Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Beaver's Digest - Volume 29

Ready for another Digest? I kinda am. Let's recap (most of!) the stuff that went on in this couple of weeks!


Always great to open the movie section with new or returning talents. It's certainly the case for one of the veterans of the porn scene in SL, mr. Dave Gopheller, who released since our previous Digest two movies. The first of which, Audition, involves a batch of hot talent!

Casting couch and audition flicks are perhaps the first thought in popular imagination about porn, contending the first place to pizza delivery and transportation troubles. They are certainly not the common practice or an accurate representation of how the 'business' works, but they always provide a perfect excuse to go on and make some porn! And this video is the perfect example of it, also because unlike real auditions, little spoiler alert: there are no disappointed actors here and 'everybody wins' in the end.

What happens here is quite straightfoward: 4 girls (Lesley, Tina, Kelly and Jenny) show up for an adult movie audition, led by two fellas who will know just by the screen name Bill and Bob. Bill is the guy with the nice sweater and who speaks with the cute strawberry topping.

An orgy movie is fairly uncommon in Dave's production but I must say, it works perfectly with his style. Every DG movie throughout the years always exhibited a tendency to have the great abundance of on-screen action unfold with a certain flourish through the captions. He makes porn: unambiguous directness is his bread and butter, but he likes to use the written word to spice up the smut just like (most of us!) fancy dirty talk during sex.

This works especially well in this movie with the back and forth between the two studs: there are 4 actresses to 'satisfy' with adequate screen time and to combine in different ways, it helped gelling together action that would have otherwise been all over the place. On the contrary, the movie has a nice flow and the actresses get their chance to be involved.

Definitely a pleasant and eventful porn filmed in style and with visual creativity - I did appreciate a lot the shot between the legs (hey now, no innuendo), perks of being built with a big frame! Watch the video on http://pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph58c4452e6302e

The second video by Dave on the other hand allows sole focus on an actress, and it's great news considering said actress is the pretty Nuur (prettynuur). At Dog Star we have a soft spot for Nuur, not just because she debuted with Isa, but also because she has consistently been one of the top 5 contributors on the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group and...because we really dig a Looose Girl !

I almost passed as a side note the expertise Dave has with a camera while I was covering the poutpourri of girls and boys in the previous flick: well, this movie is all about Nuur, and if she is not making this spotlight opportunity count, I don't know what can impresses you in an actress!

Again not much point commenting the story: she's a whore, Dave's a john, and in typical male fantasy, he's so good that she doesn't even want to be paid. Come on now, direct your eyes forward from the rolled back position they just assumed, and stare at the screen, because the movie is well worth it. Nuur is a delicious actress and the movie is very pleasing to watch.

Which you can do right here: http://pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph58c9d0bd97e84 . It is a pleasure to see Dave work again on movies: I know he generally operates going through bursts of activity, so, strike him while he's hot!

I always welcome introducing a Dog Star movie, cuz...Well, yeah , cuz I write on the Dog Star blog (duh!), and because I have a soft (and wet...but let's not digress) spot for Isabelle Cheviot. But mostly because I am a fan, and because you know she's gonna deliver good cinematography and sexy porn! And this one is the latest from my favourite lesbian porn series. It's time for A Taste of Tiffany!

We mentioned Tiffany Czerny (wildtiffany) the past weeks in this Digest because she is one of those enthusiastic and active personalities that really shone from the get-go, and it's thrilling to have her debut here on film. The movie in fact fictitiously ties in with the photoshoot on the Dog Star Blog. http://dogstarproductions.blogspot.com/2017/02/pictorial-wildtiffany.html

Each "A taste of" movie is a mini-event for me, as I know that Isa with these movies will give her co-star a chance to shine. A real collection of some of the finest girls in the world of porn (plus me) gets a very well worth addition with this tanned red haired beauty, freshly named manager of Playhouse Magazine.

Hot beach sex filmed with the skill Isa is capable of and that I won't go around praising from this website (but you know it's gonna be dynamic, expressive, well edited and hey, well fucked!). So what else do you need? Just check it out here!

Now about the latest by Dillon, Street Life, what can I say? Probably by reading the title alone you are already humming the title track...

