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Beaver's Digest - Volume 17

Welcome to the Beaver's Digest! Stuffed with stuff!
A bunch of movies, magazines, posts, photos etc etc that happened during the week.
The Sexiest Pornstars group, the largest in-world and very big on Flickr, bursts with activity, with photos being posted every day, Themed galleries curated by Ali Lancrae can be seen on its blog.
Miss Emily's SL porn group gathers its notices in a handy daily post on their blog by Racheal Rexen.
Still, following everything that happens is incredibly difficult. This post is here to recap some of the most notable releases.


Oh man, the beginning of the month is always kinda crazy magazine-wise, but this month, everyone seemed to really want to put out there their best display for the festivities. ....Maybe also so they could kick back and relax when Xmas is upon us, and not have to deal with a magazine deadline? :p

I have on my virtual desktop literally a DOZEN of magazines that came out this week! Some really packed with gorgeous content that would be a shame to cram into a post (leaving me also with nothing for the weeks that lead to xmas!). ..and the calendars are starting to come out too!
In the following 'episodes' of the digest i will cover the release of established mainstays of the adult entertainment scene like Playmates, Attention Magazine, Playhouse. But I open today with...

This is a strange magazine for me to talk about, especially considering that this 'new' issue is also the.... final issue. The name attached with this publication has been sort of a controversial one. It has a certain 'history', and new chapters to this history have been made. So from what I gather by the introduction by the owner of the magazine TrinaCarlsson, this is the last issue of SLBM...thus being rebranded into Defiance Magazine.

Should you, the reader, be concerned about it? Well, no I would guess! And in my concise Digest, without going through every single aspect of the tormented genesis of this issue, I am simply pointing out the great abundance of content of this publication. I greatly appreciated about SLBM the fact that it was looking 'out' from the porn scene, and in fact tapping to a different crowd/audience. This issue proves it once more.

You will find in here familiar names such as the classic beauty that is Rachel Avro, but also a lot of fresh faces. The bulk of the photography in this issue is in the capable hands of Sabre Swords and Mo Angelis, but it features also the contribution of Sacha Audeburgh, Shadow Heinkel, Kaylahny and Kitten, Luvi Lichlore and others. The heritage from Luvi and Dark Lichlore's tenure on the magazine was a valuable one. The first article of the magazine is a tribute to them, and anything less would have not been 'right' to any long term reader.

I'd need a full lenght feature article to even begin to summarize the vastity of this issue. I just posted one of the 'quirkiest' photos above, but suffice to say, this magazine goes from sexy fashion (and there's a very handy shopping guide with clickable links: a detail maybe, but authoring and layout are very well done) to reports from some very very dark places of SL. Goes from traditional pinups in a very festive spirit, to...the same pinups but with an extra twist.
It is certainly a publication to look forward to: check it out on the website , where you will find also the previous issues of the magazine!
If you are interested in being a photographer or writer for it, send a sample of your work to Kitten (llagertha4 ) and if you are interested in modeling, get an application at their HQ or IM-ing Jenna Falodir (Jennavecia Fang)

A magazine I am very pleased to see released as well is the new issue of Kinkstyle. Occasus Vlodovic-Daffyd (or Occasus Jayaram, it's not as if it's any easier to type!) is a very talented photographer, and she knows how to do business! Still, her introduction in this issue is very candid about the difficulties of putting together a monthly magazine (I can reference the interview I had the pleasure to do with her for the first issue, back in May). It starts with "This is the issue that almost never happened"...

I won't rob you from the pleasure to read yourself what she has to say: the publication is a svelte read but features interesting material that you won't find on any other mag. The covergirl is the always sexy Court Faith, there's a profile of one of the most pleasing and underutilized people in 'porn', Jillybean, and let's not forget the sultry photoshoot by Gangrul, with none other than the delicious NP Milneaux.

There's also an erotic story by Dias Ronas, and predictably enough, Kane Daffyd is also in this issue and his photography doesn't disappoint! Don't miss the magazine, easy to read at : 
or on the website.
And if you want to be part of this magazine, please contact Occasus !

