Friday, December 8, 2017

Fellatio Friday #68

Welcome to Dog Star Fellatio Friday! It's number 68, but being a group dedicated to Fellatio, it's no news that we mostly come up one short of a 69. We have as usual a ton of juicy photos to cover, so, let me go on and explain to you what this Flickr thing is and other facts of life!
For advanced users tho, I'll start off by saying. Dog Star Fellatio Friday has OPTED OUT of the 30/60 limit on group uploads. In other words, any photo you will upload on DSFF will NOT count towards your limit. You are welcome.

Now, beginning with a lovely Friday Massage as shown by the debaucherous Laura Richards (co-starring with Sev in Dog Star's recent "The Raven" - check it out if you haven't yet!) ...

This is a blog gallery based on the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group! We enjoy showcasing the brilliant photos that have been going on on flickr with this theme. Wanna take part ? I'll assume that willing or not you already are part of the wonderful family of Verizon via Flickr, and joined the group! Then, just submit your BJ themed photos and voila! The group tends to have between 80 and 100 new entries every week (even not counting BigD's cockpig pics!). I tend to dig for past pics all the time and have fun with the theme, so don't look too much -into- what is published and look -at- it. Cuz they're all delicious photos in their own right! Enjoy and see you at the bottom!

Rikki meets Jon Reremy (3of8) - Rikki Sixx

eyes - Isabelle Cheviot

Nose Pinch 1/2 - Notorious B.E.N. (hit his blog up for lotsa nose-pinching action with Biarz!)

Playing Catch - Heather Ashford

Cops look the other way but they still watch :-) - Rose Okiddo

Exquisite - Shai Cotton

To the Last Drop - Ted Dosei

Feeding her - Neill (Sime Stormcrow)

Pole Kats Dancing - April Jestyr

Licked it like a lollipop 2 - Kat Capelo (Katilina Gould)

Can't wait at room 2 - Ludwig Sabretooth

"Come here. I want a taste." - Pixie Promiscuous, from her Coming Home photoset

When the lights are out at Blacklist - Sandra Palletier

@ Home - Mylene LeShelle

Snapshot_007a - Beequeen Smythe

Femdom #9 Ali Fox - Dax Rahl from his latest Femdom series

Out with the friends - OooCho Dequapo aka DutchVendetta

Untitled work by .Doom. !

Suck - Alexis Futanari (check the impressive BJ collection and more pics with Vicki!)

She Was A Little Hungry - Ivan Yerkinov

Fonda loves back - Storm Greystoke

Leather n Lace....Fellatio Friday - Wyatt Stone

dummy name (no really, it's the picture name) - Lapis Loring

Snapshot_062 - Milena Nikah

An eductation - Marcus Strong

Deepthroat - Igor Romanov

lots of suction in Rule The World by Barracuz!


pussie-bj_003 - Franky Demonge from his sucklicious "The Job Well Done" set

PigTails - Ivan Yerkinov

Oral - TC Photo from the Sophia album

Milk Chocolate - Beca Staheli

And we wrap up with one of BigD Elcano 's many seasons greetings, this one with porn legend Quinn Ying (you will see her at the upcoming SX Magazine Awards this Saturday starting 1:30 PM SLT) , and with one pic of the fairy godmother of Fellatio Friday, the wonderful PJ Thornton, well fed and well spent in her homage photo The Good Old Times.

That's it for now! See you next week! What, you thought I had something extraordinary to say? Well, shucks!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Pussy Licking - #2

Ok ok...I know I'm behind on my pussy licking post...I'm sorry!  I can only say that the quality of the photos below makes up for it.  Thanks to those who are contributing to this group - all of your work is outstanding!  💋

Breakfast Can't Wait - Scotty07

Handful - Isabelle Cheviot

JennyLou-30 - Ted Dosei

Can I Taste You There?  - Mirko Panacek

Roasted chicken and suntanned girls are much alike, the white meat is the best part. - Talisker Braveheart

Devour. Thank you Racheal - Chris C

Pounced - Curty Dovgal

@ Teqi's Lounge 1/3 - MyleneLeShelle

Nosh vs Jori Part 7 - Noshinima Midas

Breakfast in Bed - Laura Richards

Lèche - Anyka Aiséirí

Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Raven

I have been wanting to work with Laura Richards for the longest time and we finally got that chance.  We were joined by the lovely Severina in this short but unique film from Dog Star.  Inspired by an idea that Laura came up with, The Raven is a story of 2 women who, while on a hike in the woods, encounter a darkness that forever changes their lives.