I admit, when Dillon shared with me his always detailed production notes for this movie involving 'disco music' and 'those psychedelic dance orbs people wear' I thought it was way too dumb of an idea for me to be involved in I sadly had to pass on taking part to it so I dumped the taks to but I managed to involve my good friend Foffie Katzenberg who was not getting porn work in a while (some dispute about her hair being a fire hazard or something). I kinda regret that, because not just she ended up getting it on with Monique LeFry, which is always a treat, but more to the point, because the crazy, paper thin premise works!

Works really well, and it plays further into what is the essence of many Dillon movies: joyful music videos where he will end up getting the girl, his long time gf, muse and partner in crime Carly, but not before walking through assorted humanity who happen to be getting their groove on! It's like a musical with shagging! A fuckical, or something! And there is in fact a staggering amount of co-stars in this! Starting with Johnny Whadd and Larah...

And moving on to Foffie, Monique LeFry and an unusually sober Nicasio Ansar, and to Ali Lancrae and Rob Roxley, with cameo roles for Jellybean and Scotty. Dillon extends his thanks to the whole cast, and it's easy to see why, with everyone putting together a really cool look for this.

Dillon holds well his part of the deal by putting together a slick production, with the whole 'special effect' gimmick not overplayed and well integrated in the pace of the movie. In the end, a memorable video who plays to the strenght of the Dillon porn formula. Check it out at http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/23271/street-life

Have I just mentioned mechanical troubles being an important part of porn! Well I'll be barned, this "Lost on the farm" vid from JennyLou has something to do with it!

Rienna Claridge and Andress make another appearance in JennyLou's movies playing this couple who has a little bit of a problem with their truck. Dang, it's like in Cheating Couples with the engine jokes...only this time there's an actual vehicle.

A typical JennyLou production in a fresh environment - do contact her if you have a location you'd like to see used in a movie, as she seems to really enjoy people 'hosting' her movies - features hot actors at lenght and it is well worth checking out.

Which you can do at http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/23423/lost-on- the-farm
I greatly appreciate the work JennyLou does, and the actors have the right look to be in many more productions!

I also am glad to report another movie, a three parter, by FaeFlower . The Bimbo is exactly what you'd expect. This curvy girl with a mouth tailored for blowjobs shows us another good time with one, oh, or perhaps suddenly two (twist!) sexual partners (still unfortunately allergic to mesh). What can I say, I am eager to see her put her graces to service in more productions!

Enjoy the three parts here

And meanwhile, Ivana Hanni came out with another one of her videos, and she reassures us, I'm still HOT !

I enjoy how Ivana in these vids who promote herself and indirectly her business (I don't think I need to remind you about her BDSM establishment, Castle Ivana) comes up always with slight variations of the formula. This one mixes for the first time in organic fashion videoclips and still photos.

Needless to say dealing with Ivana, you'll find in this the variety of kinky imagery that makes her such a well known personality in the world of adult entertainment at large. Enjoy it please right here at http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/23218/i-am-still-hot

And we have also been treated to a new episode of Her Revenge, or rather, Her Ambition.

The episode is the first fully immersed the 'flashback' events in the university setting that will be the dominant environment for this season. At the same time it is a throwback to the first season's first appearance of the characters, and it's a very psychological episode with a clash of will and minds (a very different shot fired, tho!). Most of what can be said about this of course is contained in Carly's director notes...

From notes that help contextualize and appreciate said context, to more personal and unique insight such as.... "Most of the sex happens on his office chair and both stars completely shine. What makes Sindee and Zepp truly special as porn stars is that they truly get into their roles. They are always attentive and listen and know exactly where we are in the script. This made every sexy angle shot so fun to film."

Like in every episode of this compelling series, i can only recommend to watch it and watch back anything you may have missed. Even if you missed a whole season or two, Carly's ability to concentrate plot developement in barely 3 minute morsels is remarkable and binge-watch a whole series takes no more than a single episode of a much less interesting RL series!
At the same time, this is a beautiful episode to watch as a standalone introduction to the whole series, as it is self-contained even if it plays a whole different role in the grand scheme of things. It has great visuals and stimulating interaction, a perfect example of why putting a plot and dialogue in a porn can really make the sex incredibly more powerful.

