Monday, December 12, 2016

Beaver's Digest - Volume 18

Welcome to the Beaver's Digest. We just turned 18 today, so you can legally follow us!
Now let's look at this week in porn!


I feel like I am typing a tv guide, every week looking forward to a new episode of a favourite series!

An erotic space adventure series, set 116 years in the future. 

The human crew of the Intergalactic SLUTS has fully recovered from the Nekoism with the exception of Doctor Winsmore. On the Intergalactic SLUTS are getting use to our new crewmates, Doctor Winsmore has run her usual test on them and all is fine. Received a message from Princess Freckles, she and Keplerian Kat have followed the accomplice to the murder of her princess guard to an Ice planet in the Isomatic system called Kanadaye. 

STARRING: MissEmily23, Sandonna Miggins, Zoey Winsmore, Zuby Gloom, Katina Cazalet, Marika Blaisdale, Brea Brianna, Severina, Arienne Evangeline, Damien Godard and Amia Jordan FEATURING: Heather Ashford, Monique Lefry, Kayla Bombastic, Jamezz Doulton, and Johnny Whadd.

What to say about this new episode of the space opera by Miss Emily? I'll just take for granted that you are familiar with this series, by far the most ambitious project carried on in the world of adult machinima, with stellar (ahem!) production values, combining the ambition of an epic story with the taste for fun debauchery that keeps it rooted into the genre we call SL porn.

This episode has (at least) 3 storylines entwining. Part of the action takes place on an icy planet, following the pursuit by Freckles (Marika Blaisdale) and her keplerian sidekick, which leads them to observe the events unfolding in the warmer chamber of a tower with Heather Ashford and Amia. Another part of the action takes place with Damian Godard and Monique LeFry in the even warmer inside of an inn, and the rest is of course dedicated to the space station hijinks of the very sexually active crew, including newest additions Arienne, Brea and Severina!

What I'd like to point out, and that amazes me each time, is that the direction of Emily is so seamless in this episode that everything seems to fall into place without effort. Emily's way to handle the camera lets you appreciate the richness of this sci fi world: moves through the whole scenographic apparatus, the space flights, and those gorgeous bodies during sex making you enjoy every calculated motion. But it's never overwhelming. This series shines in my consideration for the spectacular amount of work made not to  get applauses as it happens, but simply to make things look right and complying with her vision.

I already had the chance to mention how much work goes in a simple 'captain's log' screen. What about this... How do you think it's possible, that in a straight cumshot view like this one above, there is no 'outpuring' behind the actress' cranium, like SL unfortunately makes happen most of the time?
I leave you to ponder that. And Emily's direction and setbuildng is full of this sort of details that I love to cover in a blog post and I would encourage any director to share more with others.

Check out everything about the series (including 'the good' screenshots , not my stuff) on miss Emily's blog,here.

Now for another phenomenal series with very different characteristics: this week , 2 new episodes by Carly Morrissey and her 'Revenge Reborn'! 

Carly's creativity here as i pointed out is unhinged, and I say it in the most positive way. The series laid out clearly its sort of 'new' premise in the opening episodes, with the introduction of a paranormal element. The psychological, cerebral element of the 'revenge' in the first season, in this season takes a turn where people are violated and mindfucked in what might not be entirely a metaphorical way.

The two episodes shine with their diversity. Episode 4 is a reunion between two lesbian lovers, punctuated with uncertainty about their current standing and what happened (and will happen!) between them. It features myself and Monique Lefry together with the enigmatic trait d'union character for these episodes played by Sofia LaFontaine. Also featured in footage, Carly herself. Brennaghan Bailey, Sindee, Remy Gervasi.

A completely different tone and pace for episode 5. To me, it plays like a perverted , porn equivalent of the 'musical' episode in a series. Characters acting in a dream-like world, with the tunes carrying the action, in a dazzling display that 'pauses' the main plot while letting you see the characters under a different light. Stars of the episode, Remy, Sofia and Sindee, and these two also deserved coproduction credits.

