Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Beaver's Digest - Volume 20

Welcome to the first Beaver's Digest of the year! My new year resolution is to be punctual in my releases, and I am fairly certain that this resolution will suffer the same fate as most resolutions do!

Now let's resolutely go forward, because while I took a xmas break, that was not the case for the majority of  moviemakers, bloggers, magazine staffers and the comunity at large that sharing even just a picture sometime make the 'porn' groups so fascinating.


Ah yes! This time I am gonna start with an actual movie from 'us'! The last release of 2016 from Dog Star, bringing the yearly total to around 40 movies, including a true kolossal such as Empire. A movie appreciated also by the protagonist of this flick!
Millie Bekkers is a librarian that exhudes charme and knows how to pique your interest, and Isabelle Cheviot is in full blonde mode when she swaggers her way through the halls of the cultural shrine. Who would have thought gender studies could be this fun!

I won't say too much about Isa since it's her blog and I don't want to sound like I am tooting her horn (and she is known for being quite horny), just check out the video. I do think it was the perfect way to close the year, with one of the fun, professional, well shot productions that let new stars shine thanks to her work.
And I hope there will be many more of these fun and sexy projects lining up for Isa. Although she probably is thinking already of ambitious projects too.
Since it's her blog she might edit this line out if she doesn't agree. :p
Okay, time for me to cover some of the Xmas movies, let's get those out of the way! Starting with a late one, but that is so hot and porny that I can't imagine anyone not appreciating it any day of the year! I am  talking about Ryu and Moonie's 'The Naughty List'
This is late, Sorry RL happens, My first Xmas movie I hope you enjoy it :) Please watch it with sound and watch it all, the magic is in the details.

Oh man, for sure this movie is such a rollick! Ryu's reccomendation to watch the movie with sound may appear obvious, but he is certainly right: the soundtrack contributes greatly to the joyous rollecoaster ride. Ryu Quasimodo is a director that can still learn a trick or two about the craft, such as different tinges of camerawork, but did really spectacularly in this production. With a brious rhytm and loaded with fun views and hot actors and actresses from start to finish, this movie is once more a lovely display of the collaborative nature of the Dirty Girl Dreamz movies, as it splits the action equally between the two protagonists, himself and Moonie.

One branch follows the antics of a womanizer Santa that gifts generously different ladies ( Demi MoonFire, Parthenea, Kayla Bombastic) and puts his milk into their cookies. No no, it's not the other way around, trust me.
And the other has mrs. Claus (Moonie) getting really busy with 3 zany elves, namely Ryann Hendrassen, Chris Bearz and Ryu again doing double duty). It's a real 'feel good' movie with memorable sequences and all about pace, timing and very rewarding visuals. Congratulations to everyone who has been part of it!
Kayla Whittaker can add to her resume another impressive, challenging role as she stars in Naughty Rudolph!
Rudolph in the shape of Kayla may have a red nose, but people would take a long time to notice, with all the goods to oogle at below the neckline!

Starring KC McFly as Santa, 'Naughty Rudolph' is part of my favourite line of works from Kayla: when she cranks up the silliness and adds some fun and camp to her well known disposition to shoot hardcore sex.

This movie really answers the question that nobody ever asked, what does the reindeer say. What else can I say, Kayla always picks really neat porn audio tracks!
Carly Mode did two movies, each quite fantabulous! This week I only give mention to the more 'themed' one, aka Christmas Tree. She stands by said tree, she has balls in her hands, and those are obviously Dillon's.
What else to say? Carly knows how to shoot a movie in a gorgeous way, the DoF is perfect and the settings are always first rate. If you are not disturbed by Dillon's man bun or the common misconception between holly and mistletoe, you will find the movie absolutely enjoyable no matter the time of the year.

Hi everyone!
Here is my latest movie, Dillon and i were putting up our Christmas tree and one thing led to another...
Hope you all have fun this holiday season!

Just a slideshow, but nicely put together and centered around one of the groups I rarely have a chance to mention in the Digest, since I usually have as reference the largest 2 with regular blogging in support. I am talking about Ayara Illios' ** The PornStars ** Second Life ** https://www.flickr.com/groups/thepornstarssecondlife/
We have many galleries in webpage format, it's nice to see some new ideas, I really enjoyed this idea come to life and it was a great gesture! Thank you Aya!