So , enjoy the director notes http://carlyjproductions.blogspot.com/2017/03/directors-note-s3e2.html and the movie embedded there or directly on NM! http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/23252/her-revenge-s3e2

Now, do you have enough of a wild imagination to figure what happens in this Kayla's Gangbang - Getting used hard ?

If your answer was "Trade negotiations run into unexpected difficulty", what is wrong with you? Kayla gets gangbanged and used, hard, that's what happens!
In true Digital Visage fashion (love the new logo, btw!) this is a 100% porn movie with a busty girl (Kayla in this case) offering her curves to a variety of hot guys!
I don't see the actors being credited, contrary to the tradition of Kayla's productions so I won't mention them, although I am sure the lust of most viewers focuses on the talented director here.

Kayla Whittaker gets gangbanged from begin to end (literally): that director chair can be resold as new and never used, I tell you.
It's a movie meant to looked at and fapped to as you wish to be there! http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/23388/kayla-s-gangbang-getting-used-hard http://www.xvideos.com/video26983375/kayla_s_gangbang_-_getting_used_hard

And now it's time to talk some more about that one personality who has taken the porn world by storm, and that's of course the one who puts TG in True Ginger, Curty Dovgal. No surprise and no mistake about it , Curty featured more debutantes in her productions. Starting with the movie whose title impertinently contradicts me.

"You must be Mistaken" introduces the beautiful Delilah Serpente as one "coy dressmaker"! I tend to struggle introducing movies with a bit of a surprise, although this is no The usual suspects or anything (although someone might walk out with a limp after this...and the following one)! What happens here is that someone uses the SL equivalent of "Wanna see my stamp collection?"...and the unexpected happens. Well, the expected, actually. But with a twist. Only, not a twist. I mean...gah, watch the movie!

That applies even more for "Turnabout is fair play", which features major table-turning (but it's not a legal drama , there are no spirits and there are no tables, well, maybe the buffet table) as things get physical!.

 This movie sees the movie debut of Argo (Argosi Domenici) and the debut in a starring role of Traci Quandry, together with many extras in the introductory scene: Quyngles Bluebird (quyngles), Dakota Faith, Tiffy, Brunella Voelisa, Jesssica Shippe, Madigan 'Key Grip' Wylie and TammyJones.

Both movies make perfect use of the newfound depth allowed by the use of captions that Curty debuted in Sin of a Fox. I enjoyed in a very special way the dynamics involved in You Must Be Mistaken: unique as they are in their bait-and-switch mechanism, they were executed perfectly, again making you forget that Curty started doing movies barely a month ago. Her work when it comes to direction, pacing and editing in both video and audio mixing keeps maturing.

And Curty can be especially proud of the work done with Turnabout. The surprise factor is augmented if you are not entirely familiar with the personalities involved, but it's not a movie that is necessarily 'based' on the twist. It's a fine example of how to tell a story with humor and levity while providing excitement and good hot porn! In a way the fact that it's presented in 2 parts on NM makes it also enjoyable for those who are not into t-girl porn... But I do of course suggest you to watch it as a whole!

Very well planned and with some of the best camerawork from Curty, enjoy the video on http://truegingerphotography.blogspot.com/2017/03/turnabout-is-fair-play.html

There's one more memorable production from Curty that I need to cover, and that will get me to the section we devote to parties...

I know you are not getting tired of me mentioning the ongoing shows by Debauche, the lovechild of Laura Richards and Severina and a terrific overall ensemble who gathers real talents from the world of porn and not just. I admit , I am amazed by how Curty even managed to shoot this at the live event , considering how crowded those are.

Anything I am going to say here about the show itself and the subject of the video is made redudant by this post, so just visit Curty's blog and read her words.

A lot of the magic behind the Debauche show is here in the video: you can see how much Curty is comfortable with her filming tools by admiring what she managed to do in this unforgiving, one-take-only context. The presentation is also impeccable, including proper captions and Geordie's voiceovers just like at the real show.

Truly an impressive performance from the girls on stage (Laura, Severina, Larah Sa'fir, Selene, Evita (Evalyn Wunderlich), Letitia, Mona de'Maris,  Aoife Modan, Sasha Johansen) but big props to the filmaker!
Check it out here or at any of the other links you'll find in the blog post.



