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Beaver's Digest - Volume 19

Welcome to the Beaver's Digest. As they say, Santa cums once a year: we do it once a week, and it's barely enough for our needs...your needs!
Every day the lovely Racheal Rexen posts a recap of the notices appearing in the SL Porn group. Several times per week Ali Lancrae runs a gallery with some of the excellent photos appearing in the Sexiest group.  If you have a 'serious' interest in erotic and adult photos and machinima, please consider joining either group. I know many of you miss some events not advertised there or just are all capped on notices so...here's a recap for you!


Some have been dreaming of a white xmas, some others have different milky desires. I am talking about Nikki T (Nichola Catteneo)'s "Black Cock White Ass"!

" No frills, no story, just full on interracial ass ramming. Daddy Buff wrecks Nikki's rectum and she loves it! We shot the vid last Thursday I think?Four and a half hours of raw footage reduced to about 19mins of filth^^ My editing skills have improved a little and I'm MUCH faster...the result IS a little rough but there are some pretty hot sequences if I say so myself. "

We remember already a handful of videos that showcase the gorgeousness in motion (wiggly motions, mostly!) that is Nikki, and hearing about this video being made (she gave us a little hype through flickr!) really got us amped! Starring Nikki and her 'daddy' Bo Buffemhardt, this video is exactly what the title promises - but what a fine rear and what a fine...well everything!

The video can be split in two - just as Nikki's butt, but more asymmetrical. I absolutely loved the funky intro: sexy dancing in movies can be ...well, sexy for sure, and the way Nikki made it sort of the opening roll mixing the hypnotic sway with postprocessed hardcore shots works perfectly. Of course the rest of the action is luscious curves galore, so, how to put it mildly? Enjoy this new porn vid!

Speaking of no frills and no story, the past week saw the release of another movie by a videomaker we hail as one of the most relevant, active and proud of our community, and that's of course, Kayla Whittaker! This time taking time off the spotlight to give room to another curvy 'babe' with personality to boot: Rachel Swallows! !

" Yes! Rachel Swallows, the legend herself and long time friend stopped the Digital Visage Studios for to be poke, screwed, brewed, fucked, and left cum covered and happy. (grins... Just kidding Rachel)... But yes... Had a wonderful time stepping away from being in front of the camera and being behind the camera. (Which I want to do more of). Along with my partner Thadd Maxim, another hot, sexy video from the Digital Visage Studios. 
Enjoy the video. www.xvideos.com/video25400843/castaways "

Rachel indeed Swallows but mostly screams and moans with those plump lips! And the co-star Thadd Maxim is more than enough experienced as you can see from his page on Kayla's website! The movie has no elaborate story but has an interesting location and premise explicited by the title: and what porn wants to do after all, is simply to set up a scenario where you all KNOW what is gonna happen... Also, BIG props to Kayla for as well putting together a poster and doing some additional promotion on Flickr. Makes a big difference, in my opinion!

While I am on the subject of pure porn vids, I am glad to also cover two vids I had in the back burner so to speak: one by JennyLou, is about her Casting Bed (because, why does it have to be a couch, right?)

Featuring the debutant Marisol and mr. Kevin Flynn, this is so far the latest in JennyLou's porn production, and we always look forward to more!

Likewise, this 'One Nighter' by Anton Production is a porn vid bringing on screen their male lead Kengie Davi with Kara Muir. AP has been bringing their porn to SL for a long time now, and they are a reality that helped countless stars get their first time in the world of adult movies (and photos, don't forget to check their blog too!).

I do think that Santa will recognize all they did for the adult scene, and perhaps bring Ken a whole update for his avi....just wait!
This pretty nice 'all sex' vid can be seen on NM right here.

Equally simple in its setup is a production from yet another porn veteran with an exotic name, Jhwonn Warcliffe! Perpetuating the tradition of very clean pornstars, he decides it's wise to "Do it in the shower".

Which is exactly what happens here! SexyCandyCharms aka NaughtyAhhh is his costar in this flick, and she makes a hot showing from every angle. Yum!
Avalaible here:

Oh dear, it is that time of the week when I come to chronicle what is happening in Carly Morrisey's 'Revenge reborn', and once more I am stoked. Also I sorta don't want to spoil the fun, because the frontiers of her imagination for this new series expanded . The scale of the 'revenge', and the series with it, went global, let's leave it at that!

