Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Beaver's Digest - Volume 26

Hello and welcome to the Beaver's digest, the special Valentine Edition! It's exactly the same, but it has hearts on it, lots more red, and I charge about 50% more for that. You are welcome!


So, we open with JennyLou, since she went through the trouble to make a themed movie for this! And nothing says trouble like JennyLou on a mission for the perfect Valentine Gift...that is, a pearl necklace! Her Valentine movie is , get this, The St. Valentine's Day Cum-massacre !

The cast of this blowjob compilation is large, as the scenes include Samantha van Damn with Jereheg, Bonnie Anderson and Rock Action, Rienna Claridge with Carter Leakey and KevinFlynn, Tina and Rock, Katie and Jereheg, Jennylou and Darren Reyes, Deci with Jimbo20000 Quan, Angie Robins and KevinFlynn, Tabitha Darkfury and Ice9 , SH and Mike of Legend, Eliza Houston and Jimbo20000 Quan, Rienna Claridge with Jennylou and Darren Reyes, LissiaTemplar and Dax. Yes, some of them get to do double duty for this production. Lucky lucky!

Passion and enthusiasm are a trademark of JennyLou. She cherishes the thought to get her acting talents together for real good fun porn as the  director she is. We need people with that kind of attitude to make this sort of video, and it's great to see she managed to squeeze all this from her cast of regulars. I am sure her actors did not mind a bit,the guys certainly were up to the task!

So without further ado, just check out this fun marathon of cumshots and more, right on this link. And remember to send Jenny (Jennylou323 Resident) her a valentine card , or your honest opinions and appreciation....and requests to be part of her movies. I know you are thinking about it! http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/22695/the-st-valentines-day-cum-massacre

Staying with the Valentine's Day motif, it's time to have a look at one of those cute 'gifts' I imagined would happen on this day, and that made me hold back a few hours the Digest. And yay, it's new Studio Erotique movie!
Well, more remastered than new! Let's hear what Sere has to say about it.

" A little project I did today. A Valentines gift for Louise. A retrospective look back at us having a hot time together at home. Thought I'd release it before the 'Sex Tape' went public. Get ahead of it!

Sere & Lou. x
http://cluberotiqueblog.blogspot.co.uk/2017/02/february-14-valentines-day-short-movie.html "

Sere and Louise have been rocking a full mesh-headed look for a while and it is great.
This video though is a perfect reminder of how freakin' awesome their 'old' look is, regardless of their successful transition. I am very glad to see it still in action!

The movie is a great new version of the sex scene that opened one of my favourite movies by Sere, Maid in the city 2 - Final Fantasies. If you haven't seen it yet and you love as I do the classic Sere and Lou look they show in this Valentine video, here's a link to it. It's one amazing movie (a two parter in fact) and you'll be pleasantly surprised to see how many adult entertainment stars from 'back then' in 2015 have mantained a consistent look or just recently tweaked it. Wowmeh rocked, dang it!

Another 'Special' for Valentine's day is a total treat: the third season of the 'Revenge' series by Carly Morrisey just kicked off! After the psychological thriller that was 'Her Revenge' and the sui generis supernatural-fueled revolution that happened in 'Revenge Reborn', this third season is time for 'Her Ambition' and it's gonna be a political drama mixed with the characters in their college days.

 The episode is infused with the suble perfidy that every character bears, and it promises to investigate their motivations and agendas the Carly way: it will be a journey with lots of sexual tension and VERY sexual releases! Once more I am impressed by how much the series accomplishes from a narrative standpoint in 3 minute capsules, occupying so much of it with sexual situations. Regardless of the genre it broadly touches with many twists and turns, every 'Revenge' episode has been able to give satisfying 'porn' resolution to legitimate and coherent plot points, and that is a rare beast.

Laura Richards and Severina reprise their roles as fixers, and that's just a dream pair.  This evil and manipulative duo does the closest SL equivalent to a masterful scenery-chewing villainesque performance that any cult favourite series has to have. That's as usual the blessed combination of the right look of on-screen performers and the peculiar, peppy style used by Carly to direct and edit.