As Curty herself said, Debauche is an ever evolving show and repetead views are welcome. The show she captured was the one at the Playmates mansion,who also saw the crowning of the newest Miss May for the magazine. Definitely a big event you can admire and nothing can quite substitute the chance to watch a perfomance 'live', picking your own angle, peeking behind stage (err maybe you are not supposed to do that, ok...), watching the tremendous coreography at work - and I include in the term 'coreography' also the way the scenography falls into place for every different scene and is dynamic part of the musical routine with some surprising twists.

The performance of Laura and the whole Debauche crew you can see on film also coincided with her victory in the magazine contest. Congrats to Miss May Laura Richards!

At the same time, those of you like me with not exactly a state of the art computer might in fact have a better view of the show from Curty's eyes than being on the crowded (because the Debauche shows are quite well attended!) sim and fearing to crash whenever you cam closer!

Luke Fortacos' exhibit is a beautiful B&W display

Now, still dealing with events: it's great to have news about exhibitions and art galleries here. Xaara is a sim that has been hosting this sort of events for a long time and where you can admire permanent art installations well worth your time exploring. I am happy to put the spotlight on Luke Fortacos' new one, featuring models like Jezzi Mornington, Lesley Aristocrat, Racheal Rexen and more. Truly exquisite black and white works bdsm-themed, some of Luke's best work to date.

Posemaker Brandi Monroe provided original artwork for the exhibition together with an exclusive freebie

And I also like to point out the newest exhibition at Mirage running for the whole month: the gallery itself is indeed a sight to behold, as you can expect from Nicasio Ansar. I won't spoil the surprise for you , just have to tell you to activate Advanced lights because projectors are an integral part of this new incarnation of this gallery that already hosted exhibitions from many members of our community.

It's no news to see Tammy take great shots at parties, but it's great to see also Allison back on the scene!

Well, What about the parties-parties? Ah-ha! I have exciting news for the future as well as some good news to report about the past. Last time around I touched the subject of Rachel Swallows still being in the middle of relocating, and Miss Emily having to miss her own party which, I tell you, was quite the shocker for some! Well...

An aerial shot of the first party at Swallow's Nest by Noshinima

All I can say is, we had a great party last Tuesday with DJ Joe at Swallow's Nest, the newest location for Tuesday's porn party, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Erotica%20Island/161/28/23 and today we had more of that, with as DJ..yep, it's that reinassance genius of Curty Dovgal, who gave everyone a great time with her hits and threw in some naughty humor!

There's just one Dirty Little Girl ! (from Miss Emily's blog)

And Emily is back after her break, so brace yourselves for more of her wild parties on both Wednesday and Saturdays! Well, those never stopped, tho, thanks to the tireless DJ work of Moonie and Zoey. Really huge thanks to all the djs and hosts of the pornstars parties, who keep bringing the sexy to the group week after week month after month, and we can say, year after year, even.

Ayara celebrated her rezzday in good company! (photo by Hailey )

And there are still surprises all the time, including the new setting Yana has in mind for her party Friday: a little bit of a sneak peek maybe? Let's just say... It's not gonna be a beach party.....the sea is a LONG way away !

Dax in the process of groping Lesley at the Hard Alley Social Club (pic by Dax)

So in the end: porn parties happen all the time, every weekday (yes, we can safely say that!) for the EU evenings, and also in the US hours thanks to the crew at Hard Alley. To host a porn party, feel free to contact the party planner Moonie (Deka Teardrop), and remember that you are always free to host your own parties and non commercial events outside of the Official circuit and give a shoutout about it in chat, as long as it's a legit hangout for fun and porn things and doesn't clash with the established parties. Check out the schedule on the Pornstars blog and enjoy!


I just mentioned Club Yana, not only it hosts every month the release party of the terrific Attention Magazine, but it was elected this month by Jaz as one of the sites that introduce the issue to the readers.

Playhouse probably has no secrets for you by now: JazmynCrystalStorm's creation, the magazine with 'Life on top' as claim has been featuring new and exciting prospect since its inception, gradually bringing in well established talent from the porn groups. Since a few issues now Playhouse has expanded noticeably the amount of talent behind the camera as well. What was once over 90% the work of Jazmyn herself now features the work of a photographer here at Dog Star know and love, the wonderful Sunday Whitewood...

