Friday, March 2, 2018

Fellatio Friday #80

Hello and welcome to the 80s! No, no, no cold war (I'd happily wage a war on cold, tho), oversized glasses (although they would improve safety conditions in some of these photos), and you don't have to watch your porn on VHS. I just mean that today we are hitting the #80 mark for this post, which happens to be the Dog Star Fellatio Friday gallery from the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group! Ohh what is it, Kat? And why do you keep this pantomime going? You told us 74 times already! (yes, don't ask). Seriously, I was asked just a couple days ago again, so, there you go.

There's humor to be found even in the worst predicaments! 
A rough start of the week as shown by "Waiting out the SL Attack" by Traci Quandry

Join the group, post your fellatio photo! Hey it's easy enough, right?
I post just one pic per person, and we get 70-100 pictures per week, so while this post is kinda extra-large, I can't include everyone. Oh gosh, now I am starting to sound defensive or something, am I not? Simply enough, this is a whimsical selection of pics from all over the group, mostly current stuff but with some amazing material from weeks and weeks back. Enjoy posting your shots and share them on Friday on Flickr and the inworld porn groups, which brings you the most views and plays into social aspect of it! This is just a showcase and a contribution to it.
Have fun and see you roughly 30 pics below!

Those Eyes... - Archangel Skytower (I'll certainly post other shots of this set sometime!)

New Old Friends- Part 3 - Laina Alexandria (check the album, read the story !)

Enjoying a little 'Cream Release' - Curty Dovgal

Glory Gurl chapter 3 pt 2 - Nikki T (and do check the whole album out!)

Get it all - Cronus Storm

You could be my ecstasy - Ted Dosei

Lilly in the Spotlight - Kara Hawk

#Helping - Sara Hellershanks (check Drying Technique by Bech !)

Flying High - Chase Stone

Chocolate mustache - Jonny Hung

Mature Doggers - Park Life! (1/2) - Isla Grace

shopping - Katmee

Breakfast of Champions - DJ Doctor Who

Mediatation - Melina Jameson

Messy - Abhati O

Nak Relaxing with the Help - Nakuru Bergamasco

 she got skills - KTheChef

Study Break - Cheryl Reddevil

Library Conference Day 2 - PJ Thornton ( and many hot alternative takes!)

lovely big boy - Anna Vester

Sticky - Penny Tration

streets date - Jimmy Windstorm

Back Alley Licks - Alexis Ford

Absorbtion - Sandra Palletier

Deep Throat - Alexis Futanari

SORGO - Elves Shades  BLACK - Millicent

Untitled - Drake Kaine-Galicia

Breakfast in Bed - Marcus Strong

Good reasons why you should visit Latvia - River Anwyl

Training Day 2/2 - Notorious B.E.N. and yes, blog post !


another untitled from one super active uploader, Mitya Dimas

Heaven In The Basement - Zepp Sicling

And let's close today's post with Let's Be Bad Babe by the wonderful Harlow Heslop and, despite my revulsion for the pants, with  HAM-penny01 by Thorgal McGillivary!

Good! Oh I really like this placement. I am kinda getting distracted by Penny's arse now tho.
Hmm well, I am just here to say goodbye and see you next week! Have a great Friday of suckage!

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