Nothing else to say if not, just go watch these, you'll enjoy greatly the fine hardcore action shown, and will be hooked to the story if you aren't already!

Now another tale with something definitely supernatural....that's ...

It's almost a Christina Aguilera song, and I am almost surprised there's no reference to it because JennyLou usually makes in her videos all the bad puns I'd make! What happens in this flick, is that this fella, Roland Deschant, stumbles upon a magic bottle and brings it home. And included in the recipient there's one sexy redhead about 50 times his age, Jennylou.

I love the humor that JennyLou puts in many of her movies. The humour is only in the preamble of the movie, that then falls back into the standard porn path of a M/F flick. But one of the finest pleasures of watching porn, to me at least, has always been : Which ludicrous excuse they will find to start fucking?

This movie certainly satisfies my kink for unlikely premises, and is shot in a smooth and competent way. Love to see new names in porn!

But also established names. On to....

New Video Release! Horny Boss Lady Starring Bane Caedus
It was a great pleasure working with Bane. A true professional, look forward to working with him again in the future.

Kayla Whittaker continues her production of genuine hardcore porn shot in SL: if you are looking for the banging, for the raw and hot sex with that casting couch scent, look no further! Kayla is a real professional who knows how to deliver porn movies who are exactly that: bodies colliding, with her curves being the treat for the viewers, and a co-star, Bane Caedus who we all know having put care and thought in his appearance and who welcomes the chance to shine in a starring role.

The title says it all of course: Kayla is well known for enjoying a bit of fun occasionaly and daring to make porn with rather original setups. Sex with a boss is the type of story that is the bread and butter of porn, and works perfectly for what the movie wants to be. Very appropriate sound, we gotta love when Kayla plays the role of a screamer! Enjoy it, and remember you can check a large amount of Kayla and her Digital Visage Productions videos right there on her website!

Another veteran director with a distinct style is mr. Dackster here! In a movie called Apple Bottoms and featuring NataliaNichols.
Dackster is one of those directors who shines when it comes to showcasing the model. Make no mistake about it, for the largest part of the movie he shows how good she looks on, under, around, against his dick! But there's always something about his style, that makes the girl the true focus. His choice of angles is inspired, and the lighting is very flattering on the beautiful actress.

We always look forward to the next WildErotica movie, with movies from both Morph and Dackster (under his Jay D persona in this vid) always giving a chance to girls who often we don't see at parties and being part of the scene. If you are interested in WildErotica's work, you might want to contact the director and join their group (there's a fee , so please inquire about that first).

If this ain't a sexy view, I don't know what is !
Enjoy the movie here

And now let's get into another porn production by a name that has been around for years now, and that still I am not sure I can (mi)spell correctly! That's mr Jhwonn Warcliffe!

He promised her that he would record and would not upload to a porn site .. he lied

Ah don't we love those 'home videos'! Despite the handycam, it's not like Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activity, even if it is kinda spooky how the actor and the actress continue switching places on the loo. It makes you wonder about the nature of space and time, illusion and reality! All things I do ponder a lot when I am sitting on the porcelain throne myself, so it might just be my perception.

Everyone in this movie looks really good and the choice of angles is great. The 'gimmick' used is vintage porn and I adore it, I hope this is part of a long lasting series for Jhwonn. And to the poor gf, don't worry, at least he didn't divulge your name in the credits!
Now, time for some more from my pile of xmas m...m....? You guessed it,


This week brought on the virtual shelves some real sexiness in virtual paper format! For instance this xmasy issue of....

