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Beaver's Digest - Volume 28

Hello and welcome to the Beaver's digest! The theme of this International Women's Day was 'Be bold for change'. They say porn is inherently mysoginistic: all I can say is that you are in the right place when it comes to boldness, and don't bother to change - just get naked!


It's not the first time I deal with prolific filmakers, but it's really a pleasure to detail the movie adventures of one of those people who give the impression to change the landscape of our community through their efforts. I am talking about the movies made by Curty Dovgal under the brand of True Ginger Photography, her production company. She already reached 10'000 views on her Naughtymachinima alone, so hey, she must be doing something right!

In the previous edition of this Beaver I had a chance to talk about Curty's directorial debut. Beach BDSM with the already experienced Monique Lefry as actress. The following days, TG came out with 4 new videos, and all featuring a movie debutante. And we are not talking about rudimentary videos. First, let me lay out the titles for you.

 First to come out was The Job Interview with Britney Fairlady. Office porn, good choice for any porn director!

"Curty Dovgal interviews an upcoming porn star in the good old fashioned fuck your way to the top film. Turns out Britney REALLY wants the job. 

Trailer on Flickr:
Full Movie on Xtube:
The Blogpost:

The second movie, titled 'Happy Ending' presented another personality of the porn world we have seen on the rise in the past weeks, and showcases her in yet another cornerstone scenario of porn...

" This film introduces new starlet Sara Shepherd (onyxic) who gets treated to a massage and more!

Trailer on Flickr:
Full Movie on Xtube:
The Blogpost:

The third release of the week and fourth total was "The Fucktoy". A return to Bdsm, in a much different and more orthodox setting - well, ok, as orthodox as cages with laserbeams can be :O

" AdrenaLynn makes her on screen debut as a caged cutie in this BDSM heavy vignette!

The Blog:
Naughty Machinima:

Finally (for now), in 'Sins of a Fox' the notorious Ali gets paired up with male lead newcomer Teaser. But she is not one to play with just a pair...(and she likes when they pok'er)

" This short film introduces Teaser and co-stars Ali Fox in a story about a cheating girlfriend and how she gets her comeuppance. A hot DP and double blowjob scene to be sure.

Trailer on Flickr:
Full Movie on Naughty Machinima:
The Blogpost:

The movies may be simple in their essence, just like porn from a debuting director should be, but still with a logical progression and appetizing scenarios. In fact, these movies give you the chance to observe the evolution of a director in such a short span of time. With Curty, you get the feeling to deal with someone with an infatigable curiosity and a vivacious mind. Throughout her movies we can witness her explore more about the expressive possibilities of machinima: she accepts the challenges each new scenario presents, and seems to find the answer to the puzzle with ease.

While 'The job interview' was already a solid porn video that could be the first one in a series of pseudo- casting couch flicks (casting desks?), 'Happy ending' brought on screen another classic porn story (hey , I actually lost my SL virginity on a massage table like that!) narrating it with very simple and yet super- effective 'tricks', very well executed. The split screen with the phone call and well timed animations. The off-screen costume change. All in a setting akin the first movie's, but transfigured by inspired lighting.

Light and music choices likewise are well appropriate for the BDSM movie with AdrenaLynn,a movie  that definitely gets the tone right. Which means, being porn, that Curty gets to make the sex look right. Everyone has their favourites and their kinks, and for sure seeing certain scenes in this video will make you hungry for more. Without going for a hundred of different poses, Curty keeps things interesting. And frankly put, the angles she gets in the movie (camera angles, not the ballistics of her cock during the cumshots...although those are good too!) look pretty darn sexy.

"The Fucktoy" was my favourite movie of hers up until yesterday morning: I certainly have to bring your attention on her latest one. I am fairly sure that if you didn't know better, you couldn't tell it is the work of someone who has been doing vids since less than a couple weeks! With a more articulated story developed through usage of speech bubbles, "Sin of a Fox" is an exciting tale in full on porn logic mode. Not only it features hot sex with the right amount of buildup...

...but it shows once more how Curty seems to adapt her style to the story she wants to tell and learn more and more to rise to the occasion for it (the stripping in bed was done in exemplary way). The potential for this director seems very high, and I can only hope her passion for the business stays at high level, because the intensity and work ethics she showed in photography is every bit there in this foray of hers into movies.

