Thursday, December 21, 2017

Pictorial - Kioke Mio

After the actor, Terrance, Sunday brings us the sensual pictorial of the lead actress of Set my sails and Episode 2 of the Casting couch series by Mitzy Broadway. We are talking about one uniquely sexy mix of hawaiian and italian by the name of Kioke Mio.
Actress, model, not shy about taking her own photos (here is her flickr), she is also a DJ and an expert sailor, but through the lavoration of Mitzy's project I never heard her curse: she has been in fact patient and professional, which is always a considerable skill! Actually, if you are into boats, you may even want to check out her marketplace store, for she does some pretty neat paintjobs.
I first heard about her through the promotion made by Caroline and Cathy Palen through the SLA Media website,as one of the debuting stars. The interview with her was titled 'The amazing blonde beauty'. This pictorial certainly shows why!

Pictorial by Sunday Whitewood

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