Saturday, March 23, 2019

Wicked Summer

Wicked Summer, the latest feature length film from Dog Star Productions is now available on PornHub, or you can watch it below.  Watch as Ayela and I enter a mostly friendly wager to out-fuck the other....who will win?  Does anyone actually lose in this scenario?

Friday, March 22, 2019

Fellatio Friday #132

Hello and welcome to yet another ostension of ostentatious (and mostly not abstinent) moisture ...uhm, defrosters...You know what, allitteration is not always a GOOD idea. Let's just say that spring has sprung, and leave it at that! It's #132 of this weekly gallery thing, showing the absolute best, together with the absolute random, together with the 'this fits nicely!' all coming from you wonderful people posting pics in the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group, on flickr! Why would anyone do that? Ah, follow me after the peen here.

Here's Salathiell showing us she has a bit of a sweet tooth when it comes to a Tasty lollipop

So, we do it because it's Friday and it's a thing, to suck dick! This post collects photos from the largest group themed around fellatio on flickr. Over 10'000 entries and all themed around the act, and art, of sucking a fine dick! Worshipping a cock. Licking a lollipop. No, I mean, also an actual lollipop. We do like suggesting piccies. We like to have fun with a theme that is anything but restricting! So with all the pics that get submitted, we can't feature everyone every week, but we do try to keep an eye to the current while digging back for pics that suit the mood and were overlooked - or saved on purpose! - before. I post this generally in the first half of the day specifically to avoid the ' Am I in the gallery? ' syndrome. Not that it works, but that's my logic anyway :-)
Enjoy now!

Fellatio Friday - STFU! (ft. Jess Darkamore) - Jesse D Bernard

Friday fun - Aura Kira

Yummy ! - Paula Seven

03091903_009 FF - Elbereth Exonar

Fun on the Beach with Kitten - David Storm

The more the better - Pablo Mendez

Felatio Friday - Ashlynn Jameson

Chained BlowJob Training - Carola Conover

Untitled by Christina Vilda

Bad Habits... - Amy Starr

Are you lonely? - Davi Ezhil

Felatio Friday fun with Moonie - Kelli Kristan

Back alley - Liruu

all i need was to skirt up - PurpleRain Exonar

Kinky Scavenger Hunt - 005 - Glamour Deluxe

Heather - 04 - Zolmir (a set surely worth checking out!)

alien - Emilia Pia Mia Moore

night walk in the alley 2 - Ludwig Sabretooth

submitted - Eva St. Claire

Cooperation - Eddric Dayne

Suck - Alexis Futanari

morning head - Monkey Jacksen

Snapshot_017 - BigD Elcano

Ooops, lost a little down my chin - will get that after swallow the rest of his lovely cum - Lisa Lowan

She Drives A Hard Bargain - Ivan Yerkinov (3rd in this hot series)

Redhead is god - Dennismeister

Crack her sky - Sandra Palletier

Sucubus - Jade Doet

Nooo, that's not what we meant when we asked how big your sausage is - Jess&Karen

Snapshot_413 - Samy Saint Claire

Public Display of Affection - Torsten Holst

Thirsty Lust - Sweet Poison (Zoeeey Valissa)

What's down here then? - Isla Grace

5k to kiss the tip? "SURE!!" - Pretty Perion

THE BOSS SEASON 1 - ASJoker (and do check the whole series!)

And we close this week with a little preview: a screenshot from Wicked Summer, the latest Dog Star movie. Featuring a cast of over 30 (in numbers, not in age!), this directorial effort breaks the one hour mark and is jam-packed with sex, intrigue, sex, twist and turns, action, 'action' meaning sex, and did I mention the sex? Good, cuz there's a lot of it, including at least one obvious candidate for a Best Sex Scene award for next year. We're gonna have a premiere party at 7 AM SLT on Sunday!

Plus, one of the dark and erotic photos by Melina Jameson, in Fey is a mess!  , and with another one of my faves from the man himself, Marcus Strong, this time with two other creators of excellent FF pics in Three is a magic number.

That's all for  this week! Misbehave as you should, and ...enjoy!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Monster Cocks of SL Porn #11 - Kain Silverfang


That's what I thought the first time I worked with Kain.  That's NOT what I thought the second time...but that's for me to know and you to find out. :)

Kain's 13.5 inch monster cock is an Aeros Xerxes.