Again, check out her movies and send some feedback!

Well, now that I have talked about The Job Interview, it's about time that I talk about The Job Interview. Wait wha?

Well yes, office porn, remember? "The Job Interview" happens to be also the title of the latest from Kayla Whittaker and her Digital Visage Productions company.

The plot is very simple: Kayla is in the waiting room , sitting by Paulus Portland, gets called in by the secretary (Moxxie Malone) and goes on to meet the boss, Larry Vinaver. 
What happens later, you can imagine it. He's a porn boss, sexual harassment is part of the job description! (Paulus and Moxxie are just in non sexual roles..for this movie at least).

Oh, it's worth noting....i am talking here about Kayla Bombastic, the on screen star, as director Kayla Whittaker sits this movie out: as she always expressed publicly , she greatly enjoys to direct others and not being the main actress in her own productions. Of course her curvy self has plenty fans, but we thank her for featuring others and 'booking' substitutes certainly very well worthy!

Kayla Bombastic and Larry Vinaver are some of best looking actors you can get in a video. I can attest from first hand experience how helpful and well prepared Kayla is on set, and Larry is the crafty veteran we all know and love, the guy with THE perfect look for any situation. The audio track of this movie does not reach the craziest level of screams of some of Kayla's previous productions, so you may listen to the movie at normal volume without fearing that the neighbours would call 911 on you.

And of course Kayla also did a poster on flickr. You know, those nice little touches.
Enough babbling, just enjoy the video in its fullness at

But I feel like you haven't had enough interviews yet. Well this time let's go for a different one...

We're talking about the interview with Carly Morrissey, the creative mind behind the Revenge series. Again the interview is a great point of interest, and I'll mention a bit more in the Blogs section. But visually this production , teaser, trailer, call it as you prefer, is high titillation.

Carly definitely is having a blast with her filming. We have seen how she'd deal with the heights of plot and solemnity of places and situations by implementing bombastic mannerism, fast-forwarded motions through sex and very expressive gestuality. The video is raunchy divertissement that can be appreciated on its own.

Viceversa, the interview on the website gives you the kind of insight that you may be looking forward to.

Another video to enjoy from a prolific director is made in JennyLou! No it's not another interview at the Reproductive Office. We are talking about a Beach Blanket Blonde Barbie Girl!

The video features Skyler Leakey, Jimbo20000 Quan and possibly the most deadpan, matter-of-fact comedy bit in porn I have seen in ages. It's all in one ellipsis, baby!

The plot is as straightforward as it gets, and in fact it pokes fun at it in typical Jennylou fashion. we have seen this beach a zillion times, almost as many times as the casting bed room, and yet that adds to the charm of the body of work of Jennylou, her unerring porn director self when it comes to deliver a movie like this.

Do check out the video at

Speaking of comedy, a full blown comic short video is Scooby Mode's 'Struggles of Making Second Life Porn'.

" Alright, here's my next adult video! Yeah, Scooby finds himself attempting to make a porn film with his friend Carly Mode (no relation there) when she comes over, and just realizes how hard making porn was! < the porn video

And holy shit, flickr lets you upload porn videos now? And videos that can be 3 minutes long? Cool! "

There's nothing I can really comment on this! It's the second movie of this digest that features bitchslapping, and to make a Canadian do so, you really gotta be irritating!
Scooby's movie is not porn in the traditional sense - it does not seem tailored to arouse- and yet again has way too much dick to not be labeled as such! It lasts less than a minute and a half (so does he, I am told), but it will -probably- manage to get a laugh out of you, if anything from the sheer absurdity of it all. Isn't that the best type of laugh (and the most common in SL?)

And I am closing my coverage on several high notes.
First of all, the very well made porn by Lena Storm. Talking about "Gentle Impulsion".

One short shemale porn video that will without a doubt be the delight of t-girls fans, Gentle Impulsion reveals skill on Lena's part, with the camera effortlessly doodling around in what are instead surprisingly precise and fluid motions. The camerawork never gets distracting and busy. It does not get 'in the way' of the bodies but simply exhalts them.

