Friday, December 22, 2017

Fellatio Friday #70

Hello and welcome to this festive edition of Dog Star Fellatio Friday! I thought about emptying Santa's sack a little early and give you all sort of Xmas photos already today, but I'll save a lot of those themed photos for a later edition: I gotta say, on average, Santa in your photos is in a lot of a better shape than the tales credit him for! No wonder he gets so many cookies on that one eventful winter night! Anyway, enough talking, you wanna get down to business, hmm? Thought so, I can see your eager eyes and those impatient fingers.

...oh, turns out it was Cheryl Reddevil, with Just the Three of Us . My bad!

So then! Here's where I explain to you that this gallery is made out of photos taken from the Dog Star Fellatio Friday Flickr Group: join it to see what's up, and submit your pics to share the fun! Simply put, in this post I don't publish twice the same pics or pics by the same person in the same week (gosh, I hope I don't, at least. keeping track is so difficult at times!). That means that few photos get published considering there have been over 100 new submissions this week and some of the top posters in group have well over 100 photos each - and most are original, well taken, clever shots, which amazes me!
What else? Oh yes, I obviously accept photos posted all week as long as they are fitting the theme: after all, as Heather put it in her super hot photo just below...

I can never wait till Friday - Heather Ashford

Ever Wonder? - Marcus Strong

Feeding time - Sime Stormcrow

Communicating Vessels - Melina Jameson

Out of Candy Canes_Cas - Vixxen Rainbow (wonderful, ongoing series to follow!)

You know what to do - Keməstrē

The bar - Osiris LeShelle

Bathroom Bully 1 - OooCho Dequapo aka DutchVendetta

TestDrive02 - Aria Horan ( check the eponymous album, and suddenly it's #69 again!)

Mary and Me - Lunedor Oryl

9 000 000 VIEWS!_16122017_013_002 - Carla Draesia (congrats!)

Naught-y Santa FF 1 - Kay Windstorm

Lauren - Merric Telling

Surprise (Part 3) - Leith Corleone

Coyote & Daisie, Feeding Time - Freyr Ellison

Bay Mai Beach {Be nude or Swimwear} - Maite Melody

Slurpy Suck Sluts 1/2 - Notorious B.E.N. (and don't forget the kinky, smutty blog post!)

Billy Joe, 50 bucks - Christina Monteverdi

inspection_009 - Nuur

The Interview that never happened - Marcus Steiner (and check the one that did!)

Overcome the Nerves - Laina Alexandria (check out the whole story on this very blog!)

She liked the gift - Luke Fortacos

A shot from the newest blog post by Taylor Shamen, "Cruising"

Sharing ❤ - Lasga Claven through Brat Amanda

Oooh Right there - Dax Rahl

Sunset at Surfers Beach - Logan OLeary

2-they loved even more when I took it off! - Sweet Nawty Hon

Cathari Blow - April Jestyr

Suck - Alexis Futanari

Audition - Sandra Palletier

Sweet Tooth. - Goo

...begging and adoring... - Enki

Between Two Cocks - Priscila Balogh (and check out her blog post about it!)

C&G X-mas treat continues - G-Mo

It takes two (part 1) - Mirko Panacek

And we close the post with yet another wonderful oral sex-themed photo coming from Cody Aethmorot with Anyka as model, Morning Mouthful , and with ...yes, it's BigD Elcano feeling festive, like he's been all December, this time presenting Estelle Cockpig! Ahhh, the spirit of Christmas! I feel like brushing up some Dickens.

Have wonderful holidays, and when it's time to get on Santa's lap, you know what to do!! Do us proud!

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