Friday, December 29, 2017

Fellatio Friday #71

Welcome to this seventy-first episode of Dog Star Fellatio Friday! Dispensing blow-jobs 24/7, 365 days per year (we promise in 2020 we'll be equipped for 366 days, even)!
Did you know that 71 is the number of different characters that can be used with a standard english keyboard? And there's exactly 71 different people on this gallery? Did you just go and verify if both informations are accurate? You have obviously way too much time on your hands. Go suck some dick/get your dick sucked, and we'll talk next week, no, next year even. Ah, but first, the instructions.

No, not the Blowjob Dispenser instructions, by amazingly active poster Vanessa DeLight...

...I mean, the instructions to partecipate and spread the love, through the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group, on flickr (which opted out and all that). It's super-easy: join the group and browse the largest archive of fellatio pics in SL. Wanna submit one and be eligible for this gallery post? Add your photos with cocksucking involved. Keep in mind this gallery is posted early in the day with material from its inception and should not be taken as something to chase: have fun posting your pic in the porn groups and flickr, FF is a much bigger trend than a blog gallery.
Have fun! These photos prove you sure know how to!

Anguish - Igor Romanov

EveryWhereSheTurns - Cronus Storm

stretch - Argosi Domenici

Me & You - Abhati O

Tasty Treat - HardstyleBarbi3

and Chase Stone's version, Midnight Snack

Tip to tip - Talisker Braveheart

She's got the lips to make a strong man weak - Kat Capelo

Deepthroat Gagging - Rikki Sixx

Feeding Moonie - Neil (Sime Stormcrow)

Chocolate Treat 02 by Aria Horan from her all new hot photoset!

All I Want For X-mas- Part 2  by Laina Alexandria in another 'read me read me' post!

Crystal Bourjade #1 - Crystal Bourjade (please check her Hot Night album !)

ღ Aṉќøќυ Ķønťοn ღ - Casting - Tyler Green (here too, a full sex shoot to admire!)

April Hostage - April Jestyr

Fellatio Friday - Pretty in Pink - Cheryl Reddevil

Take it all - Lauren Ansia

Part 1C - Jesse Bernard -check the Protein Shake(and more) photoset in all its parts !

Kayla outtakes - Dax Rahl

Words can be overrated... - Ted Dosei

inspection_011 - Nuur

Shannan Keavy & Penny Kaye - Shannan

FF - Mark Willowind

The Cum Cascade - Marcus Steiner

Extra Love - Mera Firelyte

Kristy Kreem Likes Chocolate - Marcus Strong

 You have not forgotten - Sandra Palletier

Kali's BlowJob - Kalista Hydraconis

Lips - Alexis Futanari

sharing - SuzySt

His sweet release. - Roo Gyranaut

Daddys sweet dick and balls - xoxdreamyxox

Lick - Zanthie Hale (you know you ALL are thinking of that..)

And we close this last gallery of the year with pornstars using their tools at their best. Meaning of course, smartphones! Here's Carla gloryhole by a glorious name in the world of SL porn finally getting back in photography, Lunedor Oryl, and a brilliant shot by bright SL veteran but porn  newcomer River Anwyl, featuring the icon herself Emmanuelle Jameson in Instacum !

I expect your new year resolutions (and at least a handful of pics involving champagne....) the next Friday! Enjoy !

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Pictorial - Tricia Danielson

If you've been watching the postings in the porn groups lately, you'll have seen Tricia's work.  As of late she's been quite prolific to say the least!  If you haven't been paying attention, do yourself a favor (do it - now!!) and check out her Flickr page.   Of course, be sure to look at her pictorial below first!!  💋

Pictorial by Sunday Whitewood