Kain is an American guy who likes to do it doggy style.  He's been in a couple of Dog Star films:
   Black Magic 7
   Family Vacation

He will definitely be in more down the road.  I just need to buy some lube first.  Lots of it.  💋

Oh and check out Kain's Flickr page!

Friday, March 15, 2019

Fellatio Friday #131

Hello and welcome to yet another penis parade! This is Dog Star Fellatio Friday #131. 131 like...hmm, let me wiki it. Since Wikipedia has an entry for like, every number.
"Tiger 131 is a German Tiger I heavy tank captured in Tunisia by the British 48th Royal Tank Regiment during World War II". Well, that's interesting.... Okay, the fact that I am wondering now if anyone has ever tried to blow a tank (at least in a photo) probably means I have been doing this Fellatio Friday thing a bit too long and my mind is getting warped, right?
But let's stay in the war zone for a moment and...

Our opening photo is Never A Bad Time by HaileyMarie Redrose! You can admire this photo and other flickr originals along with her Boudoir Dreams series at Gemini

After this shameless plug, time to go through moar plugging, of the mouth for the most part. Since this is a post based on the Dog Star Fellatio Friday Flick Froup after all (yes, it's 'group', I just wanted extra alliteration). Pics are posted there, making it the largest cumpilation (yes it's compilation, I was just being funny with a joke you haven't heard already 2234321 times before) of dick pics in the history of dicks being sucked on SL. Plus bananas , dildos and other edibles and playables, because really, we have fun with the theme and anything suggesting the oral act is welcome! This post gathers shots taken from the weekly intake of the gallery and much more; and if you are not in here one week, you'll be in another, since I look at all the pics and pick them kinda pulling them outta my ...
...well I think this opening has been extra sassy already, let's begin!

Two Cocks one Mouth 👅 - Steffy Sissy

Peachy felatio friday - Citius Green

Oooo that look of being in the clouds .... - Coco (Shnucks Swashbuckler)

Playground - Salathiell

Playground Bully - Smash Bros SL

Gobble Gobble - Traci Quandry

hot rain - Jimmy Windstorm

Whip - Jade Doet

Glam_Sucking - Glamour Deluxe

DIRTY LITTLE THING - Rachel Swallows (check out her blog for more!)

Enjoying my afterwork bath - Tessiadoll

Larry & Ashley - Larry Vinaver (from an amazingly hot set with Ashley)

239. - Kylie (look it up in her blog too!)

After the caged...3/3 - oHitomio

Buried - Lesley Aristocrat

Come on baby light my fire! - Maximus Morningstar

April O'Neil's Adventures- The Next Season - Marcus Strong (adventures you can see here!)

03071904_003 grip - Elbereth Exonar in a tribute to Tir Na Nog at its end

facefuck - Emilia Pia Mia Moore

feeding - Fututio

Winning - Storm Greystoke

Satisfying Storm - Jessie G

Footjob for him - Kalista Hydraconis

Deeper - Alexis Futanari

The privilege of youth - Sandra Palletier

What grabs me from behind in the dark - Kenzie Roberts

Taste - Chris Lion

Fellatio Friday with Stacey - Kelli Kristan

Screenshot from the newest episode of Intergalactic Sluts' third episode of this third season, by Miss Emily, of course!

Fun at the pier ... - Koko Tigerauge

Piano Player Meets The Organ Blower - Sweet Poison (Zoeeey Valissa)

👄 - Kylie Cavalli

Glory Gurl Act 2.4 - Nikki T reposting her glorious (ha) series, read it here

Mrs Amazing and her fav Lollipop - Lenny Arai

L.E.W.D - Melina Jameson

I Literally Suck at it! - Emmanuelle Fox

Naughty Friday - warm up - Sjue Swansen

Untitled by Shana Wild

And we close with another stunner by Jesse D Bernard from TT2 Productions, featuring a fellatrix extraordinaire: it's Fellatio Friday - Take a Lick (ft. Cheryl Reddevil) ! And with one photo of the 'it's long and narrow and I have to put it at the end or people have to scroll a lot' category, and it's by Morning Beast! 20190220-Short Story.

Have a great day, a great weekend, and peace out!