" Featuring picture sets of Charity Suxx, Christie Minx, Monique LeFry, Carola Conover + Kat & Holly and Paige Snowpaw's focus on the North Pole Sleigh Ride Adventure... 
This is your festive Brit-X! 
Thanks to guest snapper The Notorius B.E.N. for contributing to this issue and all our models for posing for us. 
A Merry Christmas to all our members from the Brit-X team! "

Like a true Canadian in the winter! (photo by Laredo)

As usual the (co)owner of the magazine Kat Kassner sums it well. What I can say is that Brit-X is a gem of a magazine, built on the core of the top quality work by Laredo Lowtide (Christie and Moni were his victims) and Kat herself (who shot Charity and worked with Holly Arkright in a shoot that has two sides, one kinkier than the other!). Paige Snowpaw in this issue contributed with a shoot and location report done in her style, that I am sure you will appreciate.

Can't have Xmas without some Carol-ing. (great photo by Ben, horrid pun by me)

Guest photographer The Notorious Ben adds to the lineup with a perfect photoshoot in his style, with one of his best muses, the cuffable and durable Carola Conover. Please get your magazine from one of the kiosks: ideal spot is Holly's Loft, home of the Brit-X parties.

I almost wanted to keep this one for the very last, since it's so quintessentially xmas and I am still not feeling in the 'spirit' of it entirely...but heck, go check out now the newest issue of Playmates Magazine!

What else can be said about this magazine with great tradition? There are so many splendid models in here, in full xmas garb. I am listing every one of them. Aaliyah Hana, Anna Darkmatter, MissLina01, Cherries Tala, Courtezan, Bluearctica, LadyEmmy, Imahotone, Lacieanne, Margarita Blanco, Missylovesu, Cinnabuns, HaydenMcBeth, Jennifer Beverly, Marianne Montpenier, IzemyBella, BritniLynn, RaziSkyRivers, YourRoyalShyness, Compoqueen, SarahSwords18, Beckie Turbo, Tatiana Alexandra, Adisa Serenity, Yvonne Tremmor, ZeldaStarcastle, Zeedria.

The poster girl for Playmates Brea Brianna is also the star of a pictorial in this issue and the magazine calendar

The magazine makes for a very entertaining read, and it even contains something outrageous in is simplicity: a guide to the most EXPENSIVE xmas gifts you can give in SL! Yep, because you know that when you want to impress your significant other, money often talks! But this is just one of the many festive features and fashion tips of the issue. Many girls to perv, and much more to enjoy!

Tatiana Alexandra in the xmas shoot by Ima Hotone

Get the magazine on MP and don't wait further. I'll probably show even more of the babes, Brea Brianna above all, if I get to chat a bit about the calendars. To which I give you a shout: if you are making/made/plan a calendar, let me know, I'd love to cover some.

Next week with Xmas practically at the door, the coverage of the remaining Xmas mags, including the bountiful fanciful and poinsettiacal (definitely a made up word) Attention Magazine.


Naughtius Windstorm's creation SL Confidential doesn't come out with covers and regular 'issues', but it has always had the ambitions of a proper sl magazine, and we mentioned before the great impulse given to it by the addition on the staff, and on Naughtius' life! of the energetic InnocentKay.

Try and imagine Conan and Andy Richter doing an interviw like this. Ok, better not....

This week, SL Confidential had three very well done and compelling interviews. With one of the most famous furniture makers in SL, with Laura Demonista about the hottest burlesque show in the adult community, and guess what, with our Dog Star performer of the Month Partee, who is, needless to say, also a great choice as "Girl of the Month"!

And while we are being so confidentiary and confident, it's time to check out another post by the gorgeous Ali Lancrae!

James Deene and Ali Lancrae (photo by Ali)

Her series about the men in the business provides a great look, and even if the 'interview' is deliberately just an excuse to make steamy photos, Ali has the experience and wit to make these encounters a milestone in the career of these fine gentlemen. This week's victim: James Deene

Look what Caroline found !

It's I believe the first time that I give a mention to Caroline the blog about her travels/adventures in Second life, but I have been in touch with her for some time. Caroline has a very well followed blog, and imagine that, she has also a real interest in the porn industry in SL. Her curiosity and her unbiased and fresh approach to the scene in SL interests me.
Enjoy the blog in full and admire her erotic adventures, but also appreciate her writing. In particular, I'd like to point you to the interview she did when she approached one of the up and coming producers in Second Life, the naughty Gweniver, and the analysis of the second life 'porn business model' !!