Now something that requires a little more space. It's not the objective of this digest to provide a full breakdown of productions, but this one provides some interesting talking points. I briefly mentioned this movie in one of the past issue, before it was taken down. We're talking about "Minotaur" by Max Long. Originally A 25 minute movie, it has been released splitted up in 7 parts on Naughtymachinima.
Thanks to this choice, the quality of each video is kept really high. The only downside, and perhaps my only marginal criticism of the production, is that the splitting could have been done better, since in a couple instances it happens to cut in the middle of a scene, and even during a recited line.

Which is a shame, considering the quality of the sound of this production. Many of those we call great directors in SL porn take pride in this easily forgotten branch of editing work. Maybe this is a movie ideal to pick up this sort of nuances because many of its choices are real standouts: the musical score is memorable, the voiceover comes from a real professional audiobook reader and works quite perfectly in context. Even amongst the well timed sound effects there are real standouts, realistic and quite...unpalatable.

And that's what I really want to bring your attention on: this movie is incredibly unpalatable at times.
Episode 2 features what can be defined unambiguously as bestiality, and yet again what it does is simply staying true to the source material. I have the utmost appreciation for the inventive solutions used to transpose on screen, on SL, the machinations that led to this act: a work of craft worth of Daedalus himself, here visualized in a clever and recognizable way.

If bestiality with a real bull doesn't disturb you, the copulations of the antropomorphic creature in episode 5 and 6 for sure won't upset you. Perhaps though you could have an issue with the graphic (I don't mean bloody, just gritty) tortures in episode 4. This is definitely a movie where viewer discretion IS advised with flashing lights.

I also advise you, though, that it is a movie brilliantly put together from start to finish (even if I did find the ending a little anticlimactic, again maybe expecting more due to the poorly timed splicing).
There are so many scenes that are filmed with the prowess of a professional cinematographer and would look impressive as cutscenes of a videogame. Part 3: The Labyrinth is in that sense a relatively 'safe' file for you to watch, where you can appreciate the flawless use of a steadicam-like shot and the savvy way the birth of the monster is narrated visually. Plus so many sexy, titillating shots of the prisoners.

The movie though is at it best when you delve deep into the depravity of it. The movie is not a simple collection of strong images chosen for shock value, but has a solid plot and handles each moment with great appropriateness and range, from the frantic montage during the tortures to the tenderness shown between the supposed monster and her mate.
Directed by Max Long and written by Mitzy Broadway (also starring), this production won't meet everyone's taste but is a fine example of how it is possible to give shape to the most taboo kink while making a compelling movie, full of poignant imagery and a sense of meaningfulness.

 Huge praise to Max, Mitzy, Kandie Koxxx in the role of Pasifae, Peter Moore sound editor and actor, and the other actors credited Cherry Shadowcry, Aqua Galaxy, Don Candy, Frank Buck, Jack Stroker, and obviously, errr, Asterion the Minotaur!

Here's the link to part 3, the 'safest' one... No animal penis, just sharp hooks! Do yourselves a favour and check out the movie in its entirety tho.

Ok now on to more familiar territory....
Something that every director and actor is familar with : a lot of what is shot for a production ends up not being used. It can be because the production doesn't come into fruition, or the scene needs to be reshot, doesn't fit...so much can happen. Some shots are good for the blooper reel, and others just stay in the HD of the director until they are deleted....orrr...
A compilation of video clips I still had laying around....test shot bits, cut bits, goofy bits, some unfinished bits, and lots of hot fucking between!!

Some of the players didn't even know I was taping at the time! BUT they do NOW! (evil grins)



I can only say: everything is better with yakkety sax! Featuring many pornstars that you'll recognize at first glance (Nakuru Bergamasco, Mr. Corleone, Jagger Draconis, Igor Romanov, Markneko Snowpaw, Larry Vinaver) and a whole more lot of balls, here's a video that will entertain you but also remind you of the many productions Erin did this year. I wish her an even more productive 2017!

A movie by Dillon is always gonna be fun, and with this Circus, Dillon wants to work some more cinema magic, literally. Parlour tricks if you will, as with the abundance of effects and an appropriate photography both in colour and black white, the deciding factor that makes his movies so enjoyable is always his talent for fluid camerawork and montage throughout the inspired lead of one or two soundtracks. Damn though, those tricks are fun to watch!

