Thursday, July 20, 2017

Pictorial - MieJensen

I met this gorgeous creature at a party thrown by a mutual friend...Mie looked fantastic and obviously had some skill with the camera so I asked if she were interested in modeling - I'm glad she said yes!  💋

Pictorial by Tegan Malone

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Pictorial - Caitlin Cephelia

This amazing, gorgeous, sexy, wild woman is so much fun to be around, I can't even find the words.  So happy to feature her here today on the blog so you can all see for yourselves!  💋

Pictorial by Ali Fox

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Pictorial - Shai Cotton

Sexy and intelligent, Shai is amazing fun to be around and I could not be more thrilled to feature her on my blog!!  💋

Pictorial by Tegan Malone

Monday, July 17, 2017

Three is a Magic Number

Cinderella wanted to test her limits..and take on two men at once. "Three's Company", she said.
Three turned out to be a magic number for made her feel delights she'd never before experienced...and now...

She wants more.

From Marcus Strong's In Good Company...

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Pictorial - Katina Cazalet

   Today marks a very important milestone for Dog Star Productions!  This is the 200th pictorial published on this blog!  The success of this blog is solely due to the creative input of many people.  Of that long list of contributors, I couldn't think of a person to better represent Dog Star on this occasion then someone who has been so pivotal to its success:  Katina Cazalet.
   Since it's inception, Kat has contributed to the blog in two ways; first, and most visible, are her weekly Fellatio Friday posts.  This has brought a new level of viewership to the blog that would not have happened without her thoughtful contribution.   But more than that, Kat has been a silent partner to me...she's been an important sounding board and a trusted advisor.  A mentor, even.  She's worked behind the scenes in so many ways to help organize the blog, to keep it updated, to suggest ideas. 
   But what I value most of all has been her friendship.  It is truly my privilege to feature my good friend, Katina Cazalet, as the 200th pictorial from Dog Star Productions!  
  Thank you Kat, and thanks to ALL of you who continue to make Dog Star Productions a fun and relevant contributor to the SL porn community!  💋

Pictorial by Sunday Whitewood