No Carolas were harmed during the making of this photoset. Well perhaps they were but they liked it!

Of all the pornstars that put their photos on blogs, Ben is really making his a 'must visit'. Again, a couple pics from this made it to Flickr, but it's here that you have to come to see his full work. Who doesn't like to watch a scantily clad chick suck cock and uh, drown?

photo and fine body by Isla Grace!

Isla Grace is a wonderful contributor to the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group. Her blogging combines her first rate photos with a little 'context' and....well, can you say yum?
Check out her Tumblr account, and the 'naughty RP blog'.

I apologize for the lack of tits in this image. I know it's a porn blog.

I am amused by the occasional flickr celebratory photo. I am pleased to link a celebratory blog, with the talented Sunday Storm. Her fashion blog is always nice to browse. Congraaaats Sun!

The sexy Chris Bearz pondering about what to tattoo on the few free bits left, in a photo by Alexandria Topaz

Alexandria Topaz on her PNC Blog has been featuring veterans of the biz but also new standouts. I was very pleased to see her feature about Chris Bearz, who enjoyed a prolific week and we hope to have as part of the community for many moons more. Read the interview, and enjoy all the other 'Up Close and Personal' posts , and the opinions by the 'Arrogant, spiteful, witty, and articulate' Alexa (some I might share more than others!).


Many parties and events during the week. It is always of pivotal importance not just for newcomers but for anyone who wants to feel more part of the scene, to pop by at a party now and then, and meet in the pixel flesh the names they read on flickr and in the group notices.

Don't get in a snowball fight at the Porn*Stars club (pic by miss Emily)

As a member of The Sexiest Pornstars group I am happy and proud to have a party in the EU evenings every day, with Monday's party at the Abbey, Tuesday at Rachel Swallows' Fornicatio, Wed and Sat at the Porn*stars club, Thursday at Ayara and Nakuru's , Friday and Sundays at Club Yana's. And Hard Alley hosts parties for the US crowd: just remember, you can contact Moonie (Deka Teardrop) anytime to inquire about being scheduled, with the group that tries to offer to its members a nice, ad and soliciting free experience in full sims.

Larah Sa'fir provided beautiful photography at the Debauche events

But the adult entertainment world is not just limited to the official and largest porn group. There are events that are not 'parties' in the traditional sense. The buzz is high for the Debauche burlesque shows directed by Laura Demonista, with a crew of excellent models and an excellent Xmas act.

Brea and her 'party favors' photo with Xean Reese

Entertainment has many faces, and the boundaries between 'porn' and 'erotica' photographers can be very thin. Many are interested in providing the best light and I am not making any advertisement when i mention the brand "Lumipro". They had a party for the release of the newest edition of their award winning tool, also with a burlesque show as entertainment as well. Ah did I say 'awards'?

Zuby Gloom during the party thrown in her honor at Club Yana, featuring some of her fantastic artwork

I was very pleased to see the ceremony for the Sx Magazine awards go quite smoothly! With the impeccable job as hostess of Monique Lefry, the award show did what it planned to do: showcase and celebrate with that little bit of necessary pomp the achievements of a few individuals, well aware that their efforts and success have to be shared with everyone else who made it possible. Award shows have this perennial mystery : they cause some rifts and ache, yet so many want to be part of it.

Multitalented pornstar Rikki Sixx was a runner-up for prestigeous categories in both photo and movies

I hope to see more award shows surface in the future, especially if they could enjoy the help and active contribution by some of those who are unhappy with current choices and presumably know a better way to handle it.