...and a huge contribution by S.G. aka Storm Greystoke, prolific artist who shot plenty of models in any location and in any colour gradient! Some of the girls who received the S.G. treatment were Sloane Derryth (filledragon), Julianna/Jillina Davi, Kimmyo in another magazine appearance and, trying carefully to not run out of superlatives here, Monique LeFry who starts the issue definitely on a high note.

Moni is one of those rare models with a real 'it' factor to the look.

As you can see, stars and starlettes in abudance and at the same time fresh faces, returning centerfolds   ( CrystalStarlite )and obviously the winner of the monthly contest, this time Shandra (killashandrasong), shot by Sunday in a great St.Patrick's setting. Sunday's partner Elena also makes an appearance and boy is she a sexy model or what!

Kimmy puts together a great display in all the beauty of her curves in this issue

Enough of this, you just have to go check the issue by yourself! Get a copy of Playhouse in world, fetching it from the HQ, which happens also to be the home of the monthly contest that can put you on the cover. If you think this is what you want, suit yourself and you won't be disappointed, a cover is always a dream to many and Jazmyn knows hot to hype it!
Do not forget that if you want to appear in the magazine there's also a new manager to contact, and that's a name you see recurring in these pages: Tiffy aka WildTiffany!

Julianna is a great woman to have in bed. If you like reading something and you know arab, at least...

Magazines are the bit of this Digest that requires a little more attention on my part with timing. I try to pace myself when covering those who have a bi-monthly or so periodicity, but then I end up overlooking something especially if don't come out with the digest every week. Then of course there is the first of the month when I get swarmed, but it's another story. Why this long intro?

Well, I meant to cover for the first time this magazine starting with its February issue, but whops! Bounce Magazine has one of the best 'claims' ever: International Magazine of Booty! I am showing you both the issue avalaible today and that is perfect to celebrate spring....

...and the beautiful February issue, which was not a Valentine issue (phew at least!) but that featured something I really want to point you to. And that is, a very well made interview, or should I say a roundtable, between the publishers of this magazine and the owner (Kianita) and the assistant editor photographer and interviewer (Dakota Faith) of Cocktail magazine.

Being the 'right hand' in porn can be really busy work!

The great amount of respect paid to the 'competing' magazine is perfectly logical. Bounce started off as a futa-centered publication, and certainly you can see from the choice of models how it definitely likes them thick...in all places! It is produced by the Coxx sisters, aka Gigi (Diablo Starship) and Kiki (Macintyre McCallen). As a magazine it is very well put together and the quality of the photoshoots is definitely high!

Every issue features a very good and lively interview with different personalities.

Getting the magazine is easy, just head to the HQ and grab any issue from the vendor, for free! I suggest you to get them all, as it's still a fairly young magazine with great photos - provided you are into futas and t-girls - and the past issues have had other nice articles and interviews, including on the September issue a special for the anniversary of the Abbey!

The lovel Blàithìn embodies the type of models featured more prominently in the mag.Also,I suck at accents.

I look forward to give a better coverage of the magazine in the coming months, which sadly will be without a true pillar for the TG community as Cocktail.
So, stay tuned next issue for a coverage of SL Unplugged, the last (for a while at least) issue of Cocktail, and other publications!
But before that... our usual coverage of SL Confidential, the one online magazine in our scene, following the tradition of other influential publications in porn such as Virtual Immaturity and Slut Mag!

one of the photos appearing in the 'Girls on Film' selection (credits, obs , to Zuby Gloom)

What did Naughtius and Kay come up with? Well, we are talking now about a feature that will have you humming the song right away! No it's not Street Life, this time I am talking about Girls on Film!
Naught and Kay are pleased to showcase the talented members of SL and their great photography works. [...] Look for male pages titled Wild Boys, and lots more of both sexes in upcoming weeks. Enjoy!!!
Zuby Gloom and Lesley Aristocrat are the talents showcased so far, and we look forward to more soon again!


Also, hey, last time around mr. Alexus Minotaur posted the latest comic of his just when my Digest was already done and published. What a fun one that was! The comic, I mean! Alexus doesn't quite run his Minotaur Comics as a mag with periodicity, but his presentation is second to none and he even releases the comic in CBR format. The plot of this one lingers on a 'misunderstanding' that is laid out easily in the first page, but it is unfolds with nice timing and the usual cheeky dialogue Alexus is so good at implementing. That and a ton of hot photos composed in stylish, true-to-comic-book style.

