Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Pictorial - Scarlett Wolf

Where are you from?:  Texas
Rez Date: 9/21/2015
What do you like to do in SL for fun?: I love to RP at Woodcrest, Hang out at Maui, and everything/anything that has to do with Photography. Especially the erotic and sexy.
Sexual orientation and preference?:  Bi-curious! She loves the rough hands and strong arms of a man. But can not deny the gentle touch and tenderness of a beautiful woman.
Tell us something unique about you!:  Scarlett served in the Air Force after college until she found out she's allergic to the cold *Cold Urticaria* look it up. So you'll never see her nude in the arctic. The beach and sunshine are her happy place and probably the safest places for her... ha!!
Do you have a Flickr page and/or blog?:  I do! Come follow me <3

Pictorial by Isabelle Cheviot.  Shot on location at Dulce Amore Beach (196,94,39)

Friday, July 26, 2019

Fellatio Friday #150

Hello and welcome to our 150th episode of Dog Star Fellatio Friday, here on the Dog Star production blog, inspired and well fed by the smorgasbord of fellatile (no, it is not a commonly aknowledged word...) stuff uploaded all week long (but preferrably on Fridays!) all over Flickr buuuut in particular to our Dog Star Fellatio Friday group! Add your BJ pic to said group and bam, not only you get to be a part of the biggest fellatio themed group on flickr (with almost 0 off-topic pictures) but ...oh follow me after this, will you?

Here's our historic contributor Jimmy Windstorm in his creative (and greedy!) 3x suck !

...buuuut , I was saying, you will also sometime be featured in this weekly roundup of deliciousness. (preferrably that week, but with over 100 entries every week there are good chances you will appear later) . And that's it pretty much! What did you expect? I have been writing this intro almost 150 times and it's the same thing every time! C'm on! Let's just take a look at dickpics now! Plus the obligatory occasional non meaty actual popsicle.

Tasting Anwyl (FF) - Sweet Poison

Brains..Beauty..Blowjobs - Marcus Strong

Untitled by Logan OLeary

and also Untitled by Mandi Will

Lick - Alexis Futanari

Study in Friday 2 - Kimori Korro

Kitty Bae - Mr.Kαƈҽ-Axҽʅ -Qυιɳƚσɳ

Determination - David Storm

Getting The Reward - Carola Conover

Swallows Like Fun Too - Grimblood Skall

*...I Love Sucking...* - Miciona Clarity

Fellatio Friday - Seddy Constantine

Lick it Real Good - Jewell Infinity

Francine making me forget all my worries. - Sam Dellaux

Fun with Teena @ Abbies Hideaway Beach - Abbie Flagon

pompino_004 - Nuur

FF pool - Rolf Kraki

She Goes Down - Chris Lion


Moonight Ham - Stacey Lucciano (check out G's excellent version as well!)

Get in there! - Melina Jameson

Bubblegum For Breakfast - Ivori Faith

Candy for dessert - Anne Quan

candy2_178 - Franky Demonge

T&P 3 - Tori Baker

Sweet tongue - Jade Doet

Bathing in beer ... and soon there will be delicious dessert ... - Koko Tigerauge

Untitled by Ali Denali

and Untitled by Schism Zeplin

Working the tan - Sandra Palletier

Office Perks - Lavina Kraki

Love Is - Fred Star

Sucking Jeremys Rod - Bell Asteria

*Sniffs* *Kisses* *Sniffs harder* - Teryl Nox

Untitled by Renato Maradona

Addict episode 09 - ASjoker

Blindfold taste test - Jess & Karen

And today I find fitting to wrap up with a Post FF picture! It's Post FF with Mistress_001 by Mandy Galileo, followed, because I can't have enough of this woman and her amazing talent with explicit pics and Fellatio ones in general, by Skater Boys by Delia Tafler.

We're done this week too, so enjoy this hot summer, and the next one I hear complaining about the cold in winter, I'll have you smacked across the face with a BBC. See you next week!