Friday, July 20, 2018

Fellatio Friday #98

Hello and welcome, to another one of those ever present Fellatio Friday posts! Because, Fellatio Friday has become in the past couple of years a much honored tradition (with plenty of worshipping going on ), and we love to see how sexily you can show off sucking, getting sucked and all that comes before, after and in between! We do like to play with the theme (and obviously many of you like to play with your food). Let's get down to business....which in my case means, write for the umpteenth time what this post exactly is!

So, let's start with Felatio Friday by Carola Conover. Simple enough!

Dog Star Fellatio Friday is the name of the group, on Flickr! Created following the popular meme, this group is obviously based around...fellatio! Which means, sucking a dick, basically. So that's what it is all about: join the group, get access to the largest group of its kind, choke-full of hot dickiness, and submit your photos there! I do weekly a selection of pics showcasing some. Like every post based on a selection of pics, it's mostly arbitrary and silly: this one in particular  tends to dig back deep in time and dick around in ways that are obvious just to the person doing it, so...don't worry about 'making the blog' or anything. I know you will anyway, but that's my way to cover my ass :p
Okay, onwards to the photos!

It's Friday... - Tourdiddy

Bound - Carter Holloway

Obedient Cindi - Sandra Palletier

Docile toy - Purplerain Exonar

Whorship my body daddy - Tasha Moore

She wet only to feel his hard cock slip into her mouth in a sound of sussions - Paula Berger

Kinky Keg Party! - Curty Dovgal

Blowjobs and beer - Ayela

Just wait in line, till it's your turn, guys! - Elena Starr

Snapshot_082 - Amy Starr

Starting with a new pornstar1 - Nicho Star

Back in the saddle - Isla Grace

Soft Touches and Teases - Willow Ishmene

FF Pic - Britney Fairlady

071218 (19 any day fellatio - Elbereth Exonar

Take it Deep - Chase Stone

Willow and Koz FF 2 - Kozmo Reitman

Happy Ass Monday - What men really want - Jasmine

T.G.I.F.F. - Topaz Lemondrop

Suck it - Jimmy windstorm

Here's the highly topical Snapshot_008 by BigD Elcano. Congrats France, after the success of France 98.... Oh yeah, I needed to sneak in a reference to the number 98 today too :p

Jessica - Marcus Olodum

Poolside - Leanna Mai

Captured - Gangrul

Deep Throat - Alexis Futanari

Gimme That Daddy - Abhati O

wait daddy - Argosi Domenici

Creamy Treat - Marcus Strong

Keplerian Kat sucking Princess Heathers & Queen's Top Advisor cock. - Miss Emily

candy_60a - Verda Tsib

And I am closing this post with 2 photos featuring as stunt cock...I mean model one of the people who meant the most for this group and this blog post, one of those who can be truly be credited as one of the 'creators' of Fellatio Friday, having helped so much to popularize this theme and make it what it is today. I am talking of course of The Notorious B.E.N. , appearing in Breakfast by Vixxen Rainbow and in Welcome Back Ben by fellow FF Original PJ Thornton.

That's it for today, make good use of what is left of this Friday...and the rest of the week really, cuz a cock a day....well, you know the rest.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Fellatio Friday #97

Hello and welcome, to Fellatio Friday #97! Number 97, according to wikipedia, is the 11th member of the Mian–Chowla sequence. Which I just want to pretend, is some amazing asian gangbang porn. What else can I pretend? Oh, there's not much pretending to do here, the pics are real and really really hot, but I DO have to pretend now that I never wrote this before and hit you up with a disclaimer and instructions on how to submit photos to this post! Ride with me into the sunset.

Sunset Attraction by Lesley Aristocrat. Because the sun never sets on cock! 
(uh, pretend I am making sense, please...)

So, Dog Star Fellatio Friday is an exciting (if I may so !) themed group on Flickr, focused obviously on the act of sucking a dick! Or having your dick sucked, or photographing other oblungated things that are not your own penis getting licked, nommed on, craved for ! I think I covered the bases here. It's free to join ( also gluten free and low in calories), and gives you access to the largest archive of its kind, plus the chance to submit photos there....and please do ! This blog features a somewhat large but yet soooo incomplete selection of what's new in the week mixed with stuff from the previous year. Obviously not every photo will be here (especially since only one pic per person gets in each post, and some of you have already submitted well over one hundred of pics!) but hey. It's just awesome and I want it to be bigger, and bigger! Speaking of that, let's do it! Enjoy the pics.

Mouthful.... - Solidx

Wait your turn - Dax Rahl

Secret Garden - Curty Dovgal

Face Painting - Tasha Moore

This photo from Chase Stone can be admired also in world as part of July's exhibition at the Forbidden Fruit Gallery  (click here for an inworld tp)!

Bone Appetitous - Alexandria Topaz

.LOL - Allysa Mesmer

Study in Friday 1 - Kimori Korro (enjoy the full set with Argo here)

The bed in the meadow ... - Koko Tigerauge

Gimme Gimme Gimme - Marcus Strong

Hannah Was Hungry - Ivan Yerkinov

I Need A Raise - Vixxen Rainbow

Home is where your cock is-22 - Tommy Gun Productions (the whole 40+ pics series here)

Well excuse me, Princess !  - Sandra Palletier (full set here)

Fall from grace - Ayela

Helping Hand 2 - Scotty

Double treat for FF from Paula - Peter

Deeper - Alexis Futanari

a-Dick'ed - Abhati O

Untitled by Mitya Dimas

Happy Fellatio Friday - Ellen Saint

Hot Pizza - Luis Diamondfire

Divine Dreams of Violet - Zoe Willows

Fellatio Friday fun with Jori - Kelli Kristan

Threewaypingpong - Willow Ishmene

Passion by ENKI - ...well, Enki,through Blue Grut (xoxbluediamondxox )

He Likes the Pink - Cheryl Reddevil

070518_021 FF (Andress & Cherry) - Elbereth Exonar

The Love in Her Eyes - Storm Greystoke

Giving Sir his blessing! - Tali Dagger

Suck my lover.... - Tatjana Eleonara

Catching up with Trystyn - Gia Foxtrot

happy ending - Pretty Perion

so the evening should always end. with dessert - Jimmy Windstorm

Suck It Zuby - Rachel Swallows

Don't Talk Back - Cronus Storm

A Thank You - Bane W Caedus

And I am wrapping this up with Inside the White House some years ago ... by Paula Berger , since to my memory this is in almost 100 posts the first explicit joke/reference to the most famous BJ ever (I know, right?) and with one of the many great shots made by Argo (Argosi Domenici), whose ballsack and back of the thigh you can admire here in  back alley face fuck.

That's it for today, but of course Friday is far from over! Keep posting, keep having fun, and see you next week!