I covered in the past in this Digest the blog of a new production company, iSwallow studios. It should be noted, they also offer a magazine! This is their first issue. The second one is being released right now, avalaible at their HQ. It provides an in-world presentation of the photoset, and little more 'background' through interview, to the star of the featured photoshoot.

Contact CaliRamsay or Ty Ramsay (byteme2469) to be part of the next issue! 
There is no shortage of nice ways to be featured in magazines, if one goes through the trouble of finding out about it!

With a festive edition, it's time for another instalment of Sinful Secrets! Babs Hazelnut and her staff put together a new issue and it's definitely one for the season. Babs makes for a hot centerfold model, shooting also models like Belissima, SinKittenKCB, WildWade, Twila Knight (Tweekums Artemisia). A photoshoot from SirSlade with the very huggable AriNovell and Shawnna Clawtooth, completes the issue's portfolio together with the now trademark 'diary' feature: VeronicaSinClair illustrates a story with LaTasha Twine and AdilynRae.

You can check out more previews from the magazine's Flickr (subscribe, so you won't miss their next release party), but hey, why wait when you can get the whole mag? It can be obtained at their HQ, so feel free to do so!

And another magazine that has an in-world presence and should be gotten at their HQ is Shartan Silverstar's Sultry Magazine

In fact, if you are going to their HQ you will probably find still the aftermath of their release party that happened this past weekend. Sultry magazine is a name with a certain history. The first issue dates back to 2011 if I am not mistaken! This is just their 10th issue, as they come out on , to use Shartan's words in the intro, a 'as and when' basis.

Now, what to say about this magazine? It's as SL as it gets! A porn/smut mag that I am sure will be an enjoyable 'read' , and I use the term loosely, for many of you. It features Shartan's photography, not devoid of humor and playfulness as shown in the centerfold shoot with JKRogers, Lilly Lalonde, Katsya Winthrop, and features also models like Alina Graf!

Complete list of the talent featured? Argh, I'll try...Missylovesu (above), SofPhillips, Rikky Thespian, Alyssa Envie, Claudia Thorr, Naughtyangel88, Bekki Baxton, Lindsey Siddeley, Karinecoquinette, Katia Martinek, Naraleath, Johnnie Firecaster, An0nym0ous001, Polet Zenovka, Angierobins, Cory82 Ferryhill and the porn actor Jimbo2000 Quan who is also interviewed.
Get your copy of the magazine from their HQ :

In closing, and again, saving the next weeks to talk a bit more about other Xmas-themed issues, I'd like to point out the new release of UFO Exxxperience Magazine.

If you haven't been to Cathie McMillan's sim, you really should pay it a visit. That way you can also take a look at the previous issues of this mag. I was going to cover the November issue , number 3, on the past issue of the digest, but just after a short while, bam, Cathiee released this December one! Well, that's good. There's always lots of potential photoshoots coming out from U.F.O.

The magazine is of course built upon and based on the sim. The name says it all...and yet, throughout the years, UFO offered more than just the specific 'abduction by alien' scenario. This magazine gives you a peek of the immaginative force behind Cathiee's creation/location, and I am sure it will resonate to the fantasies of many of you.

The mag is always in search for new models, so feel free to contact Cathiee McMillan in world , of course after you grabbed your copy and decide if this is something you like to bring your sexy to!


It has been a relatively quiet week for movies. Some cool stuff is yet to come, as we have been teased with the Webisodes Stills Preview of the next Intergalactic SLUTS, and some came out but was removed (the feature film Minotaur by Rude Runner can still find the trailer here, and I hope next week to be able to post an updated link to the whole flick.

So what is left for me to blog? Oh as usual I am not left with nothing. Not to repeat myself, but...Carly Morrisey is on a roll! Three new episodes of the second season of Her Revenge, called now, Revenge Reborn.

I thought that I was going to run out of 'new' things to say about this series and Carly's filmaking, but guess what? Carly completely shook things up from the roots with this new one. Again I am trying to be mostly spoiler-free, especially because there's always a chance that many of you haven't seen any episode of this new series.

The previous season had a very intriguing plot. The sex was omnipresent, but the whole revenge theme was carried on with a complex narrative structure bearing all the characteristics of a psychological thriller. The further and deeper Carly would delve into the interwoven lives and taste for revenge of the various characters, the darker and more impalpable the fabric of reality would get, with its existential warp and relational woof.