Sometimes just a pillow pile in a cozy apartment is enough to create a memorable video. The flawlessly flowing, if not flowery, camerawork works well with the soundtrack picked for this: without being overwhelming accompanies the action with vivacity and ultimately you will be left wanting more.  Check it out at

Now, the title of the next flick does not leave you wonder what it is about!
What do you think that "Dirty Female Cop Sucks And Fucks Big Black Cock" is going to offer to your viewing pleasure?

Jeremy Duncan is not a debuting filmaker but I haven't covered work from him before! I may just paste some links in the next Beaver if it's not one of those super 'busy' editions (it will most likely have 10 movies from Curty or something!). Once more, this is about a video shot with technical prowess, and with the added pleasure of dealing with a hugely popular type of porn situation. Ah just something about men and women in uniform!

So, take in the sweet pleasure of reverse police brutality with this mouthful of a title!

Amagad, I knew I would have forgotten someone last week, and here it was. The Artful(l) mr. Zane came out with 2 movies. And once more like in his previous Jamaica me cum, I am thrilled by the choice of actress!

The first movie is Pornstar Training. It features Ananna, and gotta say, both movies are just as porn as it gets: the plot for this is "New Porn actress Ananna learns the ropes from her director Zane.". You can definitely get that vibe from the very first shots. And Zane is quite thorough in his lesson! With both the oral and hands-on approach!

Similarly, Beach Bangin': come on, how could it be anything different than some hot BBC action in the sun? The movie stars Aria Horan. If you ever read this Digest making it past the movie section, you know how Aria guarantees herself a spot in every issue with her photographic activities. Finally we have her on the other part of the other big lens, and she makes a great pairing with Zane.

Ah yeah because the plot is...well, damn, you know when a girl is on the beach comfy lounged on a big rock and a brother walks by in his tiny hammock trunks and....well and it's a porn, so what else do you expect it would happen?

Zane directed both movies using his experience. Neither was a project that would challenge him to strike emotional chords like in Jamaica, but both are good porn flicks that both actresses can put in their resume with pride. Looking forward to more smut, mr. Zane!

The movies are avalaible at the following links:

And for this week, I'd say it's a wrap! Next week, the latest by Ivana Hanni, a couple more NM finds and, as they say "much more", including -perhaps- the much anticipated sequel of an award winning movie!
It's time now to get into another section in style...


Yes, I like to begin the party section again right here, with a little hook. Parties are always cool because often pictures are taken. Sometimes even videos! It's the case of Erinyes Celestalis. Her bodaceous self has been caught on 'tape' by Anderson Cruise. in more than an occasion. Just admire the videos because I am still marveled by the quality and fluidity of the capture. Dang it. and

Anderson did 2 magnificent new captures focused on Erin, one at Porn*stars, and this at Yana's street club

It's not just about being in photos or videos tho, but also showing off the photos! Club Yana's porn parties celebrated this week the talent of both an individual who featured countless people in her shoots , the wonderful PJ Thornton, and the new release of one of the most ambitious magazines to ever come out of our 'scene', Attention Magazine. More on that later!

The covergirl of this issue of Attention, does she look familiar to you? (photo by Yana - oh that's who she is!)

In between the plenty of 'more on that later' this short section bears, I just want to point out how the official pornstars party scene is of pivotal importance for every aspiring star and even the established ones. Because, simply enough, any way to stay in touch and be seen is gonna pay dividends one way or another!

The Hard Alley Social Club on the Stroker Toyz sim is the favourite hangout for pornstars in US hours 
(thanks to Curty for the photo!)

Have I mentioned that the beach is back? Parties at " The World Famous Porn*Stars Beach " are taking place every Saturday now, and I know you have missed them!

More beach parties, and more photos by Erin Cedarbridge to come!

Today for the first time in ...way more than I care to remember, the Hump Day party has been Emily-less, as she anticipated during the Saturday party.
Ah well, we hope that she can be back in time for this next beach party.
You know who should be back next week? The Tuesday party at Rachel Swallows', with the new location already so very pornable!