Big Props to Alexus for the great job, and to the BJ Twins Barbie (hardstylebarbi3) and Jasmine Goldstar!


So, last time I covered Midnight Shinja's blog, he had just published Stunning Blondes and Beautiful Brunettes. Take a wild guess on which haircolour was next? No, no silver foxes, but Amazing Reds! Featuring Creamy Au and Celeste Waverider. And the red wave didn't stop there as he featured Tiffany, followed by a trio of brunettes including sultry newcomers Rain Illuminatus and Lola Capalini and returning model Andrea Johnson. Enjoy Midnight, now with a different layout on the blog!

Redheads rock, not that I am being partisan or anything....

If you read this digest and haven't checked out yet Curty Dovgal's True Ginger blog well, I made a poor job at linking it or something, because for sure it is one of the best places to go to see the magic of SL porn happen. Together with the movies i mentioned, including the Debauche video, I would like to point you to the interview post with Alivia Morrigan, owner of the Ladyboys club.

Alivia is an intriguing model and has a sweet and candid story as club owner you'll want to read.

Also notable in Curty's blog, besides the good structure that now includes also a page with the various talents involved, is what promises to be just the first installment of several Whip It Out Wednesday posts. It's difficult to keep 'memes' going , but Curty (and obviously everyone who contributed, first and foremost, duh!) provided a gallery with a W.O.W. factor, with great pics and fun captions! http://truegingerphotography.blogspot.com/p/wow_15.html

 I can just picture him singing Man überlebts

Part 3 of The Dirty Angels is avalaible on Taylor Shamen's "The Porn" blog! Some of the finest nuances are kinda lost in translation to me, but I am sure that if like me you don't know German at all, you'll enjoy it as much as I did! if you do, I can't promise.

Morgan is one emerging talent in the world of porn and begins to be a more frequent sighting at parties

Wow, since the latest digest Tempted Passion brought on her DV8 studios blog some SERIOUS studdage! (I made up the word yeah). Some jaw-dropping photosets from the talented photographer she is, and featuring a great mixture of emerging talents and well established stars, from Logan O'Leary to Damien Godard, from a real musclehead in Vince to a modern day wiz in Morgan Talbot

Damien is diabolically attractive!

A truly excellent display for all the guys ...but also a gal there, and what a gal she is: Darkangel69 Vig is one historic name in adult modeling! Do check out the work of Temp, both in pictures and as a pleasant interviewer and editor.

This is either rough sex or a heated struggle for a bottle of hair conditioner.

It's only the beginning with Zoe! For Kenji Davi at least, on the Anton productions blog! The famed porn company who featured dozens of stars in the past released on their blog another sexy photoset.

Now, let's try and count the health code violations in this picture. Answers on page 69

After Fuck a hole Friday, Isla Grace bestowed her fine photography and naughty prose on another day of the week! It's time for Take a turn Thursday! And what do you think of her naughty St.Patrick's day?

Now, here too there are plenty of health code violations, but still less than at your local Long John Silver's.

So while I looked the other way, bam, BeeQueen Smythe posted 3, yes 3 exciting photosets on her blog! Including one of her patented comics! Enjoy The Red Room, A moonlit bondage with Argo and the comic Back to School

Great 'dos collide, on Pornstars Confidential!

Ali Lancrae experienced some difficulties with the weekly galleries of the Pornstars blog, but being the hard working SL gal she is, she managed to finally put one of the living and never aging legends of SL porn in Larry Vinaver. Enjoy as usual Ali's cheeky take on a faux interview, and her first rate photography with the Great Scot himself!
Not just that, but also enjoy her first presentation of newcomer Sharon Castillione!
But more on her next week...

I missed some fresh blogging smut by the Notorious B.E.N. , and this Morning Wake up BJ is stuff dreams of...especially when you dream of a Fellatio Friday. Carola Conover is her usual fantastic model self.