 There are plenty of examples in the visual arts about an apparently mundane story of violence and sex that sets in motion events larger than life. 'Her Revenge' had a lot of dreams and flashbacks and surreal twists and turns with sex as leit-motif. Carly played with them using her well rounded filming skills. Now, this 'Revenge Reborn' is the natural prosecution of it, and at the same goes full throttle with the visionary spirit, moving from psychological thriller to what borders to psychological horror.

Sex is the driving force behind everything again, and it is more than ever ingrained in the plot. In a way it becomes officially a 'plot device'. Which gives Carly also new ways to showcase it in a 'different', meaningful way and not just have it 'happen' as background noise or distraction.

 Allright, as far as the 'credits' go, the cast is bigger than ever, with myself and Brennaghan Bailey (ep 1), Rachel Avro and Sindee (episode 2) and Remy Gervasi in episode 3. Sofia LaFontaine nails one of the most important roles of the season in episode 2 and 3, and the series is going to escalate in plenty outrageous twists and tropes.

Check out the episodes, right here, and looking forward to the next ones!

 Now, if after seeing less about 8 minutes of RR you are still up for some porn, there's about 8 minutes of Anton Production's latest effort, My First Sex Teacher !  This movie features Deci and Kengie, and the plot is simple. I think! Mrs. Deci is a valiant Sex Ed teacher, who obviously really needs to work and is not deterred by the fact that she has just one student. Well, ok,I am not sure, probably he just stopped after class. Well, whatever happens, it involves sex, so here we go!

Enjoy it on NM, together with the previous movie, Raven Like Em Big! A big thanks to Anton Productions, for their continuous contribution to the porn world. ...

which includes also photoshoots like the latest with Ivy that you can admire on their blog. 
 Speaking of which....


Ali Lancrae is a very talented photographer, and has also the rare quality of being consistent and hard working in the way she carries out projects. She has been mantaining the themed galleries on the Pornstars blog for quite some time, and this week on top of her usual work, including a spotlight on the interesting artist Karma Weymann she gave us a new episode of her "Blonding" series.

Karma Weymann by Ali Lancrae

Racheal Rexen is such a radiant beauty, and Partee is one of the finest photographers on the scene. Once more a big congrats to Racheal (and her supporters) for being November's 'Princess of porn', as in the SL porn contest we spoke about many times. Congrats also to the newest winners, Heater Ashford and Jon Demen. Check out the posts and find out what you can win.

Racheal Rexxen by Partee, courtesy of the SL Porn blog

A SL magazine for all purposes and intent, Naughtius Windstorm's SL Confidential had a really nice start earlier this year, with interviews and features of prominent artists and personalities of the SL adult world.  Now it is rejuvenated by the addition of his partner, the energetic "innocent"Kay.
If you are a Sexiest Pornstars member I am sure you have been caught in the crossfire of some of her high intensity convos in group!
One of the newest features of SL Confidential is 'Man of the month', for December the title goes to Jagger Draconis.
There's much more on the website for you to check, including a photo feature with Laura Richards, but I am sure we'll have time to cover it more amply in the next weeks..

December's Man of The Month, Jagger Draconis as seen on SL Confidential

A blogger I have admired for the longest time, the gorgeous Erika Thorkveld. She was one of the first pornstars really rocking the blog format and one of the most consistent during her activity as SL herm pornstar. Sadly she gives us a farewell.

These three paragraphs actually give me a good chance to go for an...

Intermission: SX Magazine Awards!

This coming Sunday is the scheduled day for the first edition of the SX Magazine Awards!
Well, it is the first edition, but it is seen by many, with some reason, as this year's 'substitute' for the long term running Sexiest Awards that haven't taken place.
I am of course very happy about the nominations Dog Star received in the person of Isabelle Cheviot (best Director) and the movie 'Empire' (best Movie). You can find on the SX magazine blog the list of the nominees, plus interviews with the judges of the various categories.