'Moonlight Dive' by Rachel anticipates the opening of the Swallows' nest for Tuesday

There have also been releases party of more magazines. Edvard Taurion's party last Thursday in honor of SL Connoisseur's March issue, for instance, with a double raffle. You'll find the photo report of it in the next issue. Or the release party of Defiance magazine, complete with a video!

Screenshot from the Defiance Party video uploaded by Spot Point. Clothes began to fly soon!

 There are plenty interesting activities in SL, from the Playmates parties to gallery openings, and the highly acclaimed performances of the Debauche dance troupe! I know that 'highly acclaimed' sounds like a clichè, but I dare you to find anyone who attended one of their shows and was less than impressed.

Debauche continues to stupefy with new exciting routines (photo by Crap Mariner)

Remember to consult the Pornstars party official schedule to have a good reading of what is possible to promote and plan avoiding clashes with what our community offers, and other than that, please use groups effectively to invite to your special -non commercial - initiatives.


Defiance Magazine is as some of you may recall, one of the two magazines that pick up the heritage of the short lived but influential publication Second Life Bondage Models. We already covered the magazine created by the creative team of Dark and Luvi Lichlore, back to their Simple Pleasures, and it's time now for the one that continued officially the brand, run by the third former co-owner Trina Carlsson.

As we mentioned in the previous issue, Defiance continues even in its numeration where SLBM ended. The talent involved in this issue managed to put together one beautifully produced publication. Followers of the Sexiest blog are familiar since a long time already with frequent uploader and in the past multiple Sexiest photo of the day winner Sacha Audeburg, who is one of the 'top players' that defines the fine style of the magazine.

Kioto Silvershade is one of the sensual kinksters shot by Sacha in thise issue

Listing properly every model, almost the entirety of which not associated with the 'porn' scene in SL would be pointless, but certainly the work of the staff photographers starting with Kitten (lagertha4) deserves appreciation. Kaylahny, Mo Angelis and the owner Trina, each did their part without lapses in quality. The publication aims for a quarterly release 'every month that marks a change of season', and just like the old SLBM, offers modeling chances to the group members, holding regular casting calls.

Just a snippet from the ample story written by Scott Rehaume in this issue - photo by Kitten

Both the fashion feature and the location reports cover avenues that are known to many but haven't been featured in mags to my memory, and that certainly complement the theme nicely. Especially as far as the fashion (and props!) goes, you could say that there could have been no better fit. It always feels nice when there's a theme and stylistic consistency within a magazine. The well polished and professional look of the production in general is a big plus.
Check out the magazine in world at their HQ, or online. Personally, despite the detailed instructions i still had troubles browsing the media in-world, which also has the precious hyperlinks not functional.
So I have to recommend here the online version!

Moving on....

Playmates always comes out with good material, and is a cleverly built magazine who has been around for a decade for a reason. It built a great legacy, and knows both when to live up the tradition and when to have a little escape from it. This is certainly symbolized in this issue...

Which is not 'the St.Paddy issue', differently from the earlier years! As much as you love emerald skimply clothing, shamrocks and the likes, this issue adopts instead the more flexible jungle theme for the pictorials, performed by Ima Hotone.

Brea shopping for her new alligator purse  

The girls look lovely in them and unsurprisingly it makes for a lot of of fun. Once more, I like to list the models in this issue, each one winner of a -paid and highly competitive, just fyi - monthly contest throughout their SL and recipient of a (second)lifetime gig. Aaliyah Hana, Anna Darkmatter, Beckie Turbo, BritniLynn, Cherries Tala, Chrissy Sparrowtree, Cinnabunns, Compoqueen, Courtezan Quintessa, Hayden Mcbeth, Jennifer Beverly, IzeMybella, LadyEmmy, Lacieanne, Marianne Montenier, Missylovesu, RaziSkyRivers, SarahSwords18, Tatiana Alexandra, Tricia Danielson, VixenTheFoxyOne, YourRoyalShyness, Yvonne Tremmor, Zeedria, ZeldaStarcastle,

The new face (and booty and all other relevant parts) of Playmates for 2017, Lina

And that's together with the covergirl Miss March Twiggy Smythe, the new Playmate of the year MissLina01, and obviously her predecessor in the role, our own Brea Brianna. The magazine offers way more than 'just' the girls, although I am fairly sure it IS the main selling point of the brand! Still, it's very good to read the articles, with the 'rainy' fashion bit, spot on in its advices, and particularly tactful and well documented is the special that tackles one issue always present when dealing with the sexy mags, aka 'Body shaming'.

