Thursday, March 31, 2016

Interview - Carter Holloway

Carter Holloway
     There are many fantastic photographers in SL porn and Carter Holloway has to be one of the better known.  Much of that is due to his gregarious and gentleman-like personality, but one has to admit the guy has talent.  I've been fortunate enough to sit for 3 of his photographs along the way and I've long admired his professionalism and commitment to the work at hand.  I was fortunate to catch him as he was leaving on an extended period of travel to ask him a few questions.  I want to think him in advance for taking time out of what must have been an incredibly busy week of packing to answer my questions so thoroughly.  Please enjoy it.  All photographs on this page are by Carter Holloway and are included here with his permission.  Please visit his Flickr page for even more of his work (and some pictures from his travels):

XO - Isa
March 31, 2016

Interview with Carter Holloway
Isa:  Generally speaking where in the world are you from?
Carter: I am from from the UK.

Isa:  How did you get into SL and for how long have you been a photographer in SL?
Carter: I was introduced to SL many years ago from someone on FB, I had a real crappy PC that made moving around impossible so I cursed for a while and decided that my friend had stitched me up with this "stupid game". I got a new PC some time later and remembered SL, made an account....and the rest is history. As for taking pics, about a year ago, I discovered Flickr and saw all these amazing pictures coming out of SL and decided that I wanted to try. My first pics were horrible but I had gotten the bug so pestered as many people as I could for tips, it's amazing how many people are happy to help, something I am all too willing to do now if I am asked.

Close Friends

Isa:  Were you a good photographer in RL before becoming one in SL?
Carter: I wouldn't say I was good in RL or SL, I leave that for others to decide but I have always enjoyed photography, I remember my first 35mm camera set up with an additional high powered lens and a flash the size of St Paul's Cathedral that sat on top and weighed more than a house. As for SL, as my PC's got better and I finally got an I7 processor, I was able to shoot in ultra and make the most of shadows and lighting. This changed my SL massively, I had found my passion and was taking as many photos as I could just to learn from each one and try and make the next one better.

Isa:  One of the qualities I like about your images is that you seem to capture the moment just before something is going to happen.  One example of that is the image 'Whip It'.  Can you speak to that a bit?  Is that intentional and if so what attracts you to that type of imagery?  It's also true of 'The Offering'.
Whip It...Whip It Good
 Carter:  Both the images you refer to are faves of mine for a couple of reasons, While I am not a sexist in any way shape or form, I adore a strong image of control. That doesn't have to be male on female, control isn't about what sex you are, its about trust and respect. There is no ego involved, or rather there shouldn't be, its human form at it's most basic...primal to take what you want. Keeping it is another matter, that's where you have to nurture and protect what you have. The other reason is that shots like that, if done well (and that's for others to judge) are just so damn powerful to look at, they get the imagination working. For me, if a shot doesn't stir something in you, then it's not a good photo.
The Offering

Isa:  Can you talk about the 'penciled in' pics you have out there?  How did you produce those?

2 for 1
Carter:  The penciled pics came about when messing with windlights to achieve a white look to the picture while still keeping the image in focus, I then play around with Photoshop, each image is different so they cant all have the same effects on them. I use 2 copies of the image and overlay them, one with a "poster edge" effect and one with a photocopy effect, then its a case of tinkering until you get not only the pencil look but the right amount of colour bleeding through.

Isa:  You build your own poses for the most part - what do you use to do that, and why do you prefer building your own?
Carter:  For my poses, I use Anypose. I prefer making poses as I can make sure they are perfectly aligned, rarely will you buy a pose and have it be right due to the avatar sizes and builds so creating my own means that not only are they aligned but they are unique to that model and shot.

Give Me A Ring
Isa:  What is your inspiration for many of your images?  You seem to have an inexhaustible supply of fun and unique ideas - where do they come from?
Carter:  I have a warped mind so there is always something going off that I can transfer to a pose, I always like to think I am fun and enjoy doing a shot that isn't just the same old thing each time. I will often have an idea pop into my head while at work, driving home, remembering a conversation I have had during the day and try to create a shot around it. It doesn't always work, I scrap more pictures than i actually publish, if I don't like it, I wouldn't expect anyone else to.

Isa:  Can you talk about the image called 'Huge'?   Who is the model?  What was the inspiration for this image?  I noticed that neither the model or you have a hole where the heart would have been removed so who's heart is it she's holding?
Carter:  The idea for "Huge" was to show the power a woman has over a man. Physical power isn't the strongest power (in my opinion) and so I wanted to try and capture the idea that once you are bound to a woman completely, she holds your heart....your life in her hands. In one moment she can crush you if you don't respect her. It's not a particular heart she is holding therefore, just the image of what she holds once you let yourself love unconditionally. The model is Adele Simondsen.

Enough Cream for 500 More

Isa:  Any advice for new photographers?
Carter:  My advice for any new photographers would be to enjoy what you do, respect your model/subject, don't be afraid to try something new and most of all, remember that a model has given up valuable time for you, don't abuse their time but make them feel at ease and discuss your ideas ahead of your shoot. Most models have done a lot of shoots and can offer invaluable tips and ideas.

Isa:  You haven't been in SL much lately at all - you're traveling to the Far East.  Do you have an update for us?

Carter:  It's 10:30 pm and I am outside my hotel having a beer. It's hotter than Satan's jockstrap here and it takes some getting used to feel someone from a much cooler climate. This time tomorrow, I will be on a sleeper train taking a relaxed 13 hour journey to northern Thailand.

Once again, special thanks to Carter for taking time to complete this interview.  All photos by Carter Holloway.  Used with his permission.

Pictorial - Katt Miggins

Katt is brand-spanking (me! me!) new to SL porn who has a bit of an exhibition streak (don't we all!).

When asked how would having sex on camera make her feel, Katt replied, "Turned on. Definitely. I love showing off my body, and the idea of getting filmed for it, and having it shown to tons of people.... Makes me warm just thinking about it."

Her showing off her body makes ME feel warm too.  :)

Pictorial by Sunday Whitewood.


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Pictorial - Morgan St. Cyr

Morgan, a close friend of Ali Avro-Fox, is jumping into the SL porn world with both feet.  She says, about herself, "I'm just a sexy fun-sized can of sass! I bring energy and enthusiasm to the party, so get hard, wet n' ready Dog Star!"

We're ready, Morgan - bring it on!!

Pictorial by Scotty

All photos by Scotty

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Caribbean Queen

DreamZ4you & Scotty star in Caribbean Queen.  Enjoy!

Click here to watch the movie!


Pictorial - Ceilidh Arbenlow

I'm going to let Ceilidh (C to her friends) speak for herself because I can't say anything more appropriate than this:

"I love to give others their fantasies. Nothing excites me more than giving pleasure, and one great way to do that is in photos and movies. It honestly amazes me how deep and specific people are about what really turns them on, and if I can give them something they've always wanted, it just makes me feel great."


Photos by Scotty

All photos by Scotty

Monday, March 28, 2016

Pictorial - CJ Spectre

CJ is a biker who loves a fine ass and a nice pair of tits.  He's done a few photo shoots in SL and says that since he's done everything else in SL he might as well give porn a shot.

I think he's onto something!

Pictorial by Ali-Avro Fox

All photos by Ali Avro-Fox

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Pictorial - Tatiana

Tatiana's profile reads "Seduction isn’t making someone do what they don’t want to do. Seduction is enticing someone into doing what they secretly want to do already."

Consider us seduced, Tatiana!

Pictorial by Rachel Avro-Fox

All pictures by Rachel Avro-Fox