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Overcome the Nerves

Please enjoy this amazing story (with pictures) from talented newcomer Laina Alexandria, and then check out the rest of her Flickr page!

Attempting Tempting - by Laina

Overcome the Nerves - by Laina Alexandria

It was 2:00 am when I texted him, inviting him over for a no-strings-attached blowjob. I was so nervous, but I hadn't gotten any action days in and I was starting to drip down my thighs when I would walk places. Being a hyper-sexual can be fun while you're actually having sex, but in the normal day to day... not so much. So bottom line: I needed to do something sexual, and fast. But it was very late, I lived alone, and I had never met him before. His online profile had a lot of pictures and information, and I felt like I knew him in a lot of ways already, but I was still shaking as I waited for him to arrive.

He was an adult photographer, and I met him through his work Flickr page. He had posed with many other women and I had admired his trimmed body, his good looks, and of course, his hard straight cock that the ladies he posed with seemed to enjoy very much.

When I heard a car pull up in front of my house, my heart started to race. The lights were dim inside of my apartment, just like we had arranged beforehand. Then there was a gentle knock at the door. I opened it and he came inside without a word. He had mentioned that he might be nervous as well, and he preferred to keep small talk to a minimum on random encounters like this. I had also agreed to this, as this meeting was purely carnal for both of us. Physical only.

Overcome the Nerves-Part One - by Laina
"Have a seat..." I whispered to him through the dimly lit room. He nodded, but still said nothing and sat down. I heard the sound of his zipper being tugged open as he walked by me, and by the time he turned to sit down at the couch, I saw his already erect penis pointing out of the open slit in his pants. My vision blurred and I felt my heartbeat in my throat. "Are you actually going to suck off a total stranger right now?" my mind asked me. I replied to myself by instantly dropping to my knees without thinking and took his unknown dick straight into my mouth. I had been doing everything I could to calm the shaking of my hands before he got here, but as soon as the soft, warm skin of his shaft slid over my lips, the shaking stopped.

I slurped and sucked on his cock, bobbing my head up and down on his shaft as he quickly pulled off his pants and removed his jacket. He still hadn't spoken, but was now starting to groan, his cock growing thicker and longer by the second. I relaxed further at his audible noises and growing cock; it meant I was doing something right and he was enjoying himself. I struggled to open my mouth wide enough to take his cock as it was much bigger in person than it had looked in pictures, Or maybe I was just smaller than the typical girl he shot with.


Overcome the Nerves-Part Two- by Laina
I massaged his balls with my warm palm as I sucked on him. Finally he spoke, brushing the hair out of my face..."There you go...Suck it, just like we talked about...Fuck, you're good at that..."

I looked up at him, my eyes already watering from his cock beginning to enter my throat and I smiled at him with his penis tip pressing against my uvula.

I popped his cock out of my mouth for a moment, reached down and lifted my shirt over my head and wiped my chin with it before tossing it into the corner. "Thank you, I'm glad it feels good. I was actually really nervous!" I replied, catching my breath.

"No reason to be" he answered. "I'm only here to cum, like I told you earlier before I came over. It's not a big deal, we're both adults, we can handle a bit of random fun. But you told me you liked it a bit rough, right? So lay on your back."

I did as I was told and laid onto my back. I felt my drenched labia splay open inside of my leggings as I spread my legs, tipping my head back as he directed his cock back into my mouth.

 My eyes instantly started to tear again as he pressed his cock back in between my lips, diving it deep into my throat and gagging me hard. With my head tipped back, blood rushed to my brain, and I started to quickly get dizzy from the lack of oxygen. This seemed to excite him as he quickly increased his pace, face fucking me even deeper, even harder. Saliva and pre-cum poured from my mouth and onto my cheeks, over my eyelids, and onto my forehead. I was a delirious, oxygen deprived, hot fucking mess.
Overcome the Nerves-Part Three- by Laina
I must have moaned in my cock-filled stupor and he laughed, calling me a "cock-sucking whore" or something similar and start to slap and grab at my tits. He would pull the nipples in a very specific way, making them rock hard. He would then pinch them and pull and tug them back and forth in tandem with the thrusting of his stiff dick in and out of my mouth.

I nearly passed out on more than one occasion as he fucked my face, pulling out just at the right time to allow me a few quick breaths before shoving himself back inside. He did this over and over again, grunting and huffing as his cock pounded the back of my windpipe. He suddenly pulled his cock out of my mouth and slapped me in the face with it a few times during a "breath break". My throat was raw and I struggled to swallow as I gasped for air.."F-fuck..You're so h-hard." I huffed up at him, trying to gather myself, sitting up slightly to get some of the blood out of my brain.

He slapped my right tit again, squeezing it hard..."Watch your mouth." he snapped back at me. "Now, pull off your pants, bend over and put your ass in the air."

I looked up at him with wide eyes, his sudden forcefulness catching me a bit off guard. "I thought you were only here for a b-blowjob tonight?" I stammered, rolling my skin tight leggings down over my butt.