The movie features of course Carly and Dillon, but gives screen time to other actors: Bewitched Difference and myself in supporting roles and we have Tristyn Angelus and Rachel Swallows doing the naughty deed.

Speaking of Rachel, the original inspiration for the movie came from her photography that impressed Dillon more than a year ago. Dang, I must say that looking back at it, being stabbed by a knife or two is not the worst fate I could have suffered by Tristyn's hand! And you can certainly see Rachel's hand in the set design of this production. And more than her hand in the rest! Check the movie out here:
Moving from one award winning director to another, Erin Cedarbridge has been quiet for the greater part of the year, but in this last quarter she managed to come out with a couple of her trademark productions. After the divertissment that was Fuck! Marry! Kill! and the extremely sexy ensemble in Cum Home Lover, we have a strong duo performance in this 'Strict Boss', with the ever charming Damien Godard.
" A poorly performing secretary develops a firm grasp of spelling and punctuation, thanks to the tutelage of her demanding boss. "
But if I may use the quote of another famous director as blurb: "Damien is a meanie, and Erin is such a slutty ding bat secretary!!! Office looks great!!".
I will also add that for someone like me who may not be much into spanking, the extended sequence built around the stern corrections administered by Damien's character has an undeniable aspect of sexiness.

Enjoy the presentation in gran style at the Club E blog!
And we are not done yet!
finally managed to upload a short video clip
before 2017..oh whoot me  :)

xx Bee

It is indeed a short clip, but Bee looks positively sexy, squeaky clean and highly carbonated in this. Saphero Hotburn confirm to be a versatile performer with solid looks.
I hope Bee will make again feature movies like Space Station 69 this new year!
Jhwonn Warcliffe also did a new video! It is called Personal Trainer, and even if I didn't tell you, when I would add that you can see it at this url...
...you'd get the idea!

Jhwonn finds ways to surprise me, often! Not only this is the first porn in my memory with not just product placement but an explicit commercial message in it, but ...well it's actually very nicely shot! Not at all that the previous vids from an expert director like Jhwonn weren't: it's just that this one is remarkably inspired in the choice of shots.

The dialogue between shots that was seminal in Recording GF, really comes to fruition here with all the oogling and wordless flirting exhanges between the two avis. Speaking of which, the look of 'Sexy Amazon' here really has an 'it' factor and I hope to see her in more productions. And I wish Jhwonn's avi a speedy recovery from that nasty facial paralysis!
Now again a real treat for me to cover...
Yay just in time for happy hoho days   My 4th movie so far and...
The second in my Confessions of a Callgirl Series
hope yas all enjoy
Featuring  Seb  and Moi

4th movie overall and not the last for Brea Brianna. After her solo effort in Playtime  and the very personal Blue , Brea for this second 'confession' casts another actor I was not familiar with but that certainly has good screen presence in Seb. Brea has in this flick more measured camera motions even if she retains her 'allegro con Brea' dynamism: the contrast between the snowy exterior and the warm comfort indoors is played up beautifully.

We look forward to see the evolution in Brea's style and how with the tools at her disposal she'll keep producing quality videos. Do check out her ever impressive website http://tineedancer86.wixsite.com/breabrianna/bio for a look at the movies she made and she has been in. The experience she matured in such a short amount of time is impressive, and I am sure we'll see more projects like this involving new talent.
Waif Ah is a new addition to the increasing number of directors in SL. She expressed in the past a serious interest in it, and this new 'The Hitchiker' is a great debut. Even moreso when you consider that she stars with a man who in just a couple of years grew to be a true icon of adult machinima, the man, the 'stache, Larry Vinaver!
Enjoy my latest movie in which I star alongside the legendary and fabulous Waif Ah.

The movie comes across as quite whimsical, possibly because just how cool is it to see Larry drive an old spider? As a director, Waif really 'gets it'. No, it was not an innuendo...even if she does indeed get it! Not a single 'bad' angle throughout the movie, transitions at the right times, everything looks as it should for the purpose to tell a naughty story like this. The quality of the voice recording is a little spotty at times, too bad because the acting is otherwise solid. Check this out for sure!
Anton Productions hasn't been idle either, and Poolside Fuck is their latest.
There is a pool, they fuck. Goodnight everyone!

