Friday, May 12, 2017

Fellatio Friday #38

Welcome to your Friday blowjob gallery! That's kinda how we call it informally, even if 'Fellatio' really rolls well on the tongue. Well, shall we? We have no need for an introduction to get the taste of it. See what I did there? Well, now it's time to see what YOU have been doing. That's across the whole week and waaay past too, but that's what I am gonna say in my copy & paste! Meet me after the first pic.

Every picture in this blog is Certified 100% Organic , now Rachel-stamped!

Zomg, you tell me you are interested in submitting a picture? Well then, join the Dog Star Fellatio Friday Flickr Group then! Membership and submissions are controlled to avoid spam.  You may submit as many pictures as you like - I am only posting one per person per week - however, if you submit more than one, I will have plenty of pics to choose from in future weeks! No limit, and this gallery is posted kinda early in the day to give the widest possible coverage from the group pool as a whole.  Pictures must be themed around blowjobs and all models must be human (the caveats one must use for SL!).

Sunset Rendezvous BJ - Curty Dovgal

Good Girl - Addison Summerwind

Bibble - The Lick - Ted Dosei

Cody and Em, a screenshot from Free Tan, Miss Emily's latest movie!

Keep on Truckin' by Aria Horan (in a steamy set as usual)

Double Team - Maximus Platypus

Just before it got messy... - Melina Jameson

Tasting Afternoon Delight - Gaea Oakleaf

Breakfast with my daughter! - Maggie Bluxome (check the original for a very naughty story!)

Crême fourrée - Sandra Palletier

Aya: Women And Older Men - Nakuru Bergamasco

Whatever Rusty Wants..Rusty Gets! , says Marcus Strong

Happy Fellatio Day - Sia Python

from Noshinima's newest Vs photoshoot , Nosh vs Dax Part 4 !

enjoy "Nella in 3some" in Omer Smithson's original shot and in Enki's version (here cropped)

Swallow - Alexis Futanari

That isn't your job! - Argosi Domenici

Tour Diddy from his super hot Hump Day photoshoot

Feed me - Kami

Filled up - Sheri Balto

Friday morning - Zuby Gloom

Double Trouble - Ramos Darkfold

Feeding Omaha's Appetite - Omaha Katt

Black & White Irrumatio 2/2 - The Notorious B.E.N. (yep, look at the whole set on the blog!)

Taylor Shamen, from her Dirty Angels blog series (part 3)

Hello Mister - Isa Messioptra

Anticipation - Anthony

D&C - C1nner 

MMmm just love when Riko helps out - Kichala (Dylan Cohen)

from 'Slurpsluts - starring new bride Sindee', BigD Elcano

Spent - PJ Thornton

and we close the post with Storm Greystoke anticipating the newest Guardians of the Galaxy movie, and a screenshot from something I myself anticipated, 'Cardinal Pleasures', the newest movie by Brea Brianna. A 4 acts vid that will entertain your weekend!

Enjoy your cocksucking days, and see you soon!

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