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Interview - Kane Daffyd

I had the chance to sit down recently with Kane Daffyd, who many of you might know as one of the creative forces behind Pixel Sin, a long standing SL pornographic production company.  Kane is now focused on his new production group called Channel 69 Productions, and has some interesting things coming in the future.  Kane has a unique style that I can definitely appreciate and there are links to some of his films at the bottom.  At the time this was released, his website was undergoing a restructuring so check back for that soon.  In the mean time, please enjoy reading about Kane and his take on SL porn!  💋

Picture by Isabelle Cheviot
Isa:   How did you get started in SL?

Kane:   I started in SL in 2007 under a different avatar. I was primarily involved in Gor role-play at that time, which was a good grounding in emoting etc. I moved to more modern role-play later, and decided an avatar change was needed. So...along came Kane, as he was perfect for a story-line one of my friends was doing. I liked him, so he kind of stuck.

Picture by Isabelle Cheviot
Isa:   How did you get involved in pornography in SL?

Kane:   Again this kind of came from the role-play side of things. My character at the time was a kind of seedy, backstreet chancer, and so I developed the backstreet porn studio story to augment this a little. What I found was that I was better that the photography than I expected, so when role-play got a bit boring every day, I decided to break out and go with the porn full-time.

Isa:   Tell us about your history - you've had a few groups?  What do you aspire to do with them?   How does someone get involved with your group?

Kane:   Channel 69 Productions evolved from KANED Productions and Pixel Sin, two previous incarnations. I have been asked why the name changes, and to be honest I just get itchy feet from time to time and fancied a more complicated than that. The real driver behind the name change this time was that I wanted to do something with Occasus (my then wife). She may be gone, but Channel 69 Productions will continue.

Isa:   What is the difference, in your mind, between porn and art, or is there a difference?

Kane:   I'm going to be controversial here and say that in my opinion porn, when done right, is always art. If there's an underlying reason for the picture or the movie, and it serves a purpose then why can't it be considered artistic? The people in the porn group that I follow are definitely artists - there's no doubt about that. The flip side of course is that art is not always porn - there are plenty of erotic photographers I know who manage to capture the same level of eroticism without the graphic nudity. each to their own, of course.

Picture by Isabelle Cheviot
Isa:   What do you like most about being involved in pornography?

Kane:   A year or so ago I would have said the people - appreciating other people's work, perhaps having a little bit of fun interaction along the way. Unfortunately there are those who insist on driving the drama levels up to the max here, and for that reason my enjoyment of the group has dwindled slightly. But aside from that I still love looking at others' work - there are lots of very talented people in SL porn. The other thing is not taking it too seriously - there's always an element of humor in my porn - sometimes it's buried in a small detail, but if you can find it then it's definitely there. I like being 'tongue in cheek', even in explicit content.

Isa:   What do you say to people who think porn should be considered obscene?

Kane:   Well of course 'obscene' is a very subjective term. One person's art is another person's filth, so it's difficult to criticize people for their views on porn. But to people who see porn and think that, I would say just try and keep an open mind...after all, sex is the reason SL has done so well and it's a big element of what keeps it going.

Still from 'The Spanking of Sam Glitter'
Isa:   Tell us about your technique for making films.  What is the most important element of a good porn film?

Kane:   Well as I mentioned before, I started out in role-play and I still love it - setting a scene and making it fun. So I am going to be upfront and say that I love to role-play a film out - for me that's more fun than pose ball hopping. I've also done a lot of 'reality' porn where the people involved are not all porn stars - so in that situation role-play might be important because a non-porn-star might have nothing to gain from being in a movie other than some good role-play. But I want to stress that role-play isn't a necessity - it's an addition to the fun with a like-minded person. I know everyone approaches it differently and I also love working with models who don't role-play - it's just as rewarding in terms of the final product.

Still from 'Stripper Files'
Isa:   You make frequent use of the video camera effect - what attracts you to that particular effect and what does it do for your films?

Kane:   Well I like the 'reality, handheld' look for movies...make sit look a bit raw.  I think porn can be very staged...not that staging makes it bad, I still love to watch it. But there's something I like about the feel of capturing sex in the raw.

Isa:   What do you think the future of SL pornography looks like?

Kane:   I think where there's a demand then it'll always continue. I don't think the demand for good-looking people doing sexy deeds is going to subside any time soon, so in that sense I think SL porn is safe for years to come. I do worry that the friendliness has gone out of it to a large degree - the level of mud slinging and dirty jibes has gone through the roof in the past few years - there are those who seem to take pride in belittling and damaging people's work, and to me that's not what SL porn, and indeed SL, is about.

Picture by Isabelle Cheviot
Isa:   What haven't I asked you that you'd like to share with my readers?

Kane:   Well I will say it is nice to be interviewed. I think I have always been someone who stays on the fringes a bit in terms of public appearance - I rarely attend events so it's nice for people to hear my take on things. Thanks for hearing me!




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