I'll elaborate a little more and explain that 'they' are Inari Vachsmore (CC Anton) herself and regular of the production Kara.
An 'all sex' flick that needs no further exegesis, it's a real treat for fans of shemale action! More of that for 2017 please!
JennyLou has been up A LOT , so I will bump the majority of her movies to the next issue. One for all: Too Hot To Handle, featuring Snipps Van Damn and Katie.
With the usual hint of humor and preposterousness from the world of porn, Jennylou in this one touches the world of firefighters, who as porn icon Eva Brunswick could tell you, can in fact be so full of comraderie!

It's a typical JennyLou production, and I greatly appreciate her effort to feature more indivisuals (even if that room where the sex happens is gonna tally with Carly Mode for most appearances in porn movies).
Check it out on Naughty Machinima and keep in mind she made at least half a dozen movies I am gonna try and cover next week. Yee-haww!
And lastly:

Naughty Pixel Productions  Movie Release:
The Business Of Women Episode 6  is now available to watch on the studio blog.  This is the Series Finale and we all can watch how it ends. Many thanks to the wonderfull cast involved.
Enjoy watching  ^..^
Zoey Winsmore. 
The Business of Women is a project I was personally very happy to be involved with. It absorbed so much of the creative juices of a talented and often underrated director like Zoey Winsmore, but at the same time produced results that were definitely worth it and earned coverage in sl magazines and respect from her peers. Anyone watching it can appreciate the beauty and fluidity of Zoey's visuals who does more than giving justice to the source material.
What it can't do, but I maybe can, is outline the tremendous professional attitude of the director, attention to details and talent directing actors. Some directors use an iron fist, some a velvet glove, Zoey uses a wooden cube. You don't have to understand that one, suffice to say, I look forward to 2017 and see more of Zoey's work, and most likely more of Stacia Reinoir, who we love for her edgy looks but can certainly cleen up good when required.
Check out the whole series if you haven't yet, this finale, featuring the one and only Miss Emily doesn't disappoint. Personally, I am grateful for the opportunity Zoey gave me, and I make clear that all the expenses of the family therapist are on her.
On the next issue: more Jennylou, Carly Mode trying to outweird herself, the appropriate coverage of the movie by newcomer Martin Wallace, the re-release of Rude Runner's The Back Alley, Ivana Hanni's latest and much much more!


~SL~ Connoisseur Magazine January is out, with famous "old" photographers, few new ones, many houses, fashion sim reports and much more. So enjoy the new year with us. Party will be coming soon to ;)
Connoisseur traditionally now is the magazine that fires off his shots slightly before the others, and so their January issue came in a few days before NYE. The covergirl is one absolute idol of mine, and not just of mine, Dokielicious Doobie! With the ever growing contribution as photographer by Kristina Deschanel on top of her editor prerogatives, SL Connoisseur boasts a reliable and committed staff that delivered another neat issue. Cream Release, Laura Demonista, Onisa Lundquist and Kayla Bombastic bring with efficiency and inspiration their contribution.

Amongst the people featured in the issue, I'd like to mention the Pet of the Month and fresh addition to the staff Temp, Johnny and Sev in their respective significant others' features and a name that I am glad to mention for his artistic merits and not just for being one of the leading sponsors of the pornstar parties: Marcus Perry.
Babs Hazelnut's Sinful Secrets magazine came out as well. More power to the readers and models, who can rely on this magazine for professional photoshoots that will look good on anyone's record.
On this issue Robyn Imari, Bellissima, AdilynRae, Kay Windstorm aka Innocentkay and of course Zeus and Apollo.

Sinful Secrets Presents January Issue ..These sexy ladies are killing it ... and you can join the group.. pick up previous magazines...or vote for them to be on cover of next issue.. or even have a hot date at the land.... here is your limo Bliss Island (227,177,22) 
Dulcis in fundo (for now), Playmates Magazine which of course presents a sparkling new issue for the new year. The prolific and reliable photographer Ima Hotone delivered a new great photoset with each model showcasing a 'biker chick' look. In this issue, Aaliyah Hana, Anna Darkmatter, MissLina01, Cherries Tela, Courtezan Quintessa, Bluearctica, LadyEmmy, LAcieanne, Tricia Danielson, Missylovesu, Cinnabunns, Hayden Mcbeth, Jennifer Beverly, marianne Montenier, VixenTheFoxyOne, IzeMybella, BritniLynn, RaziSkyRivers, YourRoyalShyness, Compoqueen, SarahSwords18, Beckie Turbo, Tatiana Alexandra, Adisa Serenity, Yvonne Tremmor, ZeldaStarcastle, Zeedria.
And of course the poster girl of all the cover girls, the Playmate of the Year Brea Brianna, who also appears in her own snowtastic pictorial!
Playmates can proudly look back at this 2016 that saw it win more awards and each month receive overwhelmingly strong partecipation to its contest. On top of the erotic photography, there are you know, articles to read and such, and the little retrospective about the yearly accomplishments was dazzling.
Get the magazine switftly on MP and stay braced for their events too, free to attend!
Check out the blog also to stay informed.

