Friday, September 7, 2018

Fellatio Friday #104

Hello and welcome! It's time for another episode of Dog Star Fellatio Friday! #104, to be ex@çt. What? You see odd characters in what I just wrote. Oh, well, as I said, it's number 104, and 104 is the number of keys in a standard Windows keyboard according to wikipedia, so, in honor of that I am making a point of using each & every one of them! INCLUDING CAPS LOCK, yes. Without further ado now, £et's get ready and my disclaimer as usual.

This is Wetwork by Daimaju Clowes ! What can I say, his work is sure to make -me- wet !

So how does it work? Easy! Add your photos to the Dog Star Fellatio Friday flickr group (it is "opted out", obviously!): I am talking of course about your photos fitting the theme, which is fellatio, cocksucking, that thing! I'll kick out of the group the photos who have no correlation whatsoever with the theme, but I love to see what people can envision as 'related' to fellatio, including often suggestive shots where the lips are nowhere near the peen....but just yet. Because you KNOW they are gonna end there. Mh-hm! Or titfucks! Because they let me use the little circle thing for the nipple. ( ° )( °).
Okay, with this and the percentile | am +/- 99% done. [$weet!]
Enjoy this not so serious gallery and see you at the bottom of the post!

glasses - Kalehua64

BJ^2 - Abhati O

You ready for more? - Vixxen Clowes

When the crew is away... - Sandra Palletier (check the set too!)

Lipsticked Lolli - Curty Dovgal

Poolside Lunch - Chase Stone

Spit roasted Scottie - Dax Rahl

Work it - Jesto Kormann

Sunday Treat - Jessica Moonlight

Here's Episode 3 6 from Marcus Strong's BlackStarr, Marcus' homage to the epic sci-fi from the 70s and 80s. It's an ongoing project deserving of praise and wildly imaginative. Do contact him and get more infos! And watch the whole story so far here at this link.

Eyes to my Boobies @ Lost - Rikki Sixx

Tasty treat for my friend. - JC Underwood

eu e marco5_001 - Anikely Chaos

HarleyQuinn & 2 guys (H.A.M.) - Aura Kira

When Nerds Attack! - BigD Elcano

My Eyes Are Up Here - Ivan Yerkinov (and remember the original too!)

Firm Grip - Eamon O'Sullivan

Rapunzel - Traci Quandry

the toilet - Fututio

Cupped and sucked - Carter Holloway

Happy Fallatio Friday :-) - Paula Berger

OMG! - Mandi Will

Who wants to be a good whore next - Jackie Madison

Snapshot_Candy_Charms_greedy - Jefferie

I feel like publishing something more from top contributor Aria Horan so here's a Chocolate Treat from her eponymous album !

Take Me To Church - Kera Firecaster

CONFESSING MY SINS - Vanessa Delight

pizza slut II 02a - Katya Imako

Ava_Maui_002 - Torsten Holst

here's School Days 1/2 from Notorious B.E.N.! yes, FULL smut and cumshot on his blog!

Working Late - Kirra Frantic

And we ride into the sunset with yet another splendid shot from Ted Dosei in this Sunspot Baby... sure had a real good time and with a screenshot, this time from Mitzy Broadway's latest movie! It is a western, it is a big adventure, it is called Glitter Snatch , and examining the photo here will leave no doubt to you why! The movie will premiere tonight at 7 PM STL during the official Pornstars party (today pre-empted by one hour) @ Gemini !

Enjoy your Friday, be naughty and show it in your photos and videos! Pretty please?
Also, §.

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