This may be the most creative rendition of the Macbeth ever.

Read the magazine in-world through MP or one of the many inworld kiosks, and follow their blog to be updated about their active party circuit!

I just mentioned Brea, and here's the one other magazine she works on, and it features this month some of the  best work she's ever done, in the words of fellow co-owner Athena.

I don't want this issue of Attention to be defined by the feature about Laura Richards' latest work, 'Laura's Room', but it's difficult to ignore such a potent piece even addressing the 'porn' audience of this blog. All I can say about this cooperation between Brunella Voelisa (interviewer) and Brea and Laura (photographers, artists and two minds and souls who share some traits that brought them here in their own different way) is profound but made with tact, away from a heavy-handed treatment of the subject.

Attention Magazine is a lifestyle magazine with great ambition but that stays always close to that side of the adult arts community it was born into. Great contribution on this issue from Dax Rahl, another one of those people I mention in this digest over and over and he proved me right. He stepped up his game when it comes to the photography, and showcased his literotica talent in this story featuring as models Johnny Whadd and Sasha Johansen.
By the way, it's an open invitation: "Do you have an idea for a story or an original work you'd like to have published? Contact Athena (athenaisc) in-world or by email at athenaisc1119(at)"

Dax didn't have much luck with his ride in this story...or actually, did he?

Everything in this publications seems to fall nicely into place. From the trifecta of beauties shot by Graham, to all the models who were involved by Partee in the fashion section. Ariel, Breeanya Day McGee, Brunella Voelisa, Cherri Mint, Jodi Sharple, Kassie Martian Shaw, Kimori Korro, KristiSummer, Larah Sa'Fir, Moxxie Malone, Precious Tiffy, Samantha Demonge, Sofia LaFontaine, Tegan Malone, Tisha Carfield, and as icing on the cake...literal icing on the cake with Sandy Miggins. And that's without mentioning the exemplary pictorial by Whims with Yana in a truly memorable modeling gig.

Fashion is always a big part of the magazine. Here's Samantha in one of Partee's photos.

So, in short: get the magazine in-world, or enjoy the online version, that you can find embedded.

And in closing, here's your update with the girl of the month for SL Confidential ! We are talking about Claudia Thorr.

Claudia enjoys her Girl of the Month spreading (no pun intended) for both Laura and Naught!

Claudia is an old friend of the Publisher, stunning, smart and sexy. She's gracing our site this month as our Girl Of the Month for March, featuring pictures by both the ultra talented Laura Richards, but Naught as well!

Next week, a little more room for bi-monthly mags and a new entry!


Midnight Shinja's blog the past week had two new model profiles as a treat, Madisyn and HannaBea. Not only that, but with 2 special features, blondes and brunettes, presented also the beauty of Brea Brianna, Kaylai Cucco, BetteAnne Paige and Lesley Aristocrat.

The versatile model Madisyn got some well deserved attention this week.

Check them out!

The secret for a physique like Argo's? On his flickr you can see some of his fave workouts...

A tremendous personality and one of the 'hot' models on the scene, and a fiery red one at that, Argosi Domenici was on the receiving end of another flattering feature by Tempted Passion and her DV8 Studios blog.

It doesn't happen often to be interviewed by a Senator! No wait, I am getting actors and roles mixed up...

As I mentioned before, you really want to check out Carly Morrissey interviewed in her own blog by Brennaghan Bailey. Bren proves himself to be a very competent interviewer. It could have been little more than a sideshow act to the spectacular video, but when you deal with Carly, you know that she won't pass up the chance to say something interesting and even surprising.

How many exciting surprises are we gonna see in Curty's blog?

Speaking of movies, again you can check out all the movie links and be updated with all the latest Truge Ginger news. But I mentioned last time the terrific work done by Curty Dovgal's blog since its debut and the many models appearing on it. Since my previous Digest you may have missed the interview Curty did with Octavia Sorbet, a name that may be familiar to the many t-girl fans out there.