What I like to mention is the fantastic perfomance not just of director herself, whom I am running out of superlatives for, but of the actors. Episode 6 has in the role of tv show hosts Brea Brianna and old man Zepp Zander. Both absolutely nailed their outfits, and watching Brea's perfomance I am sure will make many viewers really wonder how she can be so good with facials. ....hey I am talking about her Bento facial expressions, you pervs.

The tone of episode 7 is yet again different and with a very appropriate soundtrack. It's always those small touches that set the tone right with Carly's episodes, allowing to concentrate in less than 3 minutes months and years of story with minimal 'exposition'. Sindee and Brennaghan Bailey are wonderful and the scenery is a perfect fit. You gotta love the range this series has. It was never a problem for Carly even in the first series to bring the action just about anywhere and have the plot branch out, but with the grandiose scale that 'Revenge Reborn' has you can expect just anything!

...especially and predominantly the hot sex! Enjoy the episodes here, and wait for more!

Now to enter the xmas mood...what about a new hit from Miss Emily's studio? It's time to hear the tale of the not so well known brother of Santa, George!

Every year while Santa Claus is busy at work, George Claus comes to stay, and every year George gets bored, lonely and absolutely twatted on the Christmas Spirit. The problem is if something were to happen to the famous father Christmas, his brother here is the one that's got to take his job. Nobody could blame him for being jealous, Santa is the one that gets all the attention, Santa's the one that gets to fly around with the fluffy reindeer, and Santa is the one that gets to fuck Mrs. Claus. 
STARRING: Vicki Concertina and Sil™ 

I always look forward to the themed movies: I hope in the next Digest i will have some more to cover, because quite frankly they are a lot of fun, and they never get 'dated'. Of course my favourite xmas movie is 'Die Hard', so maybe I am seeing everything the wrong way.

Ah heck, what can I say about this movie? I am definitely partial to the star: Vicki Concertina looks positively gorgeous in this one, and miss Emily directed it with a firm hand. Sil starred in it with shaky legs producing hilarious results, but put himself back together quite well. Then again, Vicki is -that- exciting, works better than strong coffee.

Enjoy this fun movie with warm lighting and extra hot bodies, on her blog. And huge props to Emily as usual for the poster, the movie stills and something else I am gonna mention later.

Also it's worth noting that Emily runs on her blog a Christmas day Marathon ! With so far Santa Clause is Cumming, North Pole Lesbians, Santa's PoleSanta's naughty helpers, Christmas Lesbian orgy, Getting Santa off, Christmas Shopping, Blow Job at the North Pole, Whishing For Santa and much more!

In closing, a video, or rather, a series of videos, about a Christmas attraction. I am talking about Debauche and their talented bunch of dancers. These videos, shot by Dolan Nider are avalaible on Youtube on his channel as I speak, and were filmed during the Saville Gentlemen Club performance. Debauche is a dance company founded and coreographed by Laura Richards, and we mentioned it multiple times on these pages already.

Rachel Avro in her 'Santa Baby' solo performance

If you want to have a hint of how the show looks 'live', please admire their talents on the youtube channel, and ask about the future dates. It's a great show to take your loved one at!


Speaking of Debauche...


The Debauche girls grace also the cover of more than one magazine: if a show like that, with performers like that, had not aroused attention (see what I did there?), I would have been surprised.
Let's get straight to the one that I am allowed to mention...

Now, how am I supposed to detail the bountiful contents included in Attention Magazine? Gah!
Well, it certainly features the Debauche girls, in a report by Jon Demen. I know as much , I was at the same show he attended! Well at least one.
Now, about all the rest, oh boy. I'll just say: interviews with amazing photographers (Kaelyn Alecto anyone?) and fashion reports, thanks to the contribution by Brunella, Partee, Brea, Ella , Athena herself. Brea in particular didn't just do her centerfold and cover, and her own ethical reviewer column, but also brought an extra pictorial with two real beauties: Monique Lefry and Larah Sa'fir.

That's how they have xmas in Norway, aka the Southern North Pole...

Modeling on this issue, besides them and Luigi Trappatoni above, we have Larry Vinaver for Whims' story, FleurCoco, Anyka Aiseiri, Jezzi Mornington, Sasha, Atara Nightfire, Tegan Malone. A hot photoset by Sandra Palletier with Karole Moonshadow to warm up the winter, and many many contributions from guest photographers and contributors from the Flickr group!
Check the mag out on Marketplace and / or online!

