Friday, June 2, 2017

Fellatio Friday #41

Is it hot in here or is it you? No mystery here: it IS you, with all your amazeballs FF photos!
As usual, we have lots on our hands so let's move on to the cocksucking pics!
Ah but of course, here's the intro...

Who has been a Lucky Girl this week? But Moonie of course!

Want to submit a photo? Go on Dog Star Fellatio Friday Flickr group page! Join if you haven't yet! Membership and submissions are controlled to avoid spam. You may submit as many pictures as you like - I am only posting one per person per week - however, if you submit more than one, I will have plenty of pics to choose from in future weeks, there is no limit. Pictures must be themed around blowjobs and all models must be human (....ish?).

They wanted to see my etchings - Talisker Braveheart

Sharing - Zuby Gloom

Lesley: Show Off - Nakuru Bergamasco

Misty on Couch - Ted Dosei

The Duettists - Sandra Palletier

Debi and Tour 3 , a fellatio based mini-set byTour Diddy

from 'Quinn and Miki' - BigD Elcano

from his album with Kaylai Cucco - Jamezz Doulton

...i feel so bitch and slut...cucking my ex and sucking my actual man.......(random shot) - Enki

A Hot Day with Sausage on the Menu - Rachel Swallows (whole set here )

...and Marcus Strong in his album with Rachel, Weapons of Mass Distraction

from the Summer Bitch album by Nuur

Beachside Cock Sucking - Mera Firelyte

Moby Dick - Tessiadoll (wow)

Fellacio Friday - John Stone

Gather Around - PJ Thornton

On My Hands and Knees - Cheryl Reddevil

Aim for the spot - Markus Steiner through Lillie Mae

Just checking particles :) - Kay Windstorm

private fun 1/2 - Mylene Leshelle

Night Japanese Kamasutra in the room - Lucas De La Vega

Fellacio friday with Chastity - Sheri Balto

Rumplestiltskin - Curty Dovgal for the latest issue of Defiance Magazine

Double Stuffed - Sara Runo-Reed

from his Ain’t Life Grand photoset, Jugulator Foxclaw

from his Blowjob Day with TarTar set, Franky Demonge

Humiliate Missy - Missy Nicole

Megan 01 - Aria Horan

Fellatio Friday: Walled - KittenZer0

And we close with a merry picture, by Sasha Johansen and called 'Birthday Candle FUN :) ', and with another Chris-Cross co-production. Chris Bearz's 'She really stuck her neck out for that one' and Cross Aura's '.Fucked-Up.' are...exactly that! I suppose I have to put a little warning for throat fucks like you can see only in the future, so for the first time the gallery finishes 'after the jump', and click only if a bit of gore, playful dismemberment and whimsical necrophilia don't disturb you!

Have a lovely weekend, and don't overcommit to deepthroating quite like that!

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