Monday, December 30, 2019

3DX Vacation! Episode 1 - Fortune Favors the Bold

I decided I needed a little vacation from the SL grind...I did a little research and found something suitable for me.  This place billed itself as an adult resort where someone could lower their inhibitions and just have a really good time.  I needed to get laid so...why the fuck not.

I arrived at the resort office dressed to kill.  The weather was absolutely perfect and would stay that way the entire time I was there.  This was going to be a GREAT time!

Their offices were super nice...sort of Miami Vice meets Scarface. I sat down and was quickly checked in.  

I quickly got checked in and was taken to my room, which was a private apartment overlooking the ocean.  It's amazing what cash and a pretty smile will get for you.

I quickly settled into my room and changed into my bikini.  It was SO warm out, I thought I'd just be happy to relax in the pool for the duration of my time here but...I quickly remembered what the concierge had told me...

Just push the the little button and someone would be RIGHT there to assist me with anything.  The little wink she gave me when she said 'anything' told me all I needed to know.  Fortune favors the bold so I pressed the button.  

Fuck yesssss.....this was going to be an AWESOME vacation...

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