On the next issues, like it's my 'tradition' I will give a delayed coverage to SL Unplugged, talk some about Tammy Jones' newest project Furotica, and pay some Attention (cough cough) to some of the new great mags that meanwhile be released. Including a VERY welcome return I am itching to tell you more about and that will celebrate with a release party on the 7th at 4 pm SLT!
I can tell you, it will be a pleasure.


SL Confidential opened the year with new interviews and a "man of the month" former director Jack Michaels and "girl of the month", Britney Fairlady. Pictorials are included, particularly naught(ius) in case of Britney's! Here's 3 links that make for an interesting read with rather oogleable things! A special wink to Britney thanking her for the praise for Isa.
The Xmas Male Edition (feat: Jagger, Bane, Marck, Anthony)
The Man of the Month interview by Kay
The Girl of the Month interview by Naughtius

Hey I feel like it's Friday already (photo by Kay)

It's a pleasure to welcome new directors on the scene, and Martin Wallace aka mow2014 Resident debuted in style.
I'll talk more about his debut movie in the next Digest together with any new production he might have done in the meantime...something tells me that he'll be in high demands in the next weeks! But also give his post a good read. I am convinced that it offers some not so obvious talking points, and does also something very welcome in the world of the adult industry: recognition and credit to the other people involved and that made possible for his talent to express itself, and a little behind the scenes peek. The name of his studio might not sound uber-friendly, but I had a really nice chat with him!

Screenshot from Martin's Amber Love

What else can be said about Midnight Shinja ? Being part of his blog is always a pleasure and a honor. I am sure that's what Leslie, Sabine, Raven Steiner and Fellatia Calamity thought.

Her name might be Fellatia but she is a well rounded performer!

Caroline and her Second Life Adventures offered these weeks a very interesting outlook on second life sex at large, in particular there was a quite nice blogging 'review' of Second Life compared to two way more sex-centered 3d enviroments you all probably had some curiosity about watching those ads on Naugthymachinima.
The most recent post in the December archive is a must, enjoy the rest too. And also check out if you wish her year in review!

You can tell it will be a very serious comparison by the way they are working on the concept of blind study.

A mainstay of my digest, Ben's Kinky SL Smut blog offers the artwork of the single most creative guy in the business, with his multitude of characters and that unique creepitude in full flow that he manages to make so entertaining! And with the constant inspiration of his models, including potentially 'controversial' shoots. I can assure you, besides the 'safe' and very shoots with PJ, Cream and Izzy, no Carola Conovers , Racheal Rexens , or 'arctic foxes' were harmed in the making of his sets...and if they were, they asked for it and enjoyed every second of it ! Mwahahaha!

Don't try this at home! Mostly because you are likely to not have a home at all after..

Ravi wrote a simple blog entry about her recent victory at the SX Magazine Awards.
It's always good to see a post of someone happy to win a prize, and it was nice to see her share part of her success with her former partner. I appreciated also her recognition of work of other influential director such as our Isa who I know was her favourite for the victory. Check out the post, and if you haven't looked at past posts, don't miss out: Ravi is one of those directors who shares brilliantly the experience of being a filmaker.

While I am at it, I send you to Sunday's spectacular Flickr for the complete coverage!

Speaking of sharing: Carly Morrisey blew me away already the past months with her fresh approach to adult machinima: yes, it was the idea behind it, the format chosen who impressed me even MORE than the top tier skills in filming and editing needed to carry it out.
And somehow she did it again when it comes to 'media', promotion, in this case blogging.