But the breakout star of the episode is without a doubt the wife of the presidential candidate played by Brennaghan Bailey, Katysa Norcal. Bren himself has been involved in the series before and fits the big shoes and even bigger wig required for this role: Katysa's character though is the one designed to connect (and even address) the viewer in this, and it's natural that she has an immediate impact for this debut.

But every character in this episode enjoys a perfect introduction and developement. You just have to check out Carly's blog entry about the episode to read into all her choices in terms of music score, camera motions, pace and overall mood of the scenes. Also credited with addictional direction of the episode and writing is Rachel Avro, who has the very important role in the final seconds of the episode to officially open the first representation of the 'other' timeline.
Hey, last time she read that book, good things happened!
Enjoy the episode, and can't wait to see this idea take shape!

Let's move on with an erotic animated space series, set in the future, about sluts on a space station! It's time for Space Sluts!

Errr no, really, I have not spectacularly botched the title of Miss Emily's series: this is actually another thing! Coming soon (well, in the future!) to a cantina next to you, this is the Spacesluts series, uploaded by an account on Machinima with the same name.

In fact, drawing a parallelism with the ambitious and plot driven milestone of SL porn that is IGS would be unfair to this cute production, who has good visuals on its side and in a way it is defined exactly by the lack of that scope, depth IGS has. This is no pinnacle of a years-long experience as director, this one is purely a porn "dance and be fucked" porn with the novelty of the space setting, and it works!

So, check out both 'episodes'. The choice of splitting them in 3 parts works as the video quality is great. They both follow a formula where the first part is dance/titillation and then it's time for the action. Episode 1 in this sense is particularly effective: watching this for the first time you might get some genuine surprise that I believe was entirely intentional and well planned. http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/22692/space-sluts-episode-1-part-1 http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/22706/space-sluts-episode-2-part-2 http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/22694/space-sluts-episode-1-part-3

Episode 2 follows the same path, with less twists but a very satisfactory amount of space action! I don't have credits for the cast at work in this production, but I hope they will come forward and tell me more about this, as they deserve some recognition. Since there is a whole account dedicated to this, I hope there will be more freaky space sex coming soon!
http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/22705/space-sluts-episode-2-part-1 http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/22706/space-sluts-episode-2-part-2 http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/22707/space-sluts-episode-2-part-3

Now, one thing I love is seeing new directors debut, especially those already well versed in photography and other areas of the adult arts. And I know you WILL love seeing some the hottest pornstars getting to be in videos!

This is Kyle Devonson's notice about this production...
I decided to give video production a try sorry for low quality its on the website's end http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/22758/first-porn-film

Big names are involved in this 'First Porn Film', but don't worry, they did not spend all their collective energy and creative juices conjuring the title for this. Professional posemaker Kyle Devonson is a name that we mentioned on the Digest just a couple times before, since well, he's a recent addition to the 'porn' groups. But he made as big of an impact as anyone, as you could see by his Flickr. And now he did this...

I truly hope that the video bug bit Kyle, because he certainly has the eye for a cinematic shot, the taste for good lighting, the kink for a sexy setup and the hardware to make it all work. The video quality is nowhere nearly as bad as he makes it to be, with just a couple artifacts here and there. By working on the compression or probably just hosting the movie on other websites without a stringent size limit he can get even better results - ask some of the other machinima artists around, or even myself.

What's even more important is that the stars of the video are his partner Athena Mariposa, Attention magazine co-owner and driving force, and the Sexiest Dj Yana Grau! Both certainly are never in movies nearly enough considering their contribution to the community...and they they look good, duh! They work so beautifully when paired together too!

So in short....check out the movie, and I hope you can send Kyle some fine encouragement (perhaps movie title ideas...), because 'simple' sex videos shot with this kind of pace and inspired choices of camera movements are signs of a lot of potential there to come.

Are you lacking a special someone for your V-day? Well, what about looking for one with a Blind date? Of course you know the risks with blind dates....

...you might just end up with someone with system feet. Ok, ok! That was unnecessarily mean! But seriously, guys! Anyway, this Blind Date is a 5 parter, or perhaps I should say 5 episodes, from a new director on the scene that goes by the Naughtymachinima name of "faeflower". You can see she has quite the bombshell look, with a mighty butt and a mouth born for oral!