The SX Magazine Awards are meant to celebrate the talent of some individuals who met the taste of a judging panel (who voted separately and independently). Take them as such: awards are always a nice thing to win, but don't let your self-esteem drop just because the maths in the ballot of a five people jury didn't favour you this time.
That is, IF you -applied- for these awards at all back in the summer when they were announced: I sometimes hear from people who mumble for not being into a contest they never entered to begin with: next time you might want to give yourself a chance and enter!  


The party is always ON in SL, needless to say. I already mentioned release parties for magazines like Sinful Secrets and Sultry , and in fact there have been some. With Dj Onisa for SL Connoisseur, and the party at Club Yana for Attention Magazine.

Athena at the release party for Attention Magazine (photo by Yana)

Yana hosted as usual her Official pornstars party on Friday too, this time celebrating the talent of mr. Scotty Rodgers and his plenty pictorials that he did during the collaboration with this blog and Isa personally.

Scotty at Friday's party (photo by Yana)

But Yana is open to hosting more events, including a Rock one outside. It will be fun to see how it developes! And at the same time, SL is always one enormous party place, just have to pick the right spots.

The current sensation in the world of sexy/cheeky entertainment: Debauche! (photo by Larah)

There are always events and exhibitions going on, and when they are for erotic nature and their promotion is not simultaneous with an official party, I'd really like to see that happen more in the porn groups as well. If you ever want a blog post about this sort of material, please drop myself, Katina Cazalet, a line.

Isle Biedermann held an exhibition, but some of the visitors were a great display too! (pic by Isle)

The various flickr streams have a lot of photos showcasing what people have been up to, sometimes even showing it 'as it happens'. Some place include join fees like the Billionaire Club or Surfers' Bay, some others are free. Just enjoy your time online, hang out with friends, and let the world know with your photos and some nice word of mouth which party is hot at the moment!

Brea's butt was also pretty hot, or so this photo by Miss Emily seems to show


I can't sum up or pick the excellent shots that appear all over flickr without making a gallery post. It's fun to see some ongoing themes, centered around certain bodyparts or acts. Ass, boobs, and fellatio.

 HAM - Ayara Illios
Looking for BOOBS - Ayara Illios
Ayara's lips in a closeup by Sime Stormcrow

We are very happy to have reached over 1000 photos in the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group! It's tough to pinpoint who made HAM 'a thing'. Same as Topless Tuesday, although my first impact with it was through Uccello Poultry now closed Topless Tuesday flickr group.
In case of FF, the first times I heard about it was thanks to PJ Thornton and Margarita Blanco. This photo by PJ  is a fitting one!

'Fellatio Fridays' by PJ Thornton

Tammy Jones's sci fi album filled up quickly, and her intended target of 100 photos is just within reach. Are you still in time to be part of it? Ehhhh...IM her and find out :-)

Straight out of Intergalactic Sluts, the villaneous Kayla Bombastic, by Tammy

Well, this is unusual news to report! To use the words of regular chatter in the Sexiest group Paulus Portland, he was "Shocked and flattered to see that one of my photos has been chosen to advertise on MarketPlace". I always kinda wondered how they were chosen: apparently the SL people don't even ask the person before they do it! was a thrill for sure, and congrats to Paulus for this honor!

This is an idea that i DO hope more will follow. Annabell Sauber started making an Advent Calendar. We had some egregious examples in the past, from Nearly Doune's amazing shoots to more recent ones like recent flickr deleter Carter Holloway. I am loving this extra naughty one by Annabell, a really talented photographer.

Can't wait to see more openings! At least 24 of them! ...why are you looking at me like that?

Rikki Sixx is going through a phase of real inspiration. After the many pictures of the previous week, including the 'Desert sweat' set with Talisker, she started a new pictorial called' The Busty babysitter' with him and Larry Vinaver, and did many great non porn and porn pics, including this gem of a mini-set "Virtual Sex with Rikki Sixx"

Virtual Rikki, but really hot!

Hey Speaking of Talisker and of naughty workers: Omfg , he did a sex photoset! Almost unprecedented ! Talisker is the epitome of a brilliant photographer that I hope gets all the recognition and 'publicity' needed through his flickr contact. The amount of individual photos he manages to infuse with humor and sexuality is incredible.
I hope this sex set gets some love too, it's the exact reason why I make this kind of posts... photosets rarely are a 'success' when you look at the flickr faves! Featuring Fiona Elise , this is "What do you think of the new secretary I got for you? "

I think this is the dic(k)tation test....