To put it 'shortly'.On her website you can find the director notes for each and every episode so far produced.
You expect already that such a personal look into the creative process of a director has a blogger like me gushing, as it takes a step into presenting as relevant and meaningful what happens in this business. NOT ONLY THAT , though! Because Carly came also up with one quite brilliant idea. In her blog you'll find also interviews with the actors. Video interviews too, as each interview is the 'excuse' to produce new exclusive sex clips with them. One of the main questions people from outside porn ask when chatting about the life as an adult model or actor is "So how much do you get paid for  this?" We all know the answer to that, sadly!

One of the best remedy for seasickness.

And most of us absolutely don't care and pay to be in movies -very very few with actual money, but investing in the looks, sometimes helping the director with props, and first and foremost with the scarce, valuable and non rembursable resource that is time. But Carly found in this blog a way to 'pay back' the actors some, as a percentage of the proceedings of the sales of the item promoted in the video goes to the actor involved.

Yes I can see you LITERALLY doing that right now... 

Sounds simple (now that she's done it!) but quite nice! Watch / read them all at...

One of the many scrapbook photos from one year of shooting (in this case to be taken literally)

Miss Emily's personal blog has always great party photos (I'll never forgot how much I laughed at a certain one...) and as you can expect (I was looking forward to it!) it has also the year in review post! And if you haven't checked out all the other xmas movies she made besides her excellent latest, take a peek.

Congratulations to Jon and Heather, and now it's Vicki and Jamezz's turn!

On the group blog, instead, you can find...well, MORE party photos, the notices, and also the news about the latest movie featured, the upcoming awards linked to them, the monthly pageant contest and the pictorials that come from it.
Check out Emily's explosive photoshoot with December's winners Jon Demen and Heather Ashford. I can assure you, all the hard-hitting passion you see captured in the photos was there at the shoot! And with the January winners already announced after all December of voting, it's time to use this month to vote and be the next ones in line! Remember, there are photoshoots, money return and a chance for a movie to win!

If that's on the finishing line, I think I understand sailing in SL a bit better now (photo: Boobs on water by Jezzi)

Racheal Rexen is a name that I put many times at the very top of this post because I am not sure how many realize that the neat recap of the group notices you find in the SL Porn group is her doing. Those posts we take for granted but they do not write by themselves, trust me! On her personal blog your can find in the past two weeks the splendid job done on the Chain Gang Calendar (more of it in the photo section) and a recap of the recent work of her fellow chaingangsta, studio partner and just loving partner in general Jezzi Mornington.

A picture by Ali Lancrae that makes you want to dig for gold!

Ali Lancrae is the other 'top' blogger in the adult industry with her admirable consistency in doing the galleries for the Sexiest Pornstars Blog. I have been there, and the amount of time spent to 'research' the material, picking it, making the damn posts work wrestling with Flickr's interface and with the demands and expectations needed is draining. I will never be able to fully convey how much respect do I have for Ali who manages to do all that on top of being the skilled photographer she is and having the responsabilities of her 'normal' SL.
But hey, on her Porn Star Confidential blog she has fun at least a month! Check out the post, and please please please, show her the appreciation she deserves if you get a chance. It's all too easy with her job to hear from people only about requests and complaints! (At least that was how it worked for me!)

Let my tits,pussy,lesbian,teen,enlargeyourpenis, clickbait you right here!

I am always sitting on the fence when it comes to 'personal' posts like this and including them in recaps, but I had no doubt about mentioning this 'rant' as the writer herself called it. And that's because I hope that reading this sort of feelings coming from what I know being a well respected and admired member of the community such as Ayara Illios will hopefully resonate with people who feel the same way. And I do hope that reading about her blog post will cause a bit of positivity to come out some of you to give more feedback and try and make time to show up at more parties if you can realistically make it. Why not? Also, definitely it'd be cool to go on the link below and add 'a star' and if you wish, a comment. All I can say, I am an inactive photographer who has a bunch of truly underserved "99+" that come from having an intense network of contact for blogging reasons, a good laugh is all that it is good for.

A gorgeous view from fresh prince of porn Jamezz T. Doulton. You can admire them on his blog.

Both on the SL Porn blog and the Sexiest pornstars blog we try to keep the blogroll nice and updated so it is easy for you to keep up with blogging news. I have most of it covered in the Sexiest Pornstars, and one of my New Year Resolutions is to help adding to the Dog Star 'network', so if you want your name mentioned here and/or I somewhat forgot to add you on Sexiest, just drop me a line! Helps me also with this digest work, so rest assured, you are not bugging me when you approach me.


