Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Taste of Candy Kane

When I was a little girl one of my favorite treats were candy cane's around the holidays.  Turns out not much has changed.  I still love the taste of Candy Kane.  This film is intended to be a visualization of a few dreamlike sexual fantasies.  Hope you enjoy it.

XO - Isa

Click here to watch the film!!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Pictorial - Candy Golightly

Candy has actually been in 3 Dog Star films already, one of which is yet to be released.  She's gorgeous, a hard worker, and very bright - I'm proud to feature her here in a pictorial by Chris C.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Pictorial - Stacia Reinoir-Winsmore

"The great thing about SL in general is that it is a way to try things that you might not normally be have the bravery for, and that you can do in a safe way."  So says the stunningly gorgeous Stacia Reinoir-Winsmore.  And she's right on the money.  But really, I'm not sure how much bravery it takes when one looks as good as she does. All I know is....we're grateful.  :)

Pictorial by Sunday Whitewood.

Emmanuelle Jameson: An Original Sinner

     Recently, Brunella sat down with Emmanuelle Jameson, the founder of The Sexiest Pornstars group and blog.  What follows are the fruits of that discussion.  As she is one of the founders of the genre, it's beyond an honor to feature her on my blog.  I hope you enjoy it.  Special thank you to Brunella Voelisa for her incredible work on this and other projects, as well as Rachel Avro and Laura Richards for their photographic contributions.  On to the interview!

Emmanuelle Jameson: An Original Sinner 

BrunellaWhy did you join Second Life (SL)?

EJ:  A friend told me about it, so I joined and had to come up with a name. I saw something on TV about Jenna Jameson being a porn star with a book or something like that and I thought it was funny to have that as a name, even though I didn't watch porn. So I used Jennnnna Jameson as my name. I used to joke that the extra N's were so you could moan my name. As soon as I was online an organization that supposedly had the real Jenna threatened me. I thought : “what kind of game is this? I sign up and people threaten to sue me!”. In the end nothing happened.  Their sim died. I don’t even think they ever had the real Jenna.

BrunellaWhat did you get up to during your early days in early SL?

EJ:  Well it was funny those people got me mad. And I am a bit of an exhibitionist. So, I said “I am going to try and be a SL porn star - that sounds like fun!”. But what I learned was that most people were just doing role-plays. There were just 2 or 3 people that actually filmed or took pictures. The early days are when I met my friend Ruff Brocco. The Boss Daddy! He was the most innovative with films and editing and he taught me to film! I was just acting. We used to joke that we were just Poseball Hoppers. We even made a tag when someone said it to make it fun.

BrunellaWhy did you start The Sexiest® Pornstars Group and Blog?

EJ:  I started The Sexiest® Pornstars group to keep the scammers out and to help people make legit SL movies and legit porn. The blog was to promote myself and other peoples’ movies. I thought it would help people to put me in their movies and promote themselves. I also published the movies I loved from other people, so it would encourage others to make better movies. It was really fun. The movies became more and more artistic and the website just exploded about 5 years ago. It became a community very quickly and I was young so I was probably more open to doing tech stuff than many people at the time. Others started doing the same thing, to promote their movies. Then we started doing events. At first just Pornstar Parties to get together and introduce new people to the group, then premiere parties when someone launched a movie and also blog parties when we hit a milestone, like 100 followers.
It's really hard to blog daily. I even blogged on Christmas Day once.  I did all of it for two reasons: to have fun and to help people make the best films they could. Never underestimate fun :)

BrunellaTell me about the Sexiest Awards ?

EJ:  I started the Sexiest awards show a little later to encourage people to make good films and to raise money for the film community. I never made any money on the blog or the show. It was all for fun or good causes. We donated money to the Red Cross, then to websites that we would upload our films onto. We helped support Sims that hosted parties and let us film. Whatever we could do for the community. I did a lot of the work, then Serenity Kristan-Faulds helped me.  She was so important. I was really young...giggles...I still am and people were coming to me with problems in the group wanting me to be a leader when they were much older than me. What was I going to tell them? But Serenity was always this great calm voice of reason and always so helpful and smart. After about three years of doing it I was ready to quit and she took over the blog and the group. She's much better at running things than I am. I had a lot of ideas and she was so good at helping me actually do them.  It's easy to come up with an idea but much harder to make it real and she has that talent. She’s now stepped back a bit and the blog is run by Ali Lancrae and Katina Cazalet.