Talisker Braveheart in his all his virile charm photographed by Partee

And I like to conclude again with the SL Porn blog: after a few days of adjustment due to miss Emily's RL, the blog is back in full swing, providing all the updates you need about what happens in the community of SL Porn, which includes an ever growing number of adult photographers and cinematographers. And members of the groupr or not, you are bound to love the parties! Never been to one? Tsk tsk! Check out the blog posts about them on both the main blog and miss Emily's studio, and attend more! Do not forget also the Prince and Princess of Porn are proclaimed monthly, receive photoshoots and will build up to a further contest which will turn out in a movie! Enter the contest!

Special, very special credits go to the wonderful Racheal Rexen for holding the fort  and for doing every single day a mirable job collecting the notices in the blog. And she finds also time to do her own photos and lots more. It was only natural (well, not really, blogging, in-world activity and flickr followers don't go hand in hand!) that she reached the milestone of 1'000 folllowers on flickr!

Which brings me the photos section!


Milestones time!

Zepp celebrates...and brings cake!

Curty celebrates....and brings kisses

Ella and Barra celebrate...and bring boobs :O
Brea celebrates...and bends over. Hmm, who to pick?

I do enjoy the milestone photos. As you see, people can get pretty creative with them often, and to be honest, having a relation with the 'fanbase' makes the whole flickr social game more interesting.

"Lylah, we really have to go. You'll find your lamp post friend here again tomorrow"

I have always appreciated the talent Igor Romanov displayed in his photography , well matched by his way with words. A talent that goes past finding forbite ways to describe penetration without too many repetitions. Igor always managed to put soul into the stories of his encounters, and this one -although it uses a narrative device that will make me beat Igor on the head with a shower head- really delivers on multiple levels. It also has the merit to put him together with one gorgeous lady and talented photographer as well, Lylah Landar. A wonderful set, definitely magazine-worthy.

Sensual Sunrise with Rachel Avro is a gorgeous shoot in one of the many styles Hailey is able to render.

Many of you get to know HaileyMarie Redrose more from her party antics: few people can chat up a room the way she can, with her natural charme, extensive knowledge of music and pop culture and simple affableness. But she is far from being just a socialite and a model with great potential: she is a talented and versatile photographer too, as you can see from her stream! A polyhedric talent who can go from natural lighting to craftfully edited to...an etched lesbian porn version of The Human Centipede. Like, seriously!

Julya Lykin, and...Lickin Julya, I guess!

Hailey was one of the models who got to play Sasquatch Rhino's favourite game: Make Me Pose. Sas is one of those brilliant creatives that I probably shouldn't even mention on this blog anymore, together with the Lauras, Zubys, PJs of this world. I mean, what's the point? If you don't follow him, you are just missing out! But here's a shoutout for the wonderful models he covered in the past couple of weeks, and who, need I remind you, are part of the creative process by picking the pose Sas did his best to recreate. Sindee, Bibble, Ali Fox , SexycandyCharms, Julya LykinCheryl Reddevil and more!

Not related to the contest, but this 'Dominatrix' set by Alectra 'Alley Cat' Somerset is a must see!

Since I mentioned 'Bibi' Bibble Sugartooth: remember to check out the contest she runs through the specific flickr group! https://www.flickr.com/groups/bibisphotocontest/.

- This Theme is GIRLS ONLY month! ( NO Boys in the pictures ALLOWED!)
- It must have something dominate, like mistress or submissive wise.
- You can title it what you want, but you MUST add the theme and link below to your photo description: Dominatrix
- Photos must follow the theme. ( Can be safe, moderate, or restricted.)
- Multiple people are allowed in the photo.(only girls This round!)
- Photos must be posted to Flickr between 15th and 28th Of Each Month . Photos posted earlier than the 15th will be removed.
- You may only use very light editing on your photos, such as lighting corrections & signatures. Heavily edited photos will be removed.
- Backgrounds must come from within SL. I want to see what you can do in world!
- Nudity is allowed for all avis.

Post your Dominatrix themed pics and have fun!

I appreciated seeing new photographies populate again the .Doom. flickr stream. They creative mind behind the brand is one of the most gifted filmakers on the scene, and his photos have all the quality you can wish for. https://www.flickr.com/photos/131545615@N07/

Obviously PJ had to have a rezzday on a Fellatio Friday...