Playhouse chose also to come out close to THE day, and of course it is a totally xmasy, warm and cozy issue! Featuring the photography of Ember Wulluf (shooting Gemm Diesel) and featured models like Rein Whiteberry, Yuka Satori, Felicity Fetish, Bette Anne Paige, Innocent Kay, Kaydor , Maria Thibadeau (frantzi1985), Steffi Highlander(Stephani Honi) and the pet of the month Dani (Danielle1980).

Kay Windstorm is one of the xmas angels of this issue. Of course she's an angel, she's Innocent!

Everything of course 'hosted' by Jazmyn, aka JazmynCrystalStorm, owner, publisher, photographer for most of the issue and the element that gels the magazine together transitioning from one shoot to the next.

Bette Paige, another xmas angel that might not end up on the tree, but get some wood anyway!

There's virtually no magazine in SL who hasn't tapped into the festive spirit, so if you feel inclined to discover more themed goodness, some of it quite stimulating and with sound advice (Playmates and SLBM with their shopping guides come to mind!), check the past issues of this Digest !


It's not strictly a 'porn' trend but I am sure that many of you have seen exponentially more Star Wars photos these days on flickr. And we are not even close to May 4th. To shed some ligth on the subject, why don't you check out these two blog posts?

"What? Where?" a fine example of booty hunting by Ania B.

I met SO many passionate Star Wars fans here (and our last major Star Wars themed movie came out around this time now already over 2 years ago, sigh), that I really think this might be of some interest for many.

The adventurous Caroline dug some gold this week!

Caroline and her 'enterpreneurial' spirit again on display in her blog. It's all about her "new storyline, the foundation of a porn production company", and it looks fun. With some smutty photos, you know a picture is worth a thousand words (and a million linden?)

Turn to the left! Turn to the right!

See, when we tell you that going at the porn parties you can meet producers and directors...You gotta trust us. You can meet them, and see how they look like and not be surprised.
I mean, this fella here, better meeting him at a party rather than in a seedy warehouse answering a craigslist ad!
Ben and his kinky smut never disappoint....

Midnight the photographer...

I always mention fondly Midnight Shinja's work on his blog, and today I mention him two times over! On his 'old' blog you can still find his patented pictorials and a history of years of photosets, with a new one last week, minute and graceful t-girl Mystique... http://midnightsunstudio.blogspot.com/2016/12/introducing-mystique.html

....and Midnight the uh, active protagonist (photo with Katrina Pizzicato)

But Midnight also opened a whole new blog, "Midnight Shinja's Exploits in Pornography". Well, it sorta says it all, right? Let's say some names too: Trinitie Koray, Sindee, Katrina Pizzicato, Creamy Au
http://midnightshinja.blogspot.com/2016/12/christmas-come-early-with-katrina.html http://midnightshinja.blogspot.com/2016/12/creamy-goodness.html

Let me tell you, needles get everywhere.

The Busty Bee Beequeen Smythe is not just busy with Attention magazine comics, her own club and doing all sort of festive activites (I was in a shoot with her today and I can tell you, she loves her xmas candies): interested in photography and movies, keeps her blog going with a lovely xmas story! http://bustybeesl.blogspot.com/2016/12/a-visit-at-santas.html

Jake Raven is the latest 'interviewee' by Ali

Ali Lancrae keeps the Pornstars Blog going with her themed galleries (just check out the latest, festive, plenty attractive ass gallery!). And speaking of themes, Confidential Men goes on, and so does the Nude World Tour. Check them both out on her Confidential blog!

Isn't this a festive banner!

No website goes any more festive than Miss Emily's blog, anyway! I can get really behind her philosophy here. Besides going for the xmas movie attractions, as usual there's plenty to follow her studio blog for, namely the pictures from parties.
And on the SL Porn group blog, not only you have the chance to keep up with notices thanks to Racheal, but this week you could also admire Heather Ashford's pictorial, by Rachel Avro.

The Princess and Prince of porn contest heats up!

And, no Xmas story would be complete without your uplifting message, so do check out Emily's words in 'My Christmas gift to you'. Yes, it's all text without any tits or ass (although most thumbnails on the side bars are fappable...), but it contains a very important message.


With Xmas at the door, we are headed towards a week with hos, hos, and more hos.
Club Yana put together a fun display with an ice rink instead of the beach, and the Porn*Stars club has had a few parties already all decorated for that, including the well endowed snowman that I am sure all of you missed.