BrunellaSay more about your work for charity.

EJ:  I think the events I am proudest of were the ones for charity. One New Years Eve I ran SL parties from all over the world. If you have the chance to lead a group and do something to help people shouldn't you? And people don't realize the Pornstars group are some of the nicest people on SL. They are fun and generous and sweet because they get laid regularly :) Anyway they proved how nice they were every time we did a benefit. For the Tsunami we did Night of 1000 Pornstars. We had parties lined up for 24 hours all over SL and Serenity found special tip jars for the Red Cross so every event and party made money for the Red Cross. I think we made close to 100,000 lindens. Serenity turned in the money and we put the money transfer online. We did that with all our events and the awards show so people would know it all went to the cause.

BrunellaIt all sounds like it was going fantastically at this point. What about the downsides?

EJ:  The hacking was the worst. That was about 18 months ago. Losing my name came before that. It was actually kind of funny. Someone wanted me to have a sex event in SL and include my films. I had been putting them on other sites besides machinima and they were pretty popular. So I said, sure it sounds like fun. But whatever you do, make sure you don't confuse me with RL Jenna Jameson. I am Jennnnna with 5 ns and in SL only. But they tried to advertise me as the RL Jenna on a Second Life site no less. So SL officially wrote to me and said I had to give up my name. They wouldn't let me have anything with even a J as the first name. I literally gave them over 100 names and showed them all the other avis that were closer e.g.   Jenna1 Jameson, etc., but I had to change. Eventually Eddi Haskell suggested I call myself Emmanuelle, so I added that to the list and SL were happy with it.

Once again I had no idea that was a name from porn movies. Eddi told me later when people asked if I saw them. Its so funny people ask me about porn and porn movies and I really don't know anything about it. But the guys definitely fill me in on who they love and we had fun with the name change. I had an auction to give away my virginity. It was a very public unvirgining.

BrunellaWhat happened when you were hacked?

EJ:  A couple of years ago someone hacked my avi and emails and the website. I just decided as a precaution to give up the old avi and start over. The old one felt violated. The worst of it was they put pics, some nude, of the RL me on a website and said unless I paid them they would stay up. I even went to the police and FBI. They did it to dozens of avis. It was bad. I learned to be more cautious. They were bad people and it really hurt because I never tried to do anything to hurt anyone. I didn’t leave SL because I just didn't want them to feel like they chased me away.

BrunellaA fun question. How does having sex on camera make you feel?

EJ:  Blushes. Hawter than it should! I’m an exhibitionist. I used to do things for my bf on camera but I got betrayed pretty badly. So this was a nice way to get that feeling. Without the consequences. It was my best outlet at the time! When I started doing movies, though I was just acting.

BrunellaWhat is the hottest sex scene you have done?

EJ:  Anything with Ruff Brocco. Because it's just us really having sex and I think there is one with Ryce Skytower that got a lot of hits. That was very hawt.

BrunellaIf you were to star in the hottest sex scene ever on camera what would it be like?

EJ:  That's why I haven't made a movie the last few months. I haven’t found a great simple idea for me to do yet. I think I would be with a group of hot photographers (at this point We had been joined by Laura Richards and Rachel Avro!) And each one gets do whatever they want with me and I do it just how they desire.  Mmmmmmm a nice group of 3 or 4 :)

Emma and Friend - photo by Laura Richards

BrunellaWhat are you up doing at the moment in SL and what’s next?

EJ:  I help my friend October Bettencourt with her skin store (October’s 4 Seasons). I meet some people. I am thinking of doing a film again- they are the best. But I don't know what is next. I just do what is interesting and fun and I would be happy to do films. I'm always honored to be asked.

BrunellaFinally, what tips and advice do you have for those starting in SL porn?

EJ:  I would say learn to direct and do photography so you can make the things with the people you want to that you dream of doing.

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All photos by Rachel Avro except where noted.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Pictorial - Dreamz4you

Dreamy has been in 2 Dog Star films already (see below) and she's still sexy as hell!  In this pictorial by Rachel Avro, this sexiness shines brightly.

Dreamy's 2 Dog Star films:
Caribbean Queen

Pictorial by Rachel Avro

Monday, April 25, 2016

Pictorial - Jennifer Marie

Jennifer Marie (aka bwillie625) is an aspiring model looking to get deeper into SL porn.  Ahem - with looks like these, I'm sure getting deeper won't be an issue.

Pictorial by Scotty