When I am writing this, the winners of the SX Magazine Awards have not been published on the blog yet, so OMG I get to have a scoop like almost 20 hours later? Great! A round of applause then for the recipient of the awards,

Elite filmographer Rysan Fall received the Lifetime Achievement Award

Zuby Gloom for Best Female Model
Cross Aura for Best Male Model
Carly Mode for Best Actress
Larry Vinaver for best Actor

Angi Manners for Best Photographer
Dillon Lecker for The Women of Fire Valley as Best Director
Shaping her by Sasquatch Rhino for Best Photo
Onyx Blaze by Ravi Redfield for Best Movie

The wonderful Tatiana Easterwood: hers is this year's Lifetime Achievement Award for her photography

And many congratulations to runner ups, who have been absolutely amazing, and it's not just a figure of speech.
Alexandria Topaz, Ali Fox, Christion Sparta, Dackster, Erika Thorkveld, Igor Romanov, Isabelle Cheviot, Junah, Kemi Miles, Marika Blaisdale, Nicasio Ansar, Notorious Ben, Rachel Avro, Rikki Sixx, Rob Roxley, Talisker Braveheart, Tori Cooper, Urmeli Ellisson, congratulations.


Being featured on the Ass Monday, Topless Tuesday, or the exquite selection of '10 at 10' and 'Ladies Night' by Ali Lancrae on the Sexiest Blog is often a goal for the members of the porn community. We see a great response for the Fellatio Friday theme on this blog as well, so yay!

An ass that makes anyone happy on a Monday by Rob Roxley 
Kelli Kristan has returned to photos, and shows us her Ass Monday 
Kalista Willful knows how to have a Happy Monday Ass

What is new in the world of photography? Why, there is ALWAYS something new. The problem is always how to 'find' it.
I appreciated the choice by a model like Woiven , to put together an updated album with a selection of her latest, and share it. Some models choose to have Flickr groups or galleries.
Promote your work!

'The Golden Cage' is one of the latest great quality pictures by Woiven. The editing was impressive.

Now, let's have a little and very partial look at what went down this week....

I can never praise enough Abhati O's eroticism in her photoshoots. 'Insatiable' with Jamal , 'Fucking Amin' and' the sapphic sex of 'Chanel & Shakira' are exactly what I like to bring to this blog. It's impossible to cover the so many photos every day in the dozens and even hundreds in the porn groups and on flickr, but I really hope I can point out some of the fine 'stories' painted by photos, in combination with the emerging talents.

Mera Firelyte is back in her creative mood after some hardship in RL. The very festive photoshoot she did with Nakuru Bergamasco is part of this renewed mood. She also modeled for Marcus and we'll see what this kitty has in store for us for xmas!

Speaking of Marcus Strong, bless him. His contribution to the world of porn is ever growing as he keeps his shoots coming and coming, and they never disappoint. Simple and tasty like a saucy hotdog, his photoset on The Beach with Danaa Burks (above) got my attention, together with his 'team up' photoset with Mrs. Reinolds and Eve Birdsong  but there's just about a zillion of noteworthy shots. He's also a great 'talent scout', because on his photos we often see models who had little if any exposure before. Congrats to you, Marcus, and to Felatia Calamity,  Claire Bear Daniels, Deci Strong-Fox, Sasha Johansen, HakuYowane and her ass, EvaMarie (well not really, don't sue, WWE!) , Ihana, debutant Joreigh Jewell , Leanna Mai , Bella Rose Draconis , Rusty Seesaw , Ivy ,vicTORIa Grayce, Aura Elena, Vicky Venice, Britney . In a week! Now, how cool is that?

Viagra is such a wonderful invention. Almost like Just for Men.

Rikki Sixx is one of the brightest stars in the porn firmament, with her unique style and look, and her skills building sets and poses. Take a look at the photo story she did, called 'The Busty Babysitter'.
With herself as the bearer of the gifted bosom, and Talisker Braveheart and Larry Vinaver as the two drunk geezers who molest her.

