Friday, September 29, 2017

Fellatio Friday #58

Hello and welcome to ...yeah yeah! There's something unexpected down here (a sentence often uttered in SL)! Indeed there is, but you have asked for it, and so why not? Isa decided to listen to your pleads (oddly muffled, like you were munching on a carpet or something) so here you have it. There's a new flickr group you can join, Dog Star Pussy Licking, With not just one but TWO animal names that are not at all related to the actual animal (in case you have not noticed....), this group will bring twice the fun...or at least a more balanced diet.
I hope you'll make it just as successful and naughty as the Dog Star Fellatio Friday one.What? Never heard of it, my straw man friend? Follow me after the pic and I'll answer the question you never asked!

"Taste" by Mirko Panacek, one of the exquisite photos you'll find on the new flickr group

Yes, this blog post is based on material currently available on to the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group on flickr. Join it and submit your photos there. The only limits? For me, posting just one picture per person per week, never easy when we always have dozens of new ones on top of the great 'unused' ones that keep piling up!
But for you? No limits, submit how many you want. Who will be the first to be in BOTH the cunni AND fellatio group at the same time with the same photo? Hmmm!

Afternoon Delight - The Huntress (you did have a look at Curty's pictorial with her, yes?)

Mojo Workin' 03 - Aria Horan, from her newest smutty album!

Abracadabra Part 5 - Zoe Willows (you gotta check out the whole story on her blog)

Blowjob in bath - Jade Doet (with a pretty neat .gif in the comment section, even!)

On the Tip of My Tongue - Isabelle Cheviot

Pent Up Supply - Luke Fortacos

WOW - Lesley Aristocrat

Friday Kisses - Ted Dosei

Fill-o Sofia - Sandra Palletier

Fellatio Friday: The Sequel - Director's Cut (aka Fellatio Sunday??) by Sparklebottom! (wow)

Melania & Barack - Miss Emily 
(from the second part of her Shameless in DC movie series: Barack's Revenge !!! )

Nosh vs Monique Part 8 - Noshinima Midas (watch and read it all here)

One is never enough - Curty Dovgal

Fellatio Friday - The Usual Spot - Cheryl Reddevil

Fellatio Friday - Talisker Braveheart

Good head from a redhead - Della Morta

Black on Black - Marcus Strong (a whole set to check out!)

Throat Training II 2/2 - Notorious B.E.N. (and of course, full set on his blog!)

Taking a Knee - Heather Ashford

[ clique ] 092617 - FMD with Daddy 004 - Nakari Tolsen

69th caller - Brea Brianna

from her "Visiting a friend" photoset, this is ... by Miss Cat Snowpaw

Lick It - Igor Romanov

Private Dick 4/9 - Casidy

Fellatio Friday - Sammi Wolfsong

Delightful Friday - Rachel Avro

*OK* I said - Sahbrena

Untitled by .Doom. , Dick Dethly

W.O.W. - Logan OLeary

Blastoff! - Delicence

 Hall of Fame - Melina Jameson

And, after a day that saw a lot of grieving bunnies all over the world, we close with Cum Bunny by Rachel Swallows (hers the best possible Heff tribute pic ever !) and with Taking care by Jos Loll

The infinite variations on this very simple theme and idea never ceases to surprise me, week after week. Thank you for your many contributions, don't forget to contribute to the new sister group ideated and moderated by Isa, and see you next week! Keep sucking.

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