Yana posing in her new club set... but well, don't worry, you can see her getting warmer ...Here

The party scene is all about the regular parties that you can find listed on the Sexiest Pornstars blog. We also enjoy different parties, you name 'em, and special events. For instance we had the opening for a very inspired exhibition by Spirit Eleonara, at the Mirage Gallery, involving her talents as both photographer and set designer. I'd like to write something clever and just gently nudge and suggest, but I'll spell it loud: click the bunnies :p

Even on 'Winter Nights' Spirit can't keep her clothes on!

The Sexiest Group has in mind a ton more events, and most of them are just about bringing that special festive touch to your regular ones. I'll say it again, nothing to me is more impressive than providing entertainment to others steadily. If you find time to come over in your busy vacation schedule (I know that for many a time of break from holidays and with the family over means a really difficult time to be on for SL!), we'll be delighted to have you.

Yana also debuted a new build for the Friday parties!

Check out as usual the SLporn and Emily's blog, Yana's stream (she even took photos last Friday during trying times for her computer!) and the streams of all those very gifted photographers. it is one of the most obvious ways to get seen and be involved!

Get horny with Rachel! It's Free!

Also, a special thank you to those Sexiest Pornstars members who have been so nice to give the community some gifts for xmas! Store owners like Rachel Swallows and Kayla Whittaker shared in group special freebies, and it was a gesture very appreciated.

Our beautiful Isa on the red carpet, by Sunday

Also, I would be remiss if I neglected to mention the positive fallback from the event of Sunday the 11th. I am talking of course about the SX Magazine Awards!
A huge thank you to everyone who attended, and in the spirit of celebration of talent that these awards have, enjoy the great photos taken by Sunday Whitewood on her photostream!
And with a big thank you to everyone else who partecipated.

Like Carly and Dillon, Best Actress and Best Director (photo by Carly)

Larry Vinaver, best actor, in this selfie
And the perfect host for the ceremony, the gorgeous, elegant and inimitable Monique LeFry (pic by TammyJones)

While we are on the 'awards' topic: a reminder to any filmaker interesting in a jury of their peers:
And I leave it at that...


Being featured on the themed Ass Monday and Topless Tuesday galleries by Ali Lancrae on the Sexiest Blog is often a goal for the members of the porn community. We see a great response for the Fellatio Friday theme on this blog as well, so yay!

 PJ Thornton for 1000 Followers!
 Brea Brianna for 1400 Followers! (and over a million views, too!)
Carla Draesia for Five Thousand Photos!

We are always happy to see people celebrate these milestones , coming directly from their passion and dedication to the business...heck, what business: to do what they like to do. Big props to the dedicated PJ and Brea, who both entered the porn world fairly recently and yet changed the face of it one way or another. I try and Imagine the porn world without either, and I can't.
I am also especially happy to remind people of Carla Draesia, because her prolifigacy also made her carry on a series, "Porn On Tv" that probably is the longest running in porn. If you haven't sat on her sybian yet, you might want to give it a try. I don't think she has netflix!

Yes, being tickled under my boob sorta has that effect on me too...

To the Max, baby! Another week with at least one extended and sensuous photoset by Aria Horan, on top of her regular partecipation to the themed Mondays and Tuesdays. This time reuniting with a friend, aw, don't we like these stories. https://www.flickr.com/photos/ariahoran/albums/72157673906264114

Kemi can add 'Rudolph' to her modeling credits now...

Oh shoot...just trying to recap what Marcus has been up to in a week drains me. Catarina Jameson and Krystal in full sets, Kemi Miles, Annika Jensen, SindeeTempted passion, Laura Black, Lesley Aristocrat, Mandy Love, Blixa Csak, Alex Hermione, Jo Genezzia, Cinderella Winkler, the beautiful Jori (a beauty to keep track of!)  and wow, each one of these models has an individual look who is worth further exploring. Thank you so much Marcus for this great contribution!

