Thursday, October 21, 2021

A Good Life??? Episode Four

 I hope you enjoy watching the final episode of this series.  It's a little strange, even for me, but it was fun to make.  Thanks again to all of the cast for their dedication and their patience!

💋 ~ Isa

Click here to watch the film.

Yana Grau

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Monday, October 4, 2021

Dog Star Featured Model #337 - Luciana Hema

Somehow Luciana and I have missed each other schedule-wise but the stars have aligned and we finally managed to get these shots done.  I hope you enjoy them.  ~ Isa

Isa:    Where in the world are you from?
Luciana:    Southern France

Isa:    What do you like doing in SL?
Luciana:    I like to improve my avatar. That means shopping for avatar features, working on my shape, buying outfits, etc.  I also like going to dance at salsa clubs like Tequila Sunrise or go to some adult lounges.

Isa:  What turns you on?
Luciana:  Lots of caresses, kisses, touching...and also a nice looking man of course. :)

Isa    What turns you off?
Luciana:    BDSM - especially hardcore  (I can do some soft bondage)...scat, pee, torture, sub/dom, and of course a noob avatar. 

Isa:    What is your sexual orientation?
Luciana:    Completely straight - men only.

Isa:    What mesh body parts do you use mostly?
Luciana:    I use Maitreya Lara BoM and a Genus Babyface head.

Isa:    Tell me about your relationship to SL porn?
Luciana:      Well I have no experience in porn just posed for few adult pictures...most are things I wanted to experience.  

Isa:    Do you have ambitions to do more?
Luciana:    I do but with my actual RL timetable it will be less often than I'd like.

Thursday, September 30, 2021

A Good Life??? Episode One

What does it mean to live a good life?  For some it's all about the accumulation of wealth...for some it's about the relationships you build and maintain...and for some, it's about the giving and receiving of pleasure.  The idea of living a good life intrigues me.  This series of 4 short films were inspired by a tv show (The Good Place) and a movie (Defending Your Life).  It's a bit silly and tongue in cheek (not to mention elsewhere!), and it was fun to make, even if it did take months and months.  

I hope you enjoy these films - one installment will be released each week for 4 weeks.

XO ~ Isa  💋

A Good Life??? Episode One

Monday, July 19, 2021

Dog Star Featured Model #336 - Summer

 I met Summer through one of the porn groups in which she posted a question.  In perving her profile I thought hmm...there's someone I'd like to photograph for the blog...and here is the result.  I hope you enjoy!  

Shot on location at Chankanaab.

Isa: Where in the world are you from?
Summer: Georgia - I'm a college student there.

Isa: What do you like doing in SL?
Summer: I enjoy boating, and live music...I also like to pose and take pictures.  I'm a bit of an exhibitionist!

Isa: What are your turn ons?
Summer: Confident and assertive people - people with goals and direction.

Isa: What are your turn offs?
Summer: Elitist and insufferable know-it-alls.

Isa: What is your sexual orientation?
Summer: Straight leaning bisexual.

Isa: What mesh body and head do you use?
Summer: Maitreya and Lelutka

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Dog Star Featured Model #335 - Bella Heart

Thrilled to feature Bella Heart (what a great porn name!!) on the blog today.  I hope you enjoy these pics and that you'll consider using Bella in one of your projects.

~ Isa

Isa: Where are you from?

Bella Heart: North Carolina

Isa: what do you like to do in SL?

Bella Heart: Shop, dance, explore, take pics, fuck...not in that order though.

Isa: What are your turn ons?

Bella Heart: I love to be made helpless...I love all of my holes used.

Isa: What turns you OFF?

Bella Heart: I don't like pee, scat, age play, or harsh whipping.

Isa: what was the hottest thing youv'e ever done in SL?

Bella Heart: Being used by 2 guys.

Isa: What is your sexual orientation?

Bella Heart: Bisexual

Isa: What mesh body and head do you wear?

Bella Heart: Maitreya and the LeLutka Bento Head