Friday, December 9, 2016

Fellatio Friday #16

Once more, it is that time of the week. Yes we do have an oral fixation, and we are happy to see so many share it with us! Welcome to this week's Fellatio Friday gallery, brought to you by the Dog Star Productions blog. Another great week of pictures for our sweet sixteen.
Handle this with care, we're sure it will meet your taste.

The sensational Bette Paige in "Oral Sensations"

Interested in submitting a picture? Search in Flickr for the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group and join it. Membership and submissions are controlled to avoid spam. You may submit as many pictures as you like - I am only posting one per person per week - however, if you submit more than one, I will have plenty of pics to choose from in future weeks so there is no limit. Pictures must be themed around blowjobs and all models must be human (the caveats one must use for SL!).

Fine Dining: Tie Required - Ashratum

Fellatio Friday - Carola Conover

Fellatio Friday - Cinderella Walker

...Double Fellatio Friday... - Pulsar Grut

[ clique ] Breaking In The Bed - 001 - 113016  - Nakari Tolsen

Welcome Home - Isabelle Cheviot

from his set with ArielJagger Draconis

PJ Thornton in a Back Alley BJ

BeachHouse04 by Aria Horan, from her Beach House set

Best friends - Della Morta

Fellatio friday - Sex in car - Sylvia Celestalis

Cum in mouth - Kira de Winter

The Busty Babysitter - Picture 11 - Rikki Sixx

Car blowjob - Jimmy Windstorm

Carla - by Spunk'd through Carla Draesia's flickr

Heavy Metal 2016 ~ Presented by Lust Lounge 3 - Abhati O

Helping Hands - Sara Runo-Reed

Hubby's Dick tastes best ! - Lenny Arai

Hungry... - Isla Grace

Let Daddy Use You Little Slut... - Bea (Nancy Deimatov) through Dominic Parx

Mrs Renyolds and Eve Birdsong-TEAM UP - from one hot shoot by Marcus Strong

Roped up Fellatio Friday 1/2 - Notorious B.E.N.

Say Ahh Girls ! - Diana Lorane

from her advent calendar - Annabell Sauber

Steamy night 2 - Sofia LaFontaine

These girls drives me crazy - Zepp Sicling

Underkin_002 Playtime - Rhiannon Tamerlane

Urban Slut - Nuur

Hold Her Down - Cheryl Reddevil

and in closing, one of the many b&w fine works by Laura Richards ' Place of Worship'

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