Sunday, January 20, 2019

Country Living

Story and pictures:  Isabelle Cheviot
Models:  Traverse Slade & Isabelle Cheviot

I laid back on the hay cart, staring at all of the hay bales I still needed to load.  Each of them weighs around 50-60 pounds so I was really getting a good work out...but I was tired.  And bored.

It's not fair that Daddy made me do this brothers should be doing this shit, not me.  Where's a good farm hand when you need one?

Well by god there he is now...Trav is a new farm hand.  Daddy hired him about 2 months ago and he's quiet but is a really good worker.  But he's ripped.  Just what I need right now!
"So Trav...if you help me load these hay bales....I'll do something for you."  I knew he'd get the hint...Daddy told me he was as smart as he was strong.  Must be a fucking genius...

I led him to the back of the cart and hopped up on top of him, kissing him and spending a lot of time rubbing his unbelievable chest...I was like a barn kitten to milk - I couldn't resist.

He kissed me deeply, and I totally surrendered to him...I love being in the arms of a strong man. 

I pulled him off of the cart and gave him a deep kiss....

Then slid down to my knees and took his cock into my mouth.  I sucked him hard while I rubbed myself...his dick fully erect and as hard as his biceps.  God what a fucking stud.

That didn't last too long before Trav pulled me up and bent me over.  He slid his cock into me, and grabbing my hips, began to fuck me perfectly.  He started out with a few slow thrusts....then sped up, our asses colliding and making a clapping sound that echoed through the barn.

It felt fucking great!  Especially knowing I wasn't going to have to do any more work when we were done...I had struck a bargain and I was glad to be paying my end of it.

Trav continued to fuck me as I orgasm rippling through me so powerfully.  But he kept fucking me....

He gave me a few more powerful thrusts then indicated that he was about to cum.  I dropped to my knees and flipped around quickly...

Opening my mouth, I stuck out my tongue, waiting for my reward...

...and there it was, his warm seed covering my face and tits....

Jesus, the man kept cumming...

Thanks Trav - ok let's get these hay bales loaded so we can get home...

"Go ahead, Isa...I'm too tired."

Friday, January 18, 2019

Fellatio Friday #123

123, 123, check, check...Why won't this microphone work? Oh it's not a microphone! EW!
Oh who am I kidding, I could really get into pub(l)ic speaking if all microphones were like this one I just put my lips on....(ha, you can't see me so you don't know if it's  true!). So it's time for the 123rd episode of Dog Star Fellatio Friday, the longest running series from Radio Dog Star, the only radio with no audio and just text and photos! A revolutionary concept if I may say so. Let's start with the weather forecast: we anticipate a lot of white stickiness!

As illustrated by Free Snow Jobs! from Lylah Landar. Bears AND foxes are so cute!

We of course take requests from our viewing listeners, and you can have them by dialing for the Dog Star Fellatio Friday, the hottest hotline of them all! It may sound complicated but it's almost as easy to remember as 0118 999 881 999 119 7253 for the emergency services!
And it's  toll free, even if we do take bribes. Being a weekly show, we do try to get just one contribution from each person. Space is also limited, but fear not: a good chunk of this space is dedicated to fishing material that was not fitted into previous episodes - which is not because of intrinsic quality, but a zillion other reasons that factor in when you are running an organic compilation.
Enough with the foreplay, let's roll this week's tape! Starting with a teaser from our newest program..

This is Ivan3 from Isabelle Cheviot's series Monster Cocks of Porn.
First episode had of course Ivan Yerkinov himself! Check it out here!

ZA TROPHY SHOT - Katya Imako

Booty Call from birthday girl Victoria 'Vii' Anwyl!

Sixty-Nine - Carola Conover

Fellatio Friday Just One More Lick - Jessica Moonlight

Fellatio Friday - Jenny Starveling

and I'm caught in between - Kat Capelo

Work of art - Dax Rahl

Happy Meal - Ali Lancrae

Toy for the Couple - Casey DiamondFire

upload 14 - Cass Leslie

S-R-A: Sharing Is Caring - Nakuru Bergamasco

No I Never Sold My Soul - Sweet Mels

Monique - Charie Tal

Big Bad Wolf gives LiL Red Head - Grimblood Skall

Cum baby cum - Coco SL PH

The Tip - Alexis Futanari

Sofie session 1 - Marcia Fielding

Felatio Friday - Jeza May

deserved treatment - Purplerain Exonar

She is so hot - Nikolaos

Three in a row - Sandra Palletier

x1  - Thiago Scalli

Private Blow - Sion Bedrosian

When she says "I'll take good care of you." - Teryl Nox

Messy - Traci Quandry

this photo by vANTONv is obviously titled 'x' :p

HERE IT COMES - Vanessa Delight

Legs up! (2) - Osiris LeShelle

Ambra M'ethir - Ice cream - Sunsakura

(FF) Mutual Delight - Skorpio (ZackSpalding)

ART: That look of Want - Katrinova

Tau Ceti - Fututio

MORE TEASING - Roberta M (rory80)

Have a Nice Day at the Office, Darling - Laura Richards

dark pleasures - Ludwig Sabretooth

Throated - Fraya Felisimo

Taste - Gunner Grun

Gimme a taste... - Marcus Strong

And for today, our last ones are one dedicated to Melissa Knoller from DOOM. Dick Dethly , followed by Arienne Evangeline, which promises to have great skill in her pipes: check the brilliant 2-0-1-9 miniseries.

That's it for today! Enjoy the fun, drive safely, and tune in same day next week!