Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Raven

I have been wanting to work with Laura Richards for the longest time and we finally got that chance.  We were joined by the lovely Severina in this short but unique film from Dog Star.  Inspired by an idea that Laura came up with, The Raven is a story of 2 women who, while on a hike in the woods, encounter a darkness that forever changes their lives.

Please enjoy The Raven, and if you go hiking in the woods..stay on the trail!  💋

If you are unable to watch the movie above, please watch on PornHub, or NaughtyMachinima.  Thanks for watching! 


  1. That is just amazing!

    Thank you so much for letting me be a part of it. I am thrilled!

  2. Thank YOU - it was so much fun to work with you and Sev, and I'm glad you're happy with the outcome! XO

  3. Starts out looking and sounding great seems to have a plot and from the intro was expecting more of what was presented but it was also a short flic so as far as it goes it was a very well produced video The one thing I really liked was how well the animations seemed to just flow as well as the camera so with all that said I will give this a big BRAVO from THE'DOC-TORR"owner of the new MOONSHINE PORN & ART GALLERY Located on the MOONSHINE ISLAND region again BRAVO to all involved in this creation