I think we can safely call that a 'weapon rack'.

As usual I have no clue of what happens in Taylor Shamen's The Porn posts, language barrier and all... but both 'The Shopping' and 'Bet'   (subtitle: 'cocaine & leather') indeed seem to be related to the respective titles! Well, there's leather all over them both, and substance abuse is never to rule out, but...

My first thought, I admit, was that he snatched her panties to wear them himself.

I always greatly enjoy the photos by Isla Grace, who sometimes puts them out there through social media like her tumblr, well equipped with enticing stories. It was the case of her latest sets, Unleashing the Inner Slut and hey, a title close to my heart, Fellatio Friday aka fuck-a-hole Friday!

on SL*Porn, Party photos galore and the accurate daily notices recap by Racheal!

On top of all this, the regular life of the major blogs in the pornstars world continued. We're talking about Miss Emily's SL*Porn, regularly updated by Emily herself and Racheal Rexen, with the party photo contribution by Erin Cedabridge and the ongoing King and Queen of porn pageant.

Ayara always rocks the Happy Ass Mondays. 

and The Sexiest Pornstars blog, whose legacy is carried brilliantly week after week by Ali Lancrae and her themed galleries. THE place to go for your photo needs when you have missed a day or two of flickr and you just want to see the best pics you have been missing. Like the picture above from Ayara, a well deserved '99+' she celebrated with pleasure in group. Now, speaking of celebrations...


We're starting with some milestones, and with particular pleasure I highlight the accomplishments of these very different personalities from the porn world, who need -I would hope!- no introduction at all, with 2 of them (including Ayara above) being talented directors and official porn party djs...

1'000 Flickr Followers for Zoey Winsmore! 

500 followers for Moxxie  

welcome to the 4 digits club to Occasus as well!

....and then of course there's Heather Ashford...

and Occasus being the editor the editor of a real gem of a magazine and a pretty popular model herself, together with Moxxie, a real 'it' girl who we are gonna see in many more photos and roles, not just because of her good taste in men!
And I am -sure- that Heather needs no introduction at all because the posts with her as lead consistently end up being the most popular and dang, that 4500 speaks by itself!
See you next week for even more of those...

Tiffany Tornado strikes again with one of her perfectly produced comics under the Sinful Pleasures brand. Night Moves is a raunchy adventure with two pairs...and perhaps a little swapping , not just of fluid. It's one great story to end winter with, and no spoilers!

Okay, this time I need no introduction whatsoever for Aria Horan. Her new Test Drive set is super-hot and a lock for the FF gallery. Yes yes, she makes smouldering solo pics too, as she is Hunting the Big Ones. But, come on. If you love your boners mixed with some good humor, you just cannot miss 'The gold of Necros', an adventure with 'Horan the Barbarian' and Larah Sa'fir. You cannot!

Erin has always eye for detail as shown here...

Erinyes Celestalis has always been one of my favourite porn photographer with her imagination and ability to just make things happen. Ever since, she carried those skills into her filmaking, and in a funny contrapasso she has been the sole subject of a couple of stunning party vids I briefly mentioned earlier. In the past week she has dedicated time to her first love, photography, and with one of the most sensual photosets to this day, les trois. That on top of other noteworthy pics such as the prodromic Feeling for Fellatio.

Kenny enjoying life and whipping it out, and in,and out and in...with Cally

Kenny MrBigStuph is no stranger to hot porn photosets, which are exactly what I want to show in this photo section of the digest. So, after the end of an era, for this Third Age of Kenny here you have these commendable photosets, with Tegan and Partee at Dirty Rhytms and with Cally for Hump Day.
He also one handedly, i mean, single handedly might have triggered a new weekly tradition inspiring Curty but....more on that next week!

SL Porn icon Quinn Ying, here part of Dax's series, made several party appearances during the week

What's the status of those popular photo series? Tammy is ALWAYS on the lookout for more models for her sci-fi photoset! Pornstars and their rides by Dax continues, Jack Guru's 'Surrender' had a total of nearly a hundred buttocks on camera, new hotties have been added to Hoobs' collection including Tara Sweets, Seddy, MoxxieTatiana Easterwood !What else?