These 5 short vids put her together with her 'date' in all sorts of sexual positions and situations! You can see her style having evolved in between shoots, as the first 2 parts and the VERY titillating Carwash from a couple weeks back suffered from a few beginner mistakes such as huds showing and all that. Still enjoyable and fixed in the latest 3 episodes. Even small things like Alt-Shift-H help, you know!

So, you definitely have a lot to watch with this girl, and I'd love to see her appear in more productions and not just her own! Maybe in a face-off with Partee, in a battle of the cherry lips and bubble butts for the ages!

http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/22667/blind-date-3 http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/22675/blind-date-4 http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/22703/blind-date-5 
So we have had dates, first times and cumshots (which are the best gifts, apparently). Good, let's see if there is some V-day stuff in 'the press' !


Playhouse of course could not escape the V-day tradition, and has a lot of sweethearts in this issue!

Playhouse is 400 pages of pinup shots, but also some hardcore material. They run a monthly contest for who will get to model on the cover and be in the centerfold photoset ( or photosets, two in this issue!), but Playhouse has always done a remarkable job at finding out new beauties (or 'Fresh Faces' as they have often been called) and make them debut on the scene with plenty pics to build their portfolio with! Plus, some established stars who just haven't had their spotlight enough already.

Jori Jewell's appearance on the magazine crowns a spell of excellent model activity. 
Above, her with Storm's crown jewels. 

It's the case of this issue as well. Gorgeous names in adult modeling like Joreigh 'Jori' Jewell and FelicityFetish, together with up and comers like Cala Salamander, Pia(aemonduffy), Emma Baroque (emmalund90), Candii (Chrissy025). Pet of the month is Parisa aka Jetaimeafond.

Jazmyn's work as host and narrator of the photoshoots has some really highlights...

We are familiar with the always dependable and high quality pictorial artist Sunday Whitewood: this issue adds to her work and Jazzmyn's a new photographer. S.G. aka Storm Greystoke. Credited also with his talent scouting abilities, Storm's style certainly fits flawlessly with the Playhouse way, and you can tell he fits in quite perfectly, like he's always been part of the family.

We look forward to the future editions, and do not forget to you know, read the thing! How, you may ask? Visit the Playhouse HQ and click the magazine dispenser by the entrance of the voting hall. You'll get a folder with every issue ever!


But also one stylish mag came out before V-day, and that's Occasus Jayaram's Kinkstyle!

It's here! Just in time for Valentine's day! 
It's our M/s issue of kinkSTYLE Magazine. 
On the cover is kinkster of the month, Brea Brianna
Featured in this issue is guest photographer Tori Faolain, and models Marcus and Cygne Willowind, JohnnyWhadd, Kayla Bombastic and Cas Rebellious
We hope you love it! 
 Love, Occasus and Kane 

The issue puts to good use the brilliant photography by "O" herself in the erotic story featuring Kayla and Johnny with Cas, in yet another intriguing interview, this time with Shira Zepp, about Master/slave dynamics, a theme further explored by the writing done by Bucephalus Beaumont...and of course in showing off the beautiful Kinkster of the month, Brea!
Kinkstyle is a short publication that can boast more written content than magazines twice its size, and first rate photography by very inspired artists in a perfectly produced package. I do look forward to each issue, as they are truly special attractions!


 Also, Naughtius and Kay Windstorm's SL Confidential continues to release new content in their online magazine format.

I was a big fan of part 1 of this photoset with Kay, that you can check here 

First off, a fruitful collaboration with Elroy Click brings on the virtual pages some of his most recent work.
The Dancer with Sindee and part 2 of 'Three Fingers in the Center Pocket', continuation of one photoset with Kay that really blew me away the first time around... https://slconfidential.wordpress.com/the-dancer/ 

This photo by Laura is just one of the many in the delicious selection brought to you by SLC.

But also, no better way to celebrate Valentine's day than what they thought of!
Naught and I are happy to show off the staff members of SL Confidential in our 2 pages, the male and female editions. Have a look at some of raw talent our group offers. 
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


You get it by now, right? Midnight Shinja always brings beauties on his blog, and this week happened again! With truly historic names of the porn community like Carla Draesia, Dokielicious Doobie and Marika Blaisdale mixed together with fresh meat...err new blood such as Tricia Danielson and Tiffani McLain, how can you go wrong?
http://midnightsunstudio.blogspot.com/2017/02/catching-up-with-carla-dreasia.html http://midnightsunstudio.blogspot.com/2017/02/catching-up-with-dokielicious.html http://midnightsunstudio.blogspot.com/2017/02/marika.html

Carla has such big beautiful eyes. Yes.