The parties never really slowed down even with the RL holidays happening. I commend as usual Yana Grau for her excellent work and consistency: her xmas party happened in coincidence with RL commitments but that didn't deter her and she gave us a wonderful evening. Parties at her ice rink are fun and colds, upset tummies and shrinkage are never a problem. I especially love the newest club build, also theater of her Rock parties during the week.

Yana takes a million of gorgeous photos. Today I show you one from many of her guests at the last party of the year: Dolly from Igor Romanov

Same goes for Zoey Winsmore, who had the midnight toast with us in both lives, and  the night before had a great set of 4 hours shared with her girlfriend Stacia. Everyone in the regular party circuit of the Official Pornstars parties did spectacularly, and while I am not an advocate of necessarily liking 'everyone' and painting the group as a 'family' or anything, I am just saying that the system works and proves it over and over again thanks to the dedication shown by everyone involved, for negligible reward (one or two weekly parties don't make anyone rich or pay tier)

One more beauty of a capture from Igor, this time with a xmas Racheal

A huge thank you again for everyone who contributes to an active party scene, with every day offering something for the EU evenings, and many days of entertainment thanks to the great work by Hard Rust and Spirit Eleonara and the djs that operate at Hard Alley, such as Kayla, Jadelyn and obvious Moonie.

Xmas spirit was all over the place even for the pornstars!

A different 'feel' will be for sure today's scheduled party, at Rachel Swallows'. Made a 'topless Tuesday' party by popular demand well ingrained into what grew to be the theme of the day, today will be instead ....a real ball!


Your are cordially invited The Black & White New Years Ball in The Winter Ballroom @ Wicked Creative Studios on Tuesday 3rd of Jan, 11am till 2pm SLT, Official Porn Star Party. Formal Dress in Black or White is Required. Your invitation is enclosed.
Best Wishes & A Happy New Year to you all from Rachel Swallows XXXXX

You heard the lady, be there!


This Beaver has reached a mammoth size, since activities didn't really slow down all that much with such a large community. Many of us in SL are forced to be more or less 'around' during holidays, and while some have to slow down their erotic virtual escapades during such 'family' holidays, many others got much coveted work breaks. I'll briefly mention first and foremost a passion of mine: calendars.

My first mention goes to the great work done by Rachel Swallows with hers: when you get the chance, you will for sure want to visit the exhibition she put together, with many amazing SL pornstars from January's Jake Raven to December's Nifredil!.
The theme is what the picture says...and looks just every bit as good as you can imagine. Building so many pictures around that theme must have not been easy, but Rachel is called a Wicked Creative for a reason.

Well, thank God Sandy Miggins wore socks, she'd get so cold otherwise...

The first calendars I have seen this year were Brea Brianna for Playmates Magazine and Sharess Studios by and with Terri Topliss. Both are also protagonists in the Chain Gang calendar by Racheal Rexen. This calendar has a special place in my heart and features the beauty of Arienne Evangeline, Brea Brianna, Brunella Voelisa, Candy Kane, Jezzi Mornington, Racheal Rexen, Severina, Vicki Concertina and of course Sandy Miggins and Miss Emily. And a special thanks for Racheal and the girls for including me too, your acceptance means a lot to me!

Little Riding Hood Erin meets a very sexy (and feline) she-wolf in Mera ! This can happen in Erin's calendar!

It was hard to outdo herself with the brilliant nursery rhymes of last year, but Erinyes Celestalis is never short on imagination. Her calendar this year is a Twisted Fairytales one that you can pick up for free here on MP. Featuring Nakuru Bergamasco, AliFox, Ryu Quasimodo, Mera Firelyte, Jagger Draconis, Brea Brianna, Partee, Chris C, Don Roodborst, Abbadon Soulstar, Igor Romanov, Larry Vinaver, Fury Kenzo, Marcus Strong, Laura Richards and Sil, this calendar will make you laugh a lot and for the right reasons!

Simone Landers' "Calendar Girls" is a series of photos I adored, and miss December didn't disappoint!

Let me know about more calendars I could mention in the next digest, as long as they come from members of the adult entertainment community! Because really, just clicking on the bottom right corner of the screen or on my desk is simply not enough for me!