Girls and boys alike get a chance to appear in the newest sets from In Good Company

Of course our man Marcus Strong, who kept himself busy with the cards (coincidence or not, many of the names you read in the previous parts of the digest are protagonists of this new batch) and in steamy situations with many models ( Courtezan, Daana Burks, Deci, Hannah Bea, Justine Bellios, Marisa Aironaut, Mrs. Reynolds, Omaha Katt, Rain, RosieL Weaterwax, Sindee). I said it before I say it again: to have a good pulse of the porn scene today, follow Marcus' stream. He just knows how to spot the hottest girls and the best guys to work with.

Rachel Avro in a sensual pose by Elroy

Elroy Click has enjoyed a good spell of inspiration in his sexual photoshoots, and he certainly perfected the simple modeling on a black background as well. His models in the past days have been the famed Kittyinda Henhouse , Sibaya Nightfire, Britney Fairlady. one Amazing Laura Richards in a set linked to her Attention outing and Catherine Palen in a set that she blogged excitedly.

[insert 'PJ gets wet' joke here]

Rain is a theme that is very popular these days. We saw it in Playmates, I see it in the marketplace almost every darn time we open it, and I know we'll see it much more the next weeks. The beautiful 'Naked in the Rain'  photoset by PJ Thornton with Jed Penne is just my latest excuse to compliment her for shooting the plethora of people, having since my previous digest included -but not just- Anthony, Bart Nocturna, Carola Conover, Curty, Dea Santis, Elroy Click, Geordie Richards, Izzy, Jagger Draconis, James Reinhardt, Les, LuckyLula, Madisyn, Malone, Monique LeFry, Nakuru Bergamasco, Rob Roxley, Seth, Ted Dosei, Zuby Gloom. And myself, even!

Kain still has that magic touch...and the pics are not bad either!

In second life and in the porn community, people come and go. My favourite part is when people return and show new motivation and drive. I very much welcomed the first XXX rated photoset by a real legend of the business like Kain Flux, in his 'Pool that leads to a lapdance'.

'One for the ladies' by Geordie. How could I resist the title?

For this International Women's day, what do the fellas have to offer?
I invite you to check out the new uploads by Flash aka CitiusGreen, and by Geordie Richards who is getting his photo groove on, and he doesn't have to reach far to spot some stunning models!

Jamezz can conjure evocative effects as shown in his sex sets but also in this capture of Tiffy.

Same goes for a well established model and especially photographer who has been around porn for as long as I care to remember, Jamezz Doulton! Not only he did a jaw dropping photoset with Lesley but he took beautifully Charlotte (i mean, pics of her!), Bella Rose Draconis , Alina Sugar. Can't wait to see what else he has in store for us. If Emily lets him live when she is back, of course.

I also suggest to keep an eye on Noshinima's flickr, as she is doing sexy stuff!

In more of the sex and sexy photoshoots, Sara Sheperd definitely impressed me with her Fox's Birthday photoset, and I recommend you to check out Anthony's Fellatio Friday photoset  , Fututio's 'Three of us' taken at Cathiee McMillan's U.F.O. , Jacquimo Jackson's series with Carla Draesia , Moonie's sensual 'Daddy's girl' set, Sergey Uralia's newest , 'Succubus Hunger' by Riska , Sasha Johansen speeding with Dax, Zane at the drive in with Tiffy .

No better photo to celebrate this International Women's Day than this by Izzy!

Time to wrap up the post, as usual by no means omni-comprehensive or fair especially in the photo section. So much to cover, so much going on. I invite you as usual to do your best to promote the work and enjoy your time being part of 'porn', in any capacity: producer, performer, simply enthusiastic perv!
Last week on the Dog Star blog you have had chance to admire Mitzy Broadway from Curty's lens, and Allerria by Sunday. That together with our Fellatio Friday gallery, which always receives a great support and feedback. Thank you for checking this out ,and see you soon!

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  1. Great Beaver, as always, Kat. Thanks for commenting on Attention's March issue. We were handed a terrific challenge, to handle "Laura's Room" with the sensitivity it deserved. I do hope everyone takes a few minutes to check it out. :) ~ Athena