And maybe (maybe?) I am biased, but there's no better Valentine sweetheart than Monique LeFry.
Quality pinups and a chance for some of the stars of the present and future to chat a bit about themselves. Thank you Midnight for the tremendous job! http://midnightsunstudio.blogspot.com/2017/02/introducing-tricia-danielson.html http://midnightsunstudio.blogspot.com/2017/02/introducing-tiffani.html

Surprised I didn't use the butt shot to blog this, Rssen?

Mid has been doing this forever but interviews and pinups are the specialty and focus of a new blog I already had the chance to mention last week. They have behind the camera two of the newest and sensationally talented individuals on the porn scene, photographers of great prolifigacy and quality. Talking about Tempted Passion and Curty Dovgal.

"Big Sexy" Marcus bares it all for Curty! And no booze needed to loosen either of them up!

So who's 'talking' this week ? Marcus Strong and PJ Thornton. Those are both names I mention often in the digest, and any more chance to see them and get a little peek in their hyperactive magination is very welcome. Especially when they get the luxury to pose for someone else as the sexy models they are.... rather than concoct whole scenarios and do pics themselves!
Read the interviews, and also enjoy those cheeky captions that make the shoot even naughtier! http://dv8studios.blogspot.com/2017/02/dv8-proudly-collaborates-with-in-good.html http://dv8studios.blogspot.com/2017/02/dv8-studio-diva-featuring-pj-thorton.html

Don't be afraid, captions on the DV8 website are actually nice to read, unlike mine!

Week after week I tend to sorta hammer home certain points about Racheal Rexen. How gorgeous of a sight she is in her photos and at parties, that is is right there for anyone to see. How important she is with the blogging work she does? That can often go unnoticed.
Now, here's a link to this pictorial of the beautiful Candy Kane,complete with an interview, that certainly is the best format for this sexy blonde brit to showcase the humor and sweetness that impress anyone who gets to know her.
(but don't forget to catch up on Racheal's work too!)

If you want to get Candy wet, pushing her in the fountain behind her should be your last resort.

Wow, Ben's Kinky SL Smut is...really kinky! You won't see anywhere else a post going by the title Ass Hook Extravaganza, with Raquel Jiadom! Followed by Sideways with PJ Thornton and by the stylistically sound Mirror, Mirror with Carola Conover. And if you thought that he was getting any tamer...enjoy the Kidnap Tag Team
http://kinkyslsmut.blogspot.com/2017/02/ass-hook-extravaganza.html http://kinkyslsmut.blogspot.com/2017/02/sideways.html http://kinkyslsmut.blogspot.com/2017/02/mirror-mirror.html http://kinkyslsmut.blogspot.com/2017/02/kidnap-tag-team.html

Ben would be a lovely cupid, but nobody dares to arm him with bow and arrow.

BeeQueen Smythe did new blogging! With a trip in the notorious Mecca of SL porn, Amsterdam Netherlands and with, oh yes, here it comes, a Valentine story!
But it's a BustyBee one, so it's not gonna be just like any other story! http://bustybeesl.blogspot.com/2017/02/redlights-in-adam.html http://bustybeesl.blogspot.com/2017/02/for-valentine.html

Like, there's muuuuurder!! ...ok maybe I am stringing you along.

When it comes to naughty fashion blogs, always a good time to check out Jodi Sharple's, with her ever growing pinup series and other features that I hope will have renewed interest and more entries. Catch up on all the posts that Jodi has been doing this year.

I know, closing that thing up is such a pain, I need help too.

Promotion is important , I tell you, and even better when it means getting a lot of extras bits (no pun intended!). And it's no small bits either (okay maybe I did intend it a little), because together with the blog post detailing the release of Sere & Lou's Grand Tour - Episode 1, Serenity and Louise Kristan-Faulds also posted an interview with the costar of the movie, Alexandria Topaz-Rodgers. http://cluberotiqueblog.blogspot.com/2017/02/sere-lous-grand-tour-guest-star_9.html

Yes, this much hotness can coexist! On the same lounger, even!

