Friday, August 24, 2018

Fellatio Friday #102

Hello and welcome to this new episode of Dog Star Fellatio Friday. Yes, the one from the Dog Star Fellatio Friday Flickr Group. Oh my, these links to the group come earlier and earlier every post.
So, today it's 102 not out! Oh my, these number references get more and more obscure.
You know what, let's start with pictures, and have our little disclaimer...

What a Sensual rain by Zuby Gloom . When it rains, I purrrrr!

Having already mentioned our glorious flickr group (will we get to 9000 photos before the end of the summer?) I am also pointing you to the Pussy Licking group, and...the rest of this pretty inconsequential text tells you that we pick one picture per person tops per week, that we have a lot of new submissions each week and this gallery is already stupidly big and incredibly arbitrary so...Just take it for what it is, and hopefully it does help you discover more photos, more artists, more to get inspired with and simply enjoy! Now, let's begin with all the sexy pics!

The summer job. - JC Underwood

I suck in bed... i also lick - Envy Watts

Glory hole - Jade Doet

Snapshot_761 - Aud Kettilsdottir

A polite suggestion - Ayela

Happy Ending - Curty Dovgal

All of it - Abhati O

Snapshot_032 - BigD Elcano

Snapshot_1059 - Azure Daxeline

Tender Care - Ashley White

Mystery Guest - Tricia Danielson

francine04 - Jaida Balakian

Untitled by Paula Berger

Fellation Friday - All For Him - Cheryl Reddevil

Forbidden Fruit Inc. - Chase Stone

Yellow Flowers - Jewell Infinity

Taking him deep - Logan O'Leary

*Mmmmh... I'm very thirsty... 02* - Miciona Clarity

A happy man ... - Koko Tigerauge

Drool Worthy Lunch - Kera Firecaster

Complexion Solution - Misty Rogers

Housewarming Present - BenJohn9

the taste of work - Nuur

Messy - Traci Quandry

Feeding Erin - Torsten Holst

HAM - Kimba Sunday Morning_0444 - Storm Greystoke

Ah, memories! This is Fellatio Friday group party by Sandra Palletier!

Let the Chicken Burn - Willow Ishmene

Feeding Nikki - Alex Razor

even naughtier in Dessert , Nikki T's version!

candy_003a - Verda Tsib

Gay Nights - Night at the Museum - Chris Williams (wow! more flexible than Thorgal!)

Insatiable slut - Dax Rahl

The Sapphire - Katherine Avelion

Good Girl_001 - Bane W. Caedus

Spraying it out - Ayany Beaumont

And today I close with a new frontier in the voyages of BBC Marcus Strong in the continuing mission to explore strange, new holes. This is Alien Encounter! And what else? A picture from Onyx Marabana, maiko-9.

We are done for today! But Friday juuuust started, actually, so...enjoy it, and make moar pics, share them, get wild and most importantly, save some for me!

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