I definitely enjoy Aria Horan's idea to publish a 'year in review' montage of some of her themed photos and even reveal the top 10 of her 2016 as dictated by the faves of her followers. I constantly laud Aria for her incredible sets, but there's so much of her photo production that could easily go unnoticed in the mare magnum of her production. In fact, multiply that for a million and you'll see how doing a 'photos' section in a digest is so painstalking. Here's a link to the 'bottom' of her top 10.


Same idea with a different take had Kenny, and others. I'll just go on and give a 'quick' mention of some of the remarkable sets like his 'Lonely but still lucky', the top quality fellatio set by PJ Thornton in collaboration with Ben , "Snowed in", Elroy Click playing the devil in his faustian photoset with Sindee  and ' Three Fingers in the Center Pocket'  with a STUNNING Kay Windstorm,

Jack Guru can't always be around in SL, but when he does, he makes sure to shoot sexy models like Ali here

I appreciated seeing again Ivori Faith and her 'Locked in' , Alexis Futanari with both Lilly Shirayuri  and Sashapaige, Jack Guru with Marika, Ellen Saint's F*ck a stranger volume 4, Anthony with Monique, the ever wicked Gwenivere with her boytoy  and with Samantha,  Drakaina Lamia with Renay , the superior quality of SolidX's photos in his set with Alina , and gah, Marcus, Marcus Strong, I love you man, damn you just photograph SO friggin many models!

Marcus' 'Storytime series' is reaching 100 photos, and Izzy is just one of the most prominent subjects of these holidays

In fact, I feel I'd be remiss if I did not mention the incredible job as model and photographer done by Izzy aka Isobel Ohmai. Her photostream features a jaw-dropping variety of recent photos, naughty and never formulaic. I am always delighted to just stumble every single week into truly standout 'newcomers' who are impossible to ignore.

It's always great to see Empire star Kara Hawk posing! This time with the returning mr. Hoobs.

And likewise, I am glad to see already proven names back on the scene. It's the case of Hoobs, who started fresh with a new flicrk account, and already many models have been featured in his photos.  Ali Lancrae, Amandy Netizen, Kara Hawk Leanna Mai, Partee, Racheal Avro, Tegan Malone are some of the latest additions to his body of work.

Cream being cute during the complex shooting of 'Pornstars on Ice'. Either that or she broke something.

And likewise, feel photosets can match the 'attendance' and buildup than Sil and Erin Cedarbridge's Pornstars on Ice 2016, so a big thank you (and wish I were there, I had to miss it !) to them and everyone who came over and had fun in the winter wonderland.

Rikki Sixx's style is unmistakeable and exhude....well, just exhude, look at that wetness!

Recently also Rikki Sixx really stepped up her game when it comes to her 'photostories', making one intense erotic set after another. After Clubbing with Lewis Castle and Sunshine Surprise with some hot studs including Ryann Hendrassen, Wyatt Stormfront, Elroy Click.

'Silky Satisfaction' by Sandra

And A beaver would not be complete without serious or semi serious celebratory pictures (for instance, next week I'll celebrate Monique's 1000 followers!): in this case it's great to see Sandra Palletier celebrate a milestone with 1'000 followers and over 3 million views. I am especially glad because this is a relatively recent account for her, having lost the previous one. Her figures would be by far larger by now, but size has never been an issue with her and she rebuilt brilliantly!
With so many splendid sets throughout the holidays, too. "You get the job" with Cream Release  , "Restraints and strokes" with Hee-Chan, "Irisation" with Kyllean, "Suspended, Impaled" with Lupe , her remarkable "Lonely Women" series  featuring models of the caliber of Cindy Starostin and Zuby Gloom, and exquisite views with her long time partner Leinjan Aries.

I am sure Chris Bearz will forgive me for borrowing this sentence! Even without the gorgeous model !

That's the end of this Beaver, for this week at least .I caressed the thought for a while to do a sort of a year in review ...but eff it, it's already tough to cover a week (or two!)! Enjoy following this blog, which had the pleasure and honor to feature, together with the work of Mirko Panacek, pictorials by Ali Fox (Bart Grau and Kyllean), Sunday Whitewood ( BetteAnne Paige and Curty Dovgal) , Tegan Malone (Maya Butterfly Platinum Edition) and a spanking new movie! Let's see how this new year goes :-)

photo (and ass) by Kemi Miles


  1. It surely is astounding to think of the work that must go into these digests. Another great read (and excuse for a second coffee)!

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    Awesome recap Kat. ^..^

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