The post can boast excellent photography by Louise, both of the studio kind and of the behind-the-scenes kind taken on the set of the movie. Truly a remarkable job that would make the feature as it is. But the post is also thoroughly entertaining to read, and it's one amazing feat, I tell you. Regardless of how articulate and witty the interviewee is, it could be difficult to hold the attention of the reader when the questions are uninspiring. For sure no deja-vu will come up to you mind when you read this.

Props to Sere and Lou for making this an examplary 'promo' and hype post, following a tradition that originally made the Sexiest Pornstar blog so meaningful. And do check out also Alexa's introduction on her own blog, big props at her too for bringing the goods!

The SL Porn blog comes out with a lot of posts this week! And not just because every day we have a Racheal taking care of the notices, and the party posts.. Nope , it's because the nominations for the 'Golden Cocks' are out there! Maybe i should transition into the...


The 2017 * SL PORN * GROUP MOVIE AWARDS, or as they are affectionatelly called, "The Golden Cocks" will take place this Saturday, Feb 18, at 1 PM slt.
It will be a very special time for sure.

Courtesy of the SL*Porn blog - read all about it there! 

In the previous editions the Awards were strictly a "company party" just to award the great work done by those who were featured in Miss Emily's studios, and then also in Zoey Winsmore's and Erin Cedarbridge's. This year the fundamental concept ("let's award the movies and performers that we know best, since we directed them") gets extended to incorporate EVERY director who posted new work during 2016 in the SL porn group, eligible to be nominated and asked to vote and be 'a judge'.

Cream Release celebrates her double whammy from last year @ the afterparty!

You can read the whole list of nominees on the blog, as voted by the directors. Huge congrats to the nominees, and my hope is that everyone can take this type of event with a grain of salt and just show up to have fun, do some red carpet shenanigans and cheer their friends! In fact, you may want to read this... http://missemilysstudio.blogspot.com/2017/02/hump-day-party_14.html

Sunday together with Tammy and others took great photos of the event last year.

Yep, what is important for us partygoers, is that the special venue for the awards has been placed, and as Emily announced, it will host a series of parties! From the usual Humpday Pornstars party onward, there will be a party every day there! So if award shows are not your thing, still you gotta come peep at least once!
And last year's Red Carpet  by Racheal was pretty neat!

Well attended and fun, the Monday parties are really cool, if you can get past the nasty cat bouncer at the entrance! (photo by Sime)

The party life of the group still goes strong, anyway, and you'll still find plenty excuses to get naked or mostly naked with your peers and enjoy some fun time! Besides Tuesday with land issues still delaying Rachel's party, we have had a super busy and intense week of parties, with beach, club, and including fun times at Hard Alley!

MadisynToo is one of the most lovely pornstars you can find on the dance floor!

From Monday at the Abbey's with Zuby hosting and Ayara dj, to Sunday with Yana at her beach party, there's always going to be some chance for you to be seen and be part of the scene. Enjoy it and you'll find out that the so called porn crowd is in general a pretty friendly one!
Ok, let's just put some more hearts and delve into the...


First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who has been contributing to the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group. It is only fitting that pic 2'000 (as I write...if anyone deletes their flickr meanwhile, you suck and it still counts!) in the group pool belongs to PJ Thornton, who is as I like to remind every time, one of those few close-knit flickr friends who contributed to popularize the theme and make it 'a thing'.

PJ and Zepp, making history! Or something.

This was sort of a funny week actually...Here's 3 'milestone' photos who don't feature giant numbers and cheeky smiles, but rather show the great craft of these photographers with a little thank you in the description or notices. Hey I love the big celebrative pics as much as anyone, but it was fun to see that this week it went like this....

For the first time ever I made 100 faves, I want to Thank all of you who made my first 100 faves post possible... Thank you all for your kindness 
- Faith Darrow
"1'000 followers"
Ty for all of your love and support!! I appreciate you all :)) 
- Raven Steiner
 A post to celebrate my 2000th follower.  
Featuring a pose made by Kyle Devonson.
- Athena Mariposa

And if you want a whole ALBUM of celebrations, here's Solidx's 99+ club!