"Changed my mind. Bend over." he reiterated. I got on all fours, assuming the position and accepting the role he decided to put me in: his bitch.

As he positioned himself behind me, I grew very excited. His cock was my ideal shape and size, and I was dying for it to extinguish the burning lust I had built up over the last few climax-less days. I reached between my legs and flipped my fingers over my swollen, overly sensitive clit. I almost brought myself to orgasm within seconds; I was so incredibly pent up, and sucking cock makes me more horny than practically everything. However after 30-40 seconds or so, he still hadn't put his cock inside of me. He was gripping my hips and cheeks, spreading me open wide and giving me the occasional firm, guided slap with his palm, causing me to whimper in response.

Overcome the Nerves-Part Four- by Laina
I felt him finally creep up closer as he grabbed my hips, his cock-head pressing in between my folds. I closed my eyes, expecting him to push inside of my aching cunt. Instead, I heard what sounded like him spitting into his hand. The room was dark and I couldn't see what it was doing when I looked over my shoulder at him. Suddenly, I felt his saliva-coated fingers land on it's real target: my ass.

"Decided I want to fuck this instead." he said coolly, finishing his quick lube job on my anus and digging his strong fingers into my waist. "Whoa, wait, are you SERIOUSLY going in my ass right away?" I gulped, slightly trying to pull myself forward, but already feeling his swollen mushroom tip pressing inside of my bum. "Ughhh god, oh s-shit...go slowwww..." I huffed, involuntary tears running down my cheeks as I realized that there was no going back now.

I had invited this man here after all, and I had talked a mean game in our online chat of the last few hours. In my horned up texting rage I had even teased him about letting him fuck my butt, I just didn't expect him to actually take that part seriously. However with my goal of having him photograph me one day, I bit my lip, and held myself in place, mentally accepting that my ass was about to get fucked.

And fucked it did. Did it ever. He pounded me wildly from behind, and his full, heavy balls slapping against my clit was the only action my yearning pussy got from him as he slammed my star. He was grunting and moaning as he used my gripping sphincter to get himself off. Now, I don't particularly enjoy anal sex. Even at it's best it still feels like I have to go to the bathroom, it's uncomfortable, and it hurts until you get used to it. But he didn't seem to care if I enjoyed it or not. He didn't stop. For what seemed like an hour, he hammered into me, pumping in and out, in and out, in and out. He'd only slow to spit down at his shaft, re-coating it in lube before continuing his battering.

Then without much of a warning, he pulled his cock out of me like a piece of hot steel..."Lay on your back, now! Hurry up, gonna cum!" he groaned, pushing me backwards onto the couch.

I collapsed on my back with a thump, my rectum feeling like it was on fire from the brutal pounding it had just endured. I laid back, propping my head up on the couch and turned to him, seeing nothing but shadows and silhouettes in front of me as he pumped his cock furiously just inches from my face.

 "Open your fucking mouth..." he seethed, his breaths bated and quick. I did as he ordered and opened my mouth in silence, waiting for him to finish. Other than quiet grunts and the sloshing sounds of him jerking his cock, the room was eerily quiet. My mind raced with thoughts about my life choices in this moment:

-What was I doing this for?
-Why was I inviting random men over to my house in the middle of the night?
-Why was I unable to control my urges to be used and to be treated like a whore?

Before I could deduct any answers from my mind however, I felt a hot splash of thick, viscous liquid spurt over my face. "Ughhh!!" he grunted loudly, stroking harder, sending ropes of his jizz over my glasses and all over my face and mouth.
Overcome the Nerves-Part Five- by Laina
I choked down the thick shots that landed in my throat, but most was splattered and smeared around on my skin. He slapped his cock again on my face as he completed his orgasm, breathing heavily. I laid back on the couch, my anus pounding and sore. I closed my eyes as he got dressed, his sperm dripping down my face and chest. "Thanks, I'll be in touch." he whispered at me as the door cracked open and he slipped outside into the darkness.

I sighed to myself as the door closed behind him. I didn't answer in time for him to actually hear my reply, but I still said it out loud, knowing it to be true. A thick wad of protein rich cum flapped off my bottom lip as I spoke to myself, furthering the defeated, used feeling I was already experiencing internally: "I'll probably end up texting you first since I can't seem to help myself. Even the nerves can't stop me..."

I then sat up, scooped the cum off of my bottom lip with my fingers with a sigh, and looked it dangling there, catching the occasional light from the passing by cars outside. It reminded me of marshmallow fluff mixed with GAK, a fun Nickelodeon branded type of silly putty slime from my childhood. I played with it in my fingertips for a few moments, smelling it, and running my lips over the gelatinous parts to see how it felt. I then tilted my head back and let it slowly ooze and drip into my mouth. Even when I was alone I was catching myself doing depraved things like this. I swirled it over my tongue and swallowed it all, of course, and limped to the shower as the stranger's semen did back flips in my belly and my star burned from the brutal assault of earlier.

I looked at the clock on the wall. 2:34 am. I guess I handled the nerves pretty well tonight. But did that seriously only take half an hour? What am I going to do the rest of the night?

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