Friday, September 18, 2020

Dog Star Featured Model #322 - Laura TrollopFox

Thrilled to feature Laura (TrollopFox) as the 322nd featured model.  Laura has an amazing body and is super fun to chat with.  

Where are you from in RL?:    Spain

What do you enjoy doing in SL?:      Shopping, dancing, and fucking!  Being naughty most of all.

Flickr page?:    N/A

Turn Ons:    Fantasies of being forced, maybe pimped out...definitely gang banged!  Also doing a live sex show with another woman or t-girl...

Turn Offs:     Scat, weak men.  Lovers who are too sweet.

Sexual Preference?:   I love cocks (big ones preferred!) and I love bisexual for sure.

What is your happiest SL memory?:    The first time I had an orgasm while giving a blowjob. :)

Shot on location at Eternal Island Beach.

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