Monday, January 4, 2016

Empire - Episode 3

After several months of planning, casting, filming and editing, Empire is finally complete.  It is twice as long as my previously 'long project' and is my first fully original, feature length movie to date.

I am extraordinarily proud of this work but more than anything I'm thrilled that I was able to work with such amazing talent through this process.  Kara Hawk was outstanding as the lead (Julia), Katina Cazalet (The Empress), Larry Vinaver (The Senator), and Talisker Braveheart (The Emperor) all had the major roles.  I was in quite a few of the scenes early on as well.  In Episode 3, Debzy Bubble, Marcus Strong, Randy77, Larry Vinaver (in disguise!) all play roles as well.

Thanks to them, and the other performers who round out my great cast, this film was fun, hot, and hopefully fun to watch.

Stop reading this and watch the film!

XO - Isa  <<< Click here to watch the film!!

Debzy Bubble & Talisker Braveheart from Empire

Katina Cazalet from Empire

Kara Hawk & Talisker Braveheart from Empire


  1. Yummm. Awesome work, Isa! Thanks again, so much! kisses!!

    1. Totally my pleasure, Kara - GREAT working with you and all of the cast! Thank you!

  2. Excellent work, Isa, a privilege to star in this production as both the ill-fated Senator and the 'avenging nemesis' assassin, thank you so much, enjoyed it so very much!

    1. Thank you, Larry! It was a blast...we'll have to do it again sometime! Isa