Please enjoy The Raven, and if you go hiking in the woods..stay on the trail!  💋

If you are unable to watch the movie above, please watch on PornHub, or NaughtyMachinima.  Thanks for watching! 

Friday, December 1, 2017

Fellatio Friday #67

Welcome to Dog Star Fellatio Friday #67! December just started and I am freezing over here. Luckily I have so many pictures here to look at who cannot help but convey all sorts of warm feelings. So, I'd say we have to get started. I have a disclaimer to put in here anyway...But first, let's get this out of the way: Join the Fellatio Friday Flickr Group! I can promise that as soon as Flickr implements the changes to its new policy, we're gonna adapt to it! Not that I care all that much, because submissions to this group have not declined in quantity at all, and I take it as a showing of interest and enjoyment of this specifically themed group.

Shadow Job by April jestyr. Next time I watch Peter Pan I will get the wrong kind of thoughts...

What's a group policy? What's a group? What am I doing here? If you are asking yourself any of these questions (well maybe not that very last one, but I can't help you there), just don't you worry 'bout a thing and enjoy this post! This is a blog gallery based on entries on the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group, on the picture social network Flickr. It's themed around blowjobs (with some extravagant choices sometimes). One photo per person per week tops gets published, but that only means you often see pics you missed or forgot about. If you want to contribute, you are so welcome, just don't upload anything against TOS, no RL stuff, stick to mostly human avis, and again, nothing uh , unblowjobby!
See you at the bottom of the post!

Fellatio Erotica -  Curty Dovgal

Breath Play - Darnell Carter

Am I a devil or a benefactor That is the question. - Rose Okiddo

A helping hand - Isla Grace

A Friday with Simone - Ted Dosei

Three of a Kind - Zoe Willows

Just press play. - Isobel 'Izzy' Ohmai

Cabin Getaway with Brea Part 8 - Finn Hawthorne

hunger_005 - Nuur

Milk Factory - LAB737 IVORY Preview - Eripom Moonwall

Dirty lil secrets, a 'non dirty pic that so looks like one' by lil' kinky blogger Lil' Subbie!

Feeding Time - Melina Jameson

Feed me - Zuby Gloom

Feeding The Needy - Ivan Yerkinov (yes, lotsa feeding this week...thanksgiving and all)

His pleasure - Gaea Oakleaf

Watch Me - Frankie Noir

BBB23, from the Bad Boy Beach set, one of my faves by Aria Horan

Hatin' Bitches - Vixxen Rainbow

Leftover stuffing - Dax Rahl

Bat Suck - Alexis Futanari

Gaggin Ashlynn_001 - Jagger Draconis

a screenshot from Dog Star Productions' latest movie with Crystal Bourjade, Mirko Panacek and Isa Cheviot, Body Shop (you haven't watched it yet? )

Taking a Mouth Full - Ember Wulluf

Threesome 1 - Morianna Darkstar ( with a nice threesome set to check out!)

more and more tunes played - Sweet Nawty Hon

Secret Beach - Journey Texan

Oral - TC Photo

Is it warm enough? - Alegra Moonwalk from 'Calling my plumber' (ah yes, classic!)

Welcome home - Sandra Palletier

Pool Party - Logan OLeary

Gloryhole selfie - Della Morta

And now for the main event (or something), I wrap the gallery up with a picture worth a thousand words, The Champ by Marcus Strong! Marcus is indeed a real champ being the top contributor of the group with 232 (!) pics, and most importantly, he's a people's champ! I don't know if he ever counted how many models he has shot in his not all that long porn career, but no doubt it is a 3 digits number. So , a big thanks to him for the thick load of FF pics and for making the porn dream true for so many, in a world that notoriously can be difficult to provide opportunities for newcomers and models in general
And oh, the final picture is Fed by Flux 'Fluxy' Afterthought, cuz it's one of those narrow and lanky pics that I find more at ease closing the gallery with! :p Featuring a real porn legend in Quinn Ying.

Have a wonderful weekend!