Wednesday, December 20, 2017

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

I had the real pleasure recently of performing in a film directed by JennyLou of JennyLou Productions!  Of course you must watch the film, but here are a couple of screen shots to maybe encourage you. 

I play a woman who was supposed to go out to dinner with her man and got all dressed up for the occasion.  When their dinner plans fall through, they find something else to do...

My costar was Carter Leakey, someone I've not worked with before but who definitely rose to the challenge.  (Aren't porn puns fun?!?)

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go - a film by JennyLou Productions

Some of you might not be familiar with JennyLou Productions but it is certainly true that she is one of SL's most prolific porn directors.  The reason you may not be familiar with her work is that she is, as she admits herself, horrible at marketing her films.  She has no blog (yet), but has filmed almost 90 films, and is a self described workaholic. 

Like many of us, she got into SL porn the old-fashioned an extension of her sexual play in game, and taught herself by trial and error, and with the help of some of the 'how to' blog posts from established directors.  The result is a portfolio of films that Jenny describes as story-based, with a bit of humor.  I haven't seen all, or even most, of her films, but she gave me links to a few of her favorites.  I include them below for your perusal. 

Hopefully, Jenny will find the time to get her blog going so she can gain the notoriety she deserves.  In the mean time, enjoy the film I'm in above, and all of those listed below!  💋

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