One of the many remarkable shots in Solid's illustrious photo career, 'Freckles' with Be

" I am sharing a milestone I enjoyed reaching this week my first 100 pictures having 99 and more faves on flickr. Over the last couple of years I had the pleasure of portraying some of the most beautiful women in SL from pinup to soft erotic shoots. I wanted to thank everyone who follows me and enjoys my work. 

Thank you, Hugs Solid. "

Relax, you are wearing a mask, NOBODY is gonna recognize you...

Virgil (Virgilius08) from VIR Studios has issued calls in group for involvement in his company. He really is a man with a vision, made apparent by the impressive quantity of work put together for his comic books and other project. If you are interested in bringing your talents to ambitious projects, he is definitely the man to contact, check out his blog and flickr and don't forget, Issuu for the comics!.
Meanwhile, he also showed support for other comic book projects by friends. And here's why you could read this notice:
" A brand new set from the Erotic Storm Company. Introducing Jimbo, with Adrian and Tiffany Tornado.

Raw vs Cooked : all I can say is, hmm....Rawrrr?

Aria Horan gets my weekly mention of her work again by virtue of both sheer volume of work ("All that jazz" is one amazing erotic photoset , and the updates she gave me about her upcoming set with Larah Sa'fir are very promising) and for outstanding single shots who communicate with her followers a few tricks of the trade.
" When photographing live action, you are pretty much stuck with the WindLight you began shooting with. But you can rescue your pics from the blahs by tinting your light effects. This series was overly red so the application of lighting effects set to bff3f9 (a light blue) balanced things and yielded a lovely skin tone and depth of colour." 

Gotta catch'em all!

Yep, cards , cards, Marcus made more cards! From new commemorative "1'000 views" cards like he did for Isa, Cinderella and Celeste, to the new cards for Bart and Rachel Avro, the project keeps going and growing.
And my weekly descent into Marcus Strong's list of featured people has to start with our own Isabelle Cheviot, as the two have together this 'Naughty Neighbors' set  ! But he also had a pretty hot 'Gaea Loves Marcus' session  and sweet sweet pics with Cinderella Walker, Alejandra Bilasimo and Tiffany Czerny , plus one ultra sweet shot with Sara Sheperd that IS in fact Valentine's day themed...and we might just see it on FF.

Hottie cooling off in the pool! Like those waterholes in the savannah.

"Sometimes it is awesome to be a photographer" is the tagline chosen by Hoobs for his series of 'behind the scene' poses with the models that respond to his 'casting call'. A nice tongue in cheek approach for what is leading to quite a few interesting "Hotties" pinup shots. This past week, Tempted, Ali Lancrae, Samantha Demonge and the ever gorgeous Cream Release.

Those family meetings get very heated, and not arguing about football!

"Wife Swap" is first photoset from Masuki 'Suki' Silvansky I get to mention in the Beaver. It features herself and Jagger plus her SL sister Tori (VictoriaGrayce) and her hubby Mark (Markmm). Suki has been around a long time and is well known to the 'insiders'. I had the pleasure to work with her a few times, the main gig being on the set of Erinyes' kolossal office movie and she has been simply perfect. She is also a photographer with a keen eye for what is hot... just like Jagger...who made a smouldering hot set with Temp, a name you will keep seeing here on these pages. Oh sorry, it's so easy to off on a tangent talking about these sexy and friendly people. Here's a couple links!

Admire the originals (not my rude cropping :p) on Tammy's flickr and Partee's

TammyJones continues en route to her 100 photos in her sci-fi album, and Dax Rahl continues to show pornstars and their rides! I give coverage to these projects as they grow every week. I think that having a running ongoing project helps give focus and encourage to involve others - it is probably why I was roped into blogging again :p Same goes for Leanna Mai who also has a vehicle-centered series in her Mai Rides !

Moon Edenbaum is a photographer who can work real magic. The full figured new Ali Fox suited him really well

The week saw again a boom of new and relatively new models. All showcasing the right attitude and also competent when not flat out spectacular photo skills. Just to name a couple names? Tiffany Czerny aka ღ Pяєςισυѕ тιffу ღ (wildtiffany) for sure. Her brand new Flickr features her model work posing for photographers of the caliber of Moustique Hearthsdale and Marcus.
But also Moxxie Malone who posed for some stunning shots including a shameless butt shot by Graham, Breeanya who starred in the best squid erotica in recent memory, and someone who I always hope will be enticed back into erotica full time, HaileyMarie Redrose with her flickr being a real rollercoaster of emotions .