One more beauty in Elroy Click's portfolio of work

What do Tegan Malone and Sindee have in common? For instance, they have been in photosets by Elroy Click this week, but also are both models on the rise, who have been in different shoots. Tegan with Anthony, Sindee with Xean, Marcus and other gigs i mentioned already. Plus their own photos! Now this would open a whole hypertext of references: suffice to say, each of the models and photographers I mentioned is a goldmine not just of photos each different and with a different unique brand of sensuality, but also of exciting avatars. And I really enjoyed the BellaDonna album by Elroy. https://www.flickr.com/photos/elroyclickphotography/albums/72157677692249536 https://www.flickr.com/photos/elroyclickphotography/albums/72157673832700374 https://www.flickr.com/photos/elroyclickphotography/albums/72157673869694084

Nope, the bikini is not taking on water...it's more of a ballast issue.

Another one who earns constant mentions on the blog, due to her tendency to constantly come up with great photosets, is Sandra Palletier! Including the full version of the Attention Magazine one...And since this notice there have been already way more, with cuties like Cream, but come on, i'll save it for the next Digest!
***FLICKR UPDATE*** Hello Pornies ! It has been a long time since i had some solid update to show you. So here are not 2, not 3, but 4 of the last albums i put on my Flickr - just for you, because it's christmas soon ! 
https://www.flickr.com/photos/134894827@N03/sets/72157677989179995 https://www.flickr.com/photos/134894827@N03/sets/72157674066637634 https://www.flickr.com/photos/134894827@N03/sets/72157674066581204 https://www.flickr.com/photos/134894827@N03/sets/7215767606838589

This was a game of cat's cradle gone horribly wrong....

Speaking again of Attention Magazine: SolidX's contribution on the previous issue was simply put, fantastic. I am glad to see that he released the photoset, and admire it right here. https://www.flickr.com/photos/sensualitystudios/31599583432/ 
In similar spirit, do check out the lovely pages from Cream Release with Kristina Deschanel from her SL Connoisseur set, and the xmas albums by Luke Fortacos - both 'safe' and nawty, with the partecipation of models like Rachel Avro, Ali Lancrae, Vicki Concertina, Meredith Chantelle, Creamy Minx, Racheal Rexen, Partee.

...and Leslie Aristocrat of course.

Props to one very active model on the scene: her name is Ivy (Ivy626ben), and she has been in a very sexual photoset with Wolf Marenwolf, photos by Nuur, her own pictures , and let's not forget the recently uploaded album by iSwallow in the Auditions series, that on top of artists she works regularly with and that you can spot easily. I see her name pop up a lot!

Beam me up, Scotty!

Alisa Bedwell had a very active week on flickr! You just know that she has always fun at those pornstars parties...Not only you'll find 2 sets, but also some more from her family album...Not nearly as boring as I make it sound, believe me!

Looking thick, rigid and nice to stroke. And I don't mean Alisa's tradermark's hair!

Mark Faolain aka MarkMM had a nice week 'breaking in' Celeste and doing a nice and relaxing photoset with one of the top stars of the industry, none other than Rikki Sixx. https://www.flickr.com/photos/66145033@N02/albums/72157676109632412

One of the many perks about massaging Rikki is that her skin always has the right amount of oil for it

And about other sexy photosets, the selection is as usual incredible.
Ellen Saint is a very interesting photographer we have mentioned here many times. Her "Groupies" is a series I am looking forward to! Same as Passion on the Frozen Pond by Mera Firelyte, with Racheal Rexen, and I enjoyed Katrina Pizzicato's take on the set shot by Midnight . I found also very stimulating the photography by Ego Magne's Pavement Brothel promos !

Snowcats plowing, no snow and frost to fear!

Chris Bearz shot different models again this week (Monique, Anyka, Mandy, Whims), and has been quite inspirational for yet another talented individual you are all familiar with. The sensuality of Athena's photos is truly amazing. Check both their flickrs! https://www.flickr.com/photos/142508661@N04/

After so many chilly pics, we have 'Playing with Fire' by Chris Bearz.

A huge thank you to everyone who constantly features others in their photosets, and why not, also takes their time to let the world know :-) Dax Rahl, PJ Thornton, Igor Romanov come to mind, and I wish I could mention you all, together with everyone who does brilliant single pictures and I have an occasion to mention only sparingly.

And some selfies are quite brilliant, too! (photo by Carola Conover )

This week on the blog, we had EveBirdsong by Marcus and Ayara by Kayla, combined with Gwenivere Caultard by Tegan Malone. All of them were brilliant pictorials, so I do invite you to check them out!
My wish now is for you to enjoy your holidays, nearly as much as Jhwonn here enjoys this ass!
See you for your New Year Resolutions!

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