Friday, February 1, 2019

Fellatio Friday #125

Yodel ay ee oooo, everyone, and welcome to Dog Star Fellatio Friday #125! Yes, I was tired of the usual 'hello', it's all snowy here, and I felt like keeping my throat nice and flexible with some yodeling. Seems to me it's a good strategy!

Allright, without further ado, let's get to what this day is all about! Which is...

Friday Worship, typical b&w goodness by Laura Richards!

Friday is the day when cocksucking pics abund! So that's when we decided over 2 years ago to post smutty sexy shots, of pure, unadulterated oral pleasure! Well....or anything suggesting that. In the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group there's room for the most graphic depiction and for the subtler shots, room for the well engineered artwork and for the blatant 'action' capture with little to no edit: cocksucking in the middle of an orgy and even solo shots - you can tease a toy and flash your tongue provokingly at the camera, or make an 'invitation' photo flaunting your nommables, we just love the seemingly infinite variations we find on the theme! Enjoy !

confessions of a cum slut - Angel Reignz

Perfect end to the evening - Geordie Richards

The after hours call - Ayany Beaumont (look at the splendid photoalbum!)

Redneck girl for a Cowboy. - Wyatt Stone

Teasing - Jodie Darling

Paying Her Bar Tab - Kassie Martian

Profile pic maybe........? - Zoe Smith

POV - Traci Quandry

Kitten's Lollipop - David Storm

I hope she likes my bait. - Peter Wanderer


CH5, part of another great set by Dokielicious Doobie, to check out here!

Puppy's New Chewtoy - Misty (Oboroten Dorn)

Fuck that Face - Lemonedx

Titty Fuck at Minx Den With Jori - Kelli Kristan

Rawrrr! - Alicia Pudles

Window Show (2/2) - Nicky Delicioso

After the job - Jenna Elena

Happy Friday - Eddric Dayne

Uber after Dark - Natsumi Xenga (check also Brad Zeurra's version!)

Midnight Snack - Nebby Sinn

Jinxy in the sea 2 - Nuur

Ģɭǫw - Rowan Villiers

Greedy - Rhea Okiya

public disgrace - Fututio

3 some (FF) - Skorpio

Lick - Alexis Futanari

gangb025 - Cass Leslie

Another photo by Mandi Will, from her lenghty Trek-inspired adventures!
It has a gorilla and space hippies!

being dirty while getting clean - Coyote Dreamwalker

Bathroom Quickie - Cathy Palen

on the stick - Zoey Wild

In the playdoll suite..with Misty Rogers - Marcus Strong

CPMA Shot 2 - Torsten Holst

candleblow - Dj Chuckie

Untitled by Shana Wild

Cock worship - Sam Dellaux

 Kain & Catori - Addison Summerwind

Untitled by Schism Zeplin

And we close the post with one of the shots by our own Isabelle Cheviot, Larry4 , obviously featuring  the one and only Larry Vinaver , taken from the series Monster Cocks of Porn - check it out. And, with a pic from our most prolific contributor, Sandra Palletier (even more prolific these days with one smashing photoset after another!). This one photo is called  Origin of Symmetry., from the eponymous set.

There you go! Hope you enjoyed, and even better, hope you'll be inspired to do more!

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