Bette Paige looks really good tied up! Another fine connoisseuse of shibari like Adrenalynn Ling noticed that. The two collaborated on a set. And the two of them are gorgeous models and really good photographers you'll keep hearing about. Check out both their flickrs, watching AdrenaLynn's exploits with Midnight Shinja, Bette in more ropes, and more!

Bette by AdrenaLynn....
And Bette by Bette! Who's Bette(r)? I love them both!

'Texas' Rob McRae is an accomplished photographer who recently opened an exhibition under the wing of Lumipro. He has been in pics and movies from the adult community, collaborated to more than a magazine, and this week together with his muse Dani, he also did a photoshoot of calendar girl Brea Brianna

Canadian cowgirls can brave the cold water just fine.

SashaJohansen is always very active as model, and this photoset with Jagger Draconis is just the latest example. She posed also for people whose work is always worth following:
Dax Rahl, Rachel AvroAlexandria Topaz, Ellen Saint, and gentle giant Bob Allen.

All the couches in SL porn shoots are stainless, luckily

Sandra Palletier made an appearance on this month Attention Magazine (it must be the third time that I post the link!). She of course is extra-naughty... so you will see a lot more explicit stuff on her flickr, this week for her Marquesa's nights with Solveig.

And to see more of Sandra (and not just her legs, go to her flickr !)

And another one of the mainstays of this digest, Aria Horan. That's because I have at least one solid sex photoshoot to 'report', coming from her. It's the turn of Sashiation. Just trying to pronounce it sorta makes my mouth water.
But, she also modeled for up-and-comer photographer Sergey Uralia in what I consider his best photoshoot so far, so check also out his flickr!

Sergey wanted some unique thai flavours today.

Nakuru Bergamasco had an inspired week, and I look forward to see him do more again!

Because only Nak can shoot Zynda and Sara like this!

Marcus Strong continues his Storytime Series! Who will be in it next? And he did a variety of sex shoots, from 'The Continuing Adventures of Mrs Reynolds and Marcus Strong', to his shoot with Ilse Ray, and of course 'Girl Next Door Fun' with Monique LeFry, and a shoot with the Mark and Cinderella. ..Wow, so much.

'Sharing' by Marcus Strong, featuring Deci and Ali Fox

I appreciate the efforts from Filthy Nights who would also like to start making movies (hint: flickr is not a good spot to put adult videos).  Many great sex shoots during the week, including G-Mo with Kaoru Kira , porn veteran Priapus Moeleneaux in action (he did give Isa her porn debut!) , F*ck a stranger by Ellen Saint,  the new release of the Audition with Anthony photoset, sapphic sex with Linaada , and hey, BigD Elcano had a very prestigeous model (and caroler!) in this set called 'Bad Santa' !
Also, if you are not squeamish about not-entirely-human avis, the she-stallion Rhiannon Tamerlane did some naughty naughty things.

Cheryl Reddevil's photo talents on display in 'It is time'

As for more models and photographers whose name recurred a lot in group messages and whatnot, we had the wonderful Dokie (also posing for Lenna Mai's series ) , Cheryl Reddevil , Enki aka Pulsar Grut, Alectra 'Alley Cat' Somerset, and ...way too many to mention, again. And the new work from Taylor Shamen  is quite interesting.

Raven Steiner and Igor Romanov in a great display for this 'The Backyard Secret Lovers Club'

We are at the end of this digest, and I hope it helped you find out some things that you otherwise would have missed . Please, use all the tools possible to promote your work, all I want is to get to know more and more about what you do for your SL fun.
This week on the blog we had this beaver thing, that bj thing, theamore by Ali Fox, Deci and TeganMalone by Marcus, and our Performer of the month feature , dedicated to Partee, again by the wonderful Ali !
Hope you'll have a great week...and that I'll hear aaaaall about it!

'Headhunter' by Rachel Swallows

Also, Happy Ass Monday!

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