Friday, February 15, 2019

Fellatio Friday #127

Hello and welcome! It's time for yet another healthy dose of the most sapid of salamis! Surely it can be an acquired taste but if you don't fancy having some yourself, I am positive you'll love to watch someone avidly take their share. It's like a cooking show but without the cooking. More like a, uhm, eating show? Cocking show? That must be it. Anyway, let's begin with buffet, at its #127 weekly episode!

Beginning with Yummy! from the ever lovely Curty Dovgal who always likes to nourish Maui Swingers Resort fresh faces!

I do have to put a disclaimer now, right? Right. And that disclaimer says that yes, pictures from this gallery are uploads to the Dog Star Fellatio Friday Flickr Group. Upload them, and I'll pick one photo for this gallery post, one per person per week (oh we do have some nice collaborations this week, and I do love that!). Of course it's a monocratic pick done mostly for fun and just as contribution to something much larger than this - in fact, before Flickr reclaimed many photos, we grew to be the largest oral sex SL group on flickr, and well over 10'000 entries - so take it for what it is. Which is, a parade of cock-eating and cock-eaters, some time even without the actual cock, cuz, we are fun like that! Enjoy now!

Oh My Fellatio Friday with Vixxen - Kelli Kristan

Licky Licky, Make Me Sticky - Vixxen Rainbow

Felatio friday - Jacquimo Jackson

vic taking care of Daddy good - Monkey Jacksen

Close Your Eyes &... - Alexis Futanari

Deep throat.. - Purplerain Exonar

mdm_001 - Lasga Claven

This is from Straps Suspension Saturday, a vintage post by the awesome Notorious B.E.N.

H.A.M with Rhylee - Logan OLeary

Uhmmmm...Really..?Wow... - Marcus Strong

bitch ! what do you do at home with my guy's dick in your dirty mouth - ASJoker

Francine and Emy wishing me Happy Valentines Day - Sam Dellaux

Hitman meets Detective - Jesse D. Bernard

kate2_029 - Franky Demonge (from the Kate Sheva BJ album)

me and Mark - Ivy

The taste of cum - JC Underwood

Untitled by Jenn

Divine muscle worship - Trent Riddler

Larry and CJ... - Larry Vinaver (from the Home Visit set, so many hot shots)

And CJ took some too, like this!

Locker room - Liruu

Mirko3 - Isabelle Cheviot (from the series Monster Cocks of Porn, read the post!)

Friday Stress Relief - Laura Richards

Fellatio Friday (or TGIF!) - Luciana Pinazzo

Untitled by Shana Wild

Paula and Jenna are at it again, with A great Barbecock ! by Paula Berger

and Barbecock 2 - Jenna Elena

Missy with her mouth full - MissyNicole

Paying the tip - Monique LeFry

Breakfast In Bed - Ivan Yerkinov

an Evening at the Citadel - Smash Bros SL

tied bj kitty - Kitty Lips

Anbetung (Adoration)--New series Desires (NSFW) - Trexy

Steamy moment - Sandra Palletier

And I am closing with one shot from one of my favourites fellatrices from the group, whose first exhibition Vicki Concertina and I are honored to host at Gemini this weekend - Cheryl Reddevil in her Pretty in Pink picture. And, this shot by Harley Islar, 1118-8, one of the many quality B&W shots you can find on her stream.

That being said....we're done! Enjoy your Friday!

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