'Showering' by Xean Reese

Lesley Arisocrat was protagonist of many steamy photoshoots uploaded this week, such as "What happens in the bungalow..." with Paul Mendez,  an album with Xean Reese (above), work with Joaquimo Jackson and so much beautiful work you can admire on her flickr.

from Dax's 'Sasha BDSM' album

She was also in a photo by Dax Rahl. I mention Dax every week in this digest for obvious reasons. Trinitie Koray/ and Sasha Johansen are the most featured models this week by him, but he took also shots with Jennifer Baxton, Lesley and Cinderella Winkler.
Jagger with Maya, Jagger with PJ Thornton, Jagger with Ariel. SL Confidential's 'December man of the Month' surely keeps active, and with such beautiful and diverse models.
A big 'thank you to all these guys who while having fun manage to showcase so much eroticism, and the list can go on and on!

Even if glass-less PJ were as nearsighted as me , I think she can see what Jagger is holding...

Kenny has been releasing nice sex shoots, and this week he had the fun and creative: "Now Boarding: your cock!" with Cinderella (see, another recurring name!) and a sexy Hump Day with Tegan.  Tegan also modeled with Elroy Click, who had another productive week, shooting some xmas pics and doing a set showcasing the gorgeous Ariel.

Elroy Click continues to make lovely pinup shoots (here, Ariel)

Iris Okiddo is such a hooker. Ok that came out wrong....But her pirate life photoset is very funny and very sexy. Gotta love themed shoots, and simply having fun with the right location.

Damn, I am more used to see her smile...

Enough of awards and the likes? Well, there are always photo contest, and again...'losing' is possible, but winning is possibly by taking the chance to compete. And there is no subscription fee. If you can put yourself in the right mood, I am glad to report you of a couple of these.

'The North Pole' by Louise Kristan-Faulds

First is one dear to my heart, not as much as the two people throwing it this year again:
The Erotique Gallery is having a Xmas exhibition and there's the chance to win something. All the infos are at this link 

Kayla Bombastic sets an example for the contest with her sexy 'In the heat of winter'

Bibble Sugartooth has launched and successfully held various editions of her contest. The theme is Winter Heat. As the blurb cleverly says: How do you heat up your winters? Let's see what the partecipants of this contest think! Rules and everything right at this address:

'The Kiss' by Stacia Reinoir

Flickr milestones to celebrate? Ahh , if i missed any, let me know!
This kiss between Stacia Reinoir and Zoey Winsmore for Stacia's 900th photo is a nice one. Stacia's whole flickr is a pleasure to browse.

As Aria introduced...
Two new series this week: 
(hot girl on t-girl action - a few more pics to be loaded) 
(steamy cream & chocolate)
Nothing to add there, besides....

...besides the fact that her photographic coverage of the Debauche show, who deserves all the praise it gets, is also impressive.
As she told me during the show "I've had a lot of practice shooting live action :-) ". I always praised Aria for doing the sex shoots she excels at, but her versatility is remarkable.

Tegan Malone from the 'Teasers' set by Tempted

The modeling shots by Tempted Passion about the DV8 club have been first class quality. She has been sending casting calls in group and attending parties and being a more active part of the community.

Racheal Rexen is part of the Xmas album that Luke Fortacos is putting together

You want more links to sex shoots ? Well, of those posted and pasted around, Rob Roxley with Sindee, Alexus Minotaur with Cinderella in his unique style , Wolf with InnocentKay, Mark with Celeste, Dree (godzevil)'s monday  and wednesday photoshoots. And I haven't really counted all the xmas shoots yet, with Luke Fortacos in (north?) pole position.

A real legend of SL Porn, the ever generous Eva Brunwick, in her Xmas shoot

Allright! This was just a little bit of what happened! When I happen to miss a day or two in SL, it feels like I have been away a month. I hope you didn't miss any of the great photoshoots we had this week, with Sunday shooting AmyHuberman and Selina Anatra, Marcus shoot Bibble, Ali Fox shooting Joreig, and our newest photographer TeganMalone doing a spectacular photoset with Wendy Afternoon. Enjoy your day and your week, and prepare for Xmas!