairlady is a real standout. 

But she also partecipated with enthusiasm to a contest... with this "Ring Toss"

I don't think I can possibly top the original descrition for this... 
[01:49] Bιbbℓє ȘugαrtΘΘth ƔƛƝMƠЄƦ (bibblestar): For people who are in my flickr contest group the new theme is up and contest is open you have until the 28 of this month : https://www.flickr.com/groups/bibisphotocontest
Theme is : Dick Ring Toss , So pretty erotic humor :P 

Johnny Depp and Shakira!! ...uhm allegedly?

Wow and I was worried about those Kardashians references earlier in the post. Heck, who would have known that Johnny Depp and Rhianna were into porn? https://www.flickr.com/photos/lucas_delavega/albums/72157675575674024 
There's even Rachel McAdams, another Kardashian and wow. I almost cannot believe it! But the names have "Tm" so it must be them! Right?

The photographer savouring the model. Artistically speaking of course.

Lily Tayler is a new cutie on the scene. A t-girl, she showed to be no slouch when it comes to photography, with her photoset with Aurora being so full of sensuality https://www.flickr.com/photos/131060604@N05/albums/72157677747230481

Zoey Winsmore, who has been an active photographer this week herself, in a great interpretation by Elle

Ellen Saint created a group for her castings, and when this photographer is around, I hope you are able to catch her. She ranges from the porn shoots (Fuck a stranger vol 5 was released this week) to beautifully stylized pinups, including popular beauties like Izzy and Zoey Winsmore, that stunning Morgan St.Cyr and models who are more rarely seen like long term Sexiest group member Marisa Aironaut

Keeping the Faith...Right in position!

Brr brr, those photosets in the cold. But Mera Firelyte does not seem to matter! Featuring the very sensual Faith Darrow, we are seeing more of Mera again these days, also shooting Bane and Curty. https://www.flickr.com/photos/130357900@N03/albums/72157677911718300

Leanna rides..the couch. And Rawr!

He featured last week Dora Vilda, this week he brings us Christina! Elroy Click is never short on models, and he did a remarkable job with Leanna Mai and Harsh Consequences (it's a name!) as well
https://www.flickr.com/photos/elroyclickphotography/albums/72157677890689020 https://www.flickr.com/photos/elroyclickphotography/albums/72157679477439885 https://www.flickr.com/photos/elroyclickphotography/albums/72157679415411596

Marcus Strong showing his repairman talents. He specializes in plumbing, ask him how!

How do you not pass out from exhaustion, Marcus strong? In less than a week, Marcus featured Sara Sheperd, Deci Strong, Tori, Rosie Weaterwax, HakuYowane, LauraSpain Neox, Anna Livia Plurabelle, Ivy, Mrs. Reynolds, Arietta Clover, Devi . Phew!

Aria chose the old fashioned weaponry, but she is expert at handling the boomstick too.

If you, like me, are fans of Aria Horan's sexcapades, her flickr is always a goldmine of 'smut'. I think that it's a generally liked word in the porn group, in a playful sense. Her 'They also served' series continues, with new exciting additions. But I am loving her rekindled interest in posed photos, and this picture in particular, Forest of the Damned, is something to enjoy right on her stream? Why? Because Aria gives in the description reference to basically every element she used, complete with links. For students of the game, this sort of breakdown is quite interesting. https://www.flickr.com/photos/ariahoran/32429740376/ 

Ashratum's "So... that's what they mean by "artistic nude"?. It's how i visit my art exhibits too!

As usual, there are so many individual photos who'd deserve mention , but the place for that is on The Sexiest Pornstars blog (with big thanks to Ali Lancrae)! Plenty of photosets too who I'd love to list, in a great range of styles, from the decadent scenarios by Sandra Palletier (such as her 'Eri' set ) and Lion Wildmist with Cream Release , to the so sensual work in progress by Sindee with Jake Raven, or the plain photo fun of Don,yes, 'the' Don with Joreigh Jewell ! And what about the ever growing album Alexis Futanari is making with Emanuelle Jameson, yes THE Emanuelle Jameson?!
In the end, I can only advise to be your own best supporter, send notices about your work (ask me in world if you don't have notice rights yet in The Sexiest Pornstars group) and enjoy!
See you next week with more, and I mean WAY more content!

"Let me kiss the hard day away" by Laura, with the beautiful Severina as muse. 
In case you need any more reasons to understand why Bento heads are getting popular!

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