'Convergence' by Hailey. Well versed in the art of taking pictures, her work followed interesting paths.

 And for the guys, a name that has been around the business quite a while but has had a very good active week, shooting also the likes of Rachel Swallows and Be . I am talking about Traverse Slade! https://www.flickr.com/photos/traverseslade/32658995681/

Yay Valentine shoot! ...now, off with the chocolate and let's get to the REAL treat, Trav....

Luke Fortacos deserves for sure a special mention on this Valentine's day edition for the long time planned shoots he did with this festivity in mind. You can check out his flickr and admire a variety of hardcore and softcore photosets. He put Rachel Avro and Jezzi Mornington together in a lesbian tryst, tied up Racheal reaaaal good (without roasting her) and had me cuff him up as I was looking on the internet for extravagant sex toys that can double up as pizza cutters. No really. https://www.flickr.com/photos/126590506@N02/

Angels don't really need wings.

But a definite mentions deserves also the Baron, Ebenezer Pixel, with his "Valentines from the Baron" series. Gorgeous pinups, each worth to be in a magazine, a poster or...something that says "hey this thing is darn sexy!", you know? With some stunners like Partee, Mary Solcito and Dokie, it's an album to gawk at and thorougly enjoy. Especially the model n°9, what a hoot! https://www.flickr.com/photos/e_pixel/albums/72157663763039799

What's there to say with this body and those eyes? Iris is a dreamy Valentine!

And watch out for Sas' stream. This past week with some real gems, with a double dose of Zuby with Fuzzy Ace and with Monique LeFry, Rachel SwallowsKemi Miles and a model I didn't know yet but is certainly memorable, Scarlett Dupre.

Kemi has a tight end. But Sas won't tell us which! (I have an idea or two...)

Photosets really deserve some love. And there are plenty remarkable ones. Some off the top of my head: "Romantic Session of the day of Valentine's Day on February 14" by Lucas De la Vega (because quite frankly, a Valentine's Day session on say, the 5th of August would have not been so good), Hot Winter Time by Ted Dosei , the Part 1 of "Upright and Locked Position" by Izzy Ohmai, K&C Make 3  and Another Couples Night  by PJ, Naughty Bossman by Alley Oh , and why not visiting the Abbies Hideaway Beach stream? Abbie has been at it with 'The shoot'!
...Or checking out one of the nearly 100 photoset by Jet Black, like his 'You can't go wrong in Hong Kong' one !

 "Omg Katina featured a Jet set on the Beaver"

And there would be many more, from Nuur at the ever popular Pino 1951 destination, to  work by people I already mentioned for some of their gigs and yet did so much more than that, like Elroy and Storm Greystoke  . But you know....space and all that. The wheel turns and what I don't get to mention one week, I'll mention another - have fun and do things for the long run!

Kimmy is one of the beauties shot by Storm lately

Allright, let's wrap it up! As usual, nowhere nearly as many people as they deserve mention, especially in the photos section, but c'est la vie: as tiny as SL is in the grand scheme of things, with the adult community being a minuscule section of it, it still is a huge collective of different minds with different kinks and different ways to express themselves. Bless you all for doing things your own way, and never be deterred if you feel it brings you 'nowhere'. You are totally right, it won't...but we're here to enjoy the ride!
Well, thank you Kat, you are so encouraging. Must be Valentine's day :p

mr. Dai and Lisa Languish being all lovey-dovey! No red but lots of hearts so it wins Valentine points.

Seriously, thank you for checking out the digest, which I hope will motivate you to check out some of the work covered in it. Please do check the great features of the Dog Star blog, including since last Digest: Artemis Tomorrow  by Isa, Laurel Jones by Marcus, Mystique  and Asteria  by Curty Dovgal.

Hope your Valentine's Day has been great, and catch you soon!

"Valentine's love poem" by Montana Magnifico. I dare you to read the lines and not focus on the figure!

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  1. Well done, Kat! Another winning scoop on the business:-)) great performances and featuresfrom all....:-)))))