Do you want to play the "How many people has PJ Thornton featured in pics" game? Since my latest digest, we are talking about Anthony, Bart, B.E.N. , Butta, Carola, Chris C, Curty, Dax, Dea Santis, Ellen, Fruitkuiken Kelberry, Geordie, Gwenivere, James Reinhardt, Jed, Jimbo Quan, Marcus, Moni, Robin, Ryu, Sas, Sindee, TarTar, Yana, Zuby!

I think we will hear about Topaz a lot more in the future, what a hidden gem she is!

You wanted some update from In Good Company? Marcus Strong since our latest digest shot Addison Summerwind, Allison Weaver , Brianna Belmont , Candii, Cinderella Winkler, Deci, Ekaterina (Carolinova) , Issac  , Liruu , Miss Tessmacher in a super hot set, that girl Tiffany, the wild one !  and the always beautiful Victoria 'Tori' Grayce. Oh and the cards, the cards. I really appreciate the contribution Marcus gives to the business.
Now, "by the long dong of Strong..."

I've heard (sigh, just heard) of toe-curling orgasms, but this ...

...as I anticipated last time and as I end up covering every single time, not a dull moment in Aria Horan's stream. Besides all the 'hunting' going and the prosecution of the epic comic with Larah, ("Best excuse I've ever seen to show off scantily clad bodies and to write overly long and complicated silly text boxes" to quote the enthusiastic reader Erika Thorkveld) enjoy the sex(y) photosets "The Test Drive" and "Short 'n Curly", with a new one just being released.

photographer and model (here for Sandra Palletier), Noshinima is being very active on the scene 
(check out her H.A.M. and TT !)

Plenty new and old talents have been doing their photoshoots. I was especially impressed by the newest from 'Mr.CanoeHead' Markus Steiner , Rocco VanHelsing Svoboda who keeps himself busy with the photos , and I can't ignore a model who has been especially active and self-promoting these past days, NLxCrazyGirl Luik.

It can require all the might of a man to pull back Moxxie when she leans forward..

Not to mention Marius Iscariot who had in his bedroom (for shooting purposes of course!) talents of the caliber of Moxxie Malone  Brea BriannaAshley Sugarplum  !

Saturday Night Party! by Kyle Devonson has to be one of the photos with the highest concentration of sexiness ever!

Time to list some more notable sex photosets. They can get no love sometimes, due to the nature of Flickr, who rewards better with its shiny stars the single pics.
After the gorgeous Trois, Erinyes Celestalis shot the remarkable Deux, and I enjoyed 'The Client' by TammyJonesDon Roodborst having fun at the beach with EmeeLee EmberMera Firelyte doing photos with Domenic and Nova , 'Night in With Tori' by Gavin Coak, Glommie with AJ Serdyuk, 'Euphoria' aka the latest by Abhati O , Fuck a stranger vol.6 but also much more by Ellen Saint, Riska Demina's Shower time , the mixture of erotic and explicitness by Gerard Tendaze , Anthony with Rachel at the beach  and eating tacos with Tammy...or Tammy's taco, rather.

I admit,never heard of 'belfies' before, but(t) this collab work by SoniaIsla and Mylene butt, er put it on the radar!

and furthermore, 'Wild night' by Jamezz Doulton with Dalilah,  Dokie Doobie's porntacular Rendezvous photoshoot already introduced in Aroused Magazine, who also published 'Intimacy' by Solidx with Be, a true erotic masterpiece...  and for those who enjoy 'strong' fantasies about forceful sex, "Use 'em abuse' em then lose 'em" with Athena Mariposa by Elroy Click is something you're gonna love (but don't click if pixel violence is a turnoff for you).

Jhownn Warcliffe's 'Have references'. He comes prepared!

Phew, let's say it is all for this Digest. On the Dog Star blog it has been a busy week. Beautiful new photoshoots for you to check out, including Holly Arkright by Sunday, Rhiannon Skinstad by Rachel Swallows, Ali Fox by Curty and "Cuntry Girl", a sex pictorial with Isa's writing and the photography by Tegan Malone, including her, Argo and Dag!
Plus, a very flattering feature with great photography by Sunday and a lot of me yapping  and hey...a movie, you know?
Enjoy your week, and see you quite soon! If you miss this article, try this device (thanks to the Tuesday